Father's Day

I’m woken up by the pitter patter… okay, by the horde of toddlers and (surprisingly) crawling babies making their way into my and Theta’s room. Oh, blimey… nearly forgot today’s Father’s Day. Need to do something for my darling husband, but what? AAAAAAAAAAnd, oh dear, we’re gonna be tackled by our five darling children, aren’t we?

The Revenge of Chloe Webber... sort of. (Or what happens when your husband gets a house call.)

See… it all started on the TARDIS, and Theta’s psychic paper burning a hole in his pocket. Me, Amy, and Rory were in the middle of having a cuppa, and then my husband was racing around, piloting the old girl who knows where.

As it turns out, he got a message, a cry for help from somewhere. A council estate, not unlike the Powell Estate, where I grew up, as it turned out. Nothing spectacular about it, at first glance, but there was a scared kid there, according to Theta, and we needed to find that kid and help them.

Well, waddling around a council estate looking for a scared kid while pregnant with twins wasn’t the best way for me to be spending my time, but at least I had Theta to help me get around, and the lifts were working, which was good….

And I’m rambling. Blimey, spent too much time with Theta.

Anyway… we were searching the estate for this kid, we’d split off from Amy and Rory to cover more ground, but none of us were making much headway.

Until Theta noticed a little boy peeking through a window as Amy and Rory went past on their way back to the lifts.

We’d found our kid.

After sending Amy and Rory on their way (so they could continue looking for the scared kid, of course), me and Theta headed down to the flat where the little boy lived. A man, the boy’s father, answered.

He (Alex, as he introduced himself) assumed we were from Social Services, come to see his little boy, whose name was George. The boy was scared of everything, Alex told us. You name it, he was scared of it. And anything he was scared of got put in the cupboard.

While we were in the lounge room, talking to Alex, there came a loud crash from George’s room, and we all headed there as fast as we could. It turned out George had knocked his lamp off the bedside table. Nothing bad.

Not yet, anyway.

Spending time with him, Theta and I learned he was a rather adorable kid, when he wanted to be. Theta even showed him how he could make his toys move on their own with the sonic screwdriver.

But there was still the cupboard to explore. We’d attempted to open it earlier, but George had been against it from the moment we suggested it. He was scared, just like his dad had told us, and the cupboard had something to do with it. Of course, Theta scanned it, trying to assure the boy everything was okay, but the reading, according to my beloved husband was off the scale!

What the /hell/ was in there, that could give off such a high reading?

Well, neither Theta or I knew at the time, but we would soon find out.

All we knew was… George’s monsters were real.

After a fair bit of soul searching, and a good strong cup of tea (which took a bit of an effort to make, since Alex insisted that we leave), we decided to open the cupboard. Simple enough, or so we thought.

With a bit of a flourish, Theta opened the cupboard quickly… to find absolutely nothing inside. Well, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t confused.

Then Theta remembered something, returning to the lounge and grabbing a photo album he’d been flicking through while we talked to Alex earlier. There was something off about those photos, and Theta had just caught onto it.

Claire, Alex’s wife, held a newborn baby a month after Christmas 2002.

But, in the photos of her the month beforehand, at Christmas…

She wasn’t pregnant. And yet she was holding a newborn a month later.


Alex gave us the answer.

Claire couldn’t have children.

Not even IVF worked. But sure enough, a month after Christmas 2002, little George came into Alex and Claire’s lives.

How he got there, none of us knew, but he was there. So what was he?

By now, I was getting the bad feeling this was Chloe Webber, all over again, and my suspicions were proved right when Theta confronted the little boy, demanding he tell us what he was.

Bad idea.

George got frightened, and this time he sent us, including Alex, into the cupboard!

After a lot of banging, and bright white light, we came to inside some sort of kitchen, in this creepy looking house. We took a quick look around (though in Theta’s case, it was more running around like a headless chook while trying to look after me), and… well… we found some rather creepy stuff.

Five candles, lighting up and going out, just like one of George’s little rituals, as Alex explained. The lift noise was in there too, since it scared George too.

And a wooden dolly.

And it was moving.

And it was coming straight for us!

Theta tried the sonic, trying to fend it off, but it wouldn’t work, since the sonic doesn’t work on wood.

He really needs to fix that, actually.

Anyway… the wooden dolly advanced, chasing us through the dolls house, while Theta madly wracked his brains, trying to work out what George was. We knew he was an alien, that much was obvious, we just didn’t know what kind of alien he was.

The wooden dolly eventually backed us onto the stairs, trapping us between it, and more wooden dolls. By now, Theta was starting to figure it out. All the clues were coming together. The psychic field, the perception filter, and Claire’s desire for a child. He soon figured out George was an alien called a Tenza.

A Tenza was like a cuckoo, hatching in space, and seeking out adoptive parents by sensing their need, assimilating perfectly. 

But somewhere along the way, something scared George, and frightened him ever since, and the cycle of fear kept going, and the result was our current predicament. The boy wasn’t even aware he was making it happen, so Theta knew he had to make him aware.

My beloved called to the boy, begging him to believe he was safe, that he was the only one who could stop things. At the same time, we caught up with Rory, who was fending off more dolls… and one was eerily familiar.

I recognised her, however little, as our own Amy Pond.

Luckily, part of my Theta’s impassioned speech must have gotten through to George, because the boy suddenly appeared at the foot of the stairs, and all the wooden dollies, including the Amy dolly, stopped in their tracks. But just when it looked like we were safe… the dollies turned on the little boy, advancing on him instead.

My beloved called to the boy, telling him he could smash the psychic field, and save them all. but the little boy didn’t believe him. Something was still scaring him.

But what?

Theta paused, closing his eyes, and sifting through his memories for the trigger, the one small thing that was keeping him from stopping everything.

Then he realised. George was frightened of being rejected. It went against everything a Tenza wanted. They needed to fit in, be wanted, but with all his fears, Alex and Claire, they’d made him think they were going to send him away, and that was what had frightened the little boy the most.

Alex tried to argue that they couldn’t keep him, because they couldn’t cope, and George wasn’t human anyway, but… when the dolls were almost upon the little boy, he suddenly cried out for his father… and Alex was off like a rocket.

He pushed past the wooden dollies, and gathered George into his arms, hugging him tightly. He told his son, that regardless of what he was, he would always be his son, and they were never going to send him away.

We were saved by a father’s love.

A bright white light filled the room once more, and I awoke with Theta back in Alex’s flat, in George’s room, safe and sound. It was morning by then, so Theta decided that we were going to make breakfast, or at least the breakfast things started before we left.

As usual, after Claire, Alex’s wife, returned home, we decided to slip away quietly, and meet up with Amy and Rory before heading back to the TARDIS.

But the whole time, I couldn’t help thinking about the rhyme the wooden dollies had been singing while we were in the dolls house.

It was eerie.

And it sounded like it had something to do with Theta…

His death.

I still hope we can save him.

XXOO Rose.

A Universe In Chaos... (Or what really happened the day I became a widow) Part the 2nd

My apologies for the abrupt end to my last entry, but Amy came and told me I was needed, so I had to rush off. We were performing a raid on Buckingham Senate, and rescuing Theta. Although, it wasn’t much of a raid, more a carefully planned, but well intention-ed kidnapping, seeing as Amy needed to stun him to avoid wasting time while we took the train to Cairo.

When he finally awoke, I watched with amusement as he tried to convince Amy and I that we knew him. He finally stopped babbling when he noticed all the pictures of his and Amy’s past adventures, and I gave him the snog of his life.

I couldn’t help laughing as he looked around our office on the train, the infectious excitement in his eyes, just like I remembered it. It was hard to think that this would be one of the last few times I saw him before reality returned to normal. But still, I made the most of it, giving that silly old man a shave, while Amy gave him back his normal clothes.

Then Rory… sorry… Captain Williams entered, reminding Amy and I to turn on our eyedrives as soon as we disembarked. As we explained when we entered the pyramid, the eyedrives acted as external storage for our memories, and that they were the only way we could remember the Silents once we looked away.

And my Theta, being ever the romantic, stayed behind for a little while to talk briefly to Captain Williams, to try and help Amy remember that the loyal Captain was her Roman. I always admire him for that. Reality breaking down, and he can’t bear to see Amy without her Rory.

When he finally joined us in the main room, it came out that our team not only included River, but that we had taken Madame Kovarian prisoner, along with the hundreds of Silents we kept in storage tanks full of water.

I didn’t even mind while River and Theta flirted. I knew they cared for each other, and I knew, considering the nature of their relationship, my marriage wasn’t threatened. To be honest, I considered River a dear friend, and sharing my husband with her, however long they would have together from her point of view, was perfectly all right with me.

After a near miss, where Theta grabbed River’s arm, and time started to repair itself, the tension in the room escalated… until water started dripping onto our heads.

The Silents, according to Madame Kovarian, were not trapped, but just biding their time. And now they were coming for us. We were trapped, and on top of that, the Silents were able to kill us one by one, using our eyedrives to electrocute us all. It took short work to get our eyedrives off, but not before we suffered a few casualties.  We needed some way to escape, but the only way out was to the receptor room on the roof. After all, we needed to show Theta what we had been doing up there, what we’d been doing to try and save him.

Of course, as expected, Theta was not impressed. River and I, we cajoled and pleaded with him, because neither of us wanted him to die, River even less so, considering he was to die by her hand. By then, Amy and Rory had joined us, but the argument wasn’t over.

The sun spots, and solar flares that been regularly reported, were not real. Thanks to the beacon that River had constructed, there were millions upon millions of voices in the sky, declaring their intention to help.

And help they did.

It was enough to make Theta stop and listen, and do something that surprised us all.

He married River.

And then told her a secret.

Then made a request of his new wife.

Time was dying and the only way to save everything was for the two of them to touch.

So now they were married, how else could they touch?

A kiss.

A simple action that saved the world, and made me a widow.

…at least, in the eyes of the Silence.

You see, Theta had done something brilliant. Before going to the lake, the captain of the Teselecta asked if there was anything else he and his crew could do, and at first, Theta was just going to walk away, and go to his death, but then he doubled back, a fantastic idea whirring in his head.

Ever since then… the Teselecta, piloted by Theta, took his place on the beach.

And I was right there inside the robot with him.

Everything I had done in the aborted timeline, I had done from the safety of the TARDIS, projecting my form outside through the power of the Bad Wolf. Together, we fooled them all, biding our time until the right moment, when he, Amy, Rory, River and I were in the one place.

Once the timeline had been repaired, Theta and I were free. All we needed to do was to collect our three toddlers and settle down in our new house back on Earth.

Right next door to Amy and Rory.

I paid them a visit, around the same time that River visited them, and told them that Theta was alive. I couldn’t suppress the joyous smile on my face when I confirmed that River was telling the truth.

The Doctor died at Lake Silencio, but Theta and Rose Sigma were free.

Our year of hell was finally over.

Rose. XXOO 

A Universe In Chaos... (Or what really happened the day I became a widow) Part the 1st

As I write this to you, it’s currently 5:02pm on the 22nd of April 2011. Just like it was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

The clocks never tick.

Time has frozen.

On any given day, I can look out of my office window and see cars suspended by hot air balloons, pteradactyls flying through the air, and terrorising children in Hyde Park. Charles Dickens was even on BBC Breakfast promoting his next Christmas Special.

Just a typical day in London.

And right now, in the Buckingham Senate, my husband is being held prisoner by the Emperor, Winston Churchill.

Yet, how did all this craziness occur?

A woman.

But to properly explain, I need to go back to the beginning…

Well, almost the beginning.

It wasn’t long after I had given birth to my twins. Theta and I were… well… we were making the most of our last hours together. I should’ve been so happy, I had my twins, and I had my husband, after all, but I was dying inside. In less than twenty four hours, I was to become a widow with five children.

I’d only just found my Theta again, and I was going to lose him again.

So… we decided to fight. Somehow. Find out what we could, and in doing so, find a way to save my husband’s life.

To begin with, our journey lead us to a Dalek, wounded, and on its side, buried in rubble. It was in no position to harm us, thank heavens, and Theta opened the top of its casing to extract all the information in its datacore about the Silence.

He also took its eyestalk, for reasons I couldn’t fathom at the time.

At least, not until we reached the docks of Calisto B. We entered a dark and dingy pub, approaching the bar. The red skinned barman looked at us darkly, but I wasn’t put off, and neither was Theta. He demanded to see Gideon Vandaleur, and after a little convincing, thanks to the Dalek’s eyestalk, Theta and I were soon sitting opposite a man with an eyepath.

Gideon Vandaleur, or so I thought.

Of course, Theta knew better.

Gideon Vandaleur, the real Gideon Vandaleur, had been dead for six months.

This Gideon Vandaleur was the Teselecta. Like us, the crew of the Teselecta were performing an investigation on the Silence. So Theta inquired as to what they knew about the Silence.

But all he really wanted to know was one thing.

Their weakest link.

This weak link, as it turned out, was a man named Gantok, and we caught up with him at the Live Chess Pits of Vegas 12. Theta entered the competition, eventually coming up against Gantok himself. I don’t know what happened completely, since I was watching from up above with the rest of the spectators, but I could tell enough that Theta conceded the game, and met up with me afterwards, with Gantok in tow.

The ‘Space Viking’ lead us to the Seventh Transept, where, as he described it to us, 'the Headless Monks keep the leftovers’. He also warned us about the traps. Just then, Theta heard scurrying, and expressed his displeasure over the presence of rats… until Gantok told us there weren’t any rats, and that the skulls ate them all, then reminded us that the Headless Monks beheaded you alive.

As the skulls nearest turned to look at us, we entered a small room, more skulls lining the shelves, and boxes resting on pillars. Gantok explained that the heads of the rich were put into boxes, while the rest were left to rot. Theta scanned one of the boxes, determining that it contained the head of Dorium Maldovar and opening the door on the front of the box.

Theta leaned in close, and Dorium sneezed, to our surprise, making my beloved jump back in alarm. He thanked Gantok from bringing us…

And Gantok betrayed us.

He grabbed me and pulled a gun on Theta, not noticing how close he was to one of the very traps he’d warned us about. I struggled, while my beloved tried to warn Gantok of the danger, but he was too late, a trapdoor activating beneath his feet, and the next thing I knew, he and I were falling into a pit of skulls. Gantok was being sucked deeper into the pit as he was devoured by skulls, and if it hadn’t been for my beloved grabbing me and kicking Gantok off me, I wouldn’t surely been next. He pulled me out of the way of the trapdoor, sonicking it shut before the skulls could follow me out.

Then it was time to talk to Dorium.

He told us what he knew of the Silence, and why they wanted Theta dead. He told us that there was an event in Theta’s future that the Silence believed needed averting.

An event which was to occur at the Fields of Trenzalore, at the Fall of the Eleventh.

And at that time, a question had to be answered.

I listened to the conversation carefully, but my thoughts drifted to the Fall of the Eleventh. What did that mean? Was… was I to lose my beloved to regeneration once again? 

Before I knew what was happening, I was being dragged back to the TARDIS, and my beloved was carrying Dorium, still in his box, along with us. He rest the box on the jumpseat, and then went to work at the console. After a little while of Dorium’s complaining he opened the box.

I stayed back by the door, watching and listening to their conversation once more. I… I was growing frightened by my beloved’s behaviour. It was like he was giving up. He… he wasn’t supposed to be giving up.

If… if anyone was supposed to be giving up at that point, it was me.

Theta, after all, had the easy part, if you could call it that. All he had to do was die.

I, on the other hand, had to live.

And without Theta, I didn’t want to.

Just then, the phone rang, and my beloved received some devastating news. I watched, as his face fell, and his hearts sank, and then, once he’d hung up the phone, took some blue envelopes out of his pocket.

And then I knew it was time for me to say goodbye.

But… I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t.

We returned to the bar on Calisto B, and I stood in the doorway, watching Theta as he spoke to the Teselecta and fighting back tears.

This was it. This was the time I was going to have to let go.

Before I go any further, I must explain, that I am recounting this, and knowing that somewhere, my Theta is telling the same story to the Emperor. He’s probably telling him that while he had to die, he didn’t have to die alone. Amy, Rory, River, Ten and Martha, Canton Everett Delaware the Third…

And me.

The blue envelopes had been our invitations, to be the last comfort my beloved would ever have before leaving this world.

And for a while, it all went according to plan. We all came together, and enjoyed a lovely picnic together… and then it all went wrong.

The Astronaut rose from the lake, and Theta went to the shore to meet it.

But he didn’t die.

That was when time froze.

All because River Song couldn’t kill the Doctor.

All because my husband was never murdered on the shores of Lake Silencio.


My first glimpse of the future... (or what happened when a future version of Theta came to see me.)
I hated being alone.
I… couldn’t really remember what day it was anymore. I was losing track. Shutting down.
I couldn’t think straight…
I had to find my husband.
I’d already been entertaining thoughts of killing myself, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not while I was pregnant with the twins. So instead I wrote a note for my mother, telling her to look after the kids, and gotten out my vortex manipulator. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I was going to find Theta and save him. Somehow.
But… I couldn’t do it.
I didn’t know where to go, or how to find him.
I started crying then. Just lying on my bed with the note and the VM.
And then he showed up.
But not my Theta.
The Theta my Theta would become.
His future.
He… he told me to look for my Theta. But I didn’t believe him. How could I, when his past self had broken me so badly? I… I was so hurt… and angry… and frightened… I yelled at him, said things I regret. But I can’t take them back now. It’s too late for that.
But… he helped me. Comforted me. Even though I hurt him. He even showed me where to find Theta… programmed the vortex manipulator.
He helped me go home.
XXOO Rose.
PS. Theta… wherever you are… I’m coming, my love…
The day my marriage ended... (as far as I believed back then.)
To begin with, I need to apologise for this page being damp. I’ve found this rather difficult to write without crying. You see, I have a lot to cry about right now. The day my husband is to die is drawing nearer and nearer, and… well… I won’t be there. Not… not the real me, anyway. And our son and daughter, our twins, are never going to meet him.
He left me.
He took me and the children back to the parallel universe and left me at my mother’s, came for one visit, then…

He walked out of my life, and this time I think it’s for good.

Before I can truly explain what happened between us, I need to explain what happened before.

When we fought a Minotaur.

It had been a pretty average day until then. The children were in their room asleep, and Theta, Amy, Rory and I were minding our own business. In fact, Theta was taking us to a place called Raven-Skala, where the people are 600 feet tall, you have to talk to them in hot air balloons, and the Tourist Information Centre is made of one of their hats. Or so Theta said.

At least, that’s where we were going. Not where we ended up.

Where we ended up was a rather 1980’s looking hotel.

I thought it was rather funny when my beloved began to run around, excited by all the effort put into the creation of the hotel. He was smelling plants, and taking bites of apples from glass bowls on the tables.

But then there were the photographs. Every person in them were wearing a similar shirt and tie, and there were small plaques under the photos bearing the subjects name, and something else… random things, like balloons, and sabrewolves. Amy asked Theta what they meant, but not even he knew what was going on.

We made our way to reception, and Theta rang the bell, trying to get someone’s attention.

And it worked.

Three people ran into the room - a young man, a young woman in scrubs, and some sort of mole alien. The young man had a lamp, and the young woman was welding a chair leg. The mole alien just feebly waved a handkerchief at us and cowered. When it was determined we weren’t a threat, thanks to the young woman, Rita’s, quick thinking, Theta got down to business.

We learnt about how the hotel corridors could twist and stretch, and how the rooms could vanish and pop up somewhere else. It was like, according to Rita, the hotel was alive.

So Theta tried the front door… and didn’t find one.

He tried the windows… and didn’t find them either.

Then Rita told us about the rooms, and what was in them.

We were trapped in a hotel filled with bad dreams, and no way out whatsoever. Well, no way except for the TARDIS. Theta even said he’d do a planet-wide diagnostic sweep, when we were on our way back to the TARDIS.

But the TARDIS was gone.

And so were my children.

I can’t say I wasn’t frightened. I wanted my children back, and I had no idea where they were. But Theta assured me we’d find them, and I believed him. I always did. I always would.

I always will.

Later, we found out there was one more person stranded in the hotel, just like us. But unlike us… he was crazy. Something had happened… was happening… and it had driven him mad, praising… something.

We were lead into the hotel restaurant, and there we met Joe.

Well, Joe and a plethora of ventriloquists dummies.

Theta and Joe… talked, if talked is what you can call it. More like Joe spouted religious gobbledygook and Theta listened, asking questions when he thought it was appropriate. The subtle glances at Joe’s horseshoe tiepin, and his dice cuff-links weren’t lost on me. Theta was noticing things again, and I had no idea what they were. Not yet, anyway.

Joe told us that we needed to find our rooms. There was a room for everyone according to him.

It was then Theta decided we needed to keep Joe with us, grabbing a luggage cart and lifting Joe’s chair with it. We took him out to reception, and Theta tried to work out why Rita, Howie (the young man), Gibbis (the mole alien), and Joe were there.

Gibbis gave us the brush off, deciding that someone would come along evently to rescue us. Or enslave us. I think that was the cowardice talking, on his part.

So, since we weren’t getting anything constructive out of anyone, we decided to explore the hotel. After taping Joe’s mouth shut (the religious gobbledygook and general craziness was starting to get on everybody’s nerves), we wandered the corridors. For a while, they were pretty much empty, and there was nothing else to listen except for Howie’s raving about conspiracy theories.

There was an awkward moment involving a P. E. teacher, but the distraction was long enough for Howie to open one of the other doors, much to Theta’s horror. The pair of them looked into the room, and saw a group of teenage girls, who proceeded to ridicule Howie.

Theta quickly managed to slam the door shut, but as we would soon be aware, the damage to Howie had already been done.

We continued along the corridors, then headed upstairs, and I watched as Theta felt along the walls and tapped the light. He even reached up to feel the cracked ceiling with his fingertips. I could tell he was working things out, yet still didn’t have a complete clue as to what was going on. Neither of us noticed when Amy picked up two bits of paper on the floor.

And we were too worried about the TARDIS, and our kids, to notice Rory calling to us, wanting us to stop because he’d found a way out.

Without warning, a distant roar filled the air, and Joe started to wriggle in his chair, looking nervous and distressed. Rory continued to try to get our attention, but it wasn’t working and we all scrambled to hide in the hotel rooms. While Rita took Joe into one room, the rest of us ran into another.

Only to come face to face with a pair of Weeping Angels.

I think Gibbis was cowering in the wardrobe, but the rest of us were keeping our eyes firmly on the Weeping Angels. They’d get us if we blinked, or looked away. So we stood there, staring at them, and they’d move whenever the light flickered, but… they never got us.

Which made Theta very confused.

We quickly figured out that the Angels weren’t real, so Theta moved to the door, intending to look through the peephole to find out what the thing was that was growling and snarling in the corridor.

It was a Minotaur.

Then we heard Joe’s voice coming from the corridor, and we knew he’d gotten loose, and that h e was what the Minotaur was after. The only problem was, we still didn’t know why he wanted Joe.

We wouldn’t know for quite some time, not even after we found Joe’s lifeless body after the Minotaur dragged it away.

We took Joe’s body back to the restaurant, and Rita made tea. How, I don’t know, but I was glad to have something to drink and warm my hands with. I watched Theta scan the body, then cover it up with a sheet. Rita gave him a cup of tea, and asked Theta what had happened to Joe, but the only explanation that he could offer was that he died.

It was during that conversation that we found out that Rita was a Muslim, and believed that the hotel was Jahannam, or the Islamic version of Hell. Despite all the craziness of the hotel, it was her beliefs that were keeping her from freaking out and getting scared.

And listening to her, I realised that I was too.

I was holding onto my faith in my husband. And it was helping keep me sane.

It was then that Amy finally managed to bring the paper she found in the corridor to our attention, and gave it to Theta.

He took the paper and read it aloud.

It was strange, hearing the last words of the poor girl who wrote them coming from my beloved’s mouth, but there they were, the last things she ever said before the Minotaur killed her. And… in the end, it sounded like she was worshipping it.

And then, so did Howie.

He began to worship it too.

And then everyone started to panic, because, according them, it was the same thing that had happened to Joe. He’d started to praise the Minotaur, and in the end, as we knew, it came and killed him.

It was decided that we were to stay together, and that Theta, after the Minotaur possessed Howie again, was going to ask him some questions. He was still trying to work out what the Minotaur was doing there, why it was possessing them, and taking them away to kill them.

It felt like Theta had an idea, but he wanted to be sure he was right.

And so, we decided to catch ourselves a monster.

We set the trap in the Salon, and from reception, we used Howie as bait. Using the radio, and Theta’s sonic, we channeled his voice through the hotel, in order to bring the Minotaur straight to us, and as far away from Howie as possible. However, after we got him there, and Theta had a chance to talk to the Minotaur, we didn’t count on one thing.


While we were learning that the hotel was a prison, Howie was convincing the mole alien to let him go, so he could let the Minotaur kill him.

And it worked.

Before we knew what was happening, we suddenly heard Howie calling to the Minotaur. All hell broke loose. There was glass everywhere, and the Minotaur was off, searching through the hotel for Howie. Theta gave chase, while the rest of us looked after Rory, who’d been knocked about during the Minotaur’s escape.

But, like Joe before him, by the time Theta found him, Howie was dead.

I didn’t know what to think anymore. People were dead, everything was going crazy, and all I had to hang onto was my Theta, and he was talking to Rita at that moment. Well, talking to Rita and noticing the CCTV camera on it’s bracket high up on the wall.

I’ve never asked what happened after Theta ran off, but deep down inside, I knew he found his room.

And then he found the CCTV room.

And then he found Rita, wandering the hallways.

She’d started praising the Minotaur, and was trying to get herself as far away from the others as possible. She didn’t want Theta to find her, and put himself in danger in her place. When Amy, Rory and I got there, all we could do was watch as Rita gave herself to the Minotaur.

A while later, we were back in the restaurant, having brought Rita’s body back with us and letting it rest next to Joe’s and Howie’s bodies.

Theta was furious, smashing things about. He liked Rita, and now she was dead. He was supposed to be trying to save us all, and he couldn’t do a thing!

He originally thought that the Minotaur had been preying on their fears, but Rita hadn’t been afraid, she had been brave and calm.

Then Amy said something that made him sit up and take notice. It wasn’t fear that the Minotaur was preying on, but faith. Everyone who had died that day had very strong belief systems, and that whole time, he’d been telling us all to find the thing that made us brave. He exposed our faith. Showed the Minotaur what he needed from us.

And who it wanted.


And me.

Both of us. Amy’s faith in Theta as her childhood friend, and mine in Theta as my husband. It was going to feed on the two of us next.

And we started to praise it. There were loud, thudding footsteps coming from above, and the ceiling shook a little, dust falling down. All we could do was run (which was a little difficult on my part, when you remember I was heavily pregnant at the time). But I could already feel it in my head, changing me, preparing to kill me. Amy could feel it too, but it came more pronounced when we made it into one of the hotel rooms.

Amy’s room.

It was then everything started to fall apart. Theta went about the sad task of breaking Amy’s faith in him… while Ten, who had been caught in the hotel while the rest of us were busy, broke mine.

But I still loved Theta.

That couldn’t be taken away from me.

Then everything went quiet, and Theta stood, heading out into the corridor. The Minotaur was dying at last, now that the food supply - our faith - had been cut off. Even the hotel was disappearing around us, dissolving into blue squares and disappearing altogether.

It was over.

As it transpired, we had been trapped in an automated prison, drifting through space and snatching people with belief systems and converting them into food for the Minotaur. The programme itself developed glitches, and got stuck, so the fears of the people before us weren’t cleared away.

The Minotaur started to growl, and Theta spoke to it, telling us what it was saying. Then Theta’s eyes widened, and he looked a little spooked. But he didn’t tell us what was wrong, bundling us all into the TARDIS, and leaving the Minotaur’s prison for good.

After dropping Gibbis home, we landed on Earth, in a quiet street. By now, I realised what was going on, and so I left Theta to say his farewells in private. I… stayed in the TARDIS. I wanted to… say goodbye to the old girl, ‘cause I knew what Theta was going to do next. He’d done it before, and I shouldn’t have been surprised that he was doing it again.

He took me home.

Back to the parallel universe.

All of us. Me, and our children.

And the whole time, I was dying inside. My husband was leaving me, and I knew I was never going to see him again. There was still the astronaut waiting for him…. I was going to wake up one day a widow…

He kissed me goodbye, and got into the TARDIS… and flew away.

I spent that night in tears.

I mean… Xan… my mother… they helped a bit. We sat up and watched movies and ate popcorn. I even called Theta on the superphone, and Anne, our TARDIS in human form, made it so we could see each other.

But seeing him, on the screen, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. It hurt to see him alone. It hurt being alone. He… he told me he left a present for me in my bag, and when I opened it… I found one of his tweed jackets.

It still smelled like him, and when I wore it, and I closed my eyes, it felt like he was holding me.

I kept the jacket on all night, and well into the next day. I slept for hours, and when I called Theta the next day…. we… well… made love, if you could call it that. Then I wandered around the house alone, just holding my superphone in my hand. I… I think I could feel myself dying. Having the kids… it just didn’t help.

I needed Theta.

So… he came to visit me. And for a little while, I was okay.

We made love again, properly.

And then he walked out of my life again.

And this time I knew it really was the end.

XXOO Rose.

PS. Theta… I know you won’t see this….but… I love you… please… please come back to me…

I’m dying on my own…

Amelia Pond, the Girl Who Waited. (Or the time Theta lied to me.)
Apalapucia. That were it all started. The beginning of the end, well… almost the end.
Though, for me, it started long before that.
I… I had dreams. Amy, calling to me, through the vortex, in my dreams. But she was old. I had no idea what happened to her, but she needed my help. I just couldn’t ignore her. Something was going to happen to Amy, and she needed me to save her.
So I decided we should all go on a holiday.

That was my first mistake.

My second was choosing to go to Appalapucia. It sounded nice enough, and Theta told me it was beautiful, which made me want to go there even more. It was better than the Planet of the Coffee Shops, anyway, according to Theta.

So, we went to Apalapucia, and… found nothing but white rooms. Wherever we were, this wasn’t the Apalapucia Theta had told me about. While the rest of us took a look around, Amy went back for her phone. After all, once we worked out how to get to the incredible sights Theta had promised us, she was going to want to take photos, right?

Anyway, Theta, Rory and I took a look around, while Amy went back for her phone. And we found a door with two buttons. A green anchor, and a red waterfall. When faced with the choice, Rory picked the green anchor, and the door opened, revealing another white room, with nothing but a table, a couple of chairs, and, strangely enough, some sort of odd magnifiying glass. It was huge, and attached to the table.

By now, I was getting a bad feeling, especially when Amy was taking longer than expected.

Then we looked through the magnifiying glass… and found Amy, staring at us from the other side. But she wasn’t in the same time stream as us.

She’d pushed the red waterfall button, and became trapped in a faster timestream.

As it turned out, we were in a quarantine facility for a disease called Chen7, which only affects two hearted races.

Like Apalapucians…

And Time Lords.

My husband, and my twins, they would all be in danger if we tried to enter the facility to get Amy out.

There were these things, called handbots, too. They roamed the facility, administering medication for Chen7 to the residents, which now included Amy. But the medication, it’s not for humans, they’re immune to the disease, but the medication could kill them. So Amy would need to hide from them, and survive long enough for us to use the TARDIS to smash through into her timestream.

We were going to save her.

After a little bit of vandalism (we nicked the time glass from the table, and locked it on Amy’s timestream), we headed back to the TARDIS, intending to follow the signal and smash through the time barrier keeping Amy separated from us. Theta and I had to stay inside the TARDIS after we arrived, because it was too dangerous for us out there. But we had Rory, and he could go out there and get Amy back.

The Last Centurian, off to save his wife, once again.

While we waited for him, Jack called. We were so pleased to hear from him, and he offered to help. I appreciated it more than you could imagine. I didn’t know what he could do, not yet anyway, but I enjoyed hearing his voice again.

Then we found Amy.

And she was old.

Exactly like my dream.

She’d been waiting for thirty six years, dodging the handbots all that time. She’d been all alone for thirty six years, and we were late. I wanted to break down and cry because she had spent all that time alone, and it was all my fault. And I couldn’t do a thing to fix it, because I was trapped in the TARDIS. But crying wasn’t going to help Amy. There had to be something we could do to save her.

Amy took Rory to the gardens, so Theta could speak to the Interface that had been caring for Amy since she’d arrived in the Two Streams facility. We learned about the temporal engines, and how they functioned, and I knew a plan was already forming in Theta’s head. Once we knew the location of the regulator valve, Theta was off like a shot, doing calculations and figuring things out, and being, well… Theta. There was still a chance we could fix this, and save our Amy.

As it turned out, we could hijack the temporal engines to fold time back on itself, and bring the young Amy out of the past, and into the present.

But then I realised if we did that, the old Amy would cease to exist, and she knew it. Her timestream would be rewritten and she would cease to exist.

Then Rory made yet another devastating discovery. Red lipstick, smeared on the doors leading to the temporal engines. When Rory held up the glass to it, we found that it was writing. ‘Doctor. I’m waiting’ it said, with an arrow pointing to the doors. She had waited, just like we told her to, and we missed her sign.

I… I think I was beginning to lose faith in myself at that point.

I’d gotten Amy into trouble… Rory blamed me…

And by then I was getting the feeling we were going to lose them both.

After a bit of an argument, first with Amy, and then with Theta, Rory took off the glasses we’d given him to help us see what he could see. He threw them onto the ground, and where they landed, well… they must’ve landed in just the right place because… because we could hear Amy.

Our Amy.

Using the time glass, we found our Amy, crying in a corner.

And now Rory knew how he could convince old Amy to let us save her. He sonicked the time glass, so both Amys could see each other, and talk to each other. I don’t know what they said, but somehow, our Amy managed to convince old Amy to let us save her. To do as we planned, and bring our Amy into the present.

Then she gave us an ultimatum.

We were to take her with us too.

I remembered my dreams, and the promise I had made. I wanted to save her too. I didn’t know how, but I wanted to save old Amy too. Theta said we could do it, but part of me was worried. He could’ve been lying to me. That scared me. I hated it when he lied to me.

Anyway… we put our plan into action, both Amys concentrating on the strongest thought they could - her and Rory’s first kiss. With a bit of effort, our plan worked, both Amys soon existing in the same time stream.

It was time to leave.

Rory, and both Amys fought their way through the Two Streams facility, dodging the handbots and running for their lives. The TARDIS was their only way out now.

Then the unthinkable happened. With the TARDIS in their sights, our Amy and Rory came face to face with a pair of handbots, and Amy was anaesthised. The only thing Rory could do was disable the two handbots and carry our Amy the rest of the way. Theta and I were waiting for them and helped them into the TARDIS, covering Amy with a blanket.

Then old Amy appeared.

She ran for the TARDIS… and Theta closed the door on her.

All I could do was stare at him in shock. My beloved… he’d lied to me. He’d told me we could save both Amys… and he’d been lying the whole time. My heart ached. I hated him, just a little, and that hurt more than I believed.

Then it got worse.

He made Rory choose.

Let old Amy in, and cause a paradox, or leave her, and let her die.

I couldn’t see for all my tears at that point, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I felt like I’d been betrayed. I’d made a promise, and I couldn’t even keep it.

This time it was Rory who needed convincing, and Amy… old Amy… did it. She convinced him not to let her in. Told him she was giving Amy, our Amy, the days they never spent together.

It… it was over. We had our Amy back.

But, as I found out later, my promise… was fulfilled.

Ten saved old Amy.

I was relieved, but still so hurt inside because of Theta’s lie. I hoped beyond hope that the pain would go away, that everything between us would be all right.

But my pain had only just begun.

XXOO Rose.

Settling Down. (Until the Black Guardian pokes his nose in.)

So, I thought I was going to die. Apparently, my destiny was to be shot by an astronaut, at Lake Silencio, 5:02PM on the 22nd of April 2011. Frightened me to the very core; that doesn’t happen often. I’ve cheated death many times, but I was pretty sure I was going to pop my clogs this time. That kind of thought gets stuck in your brain. I did a few very stupid things, all of which I’ve apologised for.

Obviously, I didn’t die. 

Used a very handy machine called the Teselecta to cheat my own death - again.

There’s still a few things I don’t understand. The Fields of Trenzalore. The Fall of the Eleventh. The question. I have a dark future ahead of me. 

But you know what I have? I’ve got my beautiful wife, Rose. I have five gorgeous children who adore me, and with all of this fuss to do with my death, I was ignoring them all. I was being selfish.

I needed to step back into the shadows, and that’s what I did.

Got a house in Colchester, right next door to Amy and Rory. Settled down for a bit. Did humany-wumany stuff, and it was quite fun! I got to spend more time with my family, and we all had a beautiful Christmas together.

Even made a New Year’s Resolution! I love little human quirks like that. I promised I’d be a better husband to Rose this year. So, we started the New Year with a kiss, and a positive outlook on the future.

But nothing lasts forever.

Me and Rose went away for a romantic break to Barcelona. Turns out, there were Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans popping out of nowhere. Long story - I got shot by a bloody Sontaran, the Black Guardian kidnapped me, I was saved by my wife, then my wife was kidnapped and we all saved her. 

But the Black Guardian is back. Which means only one thing.

I should be expecting a message from the White Guardian quite soon.

Nothing is safe, not whilst the Black Guardian (Or, as I like to call him, Bernard) is lurking around in the universe. I’m back in the TARDIS with my family, for now. 

Wibbly Wobblyness.

I’ve suddenly realised that I’ve reached that dreary age when I start to forget things. Rubbish brain, rubbish old Doctor. I tried keeping a diary once. Or twice. Or maybe three times… I’ve lost count, and they’ve all ended up in a supernova somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. Thing is with me, I’ve got so many better things to do. I live in a time machine. There’s whole worlds out there, whole new infinite universes just waiting to be explored. Why would I spend my time here, writing? Okay. Don’t answer that. The wife recommended I start writing. So, I am writing. Hello. I’m the Doctor. I’m a Time Lord. I’m 1103-ish years old, I think. Honestly, I’ve lost count. I have a beautiful wife called Rose and five gorgeous children. Definitely a mad man with a box. Definitely not a mature and responsible adult. Lives in the TARDIS. Or a nice house in Colchester. Wears a bow tie. Bow ties are cool. 


The Strongest I've Ever Been...

Today I learnt I was to become a mother again. Now, me and Theta (or the Doctor, if that’s how you know him) already have /three/ children. Not bad for only a year of marriage.

(Time Lord pregnancy is crazy fast, apparently.)

Anyway. Me and Theta have three kids - Skyla, Tristan, and Sarah Jane. But when we were leaving Graystark Hall - on our second visit, while we were searching the universe for the daughter of my husband’s best friends, Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams.

A daughter who would grow up to be River Song.

River’s a friend of Theta’s, but they always meet in the wrong order.

Now, coming out of the orphanage, my husband and I met a young man - one who looked almost exactly like Theta. Except he had my eyes.

And there was something of the wolf about him.

It didn’t take much for either of us to work out that the young man was our son. After he healed my ankle (which I’d hurt almost falling through the floor of the orphanage), we gave him a lift to Cardiff.

Why he wanted to go there, I don’t know.

Later on, while Theta and I were admiring the view of the Milky Way from the TARDIS, we got a distress call from a VM.

Our son had a VM.

As it turned out, there’d been a case of mistaken identity, and our son had been kidnapped by someone who’d been after my husband and I for a while.

The Hunter.

It didn’t take much to save our son (I’m just about ready to start calling the Hunter ‘Wile E Coyote’), and we took him back to Pluto, where he said he was meeting up with his brother and sisters.

They’re beautiful. All five of my kids. Three beautiful women, and two handsome young men. I’m so proud to be their mother.

And my son? His name is Pete, his twin sister’s Faye.

I’m going to have twins one day.

But before Theta and I left (incidently giving our daughter Skyla, and our son Tristan a lift to Amy and Rory’s) Pete told me something that chilled me to the bone.

Something’s going to happen, in the near future, and I’ll have to be the strongest I’ve ever been.

I don’t know what he means yet, but I suspect I will, very soon.


The Story So Far...

Okay, so… my name’s Rose Sigma. But I was born Rose Tyler, on Earth, London, England, to Jackie and Pete Tyler. And that was who I was for 19 years. Then I met the Doctor. He blew up my job, and was a general pain in the arse, but… I liked him.

Anyway, we travelled together, and I liked him more and more.

Then I realised I loved him.

But stuff happened… Daleks… and I had to save him. Did some pretty drastic things. Almost died myself. But the Doctor… he saved me. After I saved him.

But when he saved me, he changed.

I didn’t really understand at first. I thought he’d left me. But then this new man convinced me that he was the same man. That he was still the Doctor.

And deep down, I knew it was true.

So we started traveling again, being amazing, and fantastic, and daring.

The Stuff Of Legend.

But the Daleks came back. And this time there were Cybermen too. We were stuck in the middle of a war between two races. But we won.

At a cost.

I was almost sucked into the void, if it weren’t for my dad - and I will always consider him my dad - catching me and taking me back to his universe. But the Doctor remained on the other side. Just on the other side of the wall.

So close, but so far away.

Using that as my motivation, I spent the next two years of my life finding a way back to my original universe.

Then the stars started going out.

And then my dimension cannon - the thing that I’d been working on non stop since I began working for Torchwood - started to work.

I was going home.

Home to find the Time Lord I loved.

And found him I did. Almost lost him too, but that was quickly fixed.

Again, together we faced the Daleks, but this time, it was a temp from Cheswick who saved the day.

Again, at a cost.

She lost all memory of our Time Lord.

And he took me back to the parallel universe, to live out my days with a clone, half human, half Time Lord, of himself. I was in a strange place that day. In a strange limbo of heartbreak, and having someone who I could share my life with.

But one day, even that ended.

John… that’s what he, the Meta-crisis, named himself. He worked with me at Torchwood. In the field. We were the best team. We always had each other’s back.

And in the end, that’s what killed him.

He saved my life, at the cost of his own.

After that, I wouldn’t accept a partner, so I’d always take field assignments on by myself.

On one such assignment, the unthinkable happened.

The Doctor came back.


With his friend Alexandra, he saved me, and took me onto the TARDIS once more. The old girl looked so different, but she still felt the same.

And so we traveled again, having adventures, being daft and crazy and brilliant.

And I finally told him I loved him.

This time… he said it back.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

My name is Rose Marion Sigma. The Bad Wolf. The Stuff Of Legend. The Oncoming Storm’s Eternal Consort.

The Doctor’s wife.

I am a Time Angel.