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Headcanon, what would the main five do if they found out that today was your b'day?

T_T i kind of didn’t read this properly until i was finished, so this is just what they’d do for your birthday

  • Seven already knew. He’s God Seven. He knows everything. He’s re-decorated the whole damn house. He’s holding a party. A big-ass party. With balloons. And cats. As it turns out, balloons and cats don’t go so well together, so, to make up for it, he takes you out on a gorgeous drive across the countryside. The stars above you are clear as crystal in the country sky, untainted by the city lights… No matter how many birthdays pass, Seven always ends up taking you back out to this spot, to look up at the stars - the place you’d be going, one day.
  • Jumin wants to give you the world, and damn it, he’d try his best to do just that. He throws a massive party for you, of course, and spends thousands making absolutely everything perfect. His gifts to you cost more than what an average worker makes in a year, and he’s positively glowing as you open them. But for him, the best part of the day is the evening - getting to hold you in his arms is so precious to him… His love for you is the best gift he can give.
  • Yoosung’s relief when you say that you don’t want a massive celebration is overwhelming. He didn’t think you would, but knowing that he could just take the day slow was more to his tastes than an extravagant party, anyway. He showers you with love throughout the day, which turns out to be little more than an average day at home, albeit with presents and cake. A lot of cake. But honestly, you’d much rather have this - a day with the man you loved more than anyone - than a grand party.
  • Jaehee takes a day off work. Maybe even two, if Jumin’s feeling particularly gracious… She’s happy to finally have some time to spend with you, and decided to spoil you rotten. She takes you out shopping, and lets you pick your own gift (she was never particularly good at gift-giving, and she wants yours to be perfect). She takes you out for a dinner that’s romantic, and tasteful, and not too posh, just posh enough. And then, she spends all night with you in her arms, and the perfect birthday is complete.
  • Zen adores spoiling you. He does it every day, but today’s a special day. He’s out of bed before the sun rises, whipping up the perfect breakfast to serve you in bed. He’s even (begrudgingly) asked Jumin for some bodyguards so that the two of you aren’t bothered whilst your out for the day. He takes you out for the perfect picnic for lunch - the ‘birthday selfies’ are more of an excuse to kiss you, really - before letting you choose your present. Dinner in the evening is perfect, and as if he hadn’t done enough already, his pre-planned massage night goes down very, very well.

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