Turns out there’s are gods for everything like trees, water, etc. However, as time passes, the gods must change with the times. Tell me a tale about the god of IT

I’m so curious what will happen to Pokemon Go. 

Will it fade into nothingness and become one strange, surreal summer? Will it perpetuate and grow so much that it becomes as embedded into people’s lives as major social media networks? Will it become an embarrassing cash cow with corporate-sponsored PokeStops and franchise-exclusive items and Pokemon? Will CP growth eventually scale out of realistic attainability, like the economies of Neopets and GaiaOnline? 

Only time will tell

Wrong Place Wrong Time (17)

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Part 17 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3,951 

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You had heard two bangs followed by two cries, startling you. Yixing and Chanyeol were on the ground, blood pouring from their thighs. You panicked, ripping Chanyeol’s T-shirt off of his body and exposing his chest. You tore the shirt into two and wrapped the material around each of their wounds in an attempt to stop the bleeding. You needed help and fast, if someone didn’t find you soon they would most certainly bleed to death. Your mind was racing and your heart was banging in your chest, you felt as though you were having some type respiratory malfunction as breathing was proving to be almost impossible. Jongin stood at the other end of the section, beside a crate; you were crouched down on the floor next to an Injured Yixing and an Injured Chanyeol. All you could focus on was the gun that was spinning in Jongin’s hand. You’d all be dead in a matter of moments; you had no arms to protect yourself. How didn’t anybody realise who the mole was; the traitor in your squadron all along.

He was leaking information all this time.

He was the Tell-Tale.

It was Jongin.

You stared up at him, eyes widening in fear, he had his gun pointed straight at you. You had allowed yourself to believe that Jongin was a lovely and warm man who cared for you and had feelings for you, contrary to Yixing’s warnings, but boy were you wrong. You stared directly into his eyes and took a breath. What seemed to be the longest breath that you had ever taken in your life, and held it, you weren’t sure you were ready to die but at this point in time the power was not in your hands. Jongin smirked at you lowering his gun and removing a can of red spray paint from his holster, painting two red crosses on Chanyeol’s chest, he threw the can towards you and ran behind the crate disappearing altogether. You blinked hard, you were still alive. You let out the breath you were holding and began to cry hysterically, the shock of it all hitting you at once.

“Y/N, find help. Please.” Chanyeol groaned, you noticed they were both pale now, their trousers and the ripped shirt material soaked with their blood. You nodded vigorously and stood up in search for one of the others.

“Suho! Xiumin! Someone help me! Please!”

With two men down you had to fall back, there weren’t enough of you to win this battle. You sat in the van crying manically. The thought that you would never see Yixing again after you guys ended on a bad note, or never see Chanyeol again. Your best friend.

“Y/N you’re going to need to calm down.” Kyungsoo said, staring at you.

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down!” You screamed, spraying saliva across the van. You were in a frenzied state and couldn’t calm yourself down. “We need to get them to a hospital.” You panicked, your eyes darting between Yixing and Chanyeol who were slowly beginning to look like corpses, their lives literally draining before your eyes.

“We can’t do that Y/N, have you forgotten who we are?” Minseok was rubbing your back. All you wanted to do was hold his hand right now, but you were too shaken to even successfully do that.

“No we can’t but I know who we can bring home. My brother.” Kyungsoo said, looking gravely at the two dying men lying on the floor at the back of the van.
“He’s a surgeon; he works in the hospital that Chanyeol’s dad used to work in before Genesis, we’ll have to make a detour.”

“But he doesn’t know who we are Soo, are you sure this is a good idea.” Sehun sat forward looking from Kyungsoo to Chanyeol and Yixing.

“No, but it’s our only option, Baekhyun can’t deal with this is alone, by the time he’s done with one of them the other will be dead.” He gave his family address to Junmyeon who was in the driver seat.

“Are you sure Kyungsoo?” Junmyeon asked looking at him through the rear view mirror.

“No. But we don’t have a choice.” He sighed, looking at the two corpse-like bodies. Junmyeon nodded swerving the van, knocking over a trash can. You kept your hands compressed on Yixing’s and Chanyeol’s thighs, trying anything you could to keep them alive, neither of them were moving now and it was scaring you beyond belief.

“Oh God! Please don’t die on me!” You began crying again, Minseok was rubbing his hand on your shoulder.

“This is all your fault.” Kyungsoo hissed, tears in his eyes, pointing at Minseok. “You had us ambushed didn’t you?! Tell me why I shouldn’t shoot a bullet through your brain right now. After everything we’ve all been through together.”

Minseok looked up at Kyungsoo, his face was expressionless.

“If you really think this was my doing then you’re really crazy.”

Sehun shifted in his seat, looking around the van “Minseok I don’t understand why, I thought I knew you better than this.”

“I thought you knew me better than this too.” Minseok frowned at Sehun.

You had enough of the bickering and arguing now, your best friend was dying and all they could do was pick a fight with the wrong person.

“It wasn’t fucking Minseok!” You screamed, shooting Sehun with a fierce look. “You’re all out here blaming the wrong person, meanwhile you’ve failed to realise that one of us is missing.”

They all frowned, Suho still speeding down dark streets, breaking every single road law out there.
Spinning his head around Sehun gasped in realisation. “Shit guys, we left Jongin behind! Fuck, we have to go back for him.”

“We can’t now; these two are almost dead we need to get to Kyungsoo’s brother.” Minseok said helping you to add more pressure to the gunshot wounds.

“No we’re not going back for Jongin; he can stay there and die. He deserves to waste away in a fucking crate full of Jay Lee’s toxic substances. Do you want to know why? Jongin did this. Jongin was the one who shot them. You see that?” You pointed to the two red crosses on Chanyeol’s chest. “’Kai’ did that. He’s the fucking Tell-Tale.” You screamed, your lungs felt as though they were going to burst, you felt your shoulders violently shaking again, but tried your hardest not to break down, this wasn’t the right time.
“Please Chanyeol, you have to make this. Please.” You whispered. “Yixing you too.”

The van was quiet; you were assuming everyone was taking a moment to process what you had just said. You were still in shock yourself, you couldn’t get the image of Jongin out of your head, you thought he was going to kill the man that was holding the gun up at you, but no, you were so wrong, instead he gave him a quick discrete nod, the man ran away from your section leaving you momentarily dazed, but before you had a chance to process what had just happened, Jongin was shooting both Yixing and Chanyeol, but why didn’t he shoot you too, you were obviously going to go back and tell the others what you had discovered.

“What… What did you just say?” Minseok’s breath was shaky looking at you through disbelieving eyes, waiting for you to say that you were only joking, but unfortunately you weren’t.

“Jongin was the mole all along. It explains how the letter got in the house; he probably just dropped it on the floor when nobody was watching. He probably planted the red spray paint in your cupboard too and planned the whole sugar incident.”

“No, it doesn’t make sense, how could he have planned all of this stuff we never let him out of our sight. Did he have an accomplice?” Minseok shook his head.

“I don’t know, but I remember him telling me that every midnight he’d go for a jog or something to get the stress out of his system, I guess that’s when he did whatever he had to do.” You shook your head, how had you been so easily fooled.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I didn’t know he was a fucking traitor Minseok, this isn’t my fault! You’re only saying this because you’re blinded by hindsight bias. How was I to know that that would be relevant information at the time? Besides I’m sure there are other places that people visit that they’d like to keep secrets from anyone else, so I didn’t say anything due to privacy.” You gave him a knowing look; you knew where he went now so he couldn’t really say anything. He lowered his head. “Look can we discuss this later and just get to Kyungsoo’s house please!” Junmyeon nodded; driving faster now then he had been before.

You were all waiting impatiently for Kyungsoo who was standing at his front door, there were lights on so somebody was home, they were taking forever to answer, it seemed like forever, every second was crucial for you. Slowly the door opened up revealing a short woman. She was middle aged but looked withered, her hair had many grey strands in it and she had bags under her eyes. You all pressed your foreheads against the van windows listening intently to what was going on outside.

“Mama…”Kyungsoo breathed, almost inaudibly if you weren’t mistaken you were sure you could hear Kyungsoo’s voice catch in his throat, as if he was about to cry.

“Oh my God…Oh my God! Kyungsoo it’s you, Oh my God!” Tears were spilling down her face, as she pulled him into a hug. “My baby! I didn’t know whether you were alive. Kyungsoo where have you been, please just come back home. I can’t sleep knowing you’re not safe, it’s been 6 years, don’t you think you’ve tortured us enough.”

“Mama I’m sorry…But I don’t have time I need to see Babu, where is he?”

“Babu?” You whispered knitting your brows together.

“Yes. His brother. It’s not his real name though; it’s just a family pet name.” Junmyeon answered, pressing his header closer to the window and putting a finger up to his lips.

“Come inside my baby, it’s cold out here.” His mother said grabbing his arm and pulling him closer to the door, but he slipped it out of her grip just as quickly.

“Mama…I don’t have time, I need Babu, where is he?” He cleared his throat, but his voice was little and you could still sense he was trying to refrain from crying.

“Why what’s happening, have you gotten yourself into trouble? Kyungsoo, what’s happening with you? Ever since your father died you –”

“Babu!” Kyungsoo called from outside of the house, cutting off his mother completely.

“Shh, Or you’ll wake Rina.”


“Your niece Kyungsoo, you have a niece.” His mother’s eyes wondered up and down his body. She must have been terrified he looked a mess, scratches on his body, he looked rough and there were scraps of blood here and there. Suddenly a taller man appeared in the door frame; he was wearing a suit and looked well groomed.

“Mama, what’s all this noise? Have you not seen the time? Rina is…” He broke off when he realised Kyungsoo standing in front of him. His eyes widened in shock and then a frown descended upon his face.

“Wow, well would you take a look at what the Cat dragged in.”He crossed his hands over his chest letting out a deep grunt. “So you’ve decided to finally come home after six years of God knows what. Drugs I presume? Did you get bored Soo? You’re not welcome here, do you know how much shit you’ve put this family through.”

“Babu, stop it,he’s back now that’s all that matters.” Kyungsoo’s mother put her hand over his brother’s shoulder, but he shrugged it off violently.

“No Mama! He’s put us through so much, all those sleepness nights, all that worrying! And he rocks up here after six years. We had to grieve two losses. Dad’s and Kyungsoo’s and now he thinks it’s okay to just rock up here like nothing ever happened. What do you want money? Are you in trouble? Because we’re not going to fucking help you out Kyungsoo! You’re dead to this fucking family, do you understand me!?”

His mum began crying uncontrollably, hanging onto Kyungsoo’s arm. “Babu don’t say that. Don’t say that to my little boy. He’ll always be your brother. Your father would hate this.”

“He means nothing to me. Honestly you and dad should never have gone through the trouble of having another. I don’t know where you suddenly resurfaced from Kyungsoo, but you better crawl back under that rock, you’re not welcome at this house. You’ll never see Rina, you’re not worthy of being an uncle to her, you won’t even exist in her world.”

Kyungsoo stood there silently for a moment, his back was facing you so you couldn’t tell if he was crying or not.

“They’re taking too long!” You hissed. “Chanyeol and Yixing will die!” Things needed to be sped up.

“Babu I need your help…” Kyungsoo breathed

“I told you I’m not fucking helping you Kyungsoo. And don’t you ever call me Babu again, you lost your right to say that six years ago.”

That’s it, you thought to yourself, this was taking too long you had to do something to speed this up otherwise Chanyeol and Yixing definitely wouldn’t stand a chance. You stood up from your seat taking your trousers off, causing the others to gasp in surprise.
“Give me your jacket!” You motioned towards Sehun with your hand.

“What? Why?”

“Just give it to me!” You hissed. He took it off throwing it towards you. You wrapped it into a ball and tucked it under the jacket you were wearing and wiped the blood that was on your hands in between your legs and on your thighs.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Junmyeon whispered in shock, you could just about hear him.

“I’m currently in the process of saving Chanyeol and Yixing. Thank me later!” You hissed, jumping down from the van. You were about to put on as good a performance as you did at the Hotel launch, or better. You limped towards where Kyungsoo was stood with his estranged family, clutching on to your puffed out stomach. It didn’t take much for you to cry, just thinking of Chanyeol and Yixing set you off.

“Babe, you said you were getting some help.” You cried powerlessly, holding onto Kyungsoo’s arm with your free hand. “I don’t know how much more I can wait, I don’t know if the baby will survive. Kyungsoo do something.” You cried against his shoulder feigning physical and emotional agony. Kyungsoo stood there motionless and dazed for a second or two, but then pulled himself together when he realised you were trying to speed up the situation.

“Kyungsoo…wh-who is this?” His mother stuttered, looking you up and down in complete and utter shock.

“It’s my fiancée, we were in a car accident and the impact…the baby. Babu I didn’t know what to do, I panicked and came here first please help us.” Kyungsoo placed a hand over your stomach looking up helplessly at his older brother. His brother’s eyes widened with horror now looking down at the blood on your legs. He nodded quickly stepping aside from the door.

“Come inside quickly!”

“No.” You said more abruptly than intended. “I’d feel more comfortable in the van.” You began to limp over back to the van parked on the roadside.

“Quickly Babu! Please!” Kyungsoo called to his brother as he ran into the car behind you.

Seconds later Kyungsoo’s brother was in the van. Junmyeon locked all the doors and sped off back to the house. You removed the scrunched up jacket from under yours and threw it back to Sehun, taking your place next to Minseok again and helping to apply pressure to Yixing and Chanyeol’s bullet wounds.

“What the fuck is this?! What the fuck is going on?!” Kyungsoo’s brother shouted looking around the van frantically, realising you were simulating your pregnancy.

“Babu we need your help, please!” tears were falling from Kyungsoo’s eyes now, he was staring intensely at his brother.

“No Kyungsoo! What you need is God! What is going on here.” He looked around again. “Do Kyungsoo, what the fuck have you gotten yourself into.” His brother said losing his breath at the sight before him.

“I can’t tell you Babu. It’s better for everyone if you don’t know. But we need your help. We can’t take them to a hospital.” He pointed down at Chanyeol and Yixing. “But they’re dying so please Babu.”

“For Christ’s sake Kyungsoo, what have you done? What is go—Oh my God!” His eyes were wider now than they had been before, looking closer at the two injured men. “Is that?…”

“Mr Park’s son. Yes.” 

Kyungsoo’s brother gulped at the sight of his ex-colleagues son dying before him on the floor. “So please Babu you have to help, not for me but for Chanyeol. For Mr. Park.”


All of you were sitting patiently in the board waiting and waiting. Kyungsoo’s brother and Baekhyun had been at it for hours and you found in those hours, your tears didn’t cease to spill down your cheeks. You didn’t know what you were shaken at more; Jongin, or the fact that the other two may not make it. Junmyeon had told Jongdae about Jongin, but you didn’t say any more because you were in no frame of mind to speak. You were breathing heavily, your chest heaving up and down at an irregular pace, anger rising in your body. You were so mad that you hadn’t recognised you were grunting whilst breathing.

“Y/N. Calm down, you need to calm down.” Minseok put his arm on your shoulder, but you pushed it off immediately.

“Calm down? How can I calm down? Minseok I’m so angry, I’m so fucking angry. That stupid bastard Jongin!” You stood up pushing your chair backwards and running out of the board. You found yourself inside Jongin’s room, anger had consumed you whole. You were livid, absolutely fuming. You found yourself trashing his room, pulling his bed sheets off the bed, ripping clothes out of his wardrobe and kicking the wardrobe down. Crashing the desk onto the floor. You never knew it was possible to loathe someone as much as you did now, but it was hitting you like a tonne of bricks. You tugged at your hair letting out a spine chilling scream. This was too much for you, you couldn’t deal with this. It was too much. You began clawing at Jongin’s pillows, feathers flying about everywhere.
The sun was rising now, they had been operating for so long, there was no way they’d make it. You began clawing at Jongin’s walls, the stupid bastard. He had this all planned out, he buttered you up so you would never suspect it was him. The tips of your fingers were bleeding now, but you couldn’t stop yourself. Jongin had pushed you over the edge, you had turned into a mad woman.

“Y/N stop! Stop it!” You were being dragged back away from the wall by Minseok. “They’re done Y/N, they’re going to be okay.”

Suddenly you lost all sensation in your legs and fell to the floor, a wave of emotions taking over you, You were crying uncontrollably, they were going to be okay. They were going to live. You were gasping for air between your loud sobs. Minseok crouched down beside you, using his sleeve to wipe tears away from your eyes.
“I don’t know what’s gotten into me, being all caring lately. This is not good for my image.” He sighed. “But Y/N they’re going to be okay, so you need to relax now okay.” He pulled you into a hug and began rubbing your back. “Let’s go and see them okay. They won’t be awake, but it’s enough to know they’re alive, hmm?” You nodded your head allowing Minseok to drag you to the Op room in the basement.

“Thank you so much Babu” Kyungsoo breathed, his eyes were red. He walked up to his brother to embrace him in a hug, but he was met with a hard shove, falling backwards into Jongdae.

“Get the fuck away from me…” His brother breathed backing away from the everyone, closer to the metal door. “I don’t know who the fuck you all are, but this is sick. Somebody take me home, now.”
Kyungsoo looked so defeated; his eyes looked lifeless, even more so than on the day that Jongdae was injured.

“Babu, you can’t tell anyone about this.”

“Why the fuck not. This is an underground operation, you’re all scum you deserve to be rotting away in a cell. And here I was thinking it was just drugs. If only.” He scoffed disbelievingly at Kyungsoo. “You always were the worse child. The authorities deserve to know about this.”

“I hate to do this, but we know where you live. You, your mum. Rina.” Minseok raised an eyebrow. Here he was, the cold-hearted man you had first been introduced to, making a quick reappearance, and it was scary how quickly Minseok could change.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Kyungsoo’s brother asked, frowning at Minseok.

“I don’t know. Would you like to take a chance and find out?” Minseok answered him rhetorically, putting him in his place. Kyungsoo’s brother silently shook his head, allowing himself to be escorted out of the room by Sehun. After you were sure he was away from earshot, Junmyeon finally began to release his pent-up anger.

“Jongin! That fucking bastard, after we took him in. We were a family! And he was working for them all along! He tried to fucking kill my boys, to get rid of them! Is he fucking crazy, I’ll fucking kill him with my own two hands!” Junmyeon shouted, his face red and consumed with rage, his body was shaking and his breathing was heavy. Baekhyun rubbed his back trying to calm him down but it wasn’t helping.

You frowned looking at Chanyeol and Yixing on the bed again, and only just really began to notice that Jongin had shot them in the thigh. You shook your head. “No…” You whispered.

“No what!?” Junmyeon screamed at you “Are you fucking defending that traitor you bitch!”

“No.” You shook your head again “Look.” You said pointing at Chanyeol’s and Yixing’s thighs.

“Yes I am fully fucking aware that he tried shooting them dead!” He stormed over to your direction, but Kyungsoo pulled him back.

“Are you crazy Y/N? Are you intentionally trying to piss him off?” Kyungsoo spat at you, trying to pull Junmyeon away to the opposite side of the room from you.

“No!” You squeezed your eyes shut tight, desperate for someone to just listen to you. “Look, he shot their thighs!”

“Yes we know that Y/N” Baekhyun said starting to get irritated himself. But then Minseok turned to you and nodded slowly.
“Oh.” He said pointing at their thighs “You’re right.”

“What!?” Baekhyun half-shouted “You’re confusing me, I don’t understand.”

“There’s something more to this. Don’t you see?” You continued, but only received blank stares from the other men. You sighed, rolling your eyes. “This is Jongin we’re talking about.” You walked up to Chanyeol placing your hand softly next to the gunshot wound on his thigh. “When we were on the way to pick up Kyungsoo’s brother I was wondering to myself why Jongin didn’t shoot me too. Why did he just leave me there when I was obviously going to come back and tell you guys everything that happened. But what bugs me the most is the fact that Jongin was out to kill them, but unfortunately for him he only managed to shoot their thighs, then it dawned on me suddenly.” You looked up to face Baekhyun.

“Jongin never misses.”

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I’m like 99.9% sure that the reason Will Turner is all barnacle-y in Dead Men Tell No Tales is because of Henry, sadly.

Because doesn’t Will imply in the first scene between them, that it’s not the first time that Henry’s basically drowned himself to end up aboard the Dutchman?

So that probably means that at least twice… Henry was maybe supposed to die, or become one of the Dutchman’s crew members, but Will broke duty and returned him to his normal life instead.

And that’s why his look is getting corrupted: because he corrupted his purpose those few times.


Honestly, I just felt like bellarke + bathing + intimacy.

It took Clarke the better part of an hour.  First she had to walk to the central storage facility and check out the deep copper tub and lug it back to the cabin.  It was set on a small dolly that left muddy tracks through the hard, crunchy snow that still covered patches of the center of camp.  There had been a thaw for the past few days but Monty’s satellite had picked up a storm system moving their way, and no sooner had she reached the cabin near the council building did thick, fat flakes start drifting down from the iron grey sky.  She set the solar water heater to fill, but that was only good for about half of the total capacity so she filled several heavy buckets and hung them in the oversized hearth.

The trick with getting a bath to the right temperature was to get it a little too hot and then let it cool, but if you let it go too long you were stuck with a lukewarm bath that quickly became a cold one.  There was a reason most people preferred to use the communal bathing house on the outskirts of the camp— you had to share, but the water stayed the same temperature the entire time and it took a lot less effort.   But when Clarke got something into her head she couldn’t be dissuaded, so she waited until the water came to a simmering boil and then poured it into the tub.  She released the tap on the water heater just a short time later and watched the steam rise from her perch on Miller’s three legged stool.

Clarke was testing the water for the third time when the door opened.  “Monty’s storm is right on time,” Bellamy announced. His back was turned as he carefully shut the door to their cabin against the cold.  He had snowflakes in his hair, bright white against the dark curls.

“How are they?” she asked.  Bellamy had gone up the mountainside to check on the small encampment up there— several Azgedans and half a dozen of Luna’s people had decided to settle there instead, as their goats preferred the sharp slopes for grazing.  But someone from the council went up every other day to check on them, just to be sure.

“We’re going to have to send an team with Raven up— they’re down to their back up generator again,” he replied, his head down as he untied his shoes.  “I was thinking— oh, sorry, I didn’t realize…I’ll…I’ll go to Miller’s,” Bellamy said when he straightened and noticed the tub.  

Clarke stood and balled her hands into fists.  She’d been planning this all day, and there was no reason to be nervous.  They shared a cabin— and a bed—  after all, and it wasn’t like she was asking him for– she wasn’t asking him for anything.  He deserved this, for everything he did for all of them.  But still, she felt a little fluttery when she cleared her throat.  “It’s not for me,” she explained.  “I thought you’d like a bath.  And one without people coming in to ask your opinion on the fences or whatever.”

“For me?” he asked, and the confusion on his face weighed on her heart.  After everything, he still didn’t seem to think he was owed anything special.  Which was why she did this— dragging a tub that was half her weight across camp, heating up pails of water, even trading a pair of wool socks with a Trikru woman for soap that was soft and fragrant.

“For you,” she confirmed.  “I’m going to sit outside and threaten to shoot anyone who interrupts you.”

Half a smile played with the corner of his lips.  “It’s freezing outside.  And snowing.”

“I’ll dress warm,” she said, a little more fiercely than she intended.

He ducked his head down and rubbed the back of his neck.  “Stay,” he mumbled, and her heart did a funny little leap.  “It’s cold out, and it’s— it’s just a bath.”  She knew he was thinking of the same thing she was— that she woke up every morning curled in his arms, his erection pressed to the small of her back.  They pretended it was nothing— and it was, when you thought about it— and ignored it, but they had reached a level of intimacy that could not be denied.

She had intended to fight him, but the tips of his ears were turning red so she gave in.  “Okay,” she relented, and turned around to let him undress.  The rustle of his clothing made a blush rise on her neck, but by the time she heard the tell-tale splash of him lowering himself in she had herself under control.

“It’s safe now,” he said with a hint of humor, and she turned around.  Bellamy was laying back in the tub, his knees just barely breaking the surface.  He let out a long, slow breath and she smiled, pleased that he was enjoying himself.  “You didn’t have to do this, you know,” he said, opening one eye.

“I know,” Clarke said briskly, sitting down on the stool and handing him the soap.  “I wanted to.”  He looked away at that, and Clarke wished he wouldn’t.

Bellamy soaked for awhile, detailing the problems the mountain outpost was having— several goats seem to have contracted something but no one knew what it was— and dipping his head back into the water a few times before lathering up the soap.  He frowned at it.  “This isn’t the usual stuff, is it?”

“Trikru makes it,” she replied.

“What did it cost you?”

“Nothing I wasn’t willing to pay.  Here, let me,” she said, and took the soap from him.  She worked it into a lather between her hands and then started massaging it into his hair.  Maybe it was an excuse to touch him, but she felt weird just sitting and watching.  This way, she was less of a voyeur— although the tub was deep enough that she couldn’t see anything, at least not from where she was sitting— and more of a…participant.  Bellamy let out a quiet, contented sigh as her nails scratched his scalp and she bit her lip.  She picked up a glass jar from the floor and filled it with water from the tub.  “Tip your head back,” she ordered, placing her hand at the base of his skull.

Bellamy complied, closing his eyes and letting her pour the water over his hair until it ran clear.  His eyelashes fluttered for a second and then he opened his eyes, finding hers.  Clarke’s lungs felt tight and her heart was too big for her ribcage.  Her hand was still at the nape of his neck, but she set the glass jar down and brought her other hand to his cheek.  Her thumb swept across a spray of freckles, and Bellamy turned his head to press a kiss to her palm.  He whispered her name, and suddenly, it all made sense.

For weeks, Clarke had felt like they were dancing on the precipice of something but they were both holding back.  They’d lost too much, too quickly, and what they had— she couldn’t bare to lose him and knew he felt the same.  But last week, she’d overheard him and Raven laughing about something Gina had said once, and it felt good.  Being able to laugh about someone you’d lost meant you remembered the good instead of just the pain, and she wanted him to heal.  That night, part of her had wanted to turn around and face him when his arm curled over her as they drifted off, but she didn’t.  She felt like Bellamy was holding back and she didn’t want to push him, but now— now she realized that he would always hold back when it came to her.  He would always let her make the first move, because that’s who he was.  In moments like this, he would hold back until she was ready.

And she was, so Clarke leaned down and kissed him.  She started slow, but there wasn’t any point— once she pushed them over the edge, they were both gone.  Bellamy surged upwards and a wash of water sloshed over the side, soaking her sweater.  “Sorry,” he mumbled, taking her face in his wet, wrinkled hands and kissing her thoroughly.

Clarke tipped her head to the side to deepen the kiss, her hands now tangled in his hair.  “Don’t be,” she whispered.  “Don’t be.”

Watch on misterceeh.tumblr.com

BTS definitely know how to get JK’s attention. You know, it may not be far from the truth that HS did volunteer to be the Jeonlous bait during that time. Plus, JM’s tell-tale glances and smirks are so quite hard to ignore.

JK’s backhug + chin on JM’s shoulder + closed eyes still makes soft. 😭😍😭😍😭😍

Reyna Writes: Back To Us [UPDATED - 6/20/17]

(art by @edendaphne; do not steal, edit, or repost)

Look at you,” the beast taunted as Reyna struggled to stand tall, because she would be damned if she allowed herself to show so much weakness in front of it. “Still so stubborn. Reminds me of the old days, when I was but a wee thing, hatched anew and taken under your care. Remember those times?

           She did. She didn’t want to, but she did. All that effort she had gone into raising the creature, not knowing that all her love and attention would warp it into…this. How she longed for the easier days, when she had burned with fierce love and loyalty for this creature…but now…

           “I made you,” she said grimly, the consequences of her actions weighing as heavy as her sword and her amulet. “I created the monster that stands before me today. So the responsibility to end you lies with me, and me alone.”

           This made the beast roar with laughter.

           “You can barely stand at this point!” It taunted her, and Reyna grit her teeth in frustration. “How do you possibly expect to finish me on your own? No aid will come to you in this endeavor. You are alone!


           No, that wasn’t true.

           Reyna might be (barely) standing here on her own…but she wasn’t completely alone, was she?

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bed time, kiddo (Kustard)

“actually, have i ever told ya’ how dad and i met?”

The little child shook their head as fast as they could with their skull pressed into the soft pillow of their small bed.
In front of them, sitting on a tiny stool, laughed their Papa softly.

“well then, couldn’t keep that from ya’ could i? wouldn’t be nice to hide all the fun we had before we got ya’.”

Sirius A sent him a glare, which wasn’t really threatening when most of their face was obscured by the blue blanket that covered the childs body, but Red got the message anyway.

“ya gotta know that i”, he hesitated shortly, “weren’t really around for ah, a long time. so the first chance i have had to meet sans, i kinda screwed it up tons.”

“Really, how?”
Their eyes shone with rapt attention since stories of their Pa’s past weren’t a day to day occurrence, for.. multiple reasons.

“i didn’t really give him a chance when we met. cussed him out a lot.”
The monster softly rubbed the back of his head.
“ya’ see though, kiddo, he still gave me a chance and we made up. i think i was just a bit jealous of how happy he was. your pa wasn’t the most cheerful one during those months, okay scratch that and make it years.”

“Why were you sad? Did anyone pick on you? Didn’t you put them down?”

Red told them softly that it was himself and not really another person.

“however, moving on. dad and i spent a shit ton of time together after we got used to each other. and you know, eventually we fell in love and all that jaz. tha’s why i’m stuck with him now.”
A grin was present on his face as he leaned down to plant a kiss on his kids forehead.
“but that’s okay. i’m glad we’re together an’ i hope you’ll be happy with us as well, starchild.”

Sirius A giggled rubbing the spot that was touched moments ago.

“I’m glad Dad and you are together! ’m happy with you. ‘Night Papa!”

“night kiddo. see ya tomorrow.”

“wait, sirius really went to bed without throwing a tantrum?”
“yep, just told ‘em a story and they were gone in no time.”
“you should tell them tales more often if the kid likes those that much.”
Sans chuckled into the others ripcage.
“that reminds me, i still got the old fluffybunny book. want that for tomorrow?”
“would be glad ta’ continue the tradition ya doofus”


a tribut and hopefully cheer up thingy for an amazing artist.

I planned on drawing something for this too but I hope you’ll receive this now @beckyshecky !

Please stay determined and have a nice day. You’re an awesome and kind person.

Playing With Fire | Yunhyeong [M]

Originally posted by i-kont

Warnings:  This is not a sweet smut. It involves semi-public sex. Forced silence will occur as well as spanking, slight dom/sub themes, and a bunch of other stuff, including but not limited to: mentions of alcohol use, cunnilingus, and praise. Yeah… If you haven’t been scared off by the warning then happy reading.

Word count: 3.0k+ (i like sex with a plot fam)

“Hey, easy on the champagne,” Yunhyeong warns as he sits down his own glass and pulls the near empty flute from your lips.

“I’m not a fucking child Yunhyeong.” You spat. A small bit that you hadn’t yet swallowed falls from your mouth and takes purchase on your bottom lip.

He scoffs, “I don’t remember saying you fucking were.“

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Currently accepting artworks, short messages, and long letters. Read the guidelines here.

Artworks - Any digital fanarts are accepted. The artwork must contain either any character Katie portrayed, or real life sketches/drawing of Katie.

Short Messages -  Short inspirational, and motivational messages for Katie. Maybe write about why you believe in her, or tell her that her amazing fandom will always be there to support her whatever she chooses to do next, or just proclaim how much you love her.

Long Letters - These are personal messages telling Katie how much she has inspired you, or how she helped you through tough times, or maybe tell the tale of how she saved you. I wanted this part to focus on the deep and meaningful things she did for you personally.

Let’s give our girl what she deserves!!! Reblog this to pass the word around!! Have a nice day!

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Project headed by OfficiaLuthor

The new ‘Anne’ - Character Analysis

A deep-dive into the re-imagined portrayal of Anne Shirley, in the CBC/Netflix adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.

It’s safe to say that LM Montgomery’s Anne is a widely beloved character.  An outsider with a potent imagination, a creative spirit and a yearning for a place in the world.  She’s been portrayed in many adaptations over the years, and ‘Anne the Series’ is the latest to bring her to life.  So what can we expect from this latest take?  Click ‘Read More’ for an in-depth analysis!

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Andante allegory
Arabian ache
astoundingly ancient. 

Birds bouncing
babes baying
boldly breasted

Chimera cerebral
centered callously,
cosmically curvaceous 

Dauntingly dangerous
despite dilemma
draining decree.

Emancipated energy
eloquently entangled
erecting elegance

Far, fairer femme
facing forward
fencing familiarity.

Girls gazing green
gums gnawing
games guessing goddesses

Hobbits hovering
hauntingly, hunted
howling Haley’s hello

Indigo, interstellar
intimate interaction
immensely intricate 

Jested joker
jumping joy
judiciously justified

Kindred kittens
keeping kisses
kindly kept keys

Love loop
lust lost
lead, let lies learn

My moon
mending my mind
miraculously mesmerizing

Need not notify
noetic notes
noticeably nubile

Oh obediently oblige
opulently observing
Olympian offspring

Pierian piety
painless palpitations 
perpetually phenomenal

Queen quaff quixotic quiescent
Quiet quality
Quemely quenching.

Rain roaring
Racing rainbows
Ripple rising relentlessly

She shimmered shine
Salubriously savoured
Shape-shifting splendour

Tender time,
telling tales. 
transpicuous trust 

 Ultimately understood
Under unrestricted use
Ubiquitous universe

 Virtually verified
Valiantly verdurous
Vehemently vested.

 Winter’s winged writer
Waving, weaving web
Waiting, willingly wooed

 Xanthocomic x-ray
Xerotic xyloses
Xenogamous xyst.

Yelp, yearning – yield
Your youth
Yonder, yeasting yew

Zealous zebras
Zapping zestfully
Zephyr zoo.

D C de Oliveira

“Have you ever heard the story of the devil and his only love?” 

“Is there really such a thing, daddy? The devil can possibly love someone?” 

There’s a look Sungah has seen countless of times on her father’s face. It fills his brown eyes and warms his being like her old baby blanket she loved as a child, soft and filled with a sense of home. It’s the same look she’s come to notice most when her father was lost in his head with nothing but a soft hum falling from his twitching smiling lips. The look she’d never thought would come when mentioning the devil. As an angel, it left her curious. 

"The devil loved so much some say it was strong enough to outshine the brightest lights in heaven.”

“Tell me about it, then. Please.” 

Something like a chuckle leaves her father’s mouth when he pats the spot next to him. It rings through the room leaving a welcoming hug against the windows and walls and even though she’s long past the age of wanting to cuddle onto her father’s lap; Sungah is still happy to rest her head against his thigh as he cards long fingers through her brown hair. 

“The first time the devil met his love, the angel hadn’t even been born yet.” 

A gasp escapes Sungah and she quickly turns to look at her father. 

“The devil loved an angel?” 

“Mhm. The devil had fallen in love with heaven most precious angel before he was even born. It was a love that was fated by the very god that cast the devil out. Some might even say it was god’s way of punishing the devil.” 

“Isn’t that too cruel? Making a love that is obviously set to fail? Surely god is not that evil?” 

For a moment Yoongi’s fingers halt in their spot on Sungah’s head and she fears she may have somehow said the wrong thing but before she can even apologize her father is laughing again.  Short and rough, it’s a sound she’s never heard before; filled with undertones of hurt and rage. It’s a sound Sungah never wants to hear again. 

“It was said the devil had dreams of his first and only love countless of times before the angel had even been born. The devil claimed the very first time they met it was two years before the angel’s birth, in a dream where they were surrounded by fields and fields of flowers. In this dream the devil held the hand of a boy with blonde hair and the brightest white wings. The heart he believed long dead instantly had begun to beat before it was stolen by the angel.”

“But dad, don’t white wings mean the angel was one of the pure? One of god’s favorites?” 

Sungah’s shocked voice almost causes Yoongi to giggle. His daughter’s expressions were so alike to when she was a baby it was almost like he was back in time telling her the tale as a child. 

“Yes that’s exactly what it means.” 

“The stories forwards though. Ont he day of his loves birth, the devil suddenly began to hear a crying that haunted him. While awake, while asleep, the devil heard the cry and it slowly began to drive him mad. He was left with no choice  but to sneak into heaven where the cry led him.”  Yoongi has to pause to take a shaky breath and Sungah gently pats her father’s thigh, unsure if she should let him continue. “He was led to the smallest cloud that held a baby with beautiful pale skin and white wings. The devil instantly knew this was the same angel of his dreams. This angel was the reason his heart was feeling again.” 

Sungah really wants to stop him now. Although she has no idea why, she can see the way her father is struggling. She can see the way he shakes and the look in his eyes have changed from the softness they held before to one filled with longing and pain. Before she can even speak, though, her father is cutting her off. 

“The story says every night, before the stars would fade with the secrets of his doings, the devil would go to the little angel when he slept and placed the softest of kisses to his forehead. It was a routine he followed until the angel was old enough to understand who he was. He would quietly, so very gently, press his lips to the angel’s skin and whisper his love before disappearing back to hell. The angel would wake hours later with memories of tan skin and baby blue eyes he came to know as home.” 

The small smile returns to Yoongi’s face. 

“It’s romantic really, the angel didn’t know why but every night he had someone there to wish him nothing but sweet dreams. Once the angel was ten years in age the devil begin leaving him gifts. Small gifts, nothing too big but still filled with meaning. The first gift was said to be a flower that matched the ones that surrounded them in the very first dream the devil had of them together.” 

“Did the angel not know who the devil was, dad?” 

“Of course he knew. Years after the gifts began, when the angel was seventeen, he waited for the devil. The angel had been quite mischievous as a teenager and he hid as he waited. When the devil finally showed with his next gift, the angel stopped him. Of course the devil had not planned on ever really revealing himself to the angel but that night he fell weak to the eyes he came to love.  They spent it speaking to one another until the sun rose and the devil had to return to hell. It’s said that night, the angel fell in love too.”

Sleep was suddenly knocking on Sungah’s door but she didn’t want to answer, not yet at least. The story was filling her with an unknown feeling that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant but she needed to know the ending. She needed to know why her father’s eyes held the warmth they held when the story fell from his lips. 

“The nights that followed now held kisses and the whispered words of love were now returned with gasp laced with passion. The devil made love to the angel and the angel kept that love shining in the heavens. They spent their nights making promises they knew would not come true because it was their was of tricking themselves into thinking one day it could happen. One day the angel’s love would wipe the sins of the devil and the devil would be welcomed back into heaven where they could be a family. It was a foolish dream but it was their dream to share.” 

Something inside of Sungah squeezed her heart until it hurt.

“Of course even dreams end. The devil and the angel were so lost in their dream, they forgot nightmares can quickly come and wash those dreams away,”

“what happened?”

“The angel was pregnant. God seemed to figure out easily what had been going on and so, as punishment, he set the worst fate he could think of onto the devil. The devil was not banned from the angel side but as punishment every time he laid a single touch to the angel it would burn the angel’s skin. Every touch charred the beautiful pale skin until it blackened. God knew the devil would never willingly hurt the angel and so he punished him by making him the bearer of the angel’s pain, knowing it would drive him away from the pregnant angel in fear.” 

The tears begin to pour from Sungah’s eyes before she could stop them. It’d all made sense to her now. She now understood the look in her father’s eyes. She now knew why he would shake as he told this tale. 

“The devil did leave the angel, like god knew he would. He fled before he could meet his child, he fled with the fear of hurting the most important being in his world but before doing so he left the angel one last gift. On the angel’s chest, right above his heart, the devil left the burned mark of his lips. It was his final gift to a love that held his everything. The angel gave birth to their child, a beautiful girl that holds the devil’s smile and the angel thanked hell every night for bringing him a piece of the devil in the form of their child.” 

“Do…. Do you think he’s okay? 

Yoongi pulls her close and as he rocks his daughter he can’t help but let one of his hands trail to the space above his heart where he knows a dark mark lays. 

“I think he’s happy knowing that the two people he loves most love him just as much.” 

Yearning for Ashes

Pairing: Dickon x Sansa (DICKSA F’YEAH)
Rating: G/T
Also available on AO3.

Sansa receives word that Dickon, one of the few people in King’s Landing who was kind to her, has died in a blaze of heat and flame. She mourns quietly, softly, alone, as she attempts to reconcile for what she never had. 

In light of recent leaked revelations, I finally decided to jump aboard the SS DICKSA and give you more Dicksa glory. Reminder: I do angst. This is angst. You are warned.

The raven came like any other, black wings in stark contrast against the bright of the Northern snow. The message was short and blunt, but how could Jon have known?

Daenerys defeated the Lannisters after they sacked High Garden. Most Lords of the Reach and some of the Westerlands bent the knee. Lordy Tarly and his heir perished in her dragon’s flame.

Lord Randyll Tarly’s heir was Ser Dickon, his young and recently knighted son. Sansa rolled the scroll and handed it back to Maester Wolkan. Quickly, she glanced out the window to hide the tears she blinked back.

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anonymous asked:

if you have the time could you please give some j2 or wincest fic recs? :) would be greatly appreciated! :)

absolutely, yes. i have another j2 rec list here (heart-favorites and things i’ll never be over) and i still stare at each of those with drippy eyes and a bitten lip. ♥


Carve (3k, NC-17 – it’s labeled as dean smith gen fic, but i’ve always read it as swesson and considered it as such. it’s an american psycho AU – with sam as the chloe sevigny character – and it is so so chillingly adept.)

Gutless (4.7k, NC-17 – young sammy, obsessive love, serial killer perversities. sam + dean + jeffrey dahmer. there’s nothing about this one that doesn’t make me want to scream into my pillow and fuck the mattress.)

Between Darkness and Light (32k, NC-17 – wincest crow AU. two of the most painfully beautiful/beautifully painful things in the world sewn together. very cruel and delicate and 90s-feeling. love story words through a horror film lens.)

fly (5k, no real rating – another one labeled gen, but i also didn’t notice that until i was all the way finished and gaspy. it reads as wincest if you have a wincest heart. gives a delightful sense of dread the whole way through.)

Flowers in the Impala (2.3k, R – scary boys, outsider POV, unstoppable love. this feels real to me. if i let myself forget, i always feel like this happened. or was meant to.)


My Playground Love (1k, R – baby!jensen and mr. padalecki. it’s not so much what happens in this one, but the fact that it happened at all. porn, poems, and pussyboys. my fucking heart in one punch.) 

We Were Born Sick (4k, NC-17 – jared works at the library and something is very wrong with jensen. i could read this one a hundred times over and it’ll always feel as pure to me as it did the first time it touched me.)

Tell-Tale (2.7k, R – perfect perfect perfect serial killer fic. so fun, so horrifying, so shattering. i wanted to predict what would happen but i just couldn’t. and then i fell in love.)

Tangled Web (4.4k, NC-17 – were-spider!jared works at a funeral parlor and quickly becomes taken with a pretty mourner. the beauty here is outrageous. both of them. the words. the story. the lovely fingers that wrote this.)

Old Richmond Ray’s Cornfield (8k, R-ish – prisoner!jensen/runaway!jared. i won’t ever get over this author’s writing style. so special and careful and every moment feels critical. never a wasted word. reads like an old black & white film.)

♥ hope you find something (or all the things) you love! ♥

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanted to start watching Kamen Rider but i just don't know where to start! (On a previous post you said Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was a good starting point tho) Any other suggestion? Thanks!

The thing about modern Kamen Rider is that you really can start just about anywhere and not be lost.  What you need is just a good series or a good single movie to get you started.  You could always go with the film that got me on the road to Kamen Rider, 1993′s Kamen Rider ZO.

ZO is a single, stand alone story that’s wrapped up nicely in its run time.  It tells the tale of a young man who was altered by a Scientist to be able to transform into a grasshopper like hero to defend the scientist’s son, who is being targeted by a jealous life-form the doctor created because it wants to force the doctor to complete its evolution into the ultimate form of life.  The effects are fun, the fight scenes well choreographed and the designs for the hero and the monsters are fantastic! Just look at this nightmarish spider monster!

Another good place to start would be with Kamen Rider W from 2009.

I’ve done a much longer write up on this one before (which you can find here) but the short version is that this is one of the best of the recent series.  It’s the tale of a Private Detective named Shotaro and his partner Phillip, who solve cases for people in the fictional city of Fuuto.  Their cases almost inevitably involve creatures called Dopants, which are humans who have used devices known as Gaia memories to gain powers.  When in danger, the two become one with the help of their own Gaia Memories and a belt called the Double Driver which (usually) merges Phillip’s mind into Shotaro’s body making them a single Kamen Rider.  It’s a fun show with a great sense of humor and a really nice introduction to the franchise for a new viewer.

Of course, as I have always maintained, any Kamen Rider show can be someone’s first. That’s kind of the genius of the franchise (and of tokusatsu heroes in general) each season is its own story with its own heroes and its own themes.  The only real constant is a transforming hero with an insect motif (though even that can be violated from time to time i.e. Kamen Rider Amazon) who battles monsters working for an evil organization. So, if any series you’ve read about seems to strike your fancy, give it a shot.  There is a Rider out there for everyone.

Another personal favorite of mine, just as a quick recommendation, is Kamen Rider Fourze.  Space, High School and the overwhelming power of friendship are the themes of this entry and it’s one several of my friends have really loved.

I am sure you’ll find a series that will get you hooked and I wish you the happiest of viewings.  I actually envy people getting into tokusatsu (and especially Kamen Rider) these days.  It’s so much easier to find it than it used to be and the discovery process is part of the joy of what keeps me coming back to the genre over and over again!

anonymous asked:

I'm not against him not being straight. If there was evidence, at all then that's perfectly fine but what you all call evidence isn't that. It's you twisting photos and seeing what you want to see. There is nothing to prove he's on a secret holiday with Chris or anything but you lot pull it from nowhere and say it's fact.

“You all”

First of all, I don’t appreciate being lumped in with “you all”. My name is Lynne, lovely to meet ya.

I don’t twist anything, I have eyes, ears, and boatloads of evidence that lead me to the conclusion that Daisy is as straight as the curls on his beautiful head.

Yanno, for me, being a CC believer is like being a scientist. I sit back and watch, observe, collect data, and let time tell the tale. Sometimes my theories are wrong, sometimes they’re dead on right. Sometimes I uncover things that blow my mind. I don’t always share them publicly. I have quite a few very intelligent friends from all walks of life and experience. I prefer to hold those discussions privately, although I have been known on occasion, to get a bit obnoxious - life’s short, eh? 

You’re certainly entitled to your beliefs - have at ‘em. I’m happy staying in my own lane.

However, when the day comes that Daisy is free as a bird, I expect you to come back and apologize. 

I leave you with my favorite quote from a wonderful CrissColfer fanfic:

“Darren can say straight like it’s a fact, like that’s all there is, but the reality is that Darren’s straight until he curves and then he’s just this weird shape that doesn’t quite fit right into any of society’s categories.”

-All The Salt In My Lungs by hellonik

  • Yuu: If you are to die tomorrow, I’m fine with my life ending then as well. But if you want to live for me for one more day, I’ll go on living with you today as well.
  • Mika: If you were to die the day after tomorrow, I shall live for three days' time... And tell a tale about you to someone. I shall recite the story of my master with pride to a listening ear.
  • Yuu: OMG, you know it!!
  • Mika: Of course I do. Shinobu-san is leading this blog after all.
  • Me: *cries*
  • Me: That was so beautiful... I am so proud! ;_;