timeless humor

Picture this: a life ruining contest between Garcia Flynn and Alexander Hamilton:

“Oh, please. I had an affair with a neighbor. And paid her husband quarterly for his blessing.”

“Well, I feel like like I’m cheating on my dead wife when I so much as /look/ at another woman. Do you have any idea how rough that is now that I’m traveling with Lucy?”

“I forgot to mention, I wrote down the details of the affair. And published them.”

“Okay, that is bad. But I shot Lincoln.”


“Future president, freed the slaves.”

“Oh. I may have to think a bit to make a worse decision than that one.”

*gives guns to Philip* “Make me proud, son.”

so my friends and i started rewatching Danny Phantom from the very beginning and honestly the humor in that show is the funniest i’ve come across in a very long time

there’s a faculty member who replaces swears with classic book titles

there was a time some appliance was floating and i think Tucker was like “is this normal??” and Sam said something like “i have a toaster that does this…but it’s from Denmark”

when Tucker got ghost powers thanks to a djinn, he and Danny were trying to help land a flying car and Danny’s main concern was “we’re only 14! we can’t drive!!”

then the obvious bits of irony just makes for such great twists

in summary, please go watch Danny Phantom, the humor is timeless and it’s a wonderful show