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Me and @toastyhat have been working on a little something for a long time now, and we have decided with the upd8, it’s time to spill the beans.

Toasty and I have been working on a lyricstuck set to Bastille’s Pompeii! (Have a little sneak peak!)

Look forward to it!


Emma & Charming Appreciation Week
>> Day 04 Underappreciated Moment: Emma telling David that she’s not staying in Storybrooke

Confess-A-Time in Storybrooke, Maine

Regina: Listen up, coddled peasants and exiled royalty, it’s Untold Stories time! My badself is about to spill the beans that aren’t magic to make us tear ourselves apart, so we have to get out in front of her. Everyone confess their untold misdeeds and forgive each other now. Emma, you’re excused because your self-esteem is circling the drain anyway. Snow, you can kick off. Go.

Snow: Ok. I… told a secret.

Regina: We know.

Snow: I abandoned my firstborn in a closet.

Emma: We know.

Snow: Uh. I had sex with Dr Whale.

Charming: We know.

Snow: Oh yeah. Um, I kidnapped a baby.

Maleficent: We know.

Snow: I murdered Cora?

Regina: All right never mind. Henry, your turn.

Henry: I stole your credit card.

Regina: We know.

Henry: I reset all your passwords to never_trust_blondes.

Regina: The hell? Ok, you’re forgiven, darling.

Henry: And I found your Diva subscription, Mom. It was me who placed your personal ad in the classifieds.

Emma: Oh my god! All those phone calls!

Regina: Emma…

Emma: I forgive you, son.

Regina: Your turn, Charming.

Charming: I helped to kidnap a baby.

Maleficent: We know.

Charming: I…

Regina: We get it, and we forgive you for being boring. So, Archie, you’re up.

Archie: I flew down Snow’s cleavage for a wager; it was totally deliberate.

Charming: The hell?

Snow: I totally forgive you, Archie.

Regina: I bet. Maleficent?

Maleficent: Remember that time I “lost” the handcuffs key? I was pretending.

Regina: … !?!

Maleficent: *wink*

Regina: *blush*… Ok. Granny - anything?

Granny: My lobster is Canadian.

Snow: In Maine! That’s unforgi-“

Regina: We all forgive you, Granny. So that leaves me. Ok… during my reign I took out thirty-seven contracts on my enemies. Hired hitmen included but were not limited to the Huntsman, Captain Hook, the Count of Monte Cristo, Miss Muffet, the Pied Piper, and Thumbelina’s League of Tiny Assassins. I faked twelve “accidental deaths” of disloyal nobles, provoked two civil wars in rival kingdoms, and took a bribe from the Blue Fairy to let her Pixie narcotics business thrive. Also, when I cursed you all we were supposed to go somewhere ten degrees warmer with sandy beachfront properties, snorkelling, tapas wine bars, and an all-night casino, but I singed the crow’s-foot and we wound up here. Are we still cool?

The Confession (Tom/Tord)

I am very rusty at writing and wrote this while half asleep. Terribly sorry for any errors and such. Enjoy c:

Also, tagging @noenee and @ninja46464 because they enjoyed the idea. I hope i did justice for you two.

Tom let out a huge sigh. He and Tord had been dating for a little over a month and figured it was about time for the two to spill the beans to their housemates, Edd and Matt. It was the perfect time, both were sitting on the couch bored out of their minds, as there was nothing on tv. The only problem was Tord, who seemed to be sweating quite a bit. The eyeless man, put his arm around his boyfriend, “You ready for this?” he questioned.

Tord tried to steady his breathing. For fucks sake, what was wrong with him, he’s handled much worse…but for some reason he replied, “Not really.” Smooth, real smooth.

Tom let out a slight laugh, “It’ll be fine.” he gave the norwegian a quick kiss on the cheek, before leading the blushing man from the hallway, out into the living room. “Edd, Matt, we have something we wanted to tell you-” he managed to get as much out before hearing the red hoodie wearing male vomit behind him. He stood for a second in shock before grabbing him and dragging him back into the hallway to regroup. He groaned as Tord used his hand to wipe the vomit away.

“I think that went well,” Tord exclaimed, a smile on his face. Tom groaned louder, pushing down an urge to punch his boyfriend in the face, “You threw up and we both left.” he muttered.

Tord’s smile wavered a bit, “No it is all in the past.”

“It was literally thirty seconds ago.”

“That is a matter of opinion”

A smack to the back of the norwegian’s head, “No it isn’t. Let’s try again.”

Tom led the other male into the living room once again, not noticing he had somehow managed to grab a bottle and rag. “Matt, Edd, we have something we have something we wanted to tell you-” A loud thud was heard as Tord hit the floor, unconscious. Tom was about to scream. Without a word, he dragged his boyfriend’s unconscious body out the room and away from the other two men.

Thankfully it was only a few minutes later when Tord awoke. Standing up, he looked at Tom, who was chugging an entire bottle of Smirnoff, trying to calm himself down. “I chloroformed myself, did I not?” Tom looked at him with weary eyes and nodded before knocking Tord’s hand away from his face, “Don’t do it again!”, he yelled.

The blue-hoodie man took another swig of his drink and put a hand to his face, “Look, you take the lead this time.”

Tord replied with a slight nod as they leave the hall to try again. Once they’d both entered the living room, Tord began to speak, or more accurately just does nonsensical rambling along with vague gestures. Tom honestly wished he didn’t leave his drink in the hall.

Again, they left, regrouped, and came back.

Tord started up again, actually managing to get a few words out, much to Tom’s surprise and happiness, “You see, the thing is Tom and I-” The happiness was short lived as Tord pulled out a gun and pointed it and a now frightened Edd and Matt. Tom desperately tried to wrestle the gun away from his partner who kept repeating, “I will just kill them. LET ME SHOOT THEM IN THE FACE! IF I SHOOT THEM WE COULD MAKE OUT, THIS COULD BE SO EASY!”

After around ten minutes he managed to get the gun away and led his significant other back in the hall.

They regrouped. Again. Fifth time’s the charm? Tom hoped so.

They entered the room with Edd and Matt staring at them, snickering, wondering what was going to happen this time around.

The moment Tord opened his mouth Tom already knew it was going to be wrong.

“Paul, Patryk, I am straight!” Tord announced before realizing what he said and looked at Tom who screamed, “WRONG!” before murmuring “I hope…”

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The lighter haired brunette tried again, “When two people spend a lot of time together-” he didn’t get farther than that before Tom questioned, “Where are your legs?!?!?!?!” Indeed, Tord’s legs somehow disappeared. Tord realizing this, began to scream. After around five minutes, they reappeared. Tom dragged Tord out of the room by his hoodie, grumbling to himself.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

“Jeg har sex med Tom” Tord stated, a smile on his face. “Nei!” Tom yelled back at him. At least his norwegian lessons were paying off. Now, if only his significant other could say it in ENGLISH and a little less bluntly, they’d be in business

Lather, rinse, repeat.

As soon as they entered a loud zap was heard. They looked over into the nearby corner to see an older version of Tord. The future Tord spoke, “I am from the future. Tell Matt he’s ugly.” The Tord that belonged in present day turned back to the two on the couch, specifically Matt.

“Matt you are a disappointment.” The red-hoodied male smirked as Tom grabbed a pillow from the couch and screamed. What the ever-loving fuck was going on? Eventually, he raised his head, “You can’t even get that right!”

After future Tord had left, Tom escorted his boyfriend away to talk with him. Tord’s smirk dropped at seeing his boyfriend’s stressed face, “I am really bad at this am I not?”

Tom gave the other male a weary look, “This is hopeless, Matt and Edd are never going to find out with us.”

Tord gasped as his eyes lit up, “Oh THAT is what we are doing?” He rushed back into the living room and stood tall, “Edd, Matt, I know this is hard for you to hear but I am dating Tom.”

Edd and Matt looked at each other for a minute before Matt groaned before digging into his coat and pulling out a $20 bill and handing it to Edd, “You called it.”

Tom raised an eyebrow, “Wait…you KNEW? Yet, you let us to go through that shit, let ME go through that shit.”

Both Matt and Edd eyed each other again before nodding, “Pretty much.” Matt responded before a loud bang was heard and he doubled over in pain, holding his now bloodied arm.

Everyone turned to look at Tord who smirked and shrugged. He took Tom’s hand in his free one, a light blush spreading across both faces.

“I think that went well”, Tom supplied before the two left the room, uncaring of Matt’s current injury or Edd’s desperate attempts to stop the bleeding.


The Star Wars hype is in full swing and just in time I can finally spill the beans about what I’ve been working on recently. I’ve joined the artist team for the “Star Wars Rebels” Comic which is released in a monthly magazine by the publisher Panini. On December 23rd my debut comic will be out and I can’t wait to see it in print! 

So, even though I can’t upload any actual pages of the comic yet, this here is safe to show. It’s the pitch I had to draw first. It has been an intense time since then as I had other commissions to complete, but feck it, this is a once in a lifetime chance and I don’t wanna waste it :P 


Wren is A theory

In my CeCe theory, I mentioned that I suspect Wren is Beach Hottie. I want to elaborate on that. Here it is!

In summer 2009, Ali went to Cape May with an older crowd. “CeCe” introduced her to Wilden, and they were sometimes joined by CeCe’s high school pal Melissa. Since Melissa had broken up with Ian temporarily, she wasn’t as irked by Ali’s presence as she usually was. Especially because Ian never crossed Ali’s dreamy mind those intense couple of weeks. Ali’s sights were set on another older guy: Wren Kingston.

He was a med student who came to Cape May from England on his summer holiday. Well, it wasn’t completely a vacation. He got a job working as a lifeguard for the month of June. Every girl who crossed his path fell for his dashing smile and charming accent. Ali was no exception. Neither, however, was Melissa. Ali wasn’t willing to ruin her fleeting peace time with Melissa by spilling the beans that she lost her virginity to Melissa’s summer crush. So whenever Ali talked about him, she just called him “Beach Hottie”. Ali loved having another juicy secret.

Of course she lied to him about her age. Ian never took her seriously because he knew she was just 14. But Wren never had to know. She could be 18, 21…anything was possible with a new guy and a good lie. Ali even had fake IDs, thanks to CeCe. She liked this whole feeling adult thing. That is until Wren got her pregnant.

She was sure that if she kept the baby, Wren’s life would be over. He would never again be the promising med student with a bright future; he’d be the creep who knocked up a teenager. She knew him well enough to know he would want to stay in the states and support the baby, but she couldn’t do that to him. She knew he’d hate her when found out her real age.

Wren went back to England at the end of his trip, and Ali returned to Rosewood. She desperately tried to prepare for the baby. She needed money, so she blackmailed her friends’ parents, modeled for masks, and made sure she would inherit all of her grandma’s fortune. During all this, A was becoming an increasingly large threat to her and her baby. When she couldn’t figure out who A was, and was sure she was in great danger, she decided to run away. This was perfect for Mona, who had been trying to scare Ali out of town all summer. Ali told Mona her secret, and Mona convinced Ali to fake her death and go into hiding. 

Alison went to New York and found the perfect couple to adopt her baby. They were wealthy, fascinating world travelers and they were kind. They let Ali stay with them while she grew bigger. She gave birth in in spring, and stayed with the baby and adoptive parents through the summer. She loved her baby so much that she felt herself starting to change. She would never let anyone hurt her baby. In turn, she felt guilty for the way she used to hurt people. She said a difficult goodbye to her child, and headed back to Rosewood.

But by this time, the body believed to be Ali’s was found. Ali would look super suspicious if she came home now. But Mona was torturing the liars, taking full advantage of the fact that Ali had to stay “dead”. Ali figured out what Mona was up to, but she couldn’t risk letting anyone know she was still alive. The only person who knew her secret, beside Mona, was Noel. She knew his secrets, so he would never tell hers. She told him about Mona’s treachery, and he broke up with Mona without an explanation. Ali stuck around Rosewood, staying in Noel Kahn’s cabin, so she could protect the liars. She only appeared to them when they were half-awake or medicated, and tried to drop cryptic hints so they might figure out Mona’s game without Mona knowing Ali told them.

The liars finally caught Mona red-handed, and Mona was taken to Radley. That’s where she met Dr. Wren. She had stalked Ali enough during summer 2009 to know who he was. She had one of her minions bring Wren Ali’s infamous yellow top and bracelet from the night she stayed with Mona at the Lost Woods Inn before running away in disguise. She told Wren that Ali was still alive, and that she had his baby. She traded Wren information in exchange for help sneaking out of Radley, and help sneaking visitors in.

One such visitor was “CeCe” Courtney Drake (see previous theory for explanation) http://prettylittlesleuth.tumblr.com/post/91181468390/the-real-cece-was-buried-in-alis-grave-updated ). Wren told Melissa about Ali being alive and Melissa told “CeCe”, hoping she could help them find Ali and the baby. Melissa was furious that Wren was ever involved with Ali, but thought she could to a better job at raising it with Wren than Ali could. Since Ian and his baby with Melissa were gone, Melissa was desperate for a second chance at motherhood. She also wanted a second chance with Wren, who she still loved against all reason.

But Wren had other motives. He had to make sure no one found out he fathered Ali’s child. Not only would he be convicted of statutory rape, he would look extremely guilty in her disappearance and what everyone thought was her murder. Mona told Wren that when the liars are put in danger, Ali always manages to be there to protect them. Without Mona’s knowledge, Wren took over the A game. To throw her off, he made her believe he was done helping her because he wasn’t okay with her sneaking out to hurt the liars. He became her Uber A anonymous boss, and she didn’t even know it. He made many attempts to make Ali believe the liars were in danger so she would show up to save them. At the same time, he tried to stay in enough control to never actually hurt them.

One night, Mona left Radley with Courtney to switch CeCe’s body- thought to be Ali’s -with Bethany’s. Courtney asked Wren to switch the medical records around so that Bethany’s- and not CeCe’s -would replace Ali’s now. He figured out her secret, and forced her to be his 2nd in command. She became redcoat, a double agent for Ali and Wren, and she was the vessel through which Wren’s orders reached the A team.

Wren played on his charm to try and get information from the liars. Spencer and Hanna were wooed, but never trusted him completely. He decided to recruit new members to Mona’s existing A team of Lucas, Jenna and Toby. (I believe Toby was part of the A team long before he said he joined.) He sent Melissa, Jenna and Shana to torch the lodge and capture Ali once and for all when she tried to save her friends inside. Jenna’s then-boyfriend, pilot Nigel Wright, was able to contact frequent-flyer Ali and deliver her to the scene of the fire. 

But that night, the A team was a mess. Wren recruited Wilden by scaring him into believing he’d be framed for Ali’s murder if he didn’t join. Wilden couldn’t take it anymore and tried to make Ashley Marin give him money so he could run away to Canada with his fake passport. When he couldn’t get the money, he told Courtney he’d reveal that she murdered her twin. He couldn’t risk A framing him for Ali’s murder, which never even happened. Courtney, furious at her once-lover’s betrayal, shot him. Courtney was supposed to be capturing Ali at that time, and she missed her chance. Melissa rescued several of the girls from the lodge before Ali got there. (Jenna and Shana didn’t know, but Melissa and Wren never intended for the liars and Mona to actually be injured). Then Ali saw Nigel, Jenna and Shana conspiring in the woods, and realized he was on their side. She snuck onto the helicopter and flew it back to the airport herself.

After Wilden was killed, Melissa conveniently got an “internship” in London, where Wren just “happened” to be moving there. In reality, they were exhausted by the Ali witch hunt and thought it would be best to separate themselves from Rosewood and carry on with their lives. They could still direct the A team via text messaging and the internet. Besides, it was apparent that Ali had no intention of coming out of hiding.

But Ali did come back, and Melissa was hot on her trail. Melissa made sure to switch all the documents back so when the body in Ali’s grave was exhumed, it would be correctly identified as Bethany. No medical-record foul play would be investigated and Wren would be off the hook. Now Melissa plans to stick around and find Ali’s baby. Wren, getting off scott-free, is retiring from the demanding uber A position.

Picking up where he left off is Jenna, who is back and sassier than ever. She is planning an explosive revenge for Shana, Wilden (her admitted old friend), and for herself. Step 1: burning down her own house when she knows no one is home. All traces of evidence against her that she can’t see will be destroyed, plus the liars will be scared without suspecting her. Step 2: recruiting insider Sydney to the A team. (Sydney must have been personally victimized by Regina George Ali in some way we don’t know of yet.) She feels she is an experienced enough A team member to fill in the Big A shoes. Jenna’s reign of terror has only begun, and there will be a body count…

Thank you for reading! Please let me know your ideas! :)

The Whole Truth: Part Two

Warnings: minor language, talk about sex

Word Count: 1695

Request: “Will you do a part two to the whole truth. Because I really like it and I hope I read some more.”

A/N: I got a request to do a second part to ‘The Whole Truth’, so I hope you enjoy it!

Read ‘The Whole Truth: Part One’ here!

It had been three weeks since you spilled the beans. And in this time, the boys had not let you forget about it. It consisted of annoying comments every now and again, often teasing you on some of the truths you let loose.

Poor Cas, whenever he appeared to help you on a case, one of the boys would joke about how he needed to change his outfit up. It was only slightly amusing the first time they mentioned it. You’d think after six times they would get the hint that it wasn’t funny anymore.

However, Sam only kept this up for about week before getting over it, and carrying on as usual. It was Dean that was the problem. It was even worse with him, as he kept coming up with sexual puns, and continuously smirking, just because you said you had a dream about him. It was one dream (you will admit that you enjoyed it, but you would take it all back if you could).

You were getting more and more frustrated and irritated, that you felt so close to snapping.

You were sitting at the table in the bunker library, doodling in your notebook, with one earpiece in your ear listening to your favourite band, while licking your fingers covered in Nutella. Absolute perfection. It was, until Dean decided to walk in, and comment, “I always knew you could do multiple things at once.” He gave you a wink, before setting himself down with the paper, directly opposite you.

You had had it.

You ripped the earpiece from your ear, chucking it on the table, then you slammed the pen down on your notebook, before storming out of the library, furiously getting the last bits of Nutella off your fingers.

Once you made it into your bedroom, you slammed the door shut, and slumped down on your bed. You had had enough. Actions had to be taken. You sighed loudly as you lay back onto your bed, thinking of possible ways to get even with Dean. You just needed one way that would stop the constant smartass comments.

Then it came to you. And it was golden.

Immediately you sat up, and jumped off your bed. Closing your eyes, you started to pray.

“Uh, hey Cas. I really need your help at the moment. And I’m just wondering if you could come down and lend me a hand. Thanks.”

You opened your eyes to see your trench-coated winged friend. He looked worried, frantically observing you for any signs of injury. “What seems to be the problem Y/N? Are you okay?”

“Yeah Cas, I’m fine, and so are the boys.” He began to look very confused, wondering why on earth you needed his assistance. “I wanted to ask you something.”

Castiel, still confused, asked, “What is it that I can assist with, Y/N?” You responded, “A couple of weeks ago, when I was attacked by that witch’s curse, you said that the truthfulness in my soul was magnified, and you were able to condense it back down to normal again. Are angels actually able to magnify the truth in someone’s soul in the first place?”

Castiel listened intently before answering, “Why do you ask?”

The element of surprise was not necessary in your little scheme, as Castiel and Dean had an unspoken special bond that no-one ever really understood. You thought that Cas may not want to go along with your plan, but he surprisingly was quite open to the idea, as he was rather sick of getting bagged out for the one and only outfit he wore.

You decided that you shouldn’t enter with the angel, as Dean would get somewhat suspicious, so you just peered from the doorway, making sure not to be seen, as Cas entered the library.

He approached Dean with a quick pace, so Dean barely registered his arrival before two fingers were placed on his forehead, and fell unconscious. Luckily, Dean was still in the same chair that you had left him in, so he didn’t fall to the ground, rather just slumped in his seat.

Dean woke up only a few minutes after he blacked out. However, in that time you retrieved Sam who exercising outside, as you thought he would enjoy what Dean waking up would entail. It was going to be some quality entertainment for everyone! (Well, everyone except Dean…)

Dean blinked a few times before straightening himself up in the chair. He looked confused for a couple of moments before speaking quite suddenly, “Wow I have no idea what just happened, like I’m not sure if I had a weird nap, but then Cas came out of nowhere and I am just really confused about what the hell is going on!” The second he finished speaking his hand clasped his lips together, which mimicked the same actions that you did when you were first forced to speak the truth. But since the embarrassment was no longer yours, it was completely hilarious.

You could see the continued confusion in Dean’s eyes, until they were completely locked on you. He had figured it out, which made it even funnier. It was then he blurted out again, “Y/N! I can’t believe you would do this to me, even though I have been teasing you a little bit, but that was only because you confessed to having that dream about me, which I actually think is amazing, because you are frickin’ hot and nice and everything, and I don’t think you deserve to be a virgin, so I think we should definitely have sex sometime.”

He just stared at you in horror at the words that just came out his mouth, while you just stared at him in shock. You had no words to be audibly clear, but your mind was swimming with thousands of thoughts.

You two just stayed there in shock at each other, before Sam awkwardly coughed to break your attention away from each other. Right. You had to get back to business.

Clearing your throat, you walked over to Dean, smirking to yourself. You drew up the chair next to him, and seated yourself down. “So Dean,” you began, “what show do you secretly watch in your bedroom?”

Dean face was strained, trying not to reveal his answer, but he knew it had to come out at some point. “Pretty Little Liars!” Both you and Sam erupted in laughter, while Cas just stood there trying to figure out who these liars were and why they were so pretty and so little. Dean’s head was in his hands. But it wasn’t over yet.

“And Dean, which Disney princess do you think is the hottest?” He immediately started up again with a deep breath, “Look that’s a hard call but either Belle or Aurora, because they are babes, and I even have pictures of them on my laptop!” Definitely not the answer you expected.

You thought of a question you wanted to know for ages. “What pop song do you secretly love?” He always listened to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and all classic rock, so you were super interested to find out what pop music he actually enjoyed. Whenever you tried to play some of your music, he would tell you to put in your earpieces and keep it to yourself. You were already smiling, before Dean blurted out, “It has to be Shake It Off by Taylor Swift without a doubt!”

You shook his shoulder in affirmation, as he looked ashamed at himself, “You secretly have good taste Dean. I’m proud.” You motioned for Castiel to come over and fix Dean back up to normal, as you think you had tortured him enough. But just as Cas was about to place his fingers on Dean’s forehead, you told him to wait a moment.

You looked right at Dean, and beamed, “Remember when you asked me that last question, which made me reveal one of my biggest secrets? Well, I’m going to do the exact same to you.” Dean’s eyes widened. “Where do you hide your secret stash of cookies?”

His hand flew up in a desperate attempt to cover his mouth, but not before he let loose. “They’re in a jar behind all my car tools in the garage!”

Cas touched Dean’s forehead, and he fell unconscious once more.

Dean woke up on the couch about an hour later. He lazily stretched out his limbs as he stood up, and walked to the kitchen to find you. You were leaning against the sink area, eating his not-so-secretly-stashed cookies.

He groaned as he approached you, still embarrassed at everything he had admitted.

You noticed his arrival and asked, “How are you feeling Sleeping Beauty?“ He gave you no verbal response. He simply gave you Sam’s famous bitch-face, and rolled his eyes as he opened the fridge and scanned its contents.

You gave a small laugh and reached over to your phone, scrolling through your music before selecting Taylor Swift, and choosing ‘Shake It Off’ to come sounding out of your phone. Dean didn’t even look at you, he just gave you the finger, while still scanning the fridge. “What I thought you loved this song Dean? Almost as much Belle or Aurora perhaps.” You paused your music. “And before I forget, can you bring me up to speed on who they think ‘A’ is in PLL? Cheers.”

Dean just shook his head, while laughing to himself at what a mess he had gotten himself into, before getting out the carton of milk, and closing the fridge door.

Grabbing the jar of cookies, you began to walk out of the kitchen, but you stopped and turned around to face Dean. You dropped your smile and said, “Dean, on a serious note though,” his full attention was on you, “I’d really like to take you up on your offer. You know, helping out with my virgin situation.”

His face lit up immediately. He raised his eyebrows at you, and with a smug grin asked, “Really?”

You turned on your heel, and began to walk out of sight while exclaiming, “Not a chance Winchester. Not a chance.”


Prompt from the lovely @superjessiex, I’ve changed a couple of things, for example Finn sees Rae instead of Rae going to see him just ‘cause it flows better in writing :) 

Hope you like!! xx

Rae stalked through the grounds with Tix practically running up by her side. Standing at a staunchy six foot, Rae often to forgot to slow down for Tix’s 5 foot something frame, and this was certainly one of those times. 

“I’m not in love, I don’t even know 'im. I used to think 'e were shallow, and maybe 'e is. Maybe I’m just confused, 'cause I want 'im to tickle me kidneys!” Rae laughed, keeping a brave face on for Tix. She knew that Tix lived vicariously through her and Rae liked to keep her spirits up. It could be tough in this place at times. 
“What’s he like!?” Tix urged her to spill the beans on this boy who had taken over her mind. 

Rae started to chat non-stop about Finn’s apparent sex appeal, feeling Tix’s smile radiating up towards her. Rae felt proud that she had been about to lift Tix’s spirits. Tixie had always been here for her whenever she was shit, so of course she would do the same back. 

Then Rae noticed a familiar red plaid shirt making his way over the bridge of the mental hospital. what. the. fuck. 
“OH BOLLOCKS! HIDE!” She yelled. 

Hiding behind a wall, and keeping their eyes on Finn as he walked into the grounds, Rae felt confusion sweep over her. 
“What the hell is he doing here?” She asked as a rhetorical question, knowing that Tix certainly wouldn’t be able to answer it. 
“Is THAT Finn?” Tix replied, and Rae looked back in shock.
“You know 'im?” Rae replied, shocked when Tix nodded her head. 
“He’s been visiting his grandma here for a couple of weeks. He’s always dead sweet to me, brings me a chocolate bar. Shame he doesn’t know that I can’t, well you know.” Tix lowered her eyes to the floor and Rae just staring at her, blood pumped loudly around her body, and she didn’t know how to compute these facts; A) The fact that Finn had a Nana that he came to see weekly, B) He clearly wasn’t shallow or C) he was so nice, he brought Tix a chocolate bar every week. 
“I have to see them Tixie.” She ordered. 

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6x04: Black Hole Sun, My Reaction

Stelena Road trip:

Learning we’re gonna get a flashback of something bad Damon did: 

The “proposal" scene:

Seeing Zach again; with a wife and baby on the way:

Jeremy and Alaric bonding/yoda time:

Stefan spilling the beans to Elena about her erased memories:

Turns out Kai is a serial killer:

Damon being protective of Bonnie: 

Turns out Damon killed Abby (we all saw that one coming): 

Kai absorbing Bonnie’s powers and hurting her in the process:

The fact they’re still trying to sell Damon and Elena as "soulmates.”

Elena deciding not to get her memories back:

Finding out Sara is Zach and Abby’s daughter:

Finding out Ivy is still alive and a vampire:

Extra: No Caroline in this episode????

That about sums it up for me.

Nicole spilling the beans on her time in the jury house with Hayden. Apparently he realized how much he missed her once he was evicted and started tearing up a bit when she showed up in jury, and he gave her lots of forehead kisses, and would make her breakfast every morning

EDIT; THIS JUST IN: he also picked her roses from the garden aND WROTE HER CUTE LOVE NOTES

Fully Charged! Valve and Competitive TF2 - Episode 42

We visited Valve regarding competitive TF2 and now it’s time to spill the beans! 

On April 28th, 2015: Five figures from the TF2 community travelled to Bellevue to visit the TF2 team: Enigma, B4nny, Seagull, Extine, and Mana. We asked for support for the game we know and love, and we’re getting it. 

Tune in to Fully Charged Friday May 1st, 5:30 PM PDT @ twitch.tv/teamfortresstv as we go into full detail about the trip and what it means for our game long term. 

Hosts: Getawhale and Buick
Guests: B4nny, Seagull, Oplaid, Enigma, and Mana
Production: dashner

For those of you who want the A to your Q on the recent visit to Valve that has got everybody talking about the possibilities of official competitive matchmaking and support in the near future, Fully Charged’s episode revolving around Valve is tonight! If you’d like to get some last-minute questions into the thread that somebody else hasn’t asked about, thread is here. 

Lines by me. Color by nedroidcomics

Working on the new Atomic Robo story has been a lot of fun. Also (as mentioned a bunch of times already iwillshutupaboutitnow) a huge challenge as I learn to do comics digitally. 

After wrapping up Knights of the Golden Circle, I thought it’d be a good idea to get my feet under me with some practice pages on the Cintiq before botching “real” Robo pages. That kind of turned into four different 4-page stories that focused on what a few Action Scientists were up to between Volumes 8 and 10. That then turned into me pleading with Brian to write scripts to go with these pages, and now we’ve got a full length prologue to Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire.

At the time we weren’t sure how we would spill the beans about turning Atomic Robo into a webcomic. One plan was to launch with the prologue pages and some mysterious posts about Robo’s world never being the same. I made this cover/poster with that in mind.

Now it will probably be the cover image for the “prequel” chapter of The Ring of Fire.

More recently, we’ve talked about Lang’s hair in this image down at the Team Robo Virtual Office. The “Asian girl with dyed hair” is a trope in Western media. It’s hard to point at any individual instance of it as racist, but taking into account how frequently it shows up, I dunno, it’s definitely weird. And here’s Lang, a Chinese woman, with two-tone purple hair. Sigh.

Oddly enough, I asked Anthony to color her hair this way because it’s supposed to be black. I felt like with the new palettes we’ve been using, Lang’s black hair read as gray and made her look older than she is. I suggested purple because, hey, the comics I read as a kid substituted purples for blacks all the time. Problem solved forever! Except comics readers aren’t also mind readers, so when they see purple in a modern comic, they have no reason to think it’s code for black. Whoops.

It’s certainly not our intent to offend anyone. But one of the biggest mistakes that I often see offensive people make is doubling down on the argument that they had no *intent* to offend. What they fail to accept or understand is that once you put something out in public, what you *meant* is only part of the conversation. How others receive it through their own experiences is the other part. But if you’ve got empathy for people living lives different than your own, you can own up to your own mistakes and learn from them and do better.
Is this hair color thing even a big deal? I dunno! But we are responsible for the media we put into the world, and our fifth rule means we have think about it carefully.

Meanwhile, the white girl is based largely on my daughter and she’s got pink dyed hair for sure because I know she specifically thinks it’s awesome.