Missing link? African bones extend humanity’s timeline 2.8 million years into the past

A newly discovered fossil has shaken up science’s view of human evolution and could be the missing link between apes and humans: 400,000 years older than the oldest human bone found, the discovery could entirely rewrite our story.

For decades scientists have been stumped on the gap between humans that walked bent over and those that walked upright. Who was the mysterious ancestor that joined the ape-like Australopithecus with the human-like Homo? We could be looking at an answer. It now appears the timeline for earliest upright humans goes back not to 2.3 – but to 2.8 million years.

Baseless Theory: Felicity

So I know everyone is freaking out about the upcoming death in 3x19.  Consensus seems to point to Roy, with Lance as a strong possibility.  But I’d like to offer up a baseless theory, one I’ve written about in a few posts today but wanted to consolidate here:

What if the death is Felicity?

I’m actually pretty confident about this.  Let me explain my madness.

(Before we get started, let me say right off the bat that I’m only considering Arrow in this analysis. I know Felicity goes to the Flash, in an episode that would have preceded 3x18 of Arrow if not for a network snafu.  I’m going to follow Guggenheim’s post that the timelines will just be off and not try to push those square pegs through a round hole.)

First, this all ties into Ra’s’ offer to Oliver, an offer I think Oliver will turn down - at least initially.  I don’t see the League granting vacation time, and well know Oliver is back in Starling for the big Dyla wedding and beyond.  But I DO think Oliver and Co. will end the season in Nanda Parbat (hence why the Foundry is absent. It could be destroyed, but really, it’s been done before, so why do it a third time.  Also, the show acknowledged in 3x01 how crazy it was that Starling had had two terrorist attacks in two years.  The city will be spared this year.)

So we have the Dyla wedding and Suicide Squad Shenanigans, followed by 3x18, Public Enemy.  Now, here’s where I start losing the timeline of leaked pictures and Instagrams, But I think this is when we saw a lot of pictures featuring Roy in the Arrow suit and heavy police presence.  We also know Felicity’s mom is in town and their scenes will be in the hospital.  Now, 3x19 we saw some more night shoot shots, and I think this might be the Ray Questions if he’s a Hero episode.  But do we know anything about Felicity’s whereabouts?

What if she’s still in the hospital?

We’ve had Guggenheim, Stephen, Colton and now David drop random, scary tweets/posts/pictures that all refer to a goodbye or death.  As far as I know, only Emily hasn’t.  Suspicious?  Maybe.  It’s one thing to hint that “not everyone might make it” in an episode.  It’s another to release a barrage of posts all hinting at a death.  Unless the death isn’t the twist.  Or rather, isn’t the whole twist.

We know the Lazarus Pit exists.  Storytelling Law tells us it must be used this season.  And the person whose use of r Pit would have the greatest impact on Oliver?


My Baseless Theory goes like this:

3x18 sees Felicity enter the hospital. Given Ray’s crisis of conscious in 3x19, it makes sense that he would be responsible for her hospitalization, but I’m still holding out hope for the introduction of the Omega virus into the present day storyline.  Maybe Oliver is tracking down the remnants of the Triad (or China White has broken out of prison?) for a cure and that’s why he’s not in the hospital with Felicity.

They fail.  3x19 is a big death scene for Felicity.  It sounds like a group scene, given the “everyone was up to the task” (paraphrasing) that Stephen posted.  We also know big things are happening with the fern in this episode.  Maybe Oliver weeps over the fern when it looks like al hope is lost?  Maybe he brings it to the hospital?  Either works for me.

So that’s the end of 3x19- Felicity dies and we hear five seconds of that EEP of a flatline.

3x20: Oliver is distraught, then determined.  That’s how I read the look on his face on that close up photo- determined. He can’t lose Felicity. He can’t. He’s looking back I her room, at her still warm body.  Hell, maybe the doctors are still working on her.

He takes the body. He trades his life for hers.  He’ll take Ra’s’ offer if he spares Felicity’s life. Lazarus Pit time!

We know 3x20 has a big Olicity scene that is good and bad.  In a scene I might try to fic/Drabble at some point, Felicity wakes up.  She realizes what Oliver did.  She’s angry he sacrificed himself for her (remember “No, Oliver, not for me!”?).  He can’t love without her.  It would be both great and angsty.

Where do we go from here? Does Felicity stay with Oliver? Does she go back? Do others join them? No clue.

But I do think it’s Felicity who dies/”dies.”  Oliver needs to REALLY lose her to realize how far up his colon his head has been.  The Lazarus Pit needs to be used, and for me, Felicity is the one whose use of it would have maximum impact.

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You must REALLY like Narset, she got killed her off before she was even a planeswalker! (She got better.)

To be clear, I just liked Narset in the old timeline. Hear that, creative team?

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I'm really excited about the new timeline in Dragons of Tarkir and the previews look pretty sweet but I have to know one thing. Does bear punching happen in the new timeline?

Finally, I was waiting for us to get to the serious questions.  : )

I’m not sure what role bears play in the new timeline. Perhaps a Doug question.

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How old are the other characters then? Stiles could be 18 right?

I have made two posts on the timeline (X,X) that I recommend looking at for details and clarification, but a brief overview is: 

Season 1: January, 2011 - February, 2011
Season 2: February, 2011 - March, 2011
Season 3a: August, 2011 - September, 2011
Season 3b: October, 2011 - November, 2011
Season 4: January, 2012 - February/March, 2012
Season 5: August, 2012

I’ll go through all the people we have info on, but first a couple important notes on things I reference:

  1. With the 3a DVD, MTV included calendars that marked various character birthdays 
  2. MTV released a tribute video titled “In Memoriam” after 3a aired (x)


  • She is 16 in episodes 1x01-1x04 
  • She turns 17 in episode 1x05
  • In 2x10 Gerard says she is “almost 18” but then in 3x05 when she has to stitch Scott up in the bathroom and she imagines her mother she is states to be a “little 17 year old girl.” Since it was Allison’s words really as her mother is dead and since timeline wise it is probably around August/September, I think it’s safe to assume she is not actually all that close to 18. 
  • The Teen Wolf calendar has her birthday listed as October 16th, but there is no way this is accurate. Her birthday has to be late January/early February (between January 20th which is the first day of school in the pilot and February 7th which is the date shown on her phone in 1x07 “Night School”)
  • Her death in 3x23 takes place in 2011 and thus she is still 17. When she died it was most likely the end of November, 2011. 


  • We have no ages, but the Teen Wolf calendar lists their birthday as September 30th
  • Aiden’s death in 3x24 takes place at most a couple nights after Allison (though I believe it is the very next night) and most likely occurs the end of November, 2011. 


  • The In Memoriam video lists his lifespan as 1996-2012
  • In 3x01 we see this missing flyer that states he is 17 years old and was born January 26, 1996. However, that would make the current year 2013 and as of 3x01 it is only August/September, 2011. 


  • In 3x03, Caitlin states that she has 3 roommates which may be a sign that she is in college at this point. 
  • Side note: In the In Memoriam video her girlfriend who is sacrificed is listed as living 1996-2012 which would make her 15/16. 


  • In 2x08 it is stated that if he were alive at that time (which is most likely mid-March, 2011) he would be 24


  • In her medical file that we see in 3x17, it states that she was 32 at the time of her death in 2004. So her birth year is 1972. 


  • In 3x08, Stiles asks Cora how old she is and she says she is 17, though she does go on to quip “Well, how you’d measure in years.” 17 seems to be accurate in any case because in 3x05 we get: 
    • CORA: You’ve known me for 17 years. 
    • PETER: I knew you for 11, leaving the last 6 unaccounted for. 
  • She most likely was 11 years old then at the time of the Hale fire


  • In 3x06, when Danny and Ethan are in bed and Ethan sees Danny’s scars, Danny tells him, “I have two of them form a surgery I had tocorrect misshapen cartilage I was born with. I had a bar put in when I was 14. It stayed there for two years to support my sternum so my heart and lungs wouldn’t be crushed." So he is at least 16 which is not a surprise at all. 
  • The Teen Wolf calendar listed his birthday as February 9th. 


  • Derek’s age is hard to pin down especially considering it depends when you believe the Hale fire occurred and how old he was at the time it happened. I believe it occurred January 25, 2005 because in the “Search for a Cure” webisodes (and the Teen Wolf novel) we find out the fire happened during the Wolf Moon and we repeatedly hear that it happened 6 years ago (except Stiles saying it was like 10 years ago and Derek for whatever reason one time saying it was 9 years ago. The fifty other times is mentioned, it is always six years ago). The Wolf Moon happens in January and 6 years prior to season 1- season 3b would be 2005. We know Derek was still in high school at the time of the fire and I think Derek was 16 at the time it happened for a couple reasons: 
    • In 3x08, Peter states that Derek was a “15-year-old boy” when Paige was bitten and Kate obviously came along after Paige. 
    • It is heavily implied that Derek was 16 when he was with Kate. Derek tells Scott in 1x12, “You’re not in love, Scott. You’re 16. You’re a child" which sounds like he knows what it’s like to be 16 and think you’re in love, but it ends up being a horrible mistake (one that cost him his family). Also, in 1x09 when Kate, Allison, and Chris are at the lacrosse game, Allison points out Jackson and Kate responds, "Holy hotness. Oh, if I was in high school again - or maybe just a substitute" which does absolutely nothing except establish that Kate is attracted to young, 16 year old, high school boys and doesn’t mind the age difference. 
  • If Derek was 16 at the time of the fire in January 2005, then as of season 4, he is 23. 
  • The pilot presentation script for the show (X) says Derek is 19, but that would mean he was like 13 at the time of the fire and Kate and needless to say I think the writers changed their mind about that age because wayyyy creepy. 
  • The Teen Wolf calendar has his birthday listed as Christmas (December 25)
  • In 1x11 we see Derek’s license which states his date of birth is 11/7/1988. However, Jeff said the license was fake. 


  • The In Memoriam video lists his lifespan as 1979-2012 


  • In 2x11 when Erica and Boyd tell Derek they are leaving, Erica states, "Since I just turned 16 a month ago, I wouldn’t mind getting my license. I can’t do that if I’m dead, you know." This would mean her birthday is February, 1995. 
  • In 3x01 that missing flyer states that her birthday is August 16, 1996 and that she is 17. Again, that would make the year 2013 when it’s only 2011. Even ignoring the year, she could not possibly be 17 by 3x01. That would require 11 months to have passed between 2x11 and 3x01 when it is repeatedly stated in the show that Erica and Boyd have only been missing 4 months by the time 3x01 rolls around. 
  • The In Memoriam video lists her lifespan as 1995-2011


  • She specifically states that she turned 17 on the day of her party in 3x02 which is the evening of their first day back at school and thus August, 2011. She must have been born August, 1994. 
  • The In Memoriam video listes her years as 1994-2012


  • We have surpassingly little to go on with Isaac. Given that he’s in the same grade as the rest of them, I would assume by 3b he is 16/17, though could be 18.
  • In the Teen Wolf calendar his birthday is listed as February 27. 


  • In 2x07, his birthday is stated to be June 15, 1995. That would mean by the pilot he is 16 (which is true because he can drive). 
  • As of season 4, he is not yet 17. As of season 5, his 17th birthday will have passed. 


  • The Teen Wolf Memoriam video lists her lifespan as 1981-2012


  • In 2x01, we see her headstone with the years 1983-2011. 
  • In 1x12 after Kate is “killed,” we see a newspaper article about it with the date February 19, 2011 so Kate was dead by February 19th.
  • In 1x12, Sheriff Stilinski says Kate would probably be in her late 20s. 
  • The In Memoriam video lists her years as 1983-2011. 
  • At the time of her “death” she would be 27 or 28 years old. If the fire occurred 6 years ago, she would have been 21 or 22. 


  • In 1x01 Stiles states that the dead body in the woods was “probably in her 20s” 
  • The In Memoriam video lists her years as 1982 - 2011 which would make her 28 or 29 at the time of her death. She would have been 22 or 23 at the time of the fire if her birth year is correct. 
  • Derek states that both him and Laura were at school when the fire occurred which seems to imply that Laura was still attending school. However, the Hale fire report only states that the fire occurred at 7:14 - not whether it was am or pm - and it seems possible Laura was at a lacrosse game at the school when it happened (X) so she could have been 22/23


  • I do not believe there is strict confirmation on his age, but we know he is a freshman in season 4 and does not seem able to drive (Kira has to drive him to the “party” and he takes the bus), so I would guess 15. 


  • In 1x05, her mother states that she is a 16-year-old girl. 
  • In 2x09, Lydia’s 17th birthday occurs on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 
  • In 4x08 her mother states that she is only “a few weeks away” from being 18. 
  • The Teen Wolf calendar states that her birthday is November 22nd, but we know from 2x09 that her birthday occurred on the Worm Moon and that only happens in March. 
  • One interesting thing is that Lydia turns 17 only a month or so after Allison, but it was peculiar for Allison to be 17 already in their grade which is why she didn’t want anyone to know about her birthday. We know Allison repeated a year because she moved around a lot, but what about Lydia? Possibly, she started school late or maybe she even had to repeat (doubtful given her genius IQ). In the Teen Wolf pilot script, though, Lydia was supposed to be a year older than the others and already a junior. That doesn’t seem to fit with canon because she has classes with the others and she’s super intelligent and doesn’t take lower level classes (though I know in my high school, AP classes did often have a mixture of grade levels). Stiles does, though, in 4x07 state that Lydia does not need to take the PSAT because “she took it her freshmen year” which on the surface just sounds like Lydia is an overachiever, but it is a little odd that he said her freshmen year rathe than our freshmen year. Just a thought. Guess we’ll see if she is a senior in season 5 or if she has already graduated (though I am 100% betting on senior). 


I did a whole post on her (X


  • In 2x10, Scott states that Matt is 16. 
  • In 2x11, Morrell states that Matt was 9 when he drowned at the Laheys’ house which we know occurred in 2006. These years do not add up. 
  • In the In Memoriam video his years are listed as 1994-2011. 


  • The calendar lists her birthday as July 8th


  • In 4x10 we get to see her hospital file which, other than being oddly similar to Claudia Stilinki’s (X), lists her date of birth as 11/23/1998, her check in date as 12/10/09, and her age as 16. The 11/23/1998 must be an Easter Egg - and close to Malia’s - because if that was accurate she only would have been 11 at the time she checked into the hospital. 


  • In 3x19, Parrish tells Jared he is 24. 


  • The calendar lists his birthday as October 27th.
  • The In Memoriam video lists his birth year as 1976 and his death year (in season 1, before his resurrection) as 2011. 
  • If 1976 is his accurate birth year, then as of season 4 he is 35 or 36 years old. He would have had Malia (if she is 18) at 17 or 18 years old. He would have been 28 or 29 at the time of the fire. 


  • He borrows his mother’s car in the pilot so he must be 16 by the time the show begins. 
  • The first time he is explicitly stated to be 16 is in 1x10, but it is repeatedly confirmed throughout season 1. 
  • The calendar has his birthday set at September 16. 


  • We know only that the calendar has his birthday listed as January 19th. 


  • He must be 16 by the pilot because he can dive. 
  • As of 3x02 (August, 2011), Stiles tells Heather he has yet to turn 17. 
  • In 3x21, Derek refers to Stiles as a 17 year old. If he is right, then Stiles’s birthday must be between August and November. 
  • The Teen Wolf calendar lists his birthday as June 6th which does’t work because then he is 17 before Heather. 
  • The Teen Wolf Facebook page said his birthday is April 8th, but, again, that doesn’t work. 



  • Season 1: 16
  • Season 2: 16
  • Season 3a: 16
  • Season 3b: 16, turns 17
  • Season 4: 17
  • Season 5: will turn 18 first semester their senior year (between August and November) 


  • Season 1: 16
  • Season 2: 16 or 17
  • Season 3a: 16 or 17
  • Season 3b: 16 or 17
  • Season 4: 17 
  • Season 5: 17 or 18


  • Season 1: 16
  • Season 2: 16, turns 17
  • Season 3a: 17
  • Season 3b: 17
  • Season 4: turning 18
  • Season 5: 18, possibly turning 19 if the season end up covering March in 5b


  • Season 1: 16, turns 17
  • Season 2: 17
  • Season 3a: 17
  • Season 4: She didn’t make it this far, but she would have turned 18


  • Season 1: 22
  • Season 2: 22
  • Season 3a: 22
  • Season 3b: 22, likely turned 23
  • Season 4: likely 23
  • Season 5: likely 23, may turn 24


the end of the season is about to be RIDICULOUS and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT.

barry that close to her, desperately clinging in a way that suggests she knows his identity. which could’ve led to all kinds of guilt and emotion after iris trusted him enough to confide that she returned his feelings in some way (which is especially true if the kiss isn’t part of some alternate timeline that gets erased, and they’re both aware of it). which may explain why eddie’s still around? maybe? and iris is somehow caught up in the reverse flash storyline. 

i just. i just need a moment. 

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Even though the current new timeline Narset is blue-white aligned, is there a possibility of seeing a version of her with full Jeskai colors in her casting cost? (or for a more general question, when do you think WotC will reach release more three colored planeswalkers besides Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker?)

Patience. We’ll get there eventually.

"Slow" translation (English)

My feelings are in constant circulation for 365 days, but they seem both simple and complex.

Human emotions, bitter sweetness, melancholy doesn’t seem to have an expiration
The attachment to “what if” following a period - it’s all incomphrensible, so the sentiments pile up
Things like number theory ask nothing of us
White or black? Loss or gain? Or things that don’t fit in with anything else? I’ve been away for so long

If I turn back, where will you be in the thick fog? If I cover my eyes, what will become of the withering flowers?

Growing slowly apart, saying goodbye feels like a dream
Transient, but not yet disappearing
The wind erases the voices, and though the memories are unseen, they dance

An erasure with sentimentalism, the end of fatalism; the complete and perfect form will be carried over to the next world
A timeline, when I dig up the self-consciousness I had buried, it will be the universe by the time I come back

Unable to land, I drift around the moon, and here I swim through the world’s faded colors
Within the second of darkness from the blink of an eye, I watch the beginning and the end
Instantaneous, but not yet to be erased
It is but the wind that whispers the names, and smiles intermittently

Though it tangles, the collapsing shadow picture is already merely a shadow
Though it closes, what is it that you now hold in your open palm?

Growing slowly apart, saying goodbye feels like a dream
Transient, but not yet disappearing, which makes it beautiful
Before I knew it, time had stopped, so even when I try to go back, I will always be in the same place
And even though I search, it’s no use. Who is it making this noise?
The wind erases the voices, and though the memories are unseen, they dance
And though the memories are unseen, they dance

My feelings have been circulating for more than 365 days. And they revolve even today for reason unknown.
And will again tomorrow.


Translated by bloom

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According to the timeline, ten days ago they met, yesterday they kissed and today she had to let her go?

If it weren’t for the betrayal, they’d have a uhaul tomorrow. Freaken baby homo children. Doing it right. 

here is a tip

99 percent of widely commercial media, including fiction in any big-budget format, assumes you’re not very bright.

Many things have the veneer of being very elaborate, but aren’t. A lot of detail to memorize or an extensive “lore” is a common thing. So is an incredibly dense and prolific Expanded Universe of supplemental materials to purchase and consume. A “secret timeline” or otherwise some illusion of complexity is also pretty widespread.

But the media itself is uncomplex, a lot of it left up to “they didn’t care and assumed you’ll be too wowed/enthralled to notice”, or “they didn’t think there would be return for putting more effort into this aspect, so they didn’t invest money into it.” Also, because they want everybody to buy their stuff, they aren’t going to include or account for their side implications or work the logical conclusions their media draws into the story or item itself. That goes over the heads of many people, and focusing on it can confuse and alienate some.

The goals of big-budget development and media production are different from the goals of a consumer. You’re not designing your ideas to make money, for example.

A lot of stuff they didn’t plan or only vaguely included is still interpretable by consumers and fans.

There is this point where you know they didn’t include or intend what you’re reading in a piece of media, and to attribute that idea to them is “reading too far into it.”

But to attribute it to yourself, who saw shapes in their pretty clouds they released without much of a meaning, that’s much better. The media isn’t shaped like your ideas, you didn’t have some kind of insight into the creator’s intent. But you might notice notice patterns and similarities from your own experience and imagination. They come from you, not the source material.

In this way, your “canon” is just as good as the creators’ totally arbitrary and mostly-careless intent.