Obesity is a problem.
We live in a world where it is okay to self harm through sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.
Why is this okay?? We are the peak of evolution and every day I see slobs and blobs of slow moving flesh waddling down the street that our ape ancestors could out run!!
And instead of telling them they are to fat and you need to make healthier lifestyle choice we tell them it’s okay.
We provide surgery and weight loss pills and shakes. We make hospital equipment for obese so they don’t have to feel bad about not being able to use the normal toilet or because they don’t fit in a normal walking frame, which by the way is all tax payer funded!!
Stop the bullshit fat is not beautiful it’s not okay it send the wrong messages to youths by saying it is!!


TAKE THAT SHIT DOWN! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #FuckYourFlag #TheBigPayback #TheSleepingGiantIsAwake #TimeForChange #NoObomba 🔥🇺🇸🔥

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They all say nice guys finish last. In my case it doesn’t seem like I will ever finish. It’s time to drop the nice guy act and just look out for me and what’s best for me. I need to stop worrying about other people and other people’s thoughts and just do me. It’s time for a new me and this new me will not be the nice guy. I will be my own guy and if nobody likes it I say Fuck You!

Yellow Fever

The Scottish map was beginning to change colour as the moon was fading and the sky was brightening.

With every moment of emerging dawn, the results kept coming in the way I had hoped but never believed possible.

By 6am, I’d seen all I needed to and went to bed.  But despite all that, there was a heaviness in my heart as it looked like the Tories were well on their way to a majority government.

When I got up a couple of hours later, I was struggling to find the euphoric feelings I should have had.  Unless you had wanted independance for Scotland, and woken up to the success of the No vote on the 19th of September, you could not imagine how that felt for 45% of the electorate. It was devastating, and even big burly men admitted to being in tears.  For those who wanted to stay in the UK, it was a huge relief.  I understand that.  So what happened last night was of enormous importance to those of us who felt bereft last September.  Yet, for us still to have a Tory government, and for those in the UK who didn’t want that - and in particular who didn’t at least have the excitement of their chosen party creating history - it feels like a hollow victory, or bitter/sweet at the very least.  We didn’t expect this and of course, don’t know how it will pan out - other than the horrors of an unhindered Tory Government railroading Tory policies through parliament.  I wish that people had not been so scared of the SNP to make them vote tactically to get a Conservative government. Could that be what happened?  I really believe the SNP have much to offer rUK, while they happen to be part of it. (Can’t help the old feelings of resentment that had we voted Yes, we would not be having to deal with a Conservative Government - other than as a neighbour.) 

So it was good to hit the hills with Curly and Mrs B’dass whom I had run off steam with on the 19th of September.

The North Face of Ben Nevis

Pondering the challenges ahead.

A close up of the view from my kitchen window.

The CIC Hut.

Curly was sporting a special VE Day hairstyle, created by Mrs B’dass for the school memorial day.  

We are happy with the result for Scotland’s voice, but don’t feeling like jumping up and down about it. Thankyou to all those who worked so hard to help achieve it - it has been an phenomenal effort.