The Process+ Queen St. West+ Peter Gallagher?

Recently we installed two works downtown Toronto during (scotia bank) Nuit Blanche…. TIMEANDDESIRE’s operation was a going smoothly after the installation of a subversive sign on a side street underneath a series of ‘No’ signs… you can check the pic. HERE if you haven’t already seen it…however… it was taken down by morning… curiously we wonder by who?… (we need to put trackers on them)… any engineers out there willing to help?

The second piece was larger planned for a vacant window/building that has been vacant for sometime on Queen St. W. — we thought it might get some notice…

As we put it up… we got a few stoppers by… questioning, watching, even assisting at one point… it was hilarious… I was complemented on my construction vest, of course, my most dashing look! (>_o).

Finally the work was wrapping up when a man stopped and asked…

MAN: what are you doing?
TIMEANDESIRE: An intervention… installation. 

He proceeded to tell us he owned the building and is renting it to TELUS next month… His look was striking… I scanned his face… I thought –why do I feel like I know him…? 
He must be on TV ?

MAN: What does it mean? I don’t get it? -he asked……
TIMEANDESIRE: Well…ah– we’re hoping you examine your life–Is your reality a series of reactions to your environment and the opportunities therein? Perhaps your life is not as much action, as it is re-action… (ultimately calling into question– choice)

He replied… 'Well… I like it… it is something to think about… at least it is not graffiti…I’ll leave it up for a while…’

After he departed we couldn’t get over his familiar face… it came to us at home…

PETER GALLAGHER!  (We have no idea if it actually was him…) 

Does Gallagher own real-estate on Queen St. West in Toronto?

Or was that guy the most accidentally amazing Peter Gallagher look-a-like ever?

Or was he just acting out the part of the building owner (Peter himself/the unknown guy)– were we a two person audience to his performance art as he was a one person audience to us in that moment?

I guess we’ll never know….