Happy Cloen/Rose rec list!

As requested, here’s a list of Cloen/Rose fics that are predominantly fluffy/happy/sappy/otherwise not about how doom and gloom their lives will be. This is a longing I understand, because after JE aired in 2008 and I started to get into fandom I just really wanted Cloen/Rose fic and everyone was writing these angsty stories about how they’d never possibly be happy together. But eventually the tide turned and more people got on board this a+ ship.

This is a pretty small sample, tbh, because it’s just based on ones I could easily find and remember, and it’s been a while. I would recommend poking around time_and_chips circa 2009. (You can also try 2008, but in 2008 I reckon there was a lot of “IS HE THE DOCTOR??? ISN’T HE???” fic.)

Anyway, in no order:

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Not wanting to end up back in her original universe just isn’t a desire she’d have ever expected or even believed she could have two years ago. Not wanting to leave her new one–still affectionately dubbed Pete’s World–sure. She loved her friends and family, she just…wanted to get back even more. But…things change, terrible days get replayed over differently, and apparently on rare occasion, the person she’s looking for spawns out of a spare hand with one heart and much looser rules about neck ties and victory snogs.

It’s amazing the way something–rather someone–like that can change one’s perception of home.

Anyway, the point is, she never expected finding herself on familiar London ground without Zeppelins and with a familiar blue box ahead of her would induce the sort of sickening anxiety and dread that it does. Not the box itself, of course, never that…but…that so-called ‘nothingness gun’, the rend in reality she’d fallen through in the struggle with the Sycorax sleeper agent (far less honorable than the sort of Sycorax she expected)? That couldn’t have actually…right? The walls didn’t work that way, she knew that full well.

So…where is she? And if she’s really here, how?

Only one way to know, right? To try and see if her key (always on her neck, even now) still works.

A burning mind || open

There was something wrong – very wrong; though he couldn’t quite figure the ‘how’s and 'why’s of the matter. Not until he looked around and realized, once again, that he hadn’t a clue as to where he was. Nor how he got there (but he supposed that was the lesser of his problems at the moment).

Alright, focus. He was sitting down, which was probably a good thing, seeing as – blimey, that dull pain in his head wasn’t very comforting, was it? So either this was the result of a really, really bad hangover, or that bloody mind-burning process was… well, processing again. Unfortunately for him, he was clever enough to lean toward the latter. But where was he?

Somewhere sunny. Oh! Grassy, too. That was nice. He held his head in his hands as he focused on the patch of green beneath him, his back hunched where he sat. Which, he assumed was a bench. So… a park, then? Ah, he’d figure that out eventually. Maybe he could ask the owner of those footsteps nearing closer. Maybe – if he were daring enough to lift his head for a moment. On the other hand, maybe if he stayed very still, they’d be courteous enough to go away. 

mine, mine, mine!-open to any Rose

The Valeyard had been watching her for awhile. Her hair was still gold as ever, her face still with so much spark. He rolled back on his heels and sighed, standing up. Perhaps today, he would interact eith her. He slid down the hill and stood up straight, repositioning his clothes. He was going to have a good talk with her. With his Rose.









Emily was sitting at the console reading “A Tale of Two Cities” while the Doctor was out on business. After a few hours she heard the door creak open and a stranger peaked inside. She looked up from her book and smiled “Why ‘ello there! 'ho might you be?”

Snapping back to consciousness, Jenny racked her brain for any indication of where she might be or what had happened, but her mind was still too overwhelmed with adrenaline to be of any help. Sitting up slowly, she surveyed the shuttlecraft around her and groaned. Definitely unable to fly until she fixed it, Jenny realized. What kind of flight had she been piloting? 

She noted the snowy surroundings and concluded that this planet was either Metebelis Three or Earth, and smiled at the past memories she’d had on the latter planet. A nagging suspicion that she didn’t belong here kept tugging at her mind, but she reminded herself that she’d never really belonged on any of the planets she visited anyway.

Invasion of the enthusiastic somethings

For the most part, Rose Tyler can tell when she’s going to have a slow day and when it’s going to be exciting in the first hour after she’s gotten to Torchwood Tower. if she’s got a great big pile of paperwork in front of her, it’s better to sneak out through a window or something than sit through all of it. If there’s chaos somewhere in the Tower, she’ll be happy if the scientists don’t blow her up by the end of the day. If a call or something comes in, or she notices something, then the day is probably going to be a better one.

This proves untrue today. It actually takes until right before lunch before there’s a report of an army of Romans marching out of a second-hand store. It sounds an awful lot like some sort of Auton attack, so of course Rose is the first person out to go investigate.

When they said ‘army of Romans’ though, she sort of expected…soldiers, not…a group of revelers and what she’s fairly certain could by Dionysus (wasn’t that Greek? She didn’t pay that much attention to history class.). Still, there’s a crowd, and though the people lack a distinct plastic sheen, they definitely aren’t some sort of publicity stunt. She’s been to Ancient Rome, she can tell the difference.

Given the lack of actual violence so far, though, she can afford to sic her teammates on shooing off the crowd instead of the Romans, and slip into the store herself to investigate. “Does anyone know if those were mannequins a minute ago?”

What. It was possible.

[ timelordcatnip ]: the last supper

It was over. It was finally over.
Except for Donna, things were just beginning.

The small crowd of saviours ( world saviours, to be exact ) exited the TARDIS to mingle with a larger one of normal humans and not - so humans. Even heroes got hungry and found their so far flawless, loss - less victory the best reason to celebrate, with a style of food yet undetermined.
But as they walked, Donna halted, and just looked.

Since the mingle, she had so far only seen some Dalek and a handful of her friends, too busy putting her new skills on display to focus on her other new gifts. Now among a grand wad of people, as expected of a city, they bared themselves without command, and she was always windblown, and would have quite so been if her brain had not become so terribly apt at processing information now.
Trailing behind the sharpened silhouettes of those around her were themselves, the image passing through and speeding, constantly changing, like a fast - forwarded movie on spot, plot taking on a different course as they passed other people and then let go again to rocket back into their usual developments once their lives no longer touched.
All that had been, all that was, and all that could be.
And she could now make sense of it.

A madman’s grin broke across her face – genius insanity was part of the Timelord job – and then she simply laughed, into her fist at first, and then widely and loudly before she chased after her companions. Passing Martha and Mickey, she quickly linked their arms and saw the story unfold before they even knew it would, answering their surprised stares with a simple “ oh, I’m good! ” , before heading after others.

She stopped at Rose. Maybe balked, even. Even without a touch from her Doctor, there were so many branches the girl could take, but Donna didn’t need her powers to know that she would consider all of them weeding out instead of flowering if it didn’t involve the man.
Except there were two. And now she was scared for a certain confirmation, the one that being with the first and not the second of the two would lead to a brighter future for the blonde – a large and perhaps even inavoidable conclusion, considering their shared happiness before the forceful parting.
But though she could now fly the TARDIS without any further lessons that caused dents in 1980, Donna wasn’t sure she wanted to see that. In fact, she was sure she didn’t want to, but she was uncertain how she’d bear it if she should. Selflessness demanded that she should ( and in the end, she would ) give up the real to Rose, but as many things as the DoctorDonna had knowledge of now, she didn’t know how she would deal heaving around with half a mirror of herself behaving at the same time like the best friend she knew so well.

She was halfway at a soft ’ hey ’ when she suddenly smiled widely, brightly, stretching across the whole of her face and eyes, and gently latched onto the other girl’s arm to draw her attention.
Happiness was a Timelord’s forced virtue.

“ So you all decided where we going yet, then? ” She said with a little nudge of her elbow. “ ‘Cos I could do with a curry. I dunno if you lot here like curry, but I love curry. Brilliant, that is. I told Spaceman 'bout that place near my block before and we almost went there when he popped us to Calcutta 'bout a decade late in the middle of a riot when we were off for lunch, but then Ghandi came along and some huge crocodiles so we had some things to solve 'fore we could bop off, and tell you what, didn’t have my curry yet by then. Still owes me, actually. You okay with curry, then? 'Cos I’m gonna blackmail him way into it if you are, I promise! " 

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