Daily Detail No7.  More leather work today with this distressed strap to go on a Speedbird III navigators watch from Timefactors, a small independent watchmaker based in Sheffield who specialises in military style  time pieces.

Not sure if I’ll make any to sell as it took forever:) but if I do they’ll be on my wesite here…


Ten years after the Dreadnought PRS-2 was launched, the Dreadnought is back, but with a twist. It now has a GMT complication. Not only that, the new Dreadnought, reference PRS-21, has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The new Dreadnought has a larger visible dial area, a new thinner case and the GMT complication. All these without compromising the characteristics that made the original Dreadnought popular. It also has new name, the Dreadnought Voyager GMT PRS-21 (via HOROLOGY CRAZY: Its back…)