Because today´s the last day of 2015 I decided to make my first Follow Forever! I made so many new friends on this website this year and I love you all very much!

The Most Precious and Perfect Friends: 

@comiziale, @lejune, @yakigyoza, @lilydrowned, @whysolavinia, @tragic-black, @philitatos, @khay-thedevil, @eosphorusss, @satan-conduit-le-bal, @pajupoju, @lesulakova, @enthyrx, @renaisances, @elven-glory, @nicrotype, @wynsalls

Really Rad Mutuals (I should talk more to):

@bouncytitty, @kimdepeaza, @mjalti, @lipstickandbarbedwire, @arianwen44, @jehanfleur, @meidiama, @lafayettc, @dracomahlfoys, @boydbaeulieu, @khaleesi-of-terrasen, @iavanr, @latined, @fearthelioness, @hello-my-old-heart, @queen-of-love-and-beauty, @niarchery, @sailorbirdie, @alexkerners, @gvddvsss, @lavellaning, @irwen, @aconissa, @bluebellgrove, @phaedons, @hughdespenser, @nvmvsis, @belavina-love, @leshys, @rosebud-fingertips, @erinn-gracee, @enjolras-alexandre, @moonjails, @miraineh, @communistdracula, @boutin, @mhalfoys, @brb-being-brazilian, @cathedrels, @rrevan , @nyctophihle, @nocturnovs, @troyjans, @cypres-s, @timemarauder, @darkelegance, @beau–brummell, @johnkaets, @oidyssey, @rhapsodys, @lesbohemiens, @amaranthinelover, @parthnos, @takemetocoffin-or-losemeforever, @amateras–u, @literarygods, @sebastianmorqenstern, @colubrina, @enjolrss, @fvrmamentvs , @henriplantagenet, @zemyyna, @eronthewolf

I love you all so much, and I am so happy that I follow you all! I wish you all best of luck for 2016! <3<3<3