William, Kate, George and Charlotte's Canada itinerary in full
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking their children to Canada from September 24 to October 1
By Victoria Murphy

Saturday 24 September, Victoria, British Columbia

It all kicks off when the family touch down at Victoria Airport on a Royal Canadian Air Force plane where George and Charlotte will be pictured disembarking with their parents.

After a brief stop at Government House - their home-from-home for a week - to drop off the kids, William and Kate will visit British Columbia’s Parliament Buildings where crowds are expected to be gathered.

A spokesman said: “It will give The Duke and Duchess a chance to say hello to the people of Canada just hours after touching down in the country.”

The couple will pay their respects at Victoria’s cenotaph and unveil a new plaque paying tribute to the veterans of Canada’s involvement in the Afghanistan conflict.

Then the official welcome will get underway with a guard of honour and speeches before the royals return to Government House for meetings with Canadian leaders.

Sunday 25 September, Vancouver, British Columbia

Their first full day begins with a trip on a float plane for William and Kate as they leave George and Charlotte with their nanny and head off to the bustling city Vancouver.

Landing in the harbour they will be welcomed at the Poole Plaza, named after the late businessman Jack Poole, who was a key player behind the success of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver.

Charity work then beckons as the royals head to the Downtown East Side to see the Shelway charity which helps vulnerable mothers battling addiction and other issues.

A spokesman said: “The link between addiction and family breakdown is something that has been a major priority of The Duchess’s charitable work.”

Then it’s off to the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia where they will meet refugees from Syria taken in by Canada in the last year before moving onto a reception for young leaders in Canadian arts, business and sport.

The last trip of the day will be a stop at the Kitsilano Coastguard Station where they will also meet members of the police, fire service and social workers before leaving on the Coast Guard’s hovercraft and flying back to Victoria.

Monday 26 September, Bella Bella and Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia

Described by a spokesman as “one of the most beautiful days of the tour”, the Monday morning brings a trip away for William and Kate to the Great Bear Rainforest - the world’s largest temperate rainforest.

Home to the Kermode (Spirit) bear, distinctive because of its white fur, as well as marine life inclduing whales, sea otters and dolphins, the royals will be surrounded by wildlife in the 400km rainforest.

After ariving at Bella Bella airport they will enjoy an aerial tour before a welcome by the Heiltsuk First Nations community.

They will watch a youth performance at a community centre then travel to nearby Mcloughlin Bay where they will see a walking trail.

After returning to Victoria, William and Kate will attend a reception at Government House - one of the few times we can expect to see Kate dressed up for the evening.

Tuesday 27 September, Kelowna, British Columbia and Whitehorse, Yukon

With William and Kate departing from Victoria this morning there is the possibility they may be seen enjoying some family time before they head off which would be a chance for the public to catch another glimpse of George and Charlotte.

However, the first official stop on their itinerary is Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley where they will meet students at the Okanaga campus of the university of British Columbia and watch a match by the acclaimed women’s volleyball team.

Food and festivities then beckon as they take part in the BC Government’s ‘Taste of British Columbia’ festival at Mission Hill Winery enjoying wine and food.

Then they will fly to Whitehorse, Yukon where they will be greeted by the Canadian Rangers and junior rangers before watching a performance at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre and staying overnight in Whitehorse.

Wednesday 28 September, Whitehorse and Carcross, Yukon

Famous for the Klondike Gold Rush when 100,000 people flocked to the region from 1896 after gold was found there, Yukon is also a place of outstanding natural beauty.

William and Kate will begin this day following in the footsteps of The Queen and Prince Philip who visited the telegraph office in 1959.

It is now part of the MacBride Museum which the young royals will tour before being the guests of honour at a party on nearby Main Street in Whitehorse.

Then they will visit Carcross, a tiny town with a population of less than 300 people where they will receive a traditional welcome and be given a tour.

Their final stop in the area will be the stunning Montana Mountain, a popular mountain biking spot.

Thursday 29 September, Victoria, British Columbia

Expected to be one of the highlights of the trip, this is the day when George and Charlotte are tipped to be centre stage at a party for military families in the gardens of Government House, Victoria.

A spokesman said: “A group of military families have been invited to share what should be a really lovely morning with plenty of surprises for the children.”

After that William and Kate will enjoy some family time out of the spotlight for the rest of the day.

Friday 30 September, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

The penultimate day of the tour will see a day-trip to Haida Gwaii, an archipelago on the northern coast of British Columbia and home to the Haida Nation.

William and Kate will enjoy paddling in a canoe to the beach at the Haida Heritage Centre and Museum in Skidegate.

There they will be welcomed by the Haida Nation President and watch children give a cultural performance before opening the new Haida Gwaii Hospital and Care Centre.

Finally, they will get the chance to try out some fishing on the waters of the Hecate Strait.

Saturday 1 October, Victoria, British Columbia

After a jam-packed week the couple are not slowing down on their final day, beginning with a visit to the Cridge Centre for the Family, one of Victoria’s best-known charities supporting abused women and helping young people.

After a stop at a local cafe to meet families helped by the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre - a charitable cause close to their hearts - they will enjoy a trip on a tall ship with young people looking to end stigma around mental health.

This will be followed by a departure ceremony at Victoria Harbour Airport and a brief trip of Vancouver Island before hopping back on their Royal Canadian Air Force jet to head home.

The departure shot will be another opportunity to see George and Charlotte before they say goodbye to their first tour together.

And fans of the tots should make the most of it as it’s likely that, after a week in the spotlight, they will be having some time away from the cameras for a while when they get home.

DKVine‘s amazing Bubsy timeline

Hi! SqrlyJack here.

I want to show you guys this amazing timeline of the Modern Bubsy lore, put together by DKVine user I.M. Gibbon. It goes from Bubsy 1, to Space Funeral 4, all the way to the OTP, and everything in between. This guy leaves no stone unturned!

Although not *every single little detail* is *100%* correct, being this timeline is fan theory and there’s still a lot yet to be seen from Modern Bubsy, but it comes scary close and everything is sequenced perfectly.

Give it a read!

Part 1

Part 2

(The rest of the thread is pretty neat too. They discuss weather or not Modern Bubsy (and by proxy Space Funeral) counts as being part of the Donkey Kong Country universe due to Conker being Bubsy’s boyfriend, and that notion alone is pretty surreal yet awesome.)

Anyway, kudos to I.M. Gibbon and the rest of you lovelies. This is the start of a very beautiful thing……………..!

  • Nintendo:During the beginning of Wind Waker, we retell the story of the Hero Of Time and how he saved Hyrule from Ganondorf's clutches. But then the hero went off to another adventure-
  • Fans:Wait, but this is the adult timeline...Adult Link completely disappeared from the timeline, he didn't leave to another adventure. That "other adventure" was Majoras Mask which happened in the child timeline.
  • Nintendo:...
  • Nintendo:Majoras Mask doesn't exist

Back when I started HRT I got this feeling of relieve and the heavy fog caused by being fueled on testosterone cleared out. It really made it feel like seeing the world from a new pair of eyes. I am sure you have heard lots of trans peeps mention that kind of feeling or similar. If you are about to start HRT, you really have something amazing to look forward to, indeed!
Anyways, I think I am starting to feel like that again. This whole week has felt like HRT decided to kick in another gear and is working overtime. I have had quite a lot of… *ehem* development this past month. Considering that I basically had no changes or any development during months 5-8 I can only say that I am sooo soo so happy about this! Seems like changing patches to gel really made a huge difference.

How Old are the Gallaghers?

There are SOOOO many inconsistencies in the show, it’s annoying.. So, according to the Wikia, Monica left when Fiona was 17, Lip was 15, Ian was 13, Debbie was 9, Carl was 7, and Liam was 2 months. Meaning that Monica left in 2006. But in the Pilot, Frank said that Fiona was 14 when Monica left. So, the Wikia’s ages couldn’t be possible.

So, the Wikia says that Fiona is 27 right now. Making her birth year either late 1988, or 1989. In the first season, Kev said that she could pass for 23. Which probably means that she was either 21 or 22. With that, her birth year either 1989, or 1990. 

For Lip, the Wikia says that he is 22 right now. Making his birth year around 1994 or 1995. In season 1, it’s probably his junior year because in season 2, it’s his senior year. So, when Monica left he probably would have been 11 or 12. Not 15. Because again, according to the Wikia he and Fiona are 5 years apart. Not 2.

If Ian was 13 when she left, that would make his birth year 1993. But also according to the Wikia, he was born in 1996, making him 20 now. So, he couldn’t have been 13 when Monica left. He would’ve been 10, since he and Lip are about 2 years or so apart.

Then there’s Debbie. If she was 9 when Monica left, and 10 and a quarter in season 1, that’s just totally wrong. According to the Wikia, she’s 16, which again couldn’t be possible. So, she was probably born in 2001, since she said in the Pilot that she was born in October. So, she is almost 15. 

Car’s age isn’t so messed up. In the Pilot, Debbie said that he was almost 9. And I think in season 3, he told Frank that he was 12. So, that would make his birth year most likely 2002 or 2003. The Wikia says he’s 14, which actually makes sense.

And Liam was 2 months old when Monica left, making his birth year around 2009, or 2010. But who knows, nobody really gives a shit about Liam. Except in season 4.

Hopefully this isn’t too off. But the writers do fuck around with their ages, and the Wikia is totally wrong. Like obviously fucking wrong.

    In all honesty, Undyne woke up better than she felt in a long while. She felt, somehow, a lot less burdened, knowledge less heavy. Even while running her hand across her face, she could have even sworn that there were less scars and nicks than there used to be. 

    There wasn’t much she remembered, and there was almost a vague buzzing in her mind, trying to warn her there was something she was SUPPOSED to have on her mind. It didn’t come to her, though. It felt like there was just a lot of empty space where that information used to be, and the importance of the information was nearly equally lost.

    As far as she could tell, the most that happened was that Sans suddenly had disappeared one day, left her with some vague instructions, and that she had to wait for the human in New Home.

    The human.

    Undyne’s hand, still resting on her chin, lowered, and she dropped her head in thought. Right. The human. There was something going on with it. That buzzing returned, louder. There WAS an answer to it, but it was gone. 

    Soldiers weren’t supposed to sit and stew in the past.

    So, Undyne just did what she knew she had to eventually. Get up, get dressed, and patrol the Underground.

Wandering In (closed rp)


Arial decided to go see if there were any new rifts around the neighbor hood. It was a weekend and she didn’t have anything better to do, and she did enjoy seeing all the different worlds, if only through a glance. It seemed like today was rather quiet, barely any were around, and most of them were in unreachable locations. Like the top of the cave.   “At least I’m getting some exercise…..”   She thought before glancing over at one around a corner, rather out of the way.

She went up to it to investigate, peering through to see how different it looked from her home. “Hmmm, looks rather normal, wonder what’s on the other side…… and this one is even near ground level! …..better than the first one of these I ever found. Got sucked through and fell a decent distance……” She mumbles to herself near the end. Deciding to take a quick step through to take a look, planning to just go right back if it started looking dangerous.

“Well…….” She looks around to see if anybody was around, then takes a quick step through, knowing that going slow will just get her tugged through it. She takes a look around the area.

“Well, it seems nice enough around here. I wonder what part of this Underground I am in, and if anyone is around….. preferably friendly.” She chuckles to herself.