Teen Dog gets the high score in life for that pizza slice of wisdom!

First thing, Teen Dog #1 hits stores next month on September 10th! Your local shop’s deadline to order this comic for their store is this Monday the 18th! We made it super easy to make sure you get this comic when it comes out!

Bring this order form above filled out to your shop and come next month, you’ll be at the local pizza joint having a slice and reading this comic with your BFF!

Secondly, we’ve got a couple of those sweet Teen Dog shades above, not sold anywhere, in the office and we want to give them away to our sweet fans! Here’s how you can enter:

Let us know why your local comic shop is the absolute raddest! Be sure to tag @- your comic shop (if they’re not on Twitter, just call out their name) and hashtag #TeenDog on Twitter. That’s it! Winners will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, August 19th.