Pages for your 2017 bujo

Year overview
Future log
Resolutions page
January goals to help achieve your resolutions
Things you want to do in 2017
Travel map of where you’ll go in 2017
Travel moodboard
Line a day diary
Habit tracker
Sleep tracker
Mood tracker
Savings tracker
Tips to save money
Set up a budget
Books you want to read
Films you want to watch
TV shows you want to watch
Dishes to cook
Books you have read
Films you have watched
TV shows you have watched
Dishes you have cooked
Healthy meal inspo
Ingredients for basic recipes so if you’re in the supermarket you know what to buy
Running program set up
Exercise program set up
Exercise tracker (aka distance, time)
Step tracker
Self care list
Things you are grateful for
Style board
Plans for the school year
Calendar of when assignments/coursework is due
Things that inspire you
Moodboard to inspire you
Best moments of 2016
Favourite photos of 2016
Everything you achieved in 2016


Hi! I got an anonymous ask asking to share photos of my bullet journal set up! I tried about 5 times to get pictures that were in the same spot and the same lighting but damn it is difficult. I ended up shooting these going page by page so hopefully that is okay! I’ll list the pages I included since I missed a couple out because they’re just headers at the moment and I’ll put in brackets ones that I’ll add when my semester starts:

  • 2017 overview
  • 2017 objectives (personal/health/social/academic/blog/career) + bullet journal key/legend
  • blog post ideas (this blog and my main @styleselection #shamelessselfpromo)
  • printable ideas
  • motivational quotes
  • movies/tv shows to watch
  • books to read
  • expenses (more like ‘treat yo self items’)
  • wishlist
  • january overview/month breakdown
  • weekly spread (monday 01 jan-today)
  • (semester timetable - my classes, teachers, lecture + tutorial times)
  • (grade tracker)
  • (assignment date checklist)
  • (readings checklist)

At the back of the bullet journal, I have lined paper for note-taking or jotting random things down. I love having space to write important information so that will be useful. Plus I have to specifically get my English relatives to ship me the grid paper so I don’t want to waste it for random notes! At the very end I’ve got to-do list pages where I can note down things for assignments or for over the weekend. Also the little grey thing in the left corner of the second photo, it a task pad which slots into the discs and just gives you another space for writing down bits and bobs when you need to be quick! 

Hope this is useful. I’m happy to do a more in-depth post or a review of the notebook system, if anyone is interested. Just let know in a message or reply! x

12.09.16 • 16:31PM last week I added a time tracker, and it makes it look like I’ve done nothing all week yet I’ve felt like I’ve been really busy. My sleeping habits are awful and I’ve not worked or studied much either so this week I’m going to improve on that! I think it’ll really help for when I go back to uni next week, but I’m going to try a different layout this week.

i won’t be here until this weekend so i thought it would be good to post a tracker – both for giving myself an organized view on replies i owe and to show you guys i have drafted our interaction. if i forgot to tag you, let me know.
i’ll be available via aim and tumblr im, so if you need me, hmu!
see you soon.

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hmm, well, after discussing it with a few of my partners and rereading their rules, i’m afraid i’ll have to enforce it starting today. 

from now on, please don’t reblog my roleplay posts with other muses.

this is directed at personal blogs and other rp blogs alike. unless you are involved in the thread, the most you should do is ‘like’ the post, as reblogging it might mess up a few things for the roleplayer.

the number one i can think of is our rp thread tracker. if other people reblog our thread, the tracker messes up and the muns don’t know who replied last. some of us (me especially) have pretty sparse memory regarding it and the tracker helps us… well, keep track of who replied last.

don’t get me wrong, my partners and i feel absolutely flattered that our threads are getting attention and people are reading them, but it’s a bit messy if people other than us reblog them (because roleplaying is an interactive thing, think of it as an in-progress fanfiction, we wouldn’t want incomplete writing to be reblogged either). i’m not mad, far from it, i just want to keep things organized on this blog. if you really like the thread though, feel free to tag us in a separate post and we can respond to that accordingly. thank you all in advance for heeding this! <3

misty-anne  asked:

Hey Sam! I just wanted to ask what sort or fitness tracker/phone app you use for your runs? Thanks!

I wear a FitBit Alta – I’ve only ever had FitBits, which is partly because I REALLY LIKE the fitbit app. It has stuff that the VivoFit app doesn’t (or didn’t the last time I bought a tracker a few years ago), like food and water tracking. The FitBit app may not be ideal for everyone but for me it’s really…handy, I guess. I like it a lot. 

I don’t actually love the Alta tbh. I miss having a “start workout” button like the old Charge used to have. I’ve used almost every one of the lower-tier FitBits – I’ve had the Flex, the Charge, the Charge HR, and the Alta, and I think the Charge HR was my favorite. The Alta’s okay, but it lacks some functionality of the Charge and I really liked having a heart rate monitor because I have a somewhat low resting heart rate (51 on average, at least per the HR), and it helped me keep an eye on it. 

Corner Time Tracker Stickers
These hand-drawn time tracker stickers are perfect for planning out your day ahead of time or even tracking your time throughout the day. Color code time slots to signify special events, appointments, and schedules. Each sticker sheet is printed on matte sticker paper (for easy coloring) and measures 6.75 x 4.25. The perfect size to slip into the pocket of your Bullet Journal, favorite planner, or notebook. Individual stickers are kiss cut for easy removal. This listing is for 1 sticker sheet.

So many unique options in the shop to help you keep track of your time!  These Corner Time Tracker Stickers are one of my favorite ways to see what my day is going to look like at a glance :)

We last heard from Wayne and Gabrielle of @onedownfourup a year ago: They’d just returned from the The One Motorcycle Show with a trophy for their stunning Yamaha DT250. And what do you know, they’ve just gone and done it again.
This year, their entry was a fresh take on the Yamaha SR500, a platform that’s been chopped and changed literally thousands of times. This ‘SR500IX’ dirt tracker has classic styling, the proportions of a supermodel, and unreal quality of finish. And it looks like a real hoot to ride!
Hit the link in our bio for the exclusive build story and more beautiful images.
#yamaha #sr500 #the1motoshow #the1moto #motorcycle #bikeexif

“Smile more…worry less…”
Stressful week coming up with exams and papers due. On the plus side, I was promoted to manager for next school year!
I’ve found that time trackers are KEY for managing my time and allowing me to use it wisely. Also, tracking how much I study really motivates me to do more. I love watching “study with me” videos on YouTube and timing my study sessions. I get sooooo much work done that way!


Upper Body workouts are not always fun for women - unless you make them fun, eclectic a colourful like the workouts we do in the ZGYM! Today we’re doing the new Upper Body & Abs Inferno - can you beat my time? Use your progress tracker and have fun with your training! 💪❤️
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study playlists

These are the playlists I use when I am studying certain subjects. You can change them to fit into different subjects or even make your own ones using these as examples. ALL PLAYLISTS ARE ON SPOTIFY (if you would like them on 8tracks, just tell me). Most playlist are around the time that the study session should go for, so you can sort of use this as a time tracker. 

Science - 80′s joys

English - word play

Maths - little numbers 

Languages - (I personally study in silence, but the following playlist is NOT mine) Rock from all languages

Religion - crosses

TAS (woodwork, textiles, etc.) - (NOT my playlist) sunday woodworking

History/geography - world maps

PDHPE - let’s run away

Music - (I study in silence for this one so the following playlist is NOT mine) softer music

Art - (NOT my playlist) studying at hogwarts 

p.s You can always request for other playlist for different subjects. 

This one was a feat, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

I actually owned the strategy to Four Swords Adventure long before I got the actual game.  I studied it extensively for ideas, and it helped fuel a lot of my creativity as a kid.  

When I finally got my hands on the game,  I already understood its unique game-play, and had a decent grasp on the overall goals in each level.  It was actually a lot of fun to finally play through a game I had read so much about!  It actually has a surprisingly dark tone overall, feeling more like Twilight Princess than The Wind Waker.  

If Nintendo ever made a remake of Four Swords Adventure, I would buy it in a heart-beat!  Hopefully they would localize Tetra’s Trackers this time though.