I need to follow more people.

I don’t follow enough blogs that posts the stuff that I like. So reblog or like this post if you’re into these fandoms. You don’t necessarily have to blog about all these, but if you do I will definitely follow you. Of course, if you specialize on certain fandoms that’s fine too.

  • izombie
  • supernatural
  • penny dreadful
  • marvel
  • dc
  • avengers
  • hannibal
  • the walking dead
  • once upon a time
  • agents of shield
  • agent carter
  • animals/ I love cats
  • photography (I don’t follow those that don’t source)
  • video games
  • art (same here, I love seeing credit)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.



  • at least 10 books
  • more than 20 books
  • at least 10 DVDs/Blu Rays
  • more than 20 DVDs/Blu Rays
  • fan merchandise
  • at least one TV show on DVD/Blu Ray
  • a real autograph and/or something signed


  • Supernatural
  • Doctor Who
  • Sherlock
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Teen Wolf
  • The 100
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Hannibal
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Flash
  • Arrow
  • The Walking Dead
  • Sense8
  • American Horror Story
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


  • an episode of Supernatural
  • all 10 Seasons of Supernatural
  • the Harry Potter movies
  • the Divergent movies
  • the Hunger Games movies


  • smutty fanfiction in public
  • more than 5 fanfics
  • at least one book of the Harry Potter series
  • all books of the Harry Potter series
  • the Divergent trilogy
  • the Hunger Games trilogy


  • more than 5 OTP’s
  • made fanart
  • written a fanfiction
  • written more than one fanfiction
  • actually finished writing a fanfiction
  • read a book this week
  • stopped watching a TV show
  • made a vine edit about a TV show/movie/character/pairing etc
  • made a fanvideo about a TV show/movie/character/pairing etc
  • made a picture edit about a TV show/movie/character/pairing etc
  • watched a TV show that has been cancelled
  • started a new TV show this year
  • more favorite male characters than female
  • more favorite female characters than male
  • met an actor/actress
  • met an author
  • been to Comic Con
  • written a letter to an author/celebrity
  • tweeted something to a celebrity
  • seen the location of a TV show/movie
  • left a fandom
  • abandoned a ship
  • a NOTP
  • cried while reading a book
  • cried because of my OTP
  • binge watched a TV show
  • read a book with 300-400 pages in one day
  • made someone watch a TV show/read a book
  • written a book review


  • intuitively name at least 15 TV shows without looking any up
  • explain the content of at least 5 TV shows
  • sort my favorite characters into the Hogwarts houses
  • name 7 authors
  • make gifs
  • name 5 books from my bookshelf without looking


  • My OTP is canon
  • I watch fanvids on YT
  • One of my favorite TV shows is on hiatus right now
  • I go regularly to the library
  • One of my favorite characters is dead
  • I watch TV shows online
  • I watch TV shows on TV
  • My favorite character has killed someone