That moment @Buzzfeed writes an article about Veil and shares it to 2.2 million people. Go check it out! We’re making sure to shine light on the so called “oppression” of hijabis. #timeforchange

We teach girls to guard their drinks, and to not accept drinks from guys they don’t know. Why not teach guys that it’s wrong to drug a woman? Why isn’t that engrained in boy’s heads? It’s sad but true. As a man many of the things that I’ve been taught and that I’ve seen my sister taught were for women to protect themselves. Not for men to know how to treat a women. Women are taught that they are the cause of many issues when that’s not true at all. They are taught that by covering up more they won’t get looked at in a certain way or they’ll be seen in a better light. We should be teaching men to not sexualize the female body. To control our mouth, eyes, and urges. If a woman is raped, don’t blame her for the way that she walks, the way that she talks, or where she was.. blame the guy for not knowing how to respect a human being, blame the guy for thinking that it’s ok to treat someone that way. Blame the guy for not comprehending human rights.. Blame the guy for not understanding a women’s rights #yesallwomen #feminist #humanrights #womensrights #aaronlturner #truth #wakeup #timeforchange

Obesity is a problem.
We live in a world where it is okay to self harm through sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.
Why is this okay?? We are the peak of evolution and every day I see slobs and blobs of slow moving flesh waddling down the street that our ape ancestors could out run!!
And instead of telling them they are to fat and you need to make healthier lifestyle choice we tell them it’s okay.
We provide surgery and weight loss pills and shakes. We make hospital equipment for obese so they don’t have to feel bad about not being able to use the normal toilet or because they don’t fit in a normal walking frame, which by the way is all tax payer funded!!
Stop the bullshit fat is not beautiful it’s not okay it send the wrong messages to youths by saying it is!!

I’ve struggled with accepting my curvy figure my entire life. However, in the past 6 months I’ve begun to dislike every aspect of my body more than I wish upon anyone. I’ve gone from mildly disliking my body, to crying simply from looking in the mirror. A long story short, I made it my goal this summer to get the courage to buy myself a maxi skirt. Today, I successfully completed that goal. This was a huge step for me. Here’s to loving myself, and embracing the fact that these hips don’t lie. #maxiskirt #curvygirls #accepting #loveyourbody #loveyourself #girlswithtattoos #summer #weightgain #timeforchange #stepforward