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It’s very simple. I’m alive. I live in Pittsburgh. I like men. Not just as friends. I’m also a human being. And my gear works. So I want to have sex. I like to have sex a lot. That’s the story. Now, I’m good at what I do, an advertising exec. I have decent taste. I’m crass. I’m snarky. I’m very sarcastic. And a lot of people make me want to kill them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, my sex organs work, I’m not attracted to women for whatever reason, I didn’t create the human race so I don’t know how that works, and maybe someday somebody will, but for the moment nobody does. I just know what makes me excited or gets me up or gets me down or however you want to put it. That was Brian. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it, and he didn’t care. It’s not because he didn’t care about other people. It’s because he had equated reality with satisfaction and he was acknowledging his animal side. And not to say the animal side is better or worse than the intellectual side or the spiritual side but it’s a side, and it’s one of the things he enjoyed expressing. So we just have to be honest with each other. Everybody, whether you like it or not, has sex in your brain, somewhere. And hopefully it’s in your body a lot, too. So, get over it, right? Just get over it. Just do it. Be safe, but just do it.
—  Gale Harold on how he understood the character of Brian Kinney [x]

One of the many beautiful landforms that makes Pennsylvania special are the exposures of geologic history unearthed for all to see while traveling along the major highways through the state. This is Sideling Hill which runs from Pennsylvania down through Western Maryland as well.

Sideling Hill is a syncline mountain, in a region of downward-folded (synclinal) rock strata between two upfolded anticlines. The ridge is capped by an erosion-resistant conglomerate and sandstone of Mississippian (early Carboniferous) geologic age, the Purslane Sandstone of the Pocono Formation. The ridge’s slopes are formed of much more easily eroded kinds of rock, including the Devonian-Mississippian Rockwell Formation, with long, narrow valleys paralleling the ridge on either side. (Wikipedia)

I stopped along the interstate to capture even the smallest glimpse of how massive it is and how rich in deep time the landform provides insight into. It’s truly not something you can relay from a photograph; it must be seen up close.

@miraculouswolf17 said to hyakunana: Regarding the Pokemon/Arslan pic you did with Etoile a year ago or so do you think Arslan would have a Talonflame?


What I find interesting with music—and novels as well—is they start to mean different things to you in different times of your life. You know, songs can really transport you; they’re like smells: they short-circuit everything and they can transport you to a time. But, on the other hand, songs, to me, will offer up new insights over time as well—as I come back to them as a different-aged person with different concerns, different experiences.

I don’t know if I’m gonna get anything new from, ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah,’ I don’t know. I’ll say no, but it’s possible that I could. But there are songs…I wasn’t into Zeppelin when I was a kid, now I’m totally into Zeppelin. So it’s just, things click. At some point, some artists click with you that never clicked before and some artists stop clicking with you.
Energy Painting

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Energy Paintings

    This is a gift of mine I would love to share. While It can be expressed in written word for you. The way your energy looks, sounds, and moved. It can also move onto the canvas. There is can become easier to see, and ass more opportunity for new discoveries of yourself.

  In the past I have done these and was quite proud of what I could do. It is also a perfect time for them to come back into sight. Now in my personal view is a great time for self insight and becoming more intuitive with how your inner workings are.

  Energy Reading

  • It will be Two dollars flat. No matter how much I write, or the energy it takes. It will be a simple rate of two dollars per reading.

   The Energy Paintings

  • The prices for these will vary on the detail of which you want. Starting from 10 dollars to 50. Prices will be discussed in private either through private messages or via email ( kitmoona49@gmail.com ) . Payment plans are always open!

( Examples of my art are on @empathstudio​ )

Any specifics you want me to look for or add should be noted before payment arrangements. Some things are more risky or more draining to do. Once again all things Needed to be told just let me know. I will never judge you.


The Coolie trade emerged out of two converging processes: the escalation of violent intervention by European imperialists in East Asia and the decline of the African slave trade, led by British emancipation. Describe the racial formations of coolies by accounting for A.) discourses that shaped perception of coolies and B.) the institutional, material, and physical conditions that gave those ideas force. How do you think coolies interacted with enslaved and emancipated Africans, be specific about geography and time period? What insights can be made by examining the connection between the racial formations of coolies and enslaved Africans?

The dance of the third eye chakra is inspired by the ancient shamanic practice of trance-dance. This dance transports us beyond time and space. Our vision becomes expanded; we open up to insights from our higher self or spirit.

The signs as Monstercat songs

Aries: Astronaut - Champions (WRLD Remix)

Taurus: Noisestorm - Sentinel

Gemini: Soulero - Aura

Cancer: Nitro Fun - Safe & Sound (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Leo: Rogue - Atlantic

Virgo: San Holo - Victory

Libra: F.O.O.L - Fairytaler

Scorpio: Aero Chord - Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette)

Sagittarius: Droptek - Killing Time (feat. Isabel Higuero)

Capricorn: 7 Minutes Dead - The Divide

Aquarius: Haywyre - Insight (Live Performance ver.)

Pisces: Hyper Potions - Porta Vista

Why did we want to be wizards again? (closed au)

Once again the two boys were off on some strange task from their master. The older wizard didn’t seem completely there all the time. Sometimes he gave insightful lectures filled with his decades of experience and other times some vague instructions on a particular ingredient he needed before taking a nap. 

Today’s task was a sketch of a gem and a direction. Luckily there was only one mine in that direction, but a large assortments of materials.

“Think we can pass this off to a golem?” Sebastian wasn’t interested in the physical labor.


It is said that learning happens when you are uncomfortable.  Comfort breeds complacency; pain leads to distraction.  But discomfort, that is the optimal place to learn.  You are forced to stretch your knowledge and pushed to learn new information to adapt.  You may find yourself rising to the occasion in situations you didn’t know you could handle, or gaining valuable insights during times that you fail.  In many ways this magical in-between is where medical education seeks to be.  This last month, which I spent as a new intern, has been uncomfortable.   

There is a ginormous chasm that exists between M4 responsibility and that of being an intern.  The irony is that the end of 4th year is often seen as a well-deserved break.  For months prior to intern year I traveled, saw friends and family, and avoided textbooks.  Then, July 1, I was thrown into the situation of having to be a real doctor, answering real questions, and putting in real orders.  There are plenty of people to support me - seniors, fellows, attendings - but the pressure exists nonetheless. 

It is hard to imagine that one month has passed.  In many ways it feels like much more time, and often if feels like much less.  Days on wards expand and contract based on workload. Once you get 6 admissions deep the morning starts to seem so far away, and you forget basic things like where you parked your car.  At the same time, weeks pass and suddenly you are on a new rotation wondering how the preceding days flew by.  The hospital has a reality that is all its own. 

Each day I am confronted by my lack of meaningful and useful knowledge, which is terrifying.  Cecil’s and Harrison’s sit ready to taunt me with all of the valuable information I will never remember.  And even when I do know something valuable, I am reminded that patients don’t read the textbooks.  Rarely do illnesses come one at a time, without confounding variables.

The point of all this is to say: I have never learned more about being a doctor than I have in the last 4 weeks.  My discomfort has forced me to become something more than a 4th year med student.  Each day I feel myself growing; a seedling that has finally found the light it will grow towards.  Make no mistake, right now I am a terrible doctor.  But I think I am starting to see the path that will make me a good one. 

I have survived a month of residency (survived being the key word) and I am so much better for it.  I am finally doing what I set out to do so many years ago: I am taking care of patients.  Each day they welcome me into their room, allow me to examine them, and trust me to help make decisions on their behalf.  I have never been more humbled or felt more honored.  The last 4 weeks have presented some of the hardest challenges and most uncomfortable experiences.  I am so lucky for that. 

so… a lot of change around here, huh?-a fanmix for jake and amy in season two

1) so now you know - the horrors ¦ 2) just another girl - the killers ¦ 3) no 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys ¦ 4) slow show - the national ¦ 5) sweet escape - taylor swift ¦ 6) do i wanna know? - chvrches ¦ 7) dreaming of you - the coral ¦ 8) crystalised - the xx ¦ 9) style - taylor swift ¦ 10) dancing in the dark - bruce springsteen and the e street band ¦ 11) save the last dance for me - the drifters ¦ 12) animal - neon trees ¦ 13) do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys ¦ 14) nova scotia - magic man ¦ 15) sleeping with a friend - neon trees ¦ 16) pray to god - calvin harris feat. haim ¦ 17) hey ya - the blanks ¦ 18) you’re the one that i want - angus and julia stone ¦ 19) midnight city - m83


Undertale voices

Okay, so I have some headcanon voices for the characters of undertale. Warning: this is my opinion, and as such, you may have your opinion.

Flowey: @therealjacksepticeye -Jacksepticeye would be best for flowey as his range of voice can get really high and he fluctuates the voice based on situations well. If you have not seen his lets play on Undertale, I strongly suggest it, as it is funny and a wonderful experience. 

Napstablook: this ghost is so hard to find any voice actors for, but alas, I found one. Existential Crisis version of @danisnotonfire. Honestly its a good fit. He can be very insightful at times and can often be seen on the floor. XD. But in all seriousness, Dans’ voice could be spectacular with his voice layered and sadder than normal.  

Toriel: @oolay-tiger -warning! most of Tigers voice acting may require headphones and is not something anyone under 18 to listen to (I am older than 18, no need to worry). Tigers voice is more soft than most people who try to do Toriels voice and can get a bit steely, just like when Toriel talks to Asgore in the game. (Don’t ‘Tori’ me, etc.)

Sans: @gravigokenji -There are a lot of voice actors that do Sans’ voice, but I feel that Kenji has one of the best voices for this punny skeleton. He uses an accent to highlight sans being sans in every way, which is important. His voice acting is splendid and I do suggest checking out their page. 

Papyrus: @sushinfood -Again, many people are really good at making Papyrus’ voice come through but Sushi really shines at this. The voice is so much like Skeletor from He-man but not at the same time. Its a delight to hear their Papyrus and it sounds really genuine. 

Undyne: Nowacking, from assorted abridgement material on Youtube. Nowacking is a wonderful voice actor and would be great at voicing Undyne with the voice they gave Remi from Dark Swamp abridged (also a great watch).

Mettaton: Honestly, this was a hard one. But I have to agree with some people that @thatsthat24, Thomas Sanders, would be the best as he is. His comedy, singing, and voice acting skills are great.

Alphys: @dbxgokai, with a dorky and nerdy sounding Alphys. So shy, yet adorable. Its so hard to find a really good VA for this lizard, but I think that they are perfect for it. 

Asgore: For Asgore, I think that @markiplier would be the best canidate. When he has his serious storytelling voice on, its a beautiful noble voice. Its commanding, yet soft. Direct, yet leading. His voice can be filled with so much emotion and you will just feel it, making you cry or shake in your boots. 

Might do a part 2 if people enjoy this, thank you so for reading!!! ^-^

Where in the World Can You Work? Everywhere

The international panel was specially directed to Full Sail students who LOVE to think outside the box, be creative, and professional because we can be all of that at the same time! This panel gave insight to all the opportunities throughout the world and all different industries.

One of the main panelists was the Hall Of Fame 7 inductee Ashish Manchanda, who talked about how important it is to be an open-minded person in order to get to work with a wide range of companies. Today, most of companies like to work with people who can be anywhere around the world and adapt easily to the culture and work environment. The fact that our careers can take us all over the world, and allow us to experience different cultures and learn new languages is amazing!

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“Feels like my heart is going to burst.”

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sakura’s words were soft. barely audible to the songstress. however, she has lived with sakura, grown up with her. she has watched her turn into a young woman, and she, just like azura, struggled to be heard at points just because they weren’t speaking loud enough.

but azura knew that she would always listen more carefully to sakura’s words. she would never want to miss anything (she was so insightful time to time).

her lips pulled up into a smile for her. she must be happy about something, but what was so amazing it would make sakura light up like this? she was curious. she took the young princess’ hands in her own. her eyes softened. 

“why does it feel that way? are you sick?” she asked the last question jokingly, yet a hand still went up to the girl’s head to check for the fever. hopefully, azura wasn’t wrong about her assumption.