timeline: 2008

It was one of the more emotionally painful movies. It was depressing, making this film, I have to say. As great as it was to work with Kate, I was happy to get out of…not happy to wrap the film, but happy to stop arguing with my wife for months straight, confined in a tiny suburban house.

Leonardo DiCaprio speaking about what stuck with him after filming Revolutionary Road

You’re more than perfect. MUCH MORE.

Remember when looking for “Lady Gaga ” on the internet ? Or when you wanted those Ra ra ah ah ah ah in Google , remember how you tried these steps Poker Face till you come from? Remember how chupabas spoon and had imagined that poison? Remember that jaaja paparazzi performance at the VMA 2009? Remember how you were bored to friends and family telling them lifelong Stefanni ? Remember the continuation of Paparazzi? Remember When LadyGaga announced the name of his new album in 2010 VMA ’s? Remember the meat dress ? Remember how you cried when you found out that your country would step LadyGaga ? Remember that tingling you felt every time he won a prize or break a record ? Remember how proudly sang BTW first? Remember the BTWBT ? Remember your Hip fracture LadyGaga ? Remember the first single ARTPOP ? Remember when the cover of ARTPOP ads and many false LM hated ? Remember that all the false failure predicted him to Lady Gaga? If you remember this you are a true little monster .