Productivity Tracker - Free Printable!

Have trouble with taking too many breaks or getting distracted? This printable can help keep you on task! Use highlighters, markers, or colored pencils to shade in the appropriate color every 30-60 minutes.

  • Green: Productive! You’re doing what you need to be doing.
  • Blue: Neutral. This can include tasks that you need to do such as eating, commuting, or showering. Earned break time also goes in this category.
  • Red: Unproductive time! This can include neutral time that has gone on too long, as well.

At the end of the week, look over how you did and make a game plan. You might decide to move your work time to times of the day you are more productive or make a pact with yourself to be more productive each day by eliminating at least X number of red blocks a week. You could also make other uses out of these, such as creating a school or work schedule. It’s up to you!

The file linked above is from 7AM-11PM. If that time schedule doesn’t work for you, download a blank version here to fill in your own times.


– Melissa

hipster cool and funky fresh rp resources. 

           Short list of things to help with tumblr rpers. Some of these things can probably be found on various other rp help blogs but these are things that I have picked up/figured out/or personally use while roleplaying on tumblr. So ya know, here ya are.

Aesthetic based resources;

  • messletters — you can find symbols, edit your text to look really coolin about a million ways and just about anything else text based here.
  • visitor/online tracker — you can customize this however you’d like, it’s just a tracker that shows how many people are viewing your page at the time.
  • follower tracker — same site and works the same as the online tracker. Displays and tracks your followers in case you’re into that.
  • cursors-4u — cursors! just pick the cursor you want, and copy the code you want, and from there follow the application instructions. Usually it’s just to post them into your description or your custom html.

RPers dash help;

  • xkit — hopefully you know about this but if not bless you poor baby here is xkit. it’s an extension for tumblr that will fix your dash and more basically. 
  • Reblogging as text —this is important for anyone knew to rping who reblogs as a link and can’t figure out when the post theiy’re reblogging is being cut off.
  • Trimming your posts — please trim your posts, geesh.

Other things;

  • befunky —a very good, free resource where you can edit icons; you can make them beautiful, round the corners, do whatever you want here. Helpful if your muse has a little known fc and you have to make your own icons, but don’t have PS.
  • tumblr static img uploader —if you’re editing a page and you need to use image urls to insert your images, it’s useful to put them into tumblrs static image uploader first. That way you don’t lose them if the original site or poster deletes the image, and tumblrs static uploader is hosting, so it will load quickly~.
  • theme-hunter —really the only theme resource I use; I get all of my themes and pages from here about 99% of the time.
  • kiwi6 — it’s a site that you can hotlink music from as an alternative to dropboxing your music into a music player for tumblr. It’s quick and easy and it stores all of the songs you upload.
  • billy music player — a small, easy to use music player that’s pretty popular on tumblr. As long as you use a hotlinked song (from dropbox or kiwi6) they should play without buffering and you just post the embedded code into your description box.

So…I did a thing. Not as good as I was aiming for, but seeing as it’s now almost 4am and I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours since this weekend, I’ll take what I can get.

 It’s actually my final project for my Color Theory class, but I figured some folks here my appreciate it.

gardensie  asked:

Hello, what do you like to put in your journal? You have pretty spreads!

hi, thank you so much💛i really appreciate it ^_^ i put anything and everything into my bullet journal, i’ll list some of them below but once i’ve set up my bujo for the new year, i’ll do a full flip-through 

  • future planner 
  • goals for the year/month/week
  • summer/winter bucket list
  • books to read/have read/ challenges
  • level 10 life/savings goals
  • master todo list/wishlist/blogpost ideas
  • monthly spread/tbr
  • expenses/habit tracker
  • gratitude log 
  • weekly spreads/food-water intake
  • university semester planner/due dates
  • time-tracker etc

now this may seem excessive but it has worked so so well for me, i hope that gives you some ideas xx


ISS is the third brightest object in the night sky!

It often comes as a surprise to people when i tell them that the space station can be seen with the naked eye! Flying at 400 km above your head, the ISS looks like a really fast moving airplane in the sky.

The ISS isn’t brighter than the day sky and hence cannot be seen during the day. But in the night, it’s the third brightest object in the sky! It reflects the sunlight off the solar panels on its surface.

Spot the station!

If you would like to see the ISS for yourself, NASA ‘s Spot the station! is at your disposal. Register with your email address/mobile number and every time the ISS passes by your town/city, you will get a notification with the time, duration and inclination.

Have fun!

(Extras: There are mobile phone apps which you could use too, like the ISS detector satellite detector for android. At the end of the day all that matters is what is convenient to you.

ISS tracker- Real time tracking of the ISS)


Disney Research: 3D Facial Details

Two papers from Disney Research released today that focus on graphical representation of facial features, one which accurately maps facial wrinkles from a single camera, and another which creates realistic eyelid movements:

Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture

We present the first real-time high-fidelity facial capture method. The core idea is to enhance a global real-time face tracker, which provides a low-resolution face mesh, with local regressors that add in medium-scale details, such as expression wrinkles. Our main observation is that although wrinkles appear in different scales and at different locations on the face, they are locally very self-similar and their visual appearance is a direct consequence of their local shape. We therefore train local regressors from high-resolution capture data in order to predict the local geometry from local appearance at runtime. We propose an automatic way to detect and align the local patches required to train the regressors and run them efficiently in real-time. 

More Here

Detailed Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction of Eyelids

In recent years we have seen numerous improvements on 3D scanning and tracking of human faces, greatly advancing the creation of digital doubles for film and video games. However, despite the high-resolution quality of the reconstruction approaches available, current methods are unable to capture one of the most important regions of the face – the eye region. In this work we present the first method for detailed spatio-temporal reconstruction of eyelids.

More Here


Electronic Makeup - Omote Real time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping


headcanon: Tadashi and Hiro have this unspoken system where if Hiro is looking for a botfight, Hiro leaves his monitor on so when Tadashi comes home, he sees the screen, and then mopeds his way to his lil brudder’s location 


You weren’t talking to a troll. No, you were talking to your lusus. Well, more so yelling to it. The damn thing had run off into town again and you were sick and tired of it’s tiny adorable bullshit. 

You’d think a small puffball would be easier to take care of, but no. 

–_Damn it_–

You could get into serious trouble for letting him out. After all, he didn’t have his muzzle on and if he licked anyone he could probably kill them or at the very least make them very ill because of his poisonous saliva.

You didn’t want another lawsuit.



I made my spread for this week, kickstarting my new bujo.
For this week I went with a purple theme.
Yes, there is a star trek quote, last week I went to see Star Trek: Beyond and I loved it!!
In this weekly spread I have:
-a habit tracker
-a bed time and getting up time tracker
-a water tracker
-a spending tracker
-a book tracker.

The tools of my trade, for this week, are:
- a Lyreco Budget Purple Highlighter (which someone randomly gave me during chemistry in May)(still have no idea why).
- A purple PaperMate Flair pen
- A PaperMate Non-Stop mechanical pencil
- a Black Sharpie fine point
And my absolute favourite to write with (used it in all my GCSEs)
- A Black V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5

- and a purple brush pen from tiger (sorry forgot that one)