This saw the concept of protection promising American heavy tanks in March 1945
The concept of an articulated tank combat weight of 150 short (136 metric) tons
155-mm gun T7, which was supposed to be set on a prospective super-heavy tank
105-mm tank gun T5E1 was a typical armament of the American heavy tanks at the time
Column of Soviet heavy tanks is-3 on parade in Berlin on 7 September 1945. Within ten years, these tanks were a kind of benchmark for the designers of armored vehicles in the Western countries when developing their own war machines
The layout of a heavy tank Chrysler K. May 1946

Revamp the look of the Chrysler K for the authorship of Vsevolod Martynenko
The concept with the placement of the entire crew in the tower was very popular with American engineers in the 50-s and 60-ies. The first time it tested it, the Chrysler K