Harry Styles’ new single “Two Ghosts” does not officially impact pop radio until August 8, but two noteworthy pop stations are already providing support.

According to Mediabase, Radio Disney and SiriusXM Hits 1 both played the song during the seven-day window between July 15 and 21.

Radio Disney offered 10 spins within that timeframe, while Hits 1 played the song twice.

—  Headline Planet.

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I was reading a fic where Vader didn't like Luke at all and completely favored Leia and honestly I could not keep reading it. There's no universe where Vader doesn't love Luke right? Why would someone write something so painful ?

I… don’t think that’s realistic at all. Vader probably loves both of them equally (at whatever level of love he’s at, depending on the timeframe). I can’t see a universe where he loves one and not the other. Even though I like to focus on Luke and Vader, when Vader DOES find out about Leia, the only thing stopping him from doting on her the same as Luke is Leia’s own feelings towards him.

Congrats to @markiplier and the community for getting the channel to 17 million subscribers!

I’ve been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and it’s certainly been a wild ride. I’ve had my ups and downs in my life in that timeframe, but all of the amazing people here have helped me through my darkest moments. Mark’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and him and his videos never fail to make me smile every day. Mark, keep doing what you do, because you’ve changed countless lives in more ways than one, including my own. You’ve brought so much happiness to millions of people out there in the world, and that’s amazing, and I respect you so much for that.

  • Asami: So I did the math, and it would take 400 people to create a steel longsword.
  • Mako: What?
  • Asami: You know how fantasy books talk about swords “forged from the blood of enemies”? Well I calculated it, and you would have to drain the blood of 400 adult men and extract the iron from their blood to have enough to make a steel longsword. Forged from the blood of your enemies.
  • Korra: That’s pretty neat.
  • Asami: I know right?
my fellow sensates:

i just want to remind you to be calm and courteous when you speak with netflix personnel, be it by chat or by phone. it’s another person on the other line and it will only benefit our cause if we prove our maturity, determination, and intelligence. that said, when i called and made my displeasure known, i was thanked for having coherent points. this is important, as it makes it easier for the rep to discern a clear and digestible argument for the show’s potential continuation that they can pass on to the higher ups.

this is some of the stuff i brought up:

  1. netflix didn’t seem to care to advertise sense8. it didn’t even appear on a banner featuring netflix originals which was on their own website just a few days after season 2 was released
  2. if they’re going to judge it by the amount of views, then the timing of the release was poor. it’s finals and graduation season - people are busy. and judging it by that standard, in that timeframe is brutally unfair because it goes against netflix’s entire premise of watching when you please.
  3. making a decision when the second season hasn’t even been out for a full month makes even less sense when you consider that we waited for THREE MONTHS to hear about the season two renewal.
  4. the fanbase is incredibly loyal. we waited patiently for two years for a second season, so despite the production cost, people were paying for their service for that period with the primary justification being new sense8 content to come.
  5. the creators had planned the story out through at least five seasons. there was story left to be told, with an idea of where it would be headed. compare this to something like 13rw which was renewed, even though it’s already run through its source material. 
  6. fanbase age difference - sense8’s audience is probably a bit older than say 13rw’s. we have more spending power (as evidenced by holding subscriptions for two years as we waited for new content)
  7. finally, their reputation is on the line here. sense8’s diverse and progressive nature can only be a boon for netflix. this show is culturally and socially relevant. it made fans think highly of the company. thus the timing of the cancellation (first day of pride month) feels like a pointed slap in the face.

remember that netflix is still a company whose primary interest is money. i didn’t drive the point home too well, but you can and probably should add in an 8th point (how appropriate..) which focuses on money. maybe a personal statement about your own subscription would be good?

keep up the good fight, my friends. we’ll give them a war.

Tarot Time Correspondences

✨There are a lot of different methods of interpreting tarot cards when it comes to timing so I thought I’d share mine. 

Suit of Wands 

The Suit of Wands is commonly associated with the element of fire. Fire burns fast so I interpret this as days.

Suit of Swords 

The Suit of Wands is associated with the element of air. Air flows quickly and consistently so I associate it with weeks

Suit of Cups 

The Suit of Cups is commonly associated with the element of water. Water can flow quickly or slowly, can be rough or calm and is influenced by the moon so I interpret it as months

Suit of Pentacles 

The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of earth. Earth is calm, nurturing and unfaltering. I associate it with years.

✨I interpret the cards of the major arcana as dependent of my own actions or the actions of the person the reading is about so the event ( or whatever I’m reading for ) will occur when I or the other person behave accordingly to that card. I do the same with the court cards but I or the other person must act on it in the timeframe suggested by the suit.

Me: Honestly, with this timeframe and the complexity of what you’re looking for, this is outside the limits of my abilities

Client: Well not if you don’t believe in yourself! Just apply yourself more!  

I bit my tongue so hard it left marks.

“Well, *that* was a rough deadline.”

Ted the Animator: “We got the scene done, though. Goodness, I need sleep.”

Carl the Animator: “…I barely remember what the script even said after all that, but out of context, Scooby wearing Velma’s glasses is amazing.”

Ted the Animator: “Also… we might have gotten a thing or two a little off.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh? Like?”

Ted the Animator: “Well, in these closeups, the log with the dynamite is nowhere nearby…”

Ted the Animator: “…but in the wide shots, bam, there it is.”

Carl the Animator: “Whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “Also, Scooby turns his tail into some kind of spring-powered… motorboat engine?”

Carl the Animator: “Sure looks like it, at least.”

Ted the Animator: “…I don’t remember animating that, do you?”

Carl the Animator: “Nnnnnnope. Total blank.”

Ted the Animator: “You’d think that would be the sort of thing that stands out in one’s memory.”

Carl the Animator: “Meh… when you’ve seen one tail motor, you’ve seen them all.”

Ted the Animator: “…anyway, cut to the wide shot again, and poof, the dynamite log defies physics and reappears.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe that’s why Scooby didn’t just roll the log to dunk the fuse underwater! It kept phasing in and out of existence.”

Ted the Animator: “Fortunately, Scoob and Velma escape, narrowly missing a big explosion…”

Ted the Animator: “…originating a couple feet to the right of the dynamite.”

Carl the Animator: “Ah. Hrm.”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll admit, it’s not our best work… but given the timeframe and budget, it’s pretty darn spectacular.”

Carl the Animator: “Just imagine what would happen if the show had proper funding, and deadlines achievable by sane humans. We’d create the freakin’ Sistine Chapel.”

  • Korra: You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Korra: Mako, code name: Been There, Done That.
  • Korra: Asami is Currently Doing That.
  • Korra: Bolin is It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Korra: Opal is I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It.
  • Korra: Tenzin is... Eagle Two.
  • Tenzin: Oh thank God.
True Story

For the longest time I thought “the twist” was going to be that Reinhardt’s skins that show his face were like origin skins showing him at an earlier point in history, and that in the present timeframe he was supposed to be like a ghost-in-the-shell type human consciousness uploaded to a robotic suit of armour. Which would explain why the helmet on the masked skins is so much smaller than his head on the unmasked ones, as well as why the Blackhardt skin appears to have a furnace in the gut instead of anything resembling a human body.

Plus it’d be extra sad with all these old Overwatch guys everyone thought were dead coming back and revealing they were faking it, then it turns out the only one who actually died was the one no one realized or mourned.

I’m shook to my core every time I randomly think about the fact that Harry is performing on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live broadcasting real-time coast to coast only one (one!!!) week after his solo debut. In front of an audience that’s historically not been his target demographic. He’s getting ready to lay himself bare as an artist, performing a deeply personal song in front of tens of millions of people who will form first impressions, judge his talent, assess his potential, in less than a one hour and thirty minute timeframe. No buffers, no do-overs, no packaging or polishing. Like…… that is such an incredibly brave thing to do at any point in your career. But one week in?? That’s iconic.


 When William Thompson brought a 2 inch Pilosocereus cactus for his son he hardly expected it to grow in to a 10 foot giant!
 Experts say that it’s remarkable that the cactus had grown so tall, and within such a small timeframe - especially considering the family hadn’t fed it the correct nutrients.



I had a dream where Ashi and her sisters were experiments in a lab instead of being raised in a cult. It’s kinda this weird mismashed combo between Stranger Things and Plague Dogs and idk.

Obviously, this is not Ja//shi in any form so do not tag anything about this au as that, thanks

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