SHANGHAI from zweizwei |timelapse&hyperlapse| on Vimeo.

This city is always in my heart.  Absolutely gorgeous timelapse.

Fun fact:  Watch for the letter “G” at the beginning of the video.  There’s a tall, pointed skyscraper on the right-hand side of the screen.  At its base, to the left, there’s a little block of red-roofed buildings.  That was one of many Shanghai homes for me, but it was also the longest I ever stayed in one place in that city. Basically, it was my FAVORITE Shanghai home, right in the middle of everything.  I used to pop into that skyscraper across the alley to sit at the cafe and write.  That is precisely where a lot of blogging happened.  ;)

In my non-writing time?  I just walked.  For hours and hours and hours through town.  I recognize just about every spot in this video.  I would love to be back there, experiencing Shanghai again.

Also – the riverfront promenade:  that’s where I’d go to sit and reflect, or sit and write in my notebook, or even just to be “alone” and cry.  Because I needed a lot of time for figuring shit out, and the Huangpu River is a fabulous place for such activities.  I feel so blessed to have been able to go to that river over four consecutive springs/summers and just let the city change me.

So much love for Shanghai today.  <3


Speedpaint of this monstrosity for those who were wondering how I did the thing

“Iridescent Lines”
I managed to catch some cloud iridescence at the beginning of this timelapse, which made some interesting colours in the clouds.
This is 659 photos merged into one image using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, advancedstacker.com
I also faded in the first and last 19 photos using 5% increments of the layer opacity.

Stunning Timelapse Shows the Aurora Borealis From Space

“The European Space Agency recorded a timelapse video of the Aurora Borealis as seen from the International Space Station. The latest video taken from the International Space Station is short, but it’s about as gorgeous a shot of the glowing phenomenon as one can hope to get.”

Check out the stunning full video from the washingtonpost.