since one of morita’s descendants is going to be in spiderman homecoming, i need him to meet steve and bucky at some point and i want it to leave me crying and gutted

Gemini can have this feeling of everything catching up on them, all the changes in themselves, where they kind of flash before them. There can a kind of depersonalisation with Gemini, a feeling of being unable to grasp themselves from one minute to the next. Yet at other times, they flourish in this, accepting each separate state to be “themselves” for that moment in time. It is often true that the Gemini you say goodbye to will not be the one you greet the next time you see them.


(so in case you don’t know, @soupery started a new cool thing yesterday where you draw yourself with your fav AT character)

sometimes it’s hard to decide on a definite favorite character bc well, they all mean a lot to me in different ways. Marceline’s character has always really resonated with me tho, so overall that’s why I pick her every time I guess?

thanks to adventure time, I was able to join the best online community ever. I love all of you fellow atimers. Let’s enjoy our remaining time together!

I have so much to say about the show and how it helped me be the best person I can be, but it’s not yet time to say our final goodbyes. 

My heart hurts so bad right now guys. I’m away at a meet and all I want to be is with my family. This summer I lost my one grandma and watched her die for weeks. Now my other grandma is dying and I feel so helpless. The doctors are taking the ventilator out which is basically breathing for her. She’s 76. She has emphysema because she smoked her entire life and has been on 24/7 oxygen for the last 10 years. Her lungs are deteriorating as I type this. I never got to say goodbye. I never thought that the last time I talked to her would be the last. Please never start smoking. Please talk to your loved ones who do smoke. Tell them it’s not worth it. Her quality of life these past 10 years have not been great. Don’t hurt your family who love you. Because watching this fold out is breaking my heart.

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.


Time To Say Goodbye
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Twenty One Pilots’ unreleased “Time To Say Goodbye,” a remake of the song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.  They now only play this song live.


i finished the lyric vid for RWBY’s 2nd op (●´∀`●) !!

v hype