timeanddivision asked:

have you ever considered teaching kevin how to shoot a gun? i mean i know he's well protected under your wing but he'd be kindda cute firing a gun.

Naturally that was one of the first things I did. This is a big bad world after all, even if I am possibly the worst thing you could come across it can’t hurt to give him another useful skill. He’s a wonderful shot by the way.


//Cecil Palmer//

Design by: Freedomconvicted


So I have been saying for a while I wanted to cosplay this Cecil so very badly because Gabi (freedomconvicted) is such a wonderful, talented and friendly artist. I know I didn’t do him quite justice, Gabi, but I hope you like this and that it perhaps inspires you to keep creating wonderful masterpieces in the future. <3

I… really love my babies so much <3

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but I really love the OFF fandom, the OFF fandom is like another peice of my heart that I don’t want broken apart. OFF fandom is like part of my family and all the awesome friends I’ve made, they’re all like my family and it would hurt me to see my friends go. Everyone in the OFF fandom is so nice and sweet that I just wanted to say that I love you all and I wouldn’t be here if I’ve never heard of this fandom or if it never existed <3

I wanted to say a special thanks to -











batter-sempai (because I don’t know your real name;;)

proud-purifier (since I forgot your name and original account ><; )

and including all of my rp buddies

I’m glad that I got to meet all of you guys around tumblr and talk with you guys around here or on skype.Even though some of you guys aren’t really into off any more or one of you may not be into it at all you guys really kept my hopes up and I wanted to say thank you to all of you <3