timeless echo

Sing Me Sweet

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1155

A/N: Drabble written for @waywardmoeyy’s Moeyy’s 1K Fluff Fest Challenge with the prompt – “It’s been such an ugly day. I need to hear something beautiful.” The reader and Castiel have a super special fluffy tradition. Established CastielXReader. Warning for a description of nausea (in relation to physical shock). Reunion. Hurt/Comfort. Fluff.

You practically tore the motel door off its rusted bolts in your blind haste to unlock it. Amazingly, the stubborn hinges held fast against a second brutal assault when, having succeeded in gaining entry, you then proceeded to slam it shut. The entire façade of the dingy and probably termite-infested motel shook with the venting force of your frustration. The glass and wood framed faded print of a random field of sunny flowers meant to add an uplifting spot of color to the otherwise grey and peeling walls shimmied free of its flimsy hanger and shattered in a cascade of glitter on the threadbare stained carpet within. A garbled man’s voice a few doors down shouted scornfully through the thin walls at the impolite midnight ruckus. You didn’t have the energy to yell any choice words in return.

Castiel! you prayed, sinking on the edge of the creaky protesting bed. The adrenaline might coursing your veins from the violent altercation with the shifter that had held bodily shock at bay for the last half hour was rapidly diminishing. The room spun violently and your stomach churned, biliously threatening to empty its contents onto your shoes. Staring at the stains on the carpet between your feet, you realized you would not be the first person in this particular room to succumb to this unhappy circumstance.

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echo chamber

too stretches,
the prolonged breath,
time takes
between our meeting,
knitting dreams,
of you that are
just an echo
of an unrequited want,
The plasticity of soundlessness
till I hear your voice
bends and contorts,
the shine from the stars,
And all my nights
are a range of darkness,
with the faintest
glimmer of you.

© SoulReserve 2016

anonymous asked:

I would love to know your feelings on Sappho's "If Not, Winter"

Intimacy, complicity, timelessness, an echo, a sigh, a reflection; respect, passion, tenderness, fingers touching, lips grazing, eyelids closing, warmth, secrets—through centuries, through life, eternity, beauty, water rippling, flames rising, murmurs, peace, mystery, truth; holiness. 



‘Timeless Echo’ (A Chill Trap Mix)