Timey Wimey| Open

Scott was sitting play video games because the ten year old had nothing better to do on a Saturday while his mom was at work. The babysitter was in the kitchen making him lunch. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw someone suddenly appear in front of him. “Who-who are you?” He asked but they did not reply in English they mutter something in a foreign language and there was a bright light. Scott covered his eyes. When the light disappeared he let his hand fall down and looked around. He was in the woods now. How’d he get there?  He wasn’t even sure if he knew the way home from here. He heard twigs snapping and he ran to hide behind a tree. He had no clue where he was or why he was there. 


Yes, let’s just imagine Doctor Who is the first form of communication aliens receive from us, and they actually send us back their tales of the Doctor (because the Doctor actually exists), and suppose the Doctor does save us from Cybermen and Daleks and stuff but we just keep on forgetting…Timey-wimey stuff.