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HAPPY 1 YEAR OF LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's discuss Lemonade's MANY accomplishments, shall we?

We shall!

  • Lemonade is the most awarded album of 2016 with over 30+ awards
  • Lemonade is the most critically acclaimed album by a female in 2016
  • Lemonade is the 16th most critically acclaimed album of all time
  • Formation was the most critically acclaimed song of 2016
  • Formation was the most awarded song of 2016
  • Bey became the most Grammy nominated female in history
  • The most awarded artist at the Soul Train Awards with the help of Lemonade
  • Winner of two Cannes Lion Awards
  • Five BET Awards
  • Teen Choice Awards
  • Eight VMAS + is the most awarded artist for this show
  • Clio Awards
  • 256 MILLION on Formation World Tour
  • 11th highest grossing tour of this decade, 2nd highest grossing tour of this decade by a female (Madonna - 305 million w/ 88 days, Bey - 256 million w/ 49 days)
  • Received a perfect 100 Metacritic Score for her first reviews on Lemonade. No female artist has ever done this before.
  • Bey set the record for attendees at Dublin Croke Park, beating Celine Dion’s 61K 
  • First and only artist to sell out the Wembley Stadium twice on one tour
  • Lemonade debuted at #1 making her the ONLY ARTIST IN HISTORY to have 6 consecutive #1 albums
  • Lemonade won at least one Grammy, which means Bey is the only artist in history to have 6 #1 consecutive albums AND have them all win a Grammy
  • According to NY Times, Lemonade was streamed over 306 million times on TIDAL alone in less than two months from its initial release
  • Lemonade sold 1 million copies in PURE SALES in less than two weeks
  • Lemonade went #1 in over 100 countries.
  • Bey currently owns the #1 and #3 for most places to reach #1. Self Titled is the first, Adele 25 is the 2nd, Lemonade is the 3rd. They are the ONLY artists to get their album #1 in 100+ countries in history
  • Bey is the first and only artist to have all of their albums (6) debut at #1 on the Billboard 200
  • Lemonade is the second album to have the highest female album sales by a black female artist in the U.S. this decade. Self titled is #1, and her fourth album 4, is 4th* (the symbolism of this number for Bey is uncanny)
  • Lemonade is one of the most illegally downloaded albums on torrent sites. 
  • Rolling Stone gave Lemonade a perfect five star rating. They have only given out 21 perfect five star ratings in history.
  • Bey smashed and created a new record by having all of her songs charting in the top 40 globally on iTunes. Never been done before.
  • Upon the release of Lemonade, Bey had at least four songs charting in the top 10 of iTunes. No artist in history has even held the top 3
  • Bey is the first female artist to have all twelve songs charting within the top 65 of Billboard 100, surpassing Taylor Swift’s record of 11
  • Every song, including the album, was charting in both the U.S. and the U.K. simultaneously. This has NEVER been accomplished by anyone… ever
  • Lemonade premiere had over 4.2 million tweets about it, as well as #Beyonce being the top trend
  • Lemonade garnered 125 million streams in the US and UK on TIDAL alone
  • Bey is the only artist ever to gain 100 million + streams in a week without Spotify, Apple Music, or other stream services
  • Won a Peabody Award. The only other female artist to receive this was Barbara Streisand
  • Emmy Nominated, 9x Grammy Nominated
  • Lemonade is Bey’s second consecutive album to hit #1 in 100+ countries. No artist ever accomplished this.
  • Bey did not promote this album, nor did she promote any singles, and they still dominated the charts and award season.
  • 92 Metacritic Score and one of the best rated albums of all time
  • Top selling album of 2016 globally
  • Best selling female album released in 2016

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE IF I MISSED ANYTHING and I probably did but she KILLED this era :)

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