time. finn

I can’t believe Mads Mikkelsen was Mike Wheeler when he was a child

late night dreadful thoughts: i think there’s an important reason why poe’s character arc in tlj is being kept under wraps thus far, and i’m not sure we’re gonna like it once we find out 😭


Voltron/Adventure Time crossover~

did mostly everyone, hard to fit Voltron designs with characters from Adventure Time :/

Finn-Lance Jake-Hunk BMO-Pidge Flame Prince-Keith Marshall Lee-Shiro Princess Bubblegum-Allura Peppermint Butler-Coran Lady Rainicorn-Shay

also check out this! https://pilots-eyes.tumblr.com/post/159056908522/more-voltronadventure-time-this-time-with-more