I enjoyed the new Star Trek movie, but I wish there had been a scene at the end in which a new Starfleet recruit, played in a cameo appearance by James McAvoy, brought Kirk a cup of hot tea. Kirk would smile at him and say, “You’re gonna go far, Cadet Picard.”

James McAvoy for every single younger version of Patrick Stewart’s characters 2K16

   A thud crashes through the cell as he’s thrown against the wall. He barely feels the sting of pain around his already shaking body, heavy breathing, sweat tracing down the side of his head. He hears the voice of one of the aliens speak, the other guard laughing as the cell doors slam shut.

               He’s got spirit.

                        It won’t last.

                                Get the Commander. He’ll deal with this one.

   His arms are tied behind his back ━ tied being used loosely, the restraints two metal bars and a link in the center feeling like the strongest magnet in the universe ━ and he can feel an ache in his shoulder pulling at the socket, a feeling like his entire body is sore. No one believed he could defeat the champion, but he did it, alone. Rather than be proud of him, they locked him up and threw him here, separate from the other prisoners. Like he was a fluke; or maybe he would be utilized.

   The action hadn’t stopped since the abduction. He hasn’t had a moment to rest, and suddenly the cell floor feels comfortable as he sits against the wall where he was thrown, his head resting against it, eyes closed and exhausted….

  His ragged uniform is ripped and dirty, and he hopes more for a shower and change of clothes than a meal. The adrenaline still keeps him on his toes enough to where his appetite is gone. A warrior, they called him. A soldier. It was survival, and it worked. He worries about the others. If they’re nearby, if they’re even alive. If his behavior even saved Matt. If he’d be punished for it, for his victory ━

  He jumps as the doors slide open, a massive shadow cast over him as the lighting in the hallway attempts to spill in from around the figure. The Commander they were talking about, he assumes. He swallows every ounce of his fear, at least enough to keep a defiant expression on though deep in his gut he feels the stir, the horror. He’s never seen the aliens without helmets; the ears, the skin - fur, not skin - and his eyes, piercing deep. Before the creature can get a word out, Shiro’s voice begs out loud, pressing further into the wall. His voice is weaker than his pleading before, but strong, still holding on.

      “Wʜʏ are you doing this?”

Funny Early Morning Story

I’m just kinda bored, so I may as well give a small story on what happened to me a while back. X3

(May contain spoils for Geno route of Undertale, by the way, even though most of us should know this all by now. cx )

So, I was playing Undertale on my computer, and I was facing Sans. At this time, I hadn’t yet beaten him once, so I was excited as I got close to his ‘special attack.’ I was so pumped, the music was blaring and all I could think of was winning at that point after so many tries. I didn’t even know how many tries it was at the time… But I’m gonna guess it was a lot. Either way, I was on the attack right before the last attack to beat Sans, and do you wanna know what happened? The game froze, and my computer blue screened on me. It gave me the blue screen then of all times. I wasn’t even mad, though. I was laughing away. As soon as I saw it, I thought of @loverofpiggies Error Sans. XD He didn’t want me to destroy the timeline, he wanted it for himself. I beat Sans the next day though, this time with no blue screen interruptions, but man did I still think about it then and even now. Best. Moment. In a Geno route. Ever.

anonymous asked:

Strange question, but I really want to get a flat stomach and I was wondering if you or your followers know any easy was to get one? Like exercises? (Without equipment cause I have none ;-; )

cut out rice from your diet, have a glass of warm water after every meal, have honey+lemon+cinnamon+water every morning. 

remember if youre a female, you wont have a completely flat stomach, we have important organs down there. 

Sprite in the Alternate Timelines - Nightmare Moon Version

I bet you won’t guess how long this one took me. Go ahead. Guess.
Was it eight and a half hours? If so, then you’re right. This is probably the second longest project I’ve worked on, first being the Power Ponies commission. Hoo wee, am I glad I got it finished AND it looks nice. Have some Sprite and Nightmare Moon.

“This one here, this little pony… Is my prized possession. She came to me of her own free will, and now she is my most faithful student… And my heir.”
“Serve the moon queen.”

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Universe Falls Pre-Story Timeline

Ok, so @pc-the-unicorn​ wanted me to give a pre-story timeline of Universe Falls, and fortunately enough, I already had one on hand in my story notes! Of course, I had to change a few things in light of new information presented by the journal and new SU episodes, but here’s a pretty comprehensive timeline based on what we know so far, from prehistory to essentially the beginning of the story. Enjoy! (sorry its all so damn small, I copied this straight from my notes in One note) (also spoilers for newer SU episodes and for Journal 3)

Ancient History

Over 7000 Years Ago
• The Diamond Authority presides over Gem Homeworld
• Rose Quartz, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Jasper were formed on the Gem Homeworld
• Gems arrive on Earth, their first scout ship landing in what would eventually become Gravity Falls, Oregon; the impact of their ship’s landing forms a deep valley
• Gems establish a Kindergarten colony on Earth, as are Gem communication hubs
Over 6000 Years Ago
• The Kindergarten is used to develop new Gems; Amethyst is formed
Over 5000 Years Ago
• Rose Quartz rebels against Homeworld; the war for Earth begins pitting the Homeworld forces against the Crystal Gems (lasts 1000 years)
• Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet for the first time and decide to stay together
• Forced Fusion experiments begin; the Cluster is implanted in the Earth’s crust
• Lapis Lazuli is poofed trapped inside the a mirror, which is found and safeguarded by the Crystal Gems for several centuries
• The final battle at the Strawberry Battlefield takes place, many Gem warriors fall; Rose’s scabbard is lost
• Homeworld loses the war and Homeworld Gems leave Earth; the Diamonds emit a sonic blast that corrupts many Gems in the process; Rose, Garnet, and Pearl are the only remaining Crystal Gems
• (Spoiler) The Diamond Authority (specifically Yellow Diamond) makes a deal with Bill Cipher
• The Galaxy Warp goes inactive
• Amethyst is found in the Kindergarten and joins the Crystal Gems
• Unnatural anomalies and strange creatures begin to congregate in the area that would become Gravity Falls
1000 AD
• Natives of Gravity Falls flee the town, describing it as a “cursed land” following them making contact with Bill Cipher

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anonymous asked:

So many ppl are talking abt bts in sweden again bc of bon voyage and i agree as a swedish fan that saw them for a few minutes ONLY and then LEFT them that what some other fans did was pretty bad but that doesnt mean that they can generalize the whole itl fandom bc of 2-3 ppl that chased them. YES some ppl saw them and went with them to the trains maybe and then stepped off and left or maybe followed them on the street for 1-2 minutes BUT ofc some wanted to see them but it doesnt mean that (1/?)

That EVERY SINGLE ONE stalked them or ran after them. Ofc many ppl were excited to see one of their fave groups irl and i dont blame them BUT 99.9% were calm and kept their distance, greeted them, followed them for like a minute to actually realise that it was indeed bts and then left them. This may sound biased the way i write it but many innocent fans that saw them for like 5 minutes or not at all are being blamed and are feeling guilty and i wanted to take a moment and vent to someone (2/?)

Who could possibly understand and maybe even spread the word that even the few ppl who saw the boys for a few moments and yes, followed them for a few minutes ARE NOT GUILTY, they didnt bother the boys not make any moves towards them they just saw them from a few meters distance in the same way the norweigan fans did and those who are to be blamed are the ones that stayed outside the restaurant while they were eating or CHASED them down the street (3/?)

So please to all the ARMYS out there, please know that EVERY SINGLE FAN that saw them and to those who didnt even see them, they are not to be blamed, only those with excessive behaviours, this has also happened in many other countries with the boys so please try to have a wider point of view of things and try to realise that most of what has been said abt the boys during that week are RUMORS that have been clarified muliple times (4/4) lol also im a big fan keep up the good work <3

(5/4 lol i had more to say) i also saw some girls literally run down the street after i had seen the boys with my friend and i felt truly embarassed like at one point one of the boys walked pass me and my friend and we didnt do anything but keep walking in our direction and like smiled at him. Every single fan that sees them, let it be any country, doesnt mean that they are one of the violent ones or anything, some just want to see them irl from a distance and appriciate them.

you can vent to me any time babe. you’re right all of swedish army should not be blamed for a selected few’s behaviour. It’s really unfortunate that the human minds dont work that way and a few negatives leave a bigger impact. I hope everyone reads this and hears out that not all of swedish army are crazy stalkers.

The Antoine and Bunnie Retrospective - 67

“Surprise” - Sonic the Hedgehog #68

So we finally come upon another birthday episode for Sonic. Keep in mind these’s are important since they are our only marking for the passage of time in the book. And this one is extra important, since we are finally given an age for Sonic himself. 

This gives us approximate ages for the rest of cast. Sally should be the same age as Sonic and according to issue 9, her birthday is right before his. Back in issue 46, in the fan letters, Rotor’s age is given as 16 already. Depending on when his birthday lands, he is either the same age or just a year older than Sonic. Bunnie’s age is stated in the fan letters of issue 90 as being 17, meaning she is definitely one year older than Sonic. As for Antoine, we are give two points of reference for his age, in #46 he is 18 and in #90 he’s stated as being 19. So Ant is two years older than Sonic and his birthday possibly comes earlier in the year than any of his friends. There is no point of reference for Amy or Tails, but canonically I think they’re suppose to be ten here. 

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Overwatch Timeline

2015 Reinhardt is Born

2016 Ana is Born

2019 Torbjorn is Born

2028 Roadhog is Born

2038 Hanzo is Born

2039 Mercy and Mcree are Born

2041 Genji  is Born

2043 Widowmaker is Born

2044 Pharah is Born

2046 Bastion is ‘Born’/Omnic Crisis/Overwatch is Founded

2047 Winston is Born*

2048 Zarya and Symmetra are Born

2050 Lucio is Born

2051 Junkrat is Born/End of Omnic Crisis

2056 Zenyatta is Born

2057 D.Va is Born

2065 Reyes and Jack ‘Die’/Swiss Headquarters Explodes

2066 Fall of Overwatch

??? Mei wakes from Cryostasis

2071 Jack is busy being Soldier 76

2076 Recall