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So you guys wanna know where I’ve been for the past few days? This right here. This thing occupied most of my time and had me glued to the computer for nearly two days straight. It was timeconsuming, the learning curve was steep, and I haven’t been asleep since Saturday morning (homework for other classes attributed to that part though).

And despite all of that I had a fucking blast making this. It was so much fun, I enjoyed every moment of it, and I have to admit I’m pretty proud of the result, ‘specially since it’s my first attempt at animating in general. :3 The overall idea behind this project was that we had about 5 days to animate 10-15 seconds of our own story, whether it be a clip of something you’d like to make bigger or something that’s legitimately a 10-15 second short story. Mine is an idea I’ve been wanting to produce into a full-length animation once I had the experience and skills to do it, so this is basically a sort of… testing the waters sort of thing for that idea?

But yeah, I had fun, and during the critique I think I did pretty well with it. :3 But showing this animation actually brings me to a question I’ve been wanting to ask.

I’ve been mulling over the fact that, at some point, I’d like to maybe take some commissions in doing tiny animations, like perhaps a animated icon or something like that. The question is… if I offer those at some point in the future (when I’ve gotten better at animating of course), would any of you be interested?

So, um. I’ve gained a lotta new followers (I ♥ U), and if any of you are wondering “omg why she no upload anything? :T”, it’s p much because of this right here ahahaha. 
Making cards is a timeconsuming process that I may have underestimated. Gosh.

That and I started prepping for FACTS (aka convention in October aka I’ll be there aka if you’re gonna be there lemme know and we can hang :D)

Owlboy January update #1

Happy New Year, and welcome to the first blog update for 2016! We’ll be updating this blog every week with updates on what’s going on with Owlboy.

Since this will be the first of many updates, should you have any feedback on what you guys want us to write about, please leave a comment if you have any preferences or suggestions!

December was hectic! We did our most intensive run of testing in a good while, including a trip to a test bonanza at the offices of our friends at Hamar Game Collective, where anyone could show up and try the games that were on display, including a nearly full build of Owlboy, with all the dungeons included.

A major goal for the test bonanza was that the story should be high quality and immersive from start to finish, and this was the first time that we’ve gotten to see fans play through the game sequentially, rather than play a dungeon here and there. It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Since then, we’ve been adjusting the game based on what we saw from testers. We’ve also added some pretty major new scenes. Since we’re fleshing out the story at the moment, a lot of what we’re working on might give the story away. So we’ll stick with some safe scenes for now.

Some new assets for explorable areas was added a few days ago to make it a bit more unique to the player. Small leaves will drop from the trees in the wind if you stick around.

We’re also getting around to adding these little guys. We won’t reveal exactly what their role is just yet, but you’ll get to know them soon enough.

Also this week, we fixed the last of the breaking changes introduced in our previous build, so it’s once again possible to play through the game without issue. We’re also getting ready for another round of internal testing next week. In particular, Jonathan (our composer wizard) has been working hard on fine-tuning the sound effects and music. We’re also beginning work in earnest on optional parts of the game, which have been in limbo as we’ve been finishing the main storyline. Over the next few weeks, we want to make more things to find and explore in the open world.

We’ve finally escaped the most spoilerific parts of Owlboy’s development, so there will be more to share from here on out!

See you next week!

professionalspacewhale  asked:

HELLO I HAVE A QUESTION so I went to ~therapy and was told I would probably be treated with CBT for anxiety and intrusive thoughts and stuff like that and I have heard good and bad things about CBT and I wanted your opinion?

CBT is super useful and really helped with my anxiety.  However, I hate doing it and it bugs the shit out of me.  Sooo, yeah, it’s a complicated thing where CBT is definitely worth doing, but to make it actually useful to you will take some work and possibly re-jiggering of the system.

The problem is that CBT is very much about Fixing.  “You’re feeling bad?  Let’s fix that for you!”  And a lot of the time we don’t want to be Fixed, we want to be understood and validated for where we are.  (As a therapist I support this as a valid process since a lot of us already know what we need to be fixed; we just have to be supported to connect to our strengths.  HOWEVER, pure non-directive client centred therapy like that is more timeconsuming and expensive than CBT.)  So somebody just being like, “Well, it’s time for you to STOP feeling that, so change it,” can feel super invalidating and unpleasant.  I had a super crappy CBT therapist, so my work with him felt a lot like, “You’re having an emotion?  That’s because you’re wrong.  Let’s correct your Obviously Wrong thoughts so you can stop feeling it.”

So there’s a whole meta-part of therapy you have to work out, which is reframing the whole “false thoughts/realistic thoughts”  for yourself so it’s not just telling yourself that you’re wrong.  Because sometimes you’re wrong, okay, like if I walk into the library with fines still owing, library assassins are not going to jump out and kill me, so I don’t need to be hella anxious about the library  I’ll give them that and admit I was wrong.*  So learning about catastrophizing and everything like that is useful.  But it’s not just you learning The Only Correct and Logical Way to Approach Life, like my crappy therapist said it was.  It’s about… tactics, and values, and attitudes.

A lot of how I approach it is about what story you’re telling yourself about the world—if you’re dominated by a story about how The World is Scary and Dangerous, that paints over everything you do and makes even small things difficult, so clearly it might help to get a counter-story to tell.  But like, “No, The World is Happy and Unthreatening” gets exposed as bullshit the moment you try to cross the street, so that’s no good.  It’s not that you’re wrong about the dangers, you just have to find a way to deal with them.

So counter-stories like “The World is Scary But I Am Brave” or “I Am Secretly a Superhero” where you can ask, “How would I respond to this if I were brave/secretly an Avenger?” are more useful.  (Most therapists don’t propose fantastical counter-stories to adults; I specialize in working with nerds with excessive amounts of imagination, so when it’s pertinent, I do.)  You can mine your life for examples that go against the anxiety and find qualities in yourself to believe in, or narratives in your life to hook into.  That makes CBT more pleasant and more useful for you.

*IF I AM WRONG ABOUT BEING WRONG DON’T TELL ME.  I would rather browse libraries without anxiety than avoid my well-deserved death at the hands of library ninja assassins.

Been out of action for a while... SORRY!!! :*(

I wish I had more time to blog but at the moment I really don’t.

I am working close to 30hrs a week & studying a law and music degree full time. I swear I looked at the these-subjects-have-tonnes-of-content-and-will-be-super-time-consuming-and-or-involve-reading-millions-of-textbook-pages list… and went, oh no, I won’t do one degree in that list, i’ll do TWO!

On top of work, uni, assignments, uni readings and studying, I need to practice my violin and singing as well as stay sane and spend time with my family, boyfriend and friends (of I don’t see these people I will go insane).

Anyways, pray for me, I need it - have have three assignments due this week, have to be studying for 3 upcoming exams (two are worth %60 of my final grade for their subject) as well as finish my 2500 word essay and… what else… GAH

end rant. sorry guys.

Anyways, I am thankful for God, life, my job, uni, my family, my MUM (Happy mothers day), my boyfriend and my friends :) woohoo!

I have a million photos I want to share with you, and I will soon.
Whichever ones I can upload on my phone I will, until then stay tight.