Beta Readers Wanted

I’m looking for a few beta readers to read through the latest draft when I am done. There is no compensation I can offer you, but I hope that some of you are still alright with the bargain of helping a budding story come to life. I’ll need a few (anywhere from 2-5) readers, from a variety of backgrounds. Experience with screenplays and/or webseries a plus but all are welcome! Just message me if you are interested. Anyone is welcome! Thanks and TTYLXOX TimeKeepers!

<3 Ashleigh

So. After the planning I just did, it turns out I will have at least five seasons of material for Timecatchers, averaging anywhere from ten to twenty episodes a season, ten minutes each episodes. So. Let’s just get this pilot script done and sold and hopefully it will be on it’s way to a tiny computer screen near you soon. Unless I do it as a tv show. I’ll still have at least three seasons of plot twists and fun, but I’ll also have fun times to bring in subplots and subsubplots and everything. Plus a bigger budget to work with. Helllooooooooo Titanic story. Lol. Can’t wait to share this with you guys! Big stuff is happening!

Also, I’m creating a Spotify Playlist for each of my characters in addition to my series playlist. It’s going to help me distinguish between each of them and might give you all some fun-filled hints as to them and their personalities. :)

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It is ten past midnight but the good news is that I finally have a draft of Timecatchers that reads like a web pilot, has decent pacing, more natural and shortened dialogue, and is a draft I feel very comfortable moving forward with. Tomorrow is the typing and final revisions will be all weekend (along with beta reading) before the final draft is submitted on Monday. Thank you for all the support from all my friends and family. Here’s hoping this isn’t just a school project, but a project that actually becomes something worthwhile. And now: sleep. :)