timeless humor

RAD is celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of guest posts featuring stories from the  #NPRchives handpicked by #NPRwomen.

Our guest today is Jenna Molster, permissions and rights specialist at NPR. Jenna works closely with the @npr archives, responding to licensing requests from documentarians, historians and educators.

Here’s what Jenna had to say about NPR’s 2012 interview with Susan Cain:

Listening to old reports is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love the reports that are evergreen and universal, regardless of when they were produced. They remind me that humanity’s virtues are timeless, that humor doesn’t change, and that the generations are not so different from each other.

Susan Cain is a personal hero of mine. This report was broadcast when I was weeks away from graduating from college. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I was about to move across the country. While searching for my first adult job, I found it refreshing to hear Ms. Cain say that strong women are allowed to be introverted, that we don’t have to fit into the narrative of the workplace “extrovert ideal,” and that quietness can actually be an asset in the workplace. This interview helped me feel empowered to remain true to my introverted character in this next important phase of my life.

Image: Jenna Molster. Credit: Wanyu Zhang/NPR.