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a prompt from me. “We weren’t supposed to get caught.” Can you tag me to the post where you post the fic or fic link? Thanks

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…Maybe this wasn’t supposed to be as dark as I ended up making it…

Don’t try and make me give you anything resembling a timeline for this. I have no idea when it’s happening. It just is. AU, sure. Imagine the structure and hierarchy of 1.14, except drawn out and lasting so long this happened.

“Do you have any idea,” Agent Neville irritably remarked, “how long it’s going to take to search the fifty square miles in and around Los Angeles?”

“No,” Flynn replied, voice barely above a whisper, “but I’ll just… wait here while you find out, hmm?” He laughed and it sounded painful. “But that will only be if I don’t… kill you first… bastard.” His threat was impotent. The words were wet with the blood pooling in his mouth and the trail of it dripping from his nose. His arms were pulled behind his back and around a chair. Every time they hit him, the movement jerked and wrenched his stationary arms, held in place by a pair of metal handcuffs.

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