Office RomanceOriginal sketch by TimeKeeperArt

So TK started following me, and I fangirled for quite a while. I then sent her an ask or two and finally worked up the courage to ask to color her lovely Jim/Molly sketch because ADORABLE. She enthusiastically said YES and even uploaded a better sketch for me to work from :3

So go follow her now. You won’t regret it. And like the original sketch if you like my coloring :3

  • taggianto:i'm such a type nerd.
  • Timekeeper101:I'm not that good at typography. I can tell when something looks wrong, but I don't have a feel for artful arrangement or font selection when it comes to typography.
  • taggianto:it's a VERY tough thing to master.
  • taggianto:i have a very advanced grasp of it but even I have my weak points
  • Timekeeper101:I've got a few friends into it, and from what I can see, IT REALLY IS TOUGH. :/
  • taggianto:it is.
  • taggianto:but practice makes perfect
  • Timekeeper101:That's the tough bit, though... ha.
  • taggianto:i'm always game for type help
  • taggianto:i love the shit.
  • Timekeeper101::)
  • Timekeeper101:Taggianto: Consulting Typist.
  • Timekeeper101:Typographist?
  • Timekeeper101:*shrug*
  • taggianto:Typographer? i think that'd be closest
  • taggianto:AND I LIKE THAT
  • taggianto:Consulting Typographer.