Chubby!Reader x Credence

Credence tries to surprise you for your birthday.

You coax Credence to dance and end up grinding with him.

Credence beats himself up for a mistake, and it ends up with a kiss. 

Credence has to take a bath but needs help from fem reader, which leads to sex.

You catch him masturbating to thoughts of you, and he gets embarrassed. Smut.

You walk in on Credence singing.

Credence protects you from abusive parents and shows you how he’ll protect you. Smut.

Human!Obscurus!Reader x Credence (Part One) (Part Two)

Reader has intimacy issues too, so he meets her halfway. (Part One.) (Part Two coming soon)

Credence wants to give Reader the love and attention he never got.

You get jealous of someone flirting with Credence, leading you to confront your feelings.

You are part of the 1920s movement in which women began wearing pants, and you’re not very feminine in the traditional sense. When you develop a crush on Credence, you enlist Queenie’s help.

Credence is confronted with his past again when he discovers Reader is pregnant.

Clearly annoyed Reader worries Credence, who thinks it’s his fault. Reader must reassure him that it’s not him.

Credence discovers Reader’s self-harm scars.

Credence notices how much smaller Reader’s hands are compared to his and feels defensive.

Credence makes Reader feel better about her small breasts.

Credence and Reader adopt a dog from the shelter.

Credence and Reader take a bath to relax, but Credence’s mind wanders. Smut.

Credence cums from simple touches, even though they aren’t sexual.

You try to teach Credence how to bake, but it is a Disaster.

Credence loses control of his obscurus, hurting Reader, and has to comfort her.

Credence has grown comfortable with touching Reader but accidentally turns her on in public.

Reader asks Credence to show them the muggle world, and he tries his best.

Reader praises Credence to give him assurance, but it gets smutty.

Shy Male!Reader and Credence in which only Queenie knows that they like each other and sets them up.

Credence fingers Reader.

The morning after you have sex with Credence.

Credence goes out alone with you for the first time and learns that sometimes you have to trust the moment–and the person. Set to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”

Playing Truth or Dare with the gang, where your crush on Credence is revealed (by Queenie) (fluff)

Credence and Reader cuddle and are generally affectionate all the time, so people think they’re together even though it’s all totally platonic.

Credence comes home from working at the bakery to find you with another boy and gets jealous–feelings are confronted.

Credence notices you in the bakery every morning and offers for you to have breakfast with himself, Queenie, and Jacob because he feels he understands you.

You and Credence celebrate your one year anniversary and decide to be intimate for the first time. Fluff ensues.

Reader has acne/acne scarring and low self-esteem, and Credence helps them feel better about it.

Credence is going to leave you because he thinks you deserve more, and after a lot of tears and explanations, he has to decide if he’s going to stay.

You have to give Credence a massage to work out muscle aches after his obscurus bursts out again, which ends in a kiss.

You have a bad day at work, and Credence wants to take care of you in the ways that you have taken care of him.

Credence has a bad day and falls into old mindsets in the bathtub before you come home and try to reassure him.

Credence is jealous of you because you get flirted with a lot.

Credence has a bad night. You forget your glasses. Comforting and fluff ensue.

Credence is unsure of how to be a father, but one night, he finds he can do it and that he has a family.


Tall!Reader x Credence

Things Credence would say in bed

Credence’s boggart

Short!Reader x Credence

Mutual Pining

Sleep Talking!Credence

Credence with kids

First time Credence cums inside you


Praise Kink!Credence (xxx)

Giving Credence a head massage

How Credence’s lips would feel

Modern!Credence (in which i misread and just did modern!Credence and not modern!Credence x Reader, sleep is good, folks)

Credence seeing Reader in lingerie for the first time

Dancing with Credence

Credence walks in on you getting off

Credence with Reader who wears really large clothing because of insecurity

Credence x Traditionally Masculine!Reader

Credence giving a blowjob for the first time

Credence giving Fem!Reader oral for the first time

Credence reacting to his first erection and masturbating for the first time

Chubby!Credence (xxx) (xxx)

Sharing a bed for practical reasons, of course

When Credence cries

Credence getting his first blowjob

Chubby!Reader x Credence

High School!Credence

Rescuing Credence from some bullies on the street

Dominant!Credence (xxx)

Credence getting a lap dance

Mommy Kink!Credence (xxx) (xxx) (xxx)

Praise Kink!Credence

Menstruating!Reader x Credence

Ethnically Jewish!Credence

Slightly Shorter!Reader x Credence


Depressed!Reader x Credence


Credence x Reader with Big Thighs

Taking a bath with Credence

Cuddly Sleeper!Credence

Credence x Reader with Stretch Marks

Sick!Credence // Credence x Sick!Friends

Credence x Theatre!Reader

Credence x Disabled!Reader

Credence x Blunt!Reader

Credence x Reader With Bad Lungs/Sleep Apnea

Credence x Reader Who Cries a Lot


Stores that Modern!Credence would like

Credence x Drug Addict!Reader

Movies Modern!Credence would like

What it’s like when each of you have nightmares

Kissing Credence under the mistletoe (sort of)

Credence caring for Reader after surgery.

Credence, Reader, and Credence’s scars

Credence x Reader with ADHD (done by @ ilovecredencebarebone)

Peaceful Protest with Credence

Ace!Credence with Ace!Reader

Credence x Reader who always sings


Credence x Reader with anxiety

Not celebrating Valentine’s Day with Credence

Credence being happy for you when you get accepted to college

Making out with Credence

Shy!Credence expressing his feelings

Credence’s healing process

Lying in bed with Credence

Credence x Reader going through dissociation

Credence x Musician!Reader

Credence with a Reader who listens to heavy metal

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Dating Steve Rogers Would Include:
  • Soft forehead kisses
  • Being called cute nicknames like “sweetheart”
  • Training buddies
  • Patching each other up when one of you gets hurt in a mission
  • Constant texting between the two of you when you go on separate missions
  • Romantic dinners at a mom and pop diner
  • Cooking for each other
  • Telling you that you’re beautiful 24/7
  • Pizza and beer nights
  • Challenging him to a drinking game
  • Loses said drinking game, resulting him to take you to bed
  • Lazy days in
  • Good morning texts
  • Helping him with his electronics once in a while
  • Playing with his shield all the time
  • Dancing underneath the moonlight
  • Always being partnered up in a mission
  • Always challenging him to random bets
  • Sharing a milkshake
  • Late night conversations in the dark while laying next to each other in bed
  • Getting teased by the team
  • Also being team’s favorite ship
  • Catching Natasha and Clint spy on the two of you during one of your dates
  • Amusement park dates
  • Secret glances at each other
  • I love you’s all the time
  • Telling him he has a great ass 24/7
  • “I know”
  • Captain Steve Rogers
  • Dominant Steve
  • Kinky sex
  • Also sweet, passionate sex
  • Quickies in the bathroom
  • Sex
  • Sweet, dirty words whispered into your ears every night
  • Him never letting go of you 
Welcome Aboard the Good Ship RaeX!

I’ve gone and updated my masterpost of RaeX stories, and at some point I will organize bleedingwriter​’s Office AU into a masterpost for easy reading. :) 

I Hate You Sex
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Cursed Acquisition
Escort AU
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Red/Roy/Raven Prompt
Surprise Gift
Sex in a Museum
Champagne on New Years
Arranged Marriage AU (Part Two)
Arranged Marriage AU (Part One)
I Hate You Sex
Angry Sex
BBRaeX Snuggles
Whipped Cream and Cherries
Fluffy Sunday
Fluffy Whatever This Is
Happy Birthday
Demon Puberty
RobRaeX Smut
Jason Meets Her Demon
I’m Lost

Stubborn and Prideful
Just a Matter of Time
Dancing Prompt
Explaining Heritage Prompt
Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned
Can We Pretend I Didn’t Just Say That?
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If the Gargoyles Comic Does Come Back....
  • Will they still call it Clan-Building, or something else? Would this be (*gasp*) SEASON 4?!?!?!
  • Openly gay Lexington dealing with his crush on Amp. Go, Disney!
  • Katana would get lines! And character traits!
  • I really want canonical versions of the radio plays. Please, please, please!
  • The Weird Macbeth. After all this time, I really, REALLY want to see it!
  • More Goliath/Elisa shmoop. This one’s a given, but it’s still going to make me squee like a teenager
  • Because the last run of comics was only twelve issues, Angela and Broadway didn’t get all that much to do. I’d like to see a story centered around them
  • Hopefully, we get to see commitment ceremonies and Tachi hatching
  • If there will be another 6-issue miniseries, I want it to be Timedancer. More Katana!
  • But a Pendragon miniseries would be cool, too
  • More of Puck would be awesome! I miss him
  • More of Shari–but that’s a given (like we don’t know who she’s supposed to be ANYWAY. That’s right up there with Angela’s parentage in terms of obviousness to the audience)
  • Karine Charlebois illustrating, or at least anyone but the guy who did the art for the first few issues. Putting Elisa’s head on Robyn Canmore’s body was just weird
  • You know the Illuminati are going to be a big part of things, so we’ll set those aside. What about the Quarrymen or Tony Dracon? Not really too eager to see more of the Pack. Of course, more of Xanatos and Thailog would be amazing
  • Mary and Finella? Please?

What would you guys want to see if the comic comes back?

anonymous asked:

Being Alice Cullen's girlfriend would involve ..?:)

being alice cullen’s girlfriend would involve…

  • at first she ins’t sure about it because is the first relationship with a girl that she has
  • but being so sure of that later
  • affectionate gestures in public like kisses, hugs and holding hands
  • shopping together
  • choosing outfits for each other
  • holding hands every time
  • dancing weird with her, but also having romantics waltz
  • protecting each other, but you being the most protective, because you think she is a porcelain doll
  • making you feel good in emotional and sexual way 
  • the sweetst dates
  • the sweest kisses
  • being proud to walk with her
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Jingle Bell Rock
The Vamps
Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock - Lyrics
↳ 1/8

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing in bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time
Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air
And what a bright time, is the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell time is a swell time
To go gliding in a one horse sleigh
Giddy up jingle horse, pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock

Mix and a mingle in the jingling beat
That’s the jingle bell rock
Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time
Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air

And what a bright time, is the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell time is a swell time
To go gliding in a one horse sleigh
Giddy up jingle horse, pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock
Mix and a mingle in the jingling beat
That’s the jingle bell
That’s the jingle bell
That’s the jingle bell rock