A very good morning uh?

Requested by anonymous:  Can you do a Dylan O'brien smut where y/n and Dylan get it on in their trailer and when they are finished the cast tells tell to keep it down next time




Y/N P.O.V.

“What are you doing?” I asked when Dylan entered on my trailer and locked it.

“I missed you.”

I smile at him before kissing him again. He grabs my legs swinging me on top of him. His hands stay on my thighs slowly inching toward my core.

“Mhmm you have no idea how long I was waiting to see you.” He whispers going to suck on my neck. I gasp as he finds my sweet spot quickly. I can feel him licking and sucking until he’s satisfied with the mark he’s made.

“You’re always such a tease. Wearing nothing but a big t shirt and some skimpy underwear.” He growls snapping my lacy panties against my hips. I grind down and he moans out gripping my hips firmly.

“Do that again.”

I start to swiftly move my hips against his, alternating speed and direction every so often leaving him a moaning mess beneath me.

“Stop stop” I gave him a confused look as he grabs my hips again halting my movements. “I was about to cum and I want to be inside you when I do that.” He says as he grabs me underneath my thighs taking me to the couch.

He gently lays me on the couch and strips himself of his clothes leaving himself only in his underwear. His bulge straining in the confines. I sat up and go over to him getting on my knees. I kiss down his stomach to the band of his underwear. I kiss and suck on his hips leaving a good bruise to appear in the morning. I snap the band against him and he hisses. I finally pull them down and his length comes up the tip red and leaking. I take it in your hand and begin to slowly pump his length.

“No babe I need you now.” He pulls me up taking off my shirt and throwing it in the corner. He lays me down gently on the couch kissing me sweetly.

“I want you so bad, Dylan.” I whisper.

He slowly slides down my underwear. He reaches over in his nightstand pulling out a condom and rolling it on. He lines himself up then looks into my eyes.

“Are you ready Y/N?”

“Yes” I gasp out.

He slowly slides into me groaning at the feeling. He thrusts a few times slowly, but then gradually picks up the pace.

“Oh fuck you’re so tight.” He moans out reaching down to rub my clit.

I whimper as he begins to rub small circles. I feel my walls flutter around him causing him to cry out.

“If you keep doing that I’m going burst” he gasps slowing his thrusts a little.

I reach up and grab his face bringing his lips to mine once again. He pushes in his tongue after a particularly hard thrust.

I loved this feeling. I loved having Dylan be connected to me in every way possible. The feeling was amazing and erotic. He pulls away and starts to whimper and groan.

“Babe I’m about to cum. C’mon I need you to get there with me.” He begs as he begins to rub my clit fast and harsh. I scream his name and feel my high approaching quickly. With one last hard thrust he send me over the edge.

“Dylan!” You cry out going into a complete state of bliss. My walls flutter around him again and he releases into the condom. He pulls out and takes it off throwing it into the trash. He comes back and lays down pulling me to his chest.

“I really do love you Y/N”

I smile and nuzzle my face into his chest. 

“I love you too Dyl.” He squeezes me tight and reaches down to pull the covers over me both. He plays with my hair and whispers to me about how lucky he is and how he’s never going to let me go as I eventually drift off.


“Good morning.” I said to Holland.

“A very good morning uh?”


“Uh, Y/N, can you and Dylan please be quieter next time?” Tyler said.

I feel my cheeks turning red and they laughed at my face.

Dylan came up yawning and everyone looked at him.

“What?” he asked and everyone laughed again.