here’s me when i was just a li'l tike

this is me about 10 years old

and then…. this happened…… 12.9 years old

then high school


cut my hair! (baby’s first cosplay)

about 1 year ago - another hair cut

the first selfie i ever posted (10 months ago)

5 months ago

the past two months

i honestly never thought i’d be happy with how i look but i’ve come so far and i’ve gained a lot of confidence! i still have a ways to go though.


MCU: Chronological Watch Order

This is so important.

UPDATED: Agent Carter Season 1 One Shot confusion pic was changed..  Also, Jessica Jones comes right after Daredevil. 


I drew a thing. I started out with a profile of Cindy and then decided to complete the list. And yes, that’s Princess Leia. She gets to be part of my collection. -puts on cool shades-

I’d kinda like to do all the Disney heroines?? I really had fun with these. WE SHALL SEE, SCHOOL IS STARTING ON MONDAY.

Here’s the image not chopped up.

Miraculous Ladybug Timeline (COMPLETE)

Because a kids cartoon has taken over my life, and I love it.

 *some of the episodes positions on the timeline are based on speculation


This is how I think the chronogical order of episodes is:

And this is why I put every episode where it is (sorry that it turned into a 27 slides powerpoint)

Okay, that’s it! This is probably the logest meta post I have ever done! If someone finds some inaccurancies just tell me (but politely), I am open to correct mistakes and such!

Also, I’ll tag my ladybug friends who may be interested @nubriema (27 slides PP I told u!) @zoetekohana @joyfulotaku


The Pre-Undertale Timeline 

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A visual compilation of the events before Undertale based on research from @nochocolate​. Special thanks to the mods of NoChocolate for all the help and proofreading! 

Not every event is captured on this timeline, but the main chronological order of events and the rare, specific mentions of dates are included. In order to be as objective as possible, theories and speculation have been omitted. All data has been taken at face value (including possible hyperbole, such as Bratty claiming they’ve been underground for “millennia”).

(Updated on April 4, 2016 to include Dogamy, Dogaressa, and Napstablook.)

Source content and in-depth analysis:

[ Undertale takes place in less than a day ]
[ How long has Flowey existed? ]
[ The Undertale Timeline ]
[ Mettaton Added Last Week ]
[ Napstablook’s “Birth” Year ]

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