Turns out there’s are gods for everything like trees, water, etc. However, as time passes, the gods must change with the times. Tell me a tale about the god of IT


BTS definitely know how to get JK’s attention. You know, it may not be far from the truth that HS did volunteer to be the Jeonlous bait during that time. Plus, JM’s tell-tale glances and smirks are so quite hard to ignore.

JK’s backhug + chin on JM’s shoulder + closed eyes still makes soft. 😭😍😭😍😭😍


Honestly, I just felt like bellarke + bathing + intimacy.

It took Clarke the better part of an hour.  First she had to walk to the central storage facility and check out the deep copper tub and lug it back to the cabin.  It was set on a small dolly that left muddy tracks through the hard, crunchy snow that still covered patches of the center of camp.  There had been a thaw for the past few days but Monty’s satellite had picked up a storm system moving their way, and no sooner had she reached the cabin near the council building did thick, fat flakes start drifting down from the iron grey sky.  She set the solar water heater to fill, but that was only good for about half of the total capacity so she filled several heavy buckets and hung them in the oversized hearth.

The trick with getting a bath to the right temperature was to get it a little too hot and then let it cool, but if you let it go too long you were stuck with a lukewarm bath that quickly became a cold one.  There was a reason most people preferred to use the communal bathing house on the outskirts of the camp— you had to share, but the water stayed the same temperature the entire time and it took a lot less effort.   But when Clarke got something into her head she couldn’t be dissuaded, so she waited until the water came to a simmering boil and then poured it into the tub.  She released the tap on the water heater just a short time later and watched the steam rise from her perch on Miller’s three legged stool.

Clarke was testing the water for the third time when the door opened.  “Monty’s storm is right on time,” Bellamy announced. His back was turned as he carefully shut the door to their cabin against the cold.  He had snowflakes in his hair, bright white against the dark curls.

“How are they?” she asked.  Bellamy had gone up the mountainside to check on the small encampment up there— several Azgedans and half a dozen of Luna’s people had decided to settle there instead, as their goats preferred the sharp slopes for grazing.  But someone from the council went up every other day to check on them, just to be sure.

“We’re going to have to send an team with Raven up— they’re down to their back up generator again,” he replied, his head down as he untied his shoes.  “I was thinking— oh, sorry, I didn’t realize…I’ll…I’ll go to Miller’s,” Bellamy said when he straightened and noticed the tub.  

Clarke stood and balled her hands into fists.  She’d been planning this all day, and there was no reason to be nervous.  They shared a cabin— and a bed—  after all, and it wasn’t like she was asking him for– she wasn’t asking him for anything.  He deserved this, for everything he did for all of them.  But still, she felt a little fluttery when she cleared her throat.  “It’s not for me,” she explained.  “I thought you’d like a bath.  And one without people coming in to ask your opinion on the fences or whatever.”

“For me?” he asked, and the confusion on his face weighed on her heart.  After everything, he still didn’t seem to think he was owed anything special.  Which was why she did this— dragging a tub that was half her weight across camp, heating up pails of water, even trading a pair of wool socks with a Trikru woman for soap that was soft and fragrant.

“For you,” she confirmed.  “I’m going to sit outside and threaten to shoot anyone who interrupts you.”

Half a smile played with the corner of his lips.  “It’s freezing outside.  And snowing.”

“I’ll dress warm,” she said, a little more fiercely than she intended.

He ducked his head down and rubbed the back of his neck.  “Stay,” he mumbled, and her heart did a funny little leap.  “It’s cold out, and it’s— it’s just a bath.”  She knew he was thinking of the same thing she was— that she woke up every morning curled in his arms, his erection pressed to the small of her back.  They pretended it was nothing— and it was, when you thought about it— and ignored it, but they had reached a level of intimacy that could not be denied.

She had intended to fight him, but the tips of his ears were turning red so she gave in.  “Okay,” she relented, and turned around to let him undress.  The rustle of his clothing made a blush rise on her neck, but by the time she heard the tell-tale splash of him lowering himself in she had herself under control.

“It’s safe now,” he said with a hint of humor, and she turned around.  Bellamy was laying back in the tub, his knees just barely breaking the surface.  He let out a long, slow breath and she smiled, pleased that he was enjoying himself.  “You didn’t have to do this, you know,” he said, opening one eye.

“I know,” Clarke said briskly, sitting down on the stool and handing him the soap.  “I wanted to.”  He looked away at that, and Clarke wished he wouldn’t.

Bellamy soaked for awhile, detailing the problems the mountain outpost was having— several goats seem to have contracted something but no one knew what it was— and dipping his head back into the water a few times before lathering up the soap.  He frowned at it.  “This isn’t the usual stuff, is it?”

“Trikru makes it,” she replied.

“What did it cost you?”

“Nothing I wasn’t willing to pay.  Here, let me,” she said, and took the soap from him.  She worked it into a lather between her hands and then started massaging it into his hair.  Maybe it was an excuse to touch him, but she felt weird just sitting and watching.  This way, she was less of a voyeur— although the tub was deep enough that she couldn’t see anything, at least not from where she was sitting— and more of a…participant.  Bellamy let out a quiet, contented sigh as her nails scratched his scalp and she bit her lip.  She picked up a glass jar from the floor and filled it with water from the tub.  “Tip your head back,” she ordered, placing her hand at the base of his skull.

Bellamy complied, closing his eyes and letting her pour the water over his hair until it ran clear.  His eyelashes fluttered for a second and then he opened his eyes, finding hers.  Clarke’s lungs felt tight and her heart was too big for her ribcage.  Her hand was still at the nape of his neck, but she set the glass jar down and brought her other hand to his cheek.  Her thumb swept across a spray of freckles, and Bellamy turned his head to press a kiss to her palm.  He whispered her name, and suddenly, it all made sense.

For weeks, Clarke had felt like they were dancing on the precipice of something but they were both holding back.  They’d lost too much, too quickly, and what they had— she couldn’t bare to lose him and knew he felt the same.  But last week, she’d overheard him and Raven laughing about something Gina had said once, and it felt good.  Being able to laugh about someone you’d lost meant you remembered the good instead of just the pain, and she wanted him to heal.  That night, part of her had wanted to turn around and face him when his arm curled over her as they drifted off, but she didn’t.  She felt like Bellamy was holding back and she didn’t want to push him, but now— now she realized that he would always hold back when it came to her.  He would always let her make the first move, because that’s who he was.  In moments like this, he would hold back until she was ready.

And she was, so Clarke leaned down and kissed him.  She started slow, but there wasn’t any point— once she pushed them over the edge, they were both gone.  Bellamy surged upwards and a wash of water sloshed over the side, soaking her sweater.  “Sorry,” he mumbled, taking her face in his wet, wrinkled hands and kissing her thoroughly.

Clarke tipped her head to the side to deepen the kiss, her hands now tangled in his hair.  “Don’t be,” she whispered.  “Don’t be.”

The new ‘Anne’ - Character Analysis

A deep-dive into the re-imagined portrayal of Anne Shirley, in the CBC/Netflix adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.

It’s safe to say that LM Montgomery’s Anne is a widely beloved character.  An outsider with a potent imagination, a creative spirit and a yearning for a place in the world.  She’s been portrayed in many adaptations over the years, and ‘Anne the Series’ is the latest to bring her to life.  So what can we expect from this latest take?  Click ‘Read More’ for an in-depth analysis!

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Playing With Fire | Yunhyeong [M]

Originally posted by i-kont

Warnings:  This is not a sweet smut. It involves semi-public sex. Forced silence will occur as well as spanking, slight dom/sub themes, and a bunch of other stuff, including but not limited to: mentions of alcohol use, cunnilingus, and praise. Yeah… If you haven’t been scared off by the warning then happy reading.

Word count: 3.0k+ (i like sex with a plot fam)

“Hey, easy on the champagne,” Yunhyeong warns as he sits down his own glass and pulls the near empty flute from your lips.

“I’m not a fucking child Yunhyeong.” You spat. A small bit that you hadn’t yet swallowed falls from your mouth and takes purchase on your bottom lip.

He scoffs, “I don’t remember saying you fucking were.“

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anonymous asked:

if you have the time could you please give some j2 or wincest fic recs? :) would be greatly appreciated! :)

absolutely, yes. i have another j2 rec list here (heart-favorites and things i’ll never be over) and i still stare at each of those with drippy eyes and a bitten lip. ♥


Carve (3k, NC-17 – it’s labeled as dean smith gen fic, but i’ve always read it as swesson and considered it as such. it’s an american psycho AU – with sam as the chloe sevigny character – and it is so so chillingly adept.)

Gutless (4.7k, NC-17 – young sammy, obsessive love, serial killer perversities. sam + dean + jeffrey dahmer. there’s nothing about this one that doesn’t make me want to scream into my pillow and fuck the mattress.)

Between Darkness and Light (32k, NC-17 – wincest crow AU. two of the most painfully beautiful/beautifully painful things in the world sewn together. very cruel and delicate and 90s-feeling. love story words through a horror film lens.)

fly (5k, no real rating – another one labeled gen, but i also didn’t notice that until i was all the way finished and gaspy. it reads as wincest if you have a wincest heart. gives a delightful sense of dread the whole way through.)

Flowers in the Impala (2.3k, R – scary boys, outsider POV, unstoppable love. this feels real to me. if i let myself forget, i always feel like this happened. or was meant to.)


My Playground Love (1k, R – baby!jensen and mr. padalecki. it’s not so much what happens in this one, but the fact that it happened at all. porn, poems, and pussyboys. my fucking heart in one punch.) 

We Were Born Sick (4k, NC-17 – jared works at the library and something is very wrong with jensen. i could read this one a hundred times over and it’ll always feel as pure to me as it did the first time it touched me.)

Tell-Tale (2.7k, R – perfect perfect perfect serial killer fic. so fun, so horrifying, so shattering. i wanted to predict what would happen but i just couldn’t. and then i fell in love.)

Tangled Web (4.4k, NC-17 – were-spider!jared works at a funeral parlor and quickly becomes taken with a pretty mourner. the beauty here is outrageous. both of them. the words. the story. the lovely fingers that wrote this.)

Old Richmond Ray’s Cornfield (8k, R-ish – prisoner!jensen/runaway!jared. i won’t ever get over this author’s writing style. so special and careful and every moment feels critical. never a wasted word. reads like an old black & white film.)

♥ hope you find something (or all the things) you love! ♥

I’m so curious what will happen to Pokemon Go. 

Will it fade into nothingness and become one strange, surreal summer? Will it perpetuate and grow so much that it becomes as embedded into people’s lives as major social media networks? Will it become an embarrassing cash cow with corporate-sponsored PokeStops and franchise-exclusive items and Pokemon? Will CP growth eventually scale out of realistic attainability, like the economies of Neopets and GaiaOnline? 

Only time will tell

“Have you ever heard the story of the devil and his only love?” 

“Is there really such a thing, daddy? The devil can possibly love someone?” 

There’s a look Sungah has seen countless of times on her father’s face. It fills his brown eyes and warms his being like her old baby blanket she loved as a child, soft and filled with a sense of home. It’s the same look she’s come to notice most when her father was lost in his head with nothing but a soft hum falling from his twitching smiling lips. The look she’d never thought would come when mentioning the devil. As an angel, it left her curious. 

"The devil loved so much some say it was strong enough to outshine the brightest lights in heaven.”

“Tell me about it, then. Please.” 

Something like a chuckle leaves her father’s mouth when he pats the spot next to him. It rings through the room leaving a welcoming hug against the windows and walls and even though she’s long past the age of wanting to cuddle onto her father’s lap; Sungah is still happy to rest her head against his thigh as he cards long fingers through her brown hair. 

“The first time the devil met his love, the angel hadn’t even been born yet.” 

A gasp escapes Sungah and she quickly turns to look at her father. 

“The devil loved an angel?” 

“Mhm. The devil had fallen in love with heaven most precious angel before he was even born. It was a love that was fated by the very god that cast the devil out. Some might even say it was god’s way of punishing the devil.” 

“Isn’t that too cruel? Making a love that is obviously set to fail? Surely god is not that evil?” 

For a moment Yoongi’s fingers halt in their spot on Sungah’s head and she fears she may have somehow said the wrong thing but before she can even apologize her father is laughing again.  Short and rough, it’s a sound she’s never heard before; filled with undertones of hurt and rage. It’s a sound Sungah never wants to hear again. 

“It was said the devil had dreams of his first and only love countless of times before the angel had even been born. The devil claimed the very first time they met it was two years before the angel’s birth, in a dream where they were surrounded by fields and fields of flowers. In this dream the devil held the hand of a boy with blonde hair and the brightest white wings. The heart he believed long dead instantly had begun to beat before it was stolen by the angel.”

“But dad, don’t white wings mean the angel was one of the pure? One of god’s favorites?” 

Sungah’s shocked voice almost causes Yoongi to giggle. His daughter’s expressions were so alike to when she was a baby it was almost like he was back in time telling her the tale as a child. 

“Yes that’s exactly what it means.” 

“The stories forwards though. Ont he day of his loves birth, the devil suddenly began to hear a crying that haunted him. While awake, while asleep, the devil heard the cry and it slowly began to drive him mad. He was left with no choice  but to sneak into heaven where the cry led him.”  Yoongi has to pause to take a shaky breath and Sungah gently pats her father’s thigh, unsure if she should let him continue. “He was led to the smallest cloud that held a baby with beautiful pale skin and white wings. The devil instantly knew this was the same angel of his dreams. This angel was the reason his heart was feeling again.” 

Sungah really wants to stop him now. Although she has no idea why, she can see the way her father is struggling. She can see the way he shakes and the look in his eyes have changed from the softness they held before to one filled with longing and pain. Before she can even speak, though, her father is cutting her off. 

“The story says every night, before the stars would fade with the secrets of his doings, the devil would go to the little angel when he slept and placed the softest of kisses to his forehead. It was a routine he followed until the angel was old enough to understand who he was. He would quietly, so very gently, press his lips to the angel’s skin and whisper his love before disappearing back to hell. The angel would wake hours later with memories of tan skin and baby blue eyes he came to know as home.” 

The small smile returns to Yoongi’s face. 

“It’s romantic really, the angel didn’t know why but every night he had someone there to wish him nothing but sweet dreams. Once the angel was ten years in age the devil begin leaving him gifts. Small gifts, nothing too big but still filled with meaning. The first gift was said to be a flower that matched the ones that surrounded them in the very first dream the devil had of them together.” 

“Did the angel not know who the devil was, dad?” 

“Of course he knew. Years after the gifts began, when the angel was seventeen, he waited for the devil. The angel had been quite mischievous as a teenager and he hid as he waited. When the devil finally showed with his next gift, the angel stopped him. Of course the devil had not planned on ever really revealing himself to the angel but that night he fell weak to the eyes he came to love.  They spent it speaking to one another until the sun rose and the devil had to return to hell. It’s said that night, the angel fell in love too.”

Sleep was suddenly knocking on Sungah’s door but she didn’t want to answer, not yet at least. The story was filling her with an unknown feeling that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant but she needed to know the ending. She needed to know why her father’s eyes held the warmth they held when the story fell from his lips. 

“The nights that followed now held kisses and the whispered words of love were now returned with gasp laced with passion. The devil made love to the angel and the angel kept that love shining in the heavens. They spent their nights making promises they knew would not come true because it was their was of tricking themselves into thinking one day it could happen. One day the angel’s love would wipe the sins of the devil and the devil would be welcomed back into heaven where they could be a family. It was a foolish dream but it was their dream to share.” 

Something inside of Sungah squeezed her heart until it hurt.

“Of course even dreams end. The devil and the angel were so lost in their dream, they forgot nightmares can quickly come and wash those dreams away,”

“what happened?”

“The angel was pregnant. God seemed to figure out easily what had been going on and so, as punishment, he set the worst fate he could think of onto the devil. The devil was not banned from the angel side but as punishment every time he laid a single touch to the angel it would burn the angel’s skin. Every touch charred the beautiful pale skin until it blackened. God knew the devil would never willingly hurt the angel and so he punished him by making him the bearer of the angel’s pain, knowing it would drive him away from the pregnant angel in fear.” 

The tears begin to pour from Sungah’s eyes before she could stop them. It’d all made sense to her now. She now understood the look in her father’s eyes. She now knew why he would shake as he told this tale. 

“The devil did leave the angel, like god knew he would. He fled before he could meet his child, he fled with the fear of hurting the most important being in his world but before doing so he left the angel one last gift. On the angel’s chest, right above his heart, the devil left the burned mark of his lips. It was his final gift to a love that held his everything. The angel gave birth to their child, a beautiful girl that holds the devil’s smile and the angel thanked hell every night for bringing him a piece of the devil in the form of their child.” 

“Do…. Do you think he’s okay? 

Yoongi pulls her close and as he rocks his daughter he can’t help but let one of his hands trail to the space above his heart where he knows a dark mark lays. 

“I think he’s happy knowing that the two people he loves most love him just as much.” 


Well here it is, the rec-list re-furbishment of this gross post you’ve all been waiting for. Remember bolded x’s are additional sequels or branch off stories and x’s after the authors name are links to their other social media and fandom related sites.

Last Seen’ does NOT mean ‘fanfiction last updated…’ it means when the author last updated any of their linked accounts.

If that seems strange to you remember with the dying state of the Hetalia fandom as a whole (not just USUK shippers) it is nice to know that there are people still out there.

Link summaries and fiction status/type will appear on hover, my apologies and condolences go out to you mobile users but I am afraid a computer is required for this task.


Here is my favorite fanfiction of all time:

The Tell Tale Heart’s by RainingPaperButterflies  x  

Alfred and Arthur hated each other from the moment they met, and decided instantly that they wanted nothing to do with the other. However when forced to share a dorm room, they begin to find that avoiding each other is going to be harder than it looks.

Last Seen: February 1st 2011

Mention this and I will gush for .02 seconds before bursting into tears and falling to the floor clutching my heart. It was one of the very first fanfictions I read on the lackluster internet of my black and white kindle before I knew the glory of having a fanfiction account.

Speaking of high-school au’s guess what’s next?

High School AU

1. Communication Issues by TeaAndUmbrellas 

Arthur is the awkward guy at school who strives for perfection. Alfred is the class clown. After an incident in class they are forced to live together, and Alfred starts meddling in Arthur’s life, which will either be a blessing or a curse. Particularly when Alfred finds his diary and reads in secret.

Last Seen: October 9th 2014

2. Befriending a Bookworm by Berrirose  x  x 

 After breaking his leg during a football game, jock Alfred F. Jones finds himself condemned to school library duty for a semester and a half. But at least he has the quiet English kid in the corner to keep him company.


3. A Boy Called Alice by xx-animeXalchemist-xx  x  x  x  

What do you do when you’re a prideful delinquent and you get refused a scholarship to a snobby Academy because you don’t meet their standards? Re-apply as a girl, ace the scholarship, and stick your middle finger up at those who refused to let you in, that’s what. (The idea sounded so much better in Arthur’s head…)


4. Fame, Fortune, and Screaming Fanboys by Wolfie333  x 

When Arthur started at Hetalia Academy, he expected to study and get good grades. However, in reality, he gets caught up in a web of music, mayhem and the paparazzi… 


5. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year by Jinxx Draconett 

In Hetalia High, there were unspoken laws that made up the school’s popularity system. Punishments for breaking the laws were severe. Arthur Kirkland broke two of these commandments. “Dude, Arthur’s a punk AND he’s friends with the Bad Touch Trio?” “Oh man, Al’s gonna be pissed.”

Last Seen: August 25th 2013

6. Nothing But Treble by BetweenDreamsAndReality  x 

Welcome to World Academy, where students endeavor hardships including heartbreak, drug abuse and a failing music program. Can a group of delinquents put aside their differences and prove that they still have something worth fighting for? 

Last Seen: October 19th 2013

7. The Invitational Year x by Demand Truth  x  

Alfred is an awkward dork, despite the fact his dad is President. Arthur is a member of British royalty, and he’s a perfectionist loner. Both boys are given an invitation to attend the prestigious World Academy and, naturally, they’re roomies.

Last Seen: November 5th 2012

8. The Gentleman and the Herox by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x  

World Academy students have been paired up for an anonymous email exchange program, so they can talk to someone about school and personal problems in private. These are the emails of two students nicknamed ‘The Gentleman’ and 'The Hero’. 


9. Starcrossed by BetweenDreamsAndReality  x 

After Arthur is forced to live in America with his brothers and father he meets an obnoxious American and teaches him how to love.

Last Seen: October 19th 2013

10.  Beautiful Nightmare by No Pain No Gain 

Arthur sleeps in class and Alfred finds it funny to tell on him, until he realizes that something is very wrong with Arthur’s life and that he has to become Arthur’s anchor to reality lest he lose the one he loves.

Last Seen: October 7th 2014

11. On London’s Stage by faeriesnook

 Getting lost while on a tour of London was not something that Alfred had planned. Neither was stumbling into a theater and coming across a paint-splattered Brit reciting Hamlet.

Last Seen: April 15th 2011

Artistic Professions

12. Photographs by Kleon L  x  x  x  

His thriving career in Fashion Photography has always let Arthur allure people into his obsessive tendencies. A certain persistent, utterly obnoxious amateur photographer never had been his subject of fancy, though. But why does that person’s leaving has this profound ability to inflict him a pain so real that even a lifetime itself might not be enough to make it heal?

Last Seen: October 24th2014

13. It Just Is by chibitalex  x  x  x  x  x 

Arthur Kirkland, a famous writer that goes by the name of Janice Mayflower, did not enjoy the company of others. Hopefully, his new American next-door tenant can change that…


14.  Booze and Photographs by vennumberten x  

 What do an American chain-smoking photographer and an alcoholic British actor have in common? Absolutely nothing.

Last Seen: They are ‘active’ per-say but no longer within the fandom, please be courteous and do not question them about their writings on their fanfiction account.

15.  The Baffled King and the Idiot Hero x by Ellarose C  x  x  x  x  x 

Detailing how two anons went from moderator and troll to internet frenemies to best friends, and then some - chatspeak included. Hallelujah.


16.  Winner Takes All by absolute power  x  x  x 

Arthur is addicted to the high life- he’s the youngest son of a ridiculously wealthy family, and is one of the world’s top models to boot. But when he meets a young, mysterious American while on holiday, everything begins to change.

Last Seen: October 6th 2010

17.  The Bridge by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x 

Arthur is a poet with too many dreams. Alfred is a university student with too much time to kill. Maybe it’s chance they end up together, but it will take more than chance to keep them there.


18.  Cuckoo in the Nest by PennyLane (complete/os)

Arthur is a famous novelist in hiding from the paparazzi after he is publicly humiliated when he is left standing at the altar. Alfred is the very competent personal assistant hired by Arthur’s agent to keep him hidden and safe while he completes his newest novel, the novel that just might change all their lives.

Last Seen: July 7th 2013

Government and Law

19.  On Better Terms by Galythia  x  x  x 

At the age of nineteen, Arthur was forced to drop out of school to take care of his little brother. He then rushed into marriage, divorced soon after, and was left a miserable wreck. What happens when he becomes the chauffeur for the lawyer, Alfred Jones?


20.  Espionage by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred Jones, CIA. Arthur Kirkland, MI6. Two high-level agents who know about each other only what can be said over the phone - but even secure lines can be compromised. They’ve been working together for years when something goes horribly wrong.


21. Undercover by Zo One  x  x  

Detective Arthur Kirkland knew that there were many different types of criminals out there. A seemingly unsolvable case brings him closer to the truth than he would have ever liked to believe. 


22. Codename by Abarero  x  x  x  

When computer geek Alfred inadvertently downloads government secrets into his brain, the two governments send agents to keep a watch on him. One of them is agent Arthur Kirkland, who is about to turn Alfred’s life upside down in more ways than one.

Last Seen: October 10th 2013

23.  All Right, Tonight by JediShampoo  x  x  x 

Divorce attorney Arthur Kirkland gets a new client, Alfred Jones. Things heat up between them quickly, but can they get their heads out of their behinds long enough to actually talk to each other?

Last Seen: November 10th 2014

Crossover (Crossover will appear on hover)

24.  Fidelitasxby General Kitty Girl  x  x  x  x   

Breton birthed and Dragonborn destined; Arthur is a man of great power and forever lusting for more. It is a fine line between being the hero of legends or the nightmare of a nation, and Arthur chooses his side based on the rewards to be gained.


25.  Quidditch House Rivalsxby Zeplerfer  x  x  x 

Slytherin House and Gryffindor House have always been intense rivals, but this new level of sexual tension between their Quidditch teams is unbearable. As an ambitious Slytherin, Alfred will do whatever it takes to win the Quidditch Cup. The only obstacle in his path is Arthur, the talented and handsome Gryffindor seeker. 


26.   Look to the Future Now, It’s Only Just Begun by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x   

Arthur and Alfred are paired up to read each other’s love fortunes in Divination class. Naturally, they’re both too obvlious to realise that the signs are pointing to each other.


27.  A is For by hoshiko2kokoro  x  x  x  

A might be dead, but his desire to protect Arthur might just be enough to make him remember how to be alive. 

Last Seen: October 6th 2014

28.  I Show Not Your Face by Car  x  x  

 Arthur shook his head, stepping forward and standing up on his tip toes to read the inscription etched into the frame. “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi,” he expertly read. “I show not your face but your heart’s desire. The Mirror of Erised…”

Last Seen: CURRENTLY ACTIVE (and engaged, congratulations Car!)

29. Meddling with Princesses by Zeplerfer  x  x  x 

In which Arthur is a rebellious princess, Alfred is a clueless knight, Francis is a dashing prince, and Kiku is the dragon that has to put up with all of them.


30. No Pill’s Gonna Cure my Ill by three-days-late  x 

 While he hated and resented it, Arthur Kirkland was going about his life just fine. That is, until he gets attacked by aliens and is saved by the mysterious Doctor.

Last Seen: July 13th 2014

31. Five Times Captain America Met his Countryby Gecko Osco  x  

Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, is trying to adjust to living in the 21st century. This is further complicated by finding out nations exist as living beings and America is a bit of a fan-boy regarding him.

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

32.  Think we are by Gecko Osco  x  

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us…

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

Small Business (coffee shop, bookstore, florist, etc.)

33.  Recipe for Life by AkaiShinda  x  x  

Arthur and Francis had a perfect little life in their bakery shop, until Arthur lost his fiancée and now he runs the business alone. He convinced himself about his hopelessness but after struggling for a year alone in the shop, he needs help. That’s when his new employee has to teach the basics over again in his unique way.

Last Seen: August 8th 2014

34. Got to Believe by Iggymochi   

Arthur is a dedicated florist with a complicated attitude while Alfred is a charming, overconfident budding photographer. Given the situation, working together has always been a hassle. But when a broken heart leaves Arthur crushed, Alfred might just be the one who can pick up the pieces.

Last Seen: July 28th 2013

35. Of Books, Brollies, and Rainy Days by prussionion   

 It was times like this that aspiring author and bookshop owner Arthur Kirkland really hated his customers. Although, not that he’d ever admit it, some of them weren’t so bad…like that annoying American who kept stealing his umbrellas. 

Last Seen: November 7th 2013

36. Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall by PennyLane 

Arthur is the owner of a book shop in London, stuck in a troubling and sometimes abusive relationship. Alfred is the young photographer who ducks into the shop one day to get out of the rain.

Last Seen: July 7th 2013


37.  Eternity by RobinRocks  x  

Alfred, the Prince of the Summer, is sent below the earth to the banished Winter Kingdom to marry the indifferent Prince Arthur in a bid to end the hostility left over from a catastrophic war nobody seems to remember anything about.


38.  Ukiyo by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x 

Here in the walled-off pleasure district of Edo, the last thing Commander Arthur Kirkland of the Royal Navy had expected to find was a golden-haired American in Japanese robes, an elite entertainer with a strange and supernatural clientele. Even more surprising is the powerful connection Arthur feels to this man whom he doesn’t even know.


39. Of Silence and Thievery by Gecko Osco  x   

Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it’s been stolen from him and he’s prepared to do everything he can to get it back. Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics who have a leader who just might be his hero after all.

Last Seen: June 24th 2013

40. The Clock Maker and the Air Pirate by iVoMiTrAiNbOwS2

Arthur was just a humble clockmaker from a poor city. Until he gets tangled into his father’s mess and meets a rather charming Air Pirate named Alfred.

Last Seen: November 18th 2014

41. Of Song and Claw by Ahro, HellieAce  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred is an Alpha of the Plains Tribes who has escaped to the edges of the Great Plains to seek refuge away from his warmongering race. Arthur is an Omega Prince of the Forest Tribes and is currently being housed against his will to marry the Queen of a nearby Forest Tribe. Alfred arrives just in time to find the runaway Prince, in heat, and about to be killed by one of the Plains’ many threats. Will this rare chance encounter between their distant tribes change their entire worlds forever?

Last Seen: October 11th 2014/CURRENTLY ACTIVE

42. Life is like a Circus by HeroismInACan  x 

This story is no longer available and the link no longer functions, however this story was excellent and the art that went along with it was great despite being removed from their deviantart account. Please show support for the author’s new works and artistic pursuits.

43. Sight by KnightOfHeartProtectorOfSoul         

Arthur Kirkland knew he was different from the start. It seemed even his brothers didn’t share his gifts. He was given the gift to “see” beyond what normal humans could. Or so he had been told, by a ghost that lives with him. When his life takes a downward spiral, his ghostly protector is his only company, until, that is, a certain American enters his life.

Last Seen: October 26th 2014


44. Extra Peppers, Extra Cheese by BananaNutCrunch  x  x  

 In which Alfred is the only recurring customer at their run-down pizzeria. Arthur, the punk delivery boy, is unimpressed.

Last seen: November 16th 2014

45. Recalculating by DragonQueenSori  

This was why you shouldn’t take directions from a GPS named Hitler. Or pick up hitchhikers. Or get involved in covert government anti-terrorist operations.

Last Seen: September 19th 2014

46. Not That Likely, Love by eyebrow-extravaganza                   

When he spends his father’s money on alcohol and wild teen parties, used-to-be-rich Alfred Jones is forced by friends and family alike to get a job – as a butler to some boring old codger named Kirkland! The lazy American lad is totally not impressed with the stuffy, bossy British gentleman, and decides to prove this by being the worst servant there is… Shenanigans ensue.

Last Seen: May 14th 2014

47. France’s Secret Folder Number 5 by StarrNight  

Unbeknownst to England, France has been keeping a memoir of all of his drunken antics for the past five hundred years. Following a change in England’s relationship status, France decides to revisit the past.

Last Seen: August 14th 2014

48. A Wartime NecessiTea by Punmaster Extraordinaire  

The time is WWII, and rationing is in effect in Great Britain. England has only one problem with that: *tea* is rationed too, and he can’t get nearly enough for his definitely-not-an-addiction. What’s he to do? 

Last Seen: December 17th 2012


49. A Not-So-Classic Romance by Galythia  x  x  x  

Alfred is a noble bachelor who in no way wants to get married. Arthur is a promising but young actor struggling to pay rent. When the two meet on the street, Arthur drops Alfred’s family ring, which gives Alfred an idea: why doesn’t Arthur just act the part of his fiancée? 


50. A Bleeding Heart of Oak by Steadfast-Bright-Star

In 1785, Arthur is a brilliant young naval captain trying to keep his love of men a secret. When the funny, handsome, infuriatingly charming Alfred joins his crew, Arthur is captivated. But that can’t be. Arthur and Alfred are both men, and the rules on that sort of thing are very clear in the Navy.

Last Seen: October 22nd 2014

51. Write Me When You Get There by lumaluma  x  

Arthur Kirkland is a Red Cross medic stationed in Normandy. He meets wounded soldier Alfred F. Jones.

Last Seen: July 21st 2014

52. Locked Away by Iggycat  x  x  

When 14 year old Arthur Kirkland is evacuated from London during the Blitz, he dreads having to live with an American family. The Briton expects despair, loneliness, and lack of love- But what he doesn’t expect, is to be wrong.



53. Gold and Blue by hoshiko2kokoro  x  x  x  

The King of Spades has no power in politics, until he meets the catalyst that sparks his desire to be great.

Last Seen: October 6th 2014

54. Spades by simplytrop   

When Alfred, an archaeology student, stumbles upon a sleeping man in the ruins of an old castle, he finds himself accidentally married to the Queen of Spades.

Last Seen: December 24th 2013

55. Fairytales? This is the Story of Tsunderella! By Kagaya DayDreams 

Arthur Kirkland has made a teleporter… that only works 3 times. After his scared intern wishes him luck, he goes through it to find another world. Apparently mythological creatures roam the lands, everyone basically depends on magic! He’s mistaken for a girl a princess, no less and hyper blond knight relentlessly annoys him! How will he get back?

Last Seen: May 25th 2013

56. Calling for You by GreenAppleAddict  

Arthur, future Queen of Spades, lives a lonely life trapped inside the castle walls. Until he meets Alfred, that is – the son of a navy captain, and the boy he’s been secretly admiring from afar.

Last Seen: October 7th 2014

College AU

57. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Fii Tamae  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred, a student in a London University, has a strong mindset that Love exists as more than a hormone, and that everyone is entitled to love and be loved. So when he meets a male prostitute after a freak escape, will his mindset be shaken?


58. Run Fast, Turn Left by Car  x  x  

Arthur and Alfred are roommates and teammates at World U. As if school wasn’t hard enough, they also have to deal with skin-tight uniforms, two hour long practices, classes, bus rides, and, oh yeah, falling in love with each other.


59. Where the Most Beautiful Roses Grow by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Arthur moves into a quiet American suburb with the intention of starting a new, calmer chapter of his life. It doesn’t take long for him to meet Alfred, one of his new neighbors. Little does he know that this is a place where romance can bloom.


Angel AU

60. Struck by ManontheMountain  x  x  x  x  

As a Guardian Angel, it’s Arthur’s job to protect humans from harm. But when he’s struck by lightning and crashes in an alleyway in NYC, it takes has-been hero Alfred Jones to get him back on his wings. While Arthur heals from his injuries, he discovers that his hero perhaps means more to him than other humans, and learns that Alfred has his own wounds to overcome.


61. Blame it on the Alcohol by RedEyedGirl100  

Alfred has a drunk gay British angel fall on his mailbox the day before Halloween. Not only does the angel have the hots for him but he was kicked out of Heaven for a pretty strange reason… 

Last Seen: May 25th 2013

62. All That Glitters by worldaccordingtofangirls  x  x  x 

Arthur is an angel stuck to the Earth. Alfred Jones is a human boy. It’s not the most ideal relationship, but they manage to find a bit of gold in each other nonetheless.



63. Stars by Fakiagirl  x  x  x  x  x  

Alfred has been working on the spaceship Britannia for a long time, but he’s lonely. When a mysterious stranger named Arthur appears on board, Alfred thinks he might finally be able to make a friend.


64. Mission Accomplished by Zo One  x  x 

They had surrendered themselves to the fact that they would drift through space forever, trapped in stasis. Luckily for them, Naval Chief Emma Peeters believes in happy endings.


65. This is how we B-B-Breakdown by Bebae  

Matthew is dead and Alfred isn’t. That’s all there is to it. That’s the issue. Therein lies the problem. Matthew is dead, and Alfred should be too. But he isn’t.

Last Seen: October 20th 2014

66. Estranged by S. E. Mellark  x  x 

They were all brainwashed products of an unrealistic society, planning their lives around a dumb clock forever fused with their bodies; or it was until they found their “soul mate” anyway. Alfred knew better.



67. Just a Story by donttalktomeimfangirling  

America and England are having a rainy day inside and America asks England to tell him a story. As he begins, America drifts off to sleep and when he wakes up… He’s on a pirate ship in the middle of the sea with a captain that is in many ways like a dear friend, but in many ways very different.

Last Seen: August 3rd 2014

68. Teenage Wasteland by Teenage Mouse  x  x  x  

He hasn’t heard from England in a while and America is worried. He goes to check up on his friend and meets someone he never expected to see: teenage England. Which is awesome and all, but can teen!Iggy really replace HIS England?


69. Born on the Fourth of July by PennyLane   

It’s America’s Bicentennial and the celebration is going to be epic. Despite England’s bouts of ill health he suffers during this time of the year, he knows his duty, and his duty is to attend the festivities and play his part. But this celebration doesn’t turn out as either America or England thought it would.

Last Seen: July 7th 2014

70. Here Comes the Candle by Mizu-Tenshi  x  

Due to financial difficulties, England becomes the 51st state of America yet neither are happy with the merger forced upon them. Between the need for forgiveness and the search for happiness the irreparable happens.

Last Seen: May 22nd 2012

71. For Better, For Worse by RobinRocks  x

Roses are red, violets are blue, but green has always looked better on you. The Special Relationship as a marriage from then until now.



72. Anniversary  x  x  x  by LastHaven  x  x  x  x  x  

Six months ago, Arthur ran afoul of fae that turned him into-of all things-a cat; Alfred then saved Arthur from starving on the streets. Today, Arthur admits something to himself.


73. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Hyper4Hetalia  x  x  x  x 

“May I have this dance?” Alfred surprised him by asking, his voice low and soft, his face closer to Arthur’s than he could remember it ever being. He was helpless to do anything but nod, his heart throwing itself frantically against his chest.’ Its England’s birthday, and America has a special surprise waiting for him.


74. Confession by ImDREW  

“I like you a lot. Would you like to go out with me?” SEND… Slowly, I flipped my phone, read my new message, and my eyes widened at the message I received. “I think it’s sweet that you like this person but you’re a bloody fool if you actually planned on confessing through text…” What the… heck? Wait, did I send it to the correct person? Oh Lord… “WHO ARE YOU? :O”

Last Seen: March 23rd 2013

75. That One Awkward Moment by arjelle  x  x  x  x  x  

Hello, my name is Arthur Kirkland and I try to avoid any awkward moments. Unfortunately, I am caught in the biggest one of all. The one man I managed to fall in love with thinks I am a woman.



76. Inside Out by Urchin of the Riding Stars  

Reclusive Arthur Kirkland lives a quiet and routine existence inside the house he hasn’t stepped out of for three years. That is until his cheerful, extroverted new neighbor, Alfred F. Jones, moves in next door. 

Last Seen: October 16th 2014

77. Secretary’s Diary by Hypocritical Romantic  x  

Alfred grew up with the “Don’t talk to strangers” lecture all of his life, but he assumed it didn’t apply to him anymore now that he was an adult. That is until a man asked, “You can’t get pregnant right?” Now he works under Arthur Kirkland.


78. A Stay in Insanity by Only in a Dancing God  

Arthur, a newly diagnosed schizophrenic, is shipped away by his family to Hetalia Residential. Here he meets the selective mute Alfred, and a romance quickly blossoms. Will the two young men survive their own insanities and those of their associates long enough to make it work?

Last Seen: August 15th 2012

79. Invincible by LavenderTown 

Arthur Kirkland is a record store clerk by day, but at night he becomes England, star fighter for a notorious underground boxing club. What happens when an infuriating 19-year-old suddenly barges into his life?

Last Seen: March 28th 2012

80. Smoker’s Lounge by Zo One  x  x  

It all started with a bad habit.


81. The Ups and Downs of Loving an Englishman by Mrs. Procrastination  

Arthur never believed in molding to one certain type of person, while Alfred was determined to be the picture-perfect captain of the football team. As the two go through their last semester, hell ensures. And as they graduate and go on to be two completely different people, who will prosper and who will fail?

Last Seen: September 3rd 2014

Just Plain Romance

82. Tend to the Roses by foreversnowynights 

Alfred had never paid his mother any attention when he was little and she was trying to teach him how to tend for a growing garden though his brother did. But now his brother was gone and had left him to care for not just a garden but a baby and an empty house. How lucky was it that the next door neighbor happened to be an avid gardener and a peace of mind when he had none left.

Last Seen: August 25th 2014

83. He’s a Keeper by Zo One  x  x

Alfred’s had his pen pal, Arthur, since the second grade. But now he’s becoming a man and he wants to meet his best friend, hidden behind paper and emails. What he didn’t expect was the longing long distance brought.


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It’s Been A While

Anon asked: Would you consider writing something with Qui Gonn Jin? Where reader is a grey Jedi who has been friends with Qui Gonn since their Padawan days (having left the Order because she disagreed with the Council’s rules) and the two meet up every once in a while to catch up, and always end up having deep, philosophical conversations.. until one day they talk about /love/. Conclusion: ’S not so bad. Fluff sealed with a kiss? ♥

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Aaaaahhhh! I love that jedi with fabulous hair as much as the next girl, if not more. He doesn’t get as much love as the other characters!)

Plot Summary: Qui-Gon Jinn and yourself have been old friends, dating back to your days as padawans. Still, just like him, you disagreed with plenty of the Council’s ‘rules and regulations’, eventually leaving the Jedi Order to persue your own path as a Grey Jedi. So technically… It wasn’t against the rules for you to fall in love.

Originally posted by orlandobloom

The Force was a mysterious concept, even bringing about a sense of wonder to you, even years after leaving the Order.

It knew no bounds, empowering the lives and livelihoods of others, fueling their ambitions for whatever side they walk upon, even for those who choose to not even pick a side.

A basic understanding of the Force is what the Jedi taught, focusing on the path of righteousness and Light. You didn’t mind that. It was the path of good, to eradicate the evils of this galaxy.

However, the glaring problem that stood out to you was the restriction of feeling, of desire. For the Jedi are all living, organic beings, who understand emotion and choose to hide it, burying it beneath them as they fought evil as though they were droids with flesh and blood.

You and Qui-Gon knew how your fate would turn out a long time ago, and there were no qualms when you decided to persue your own path, free from the binds and boundaries of the Jedi Council.

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The Trap

In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed.

She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane. She was, naturally, suspicious, so she went to the police.

When the police paid a visit to the address on the envelope, they made a gruesome discovery, three butchers had been harvesting human flesh and selling it to the starving people.

And what was in the envelope the man gave to the woman? A note, saying simply “This is the last one I am sending you today.”

Original Author: Unknown

Ú-tíron adar nîn a ruthron. Teithathon parma nîn dan rûth nîn dorthron. Onen hûn nîn an al-nad. Le pedathon dan al-thî. Thî, teithon. An adar nîn adh amin. I dúath tola, na vedui. Ennas ogol sí. Ennas sîdh mí ardh nîn adh anim. Amin. An thî, daro a tíro! Lû naratha i narn od amarth nîn dan peth nîn methen.  Aníron lû an nauth. Namárië. An thî. Namárië. 

Ned: I….uh, have no idea what he just said. I agree with him, though.

Nathan had slipped away from his seat before the lights came back on, he wasn’t about to be cornered by the journalists watching the show to question why he was there. Heading backstage through all the bustling people, most people ignored him and was too busy organising the last few tasks that needed to be done. But he noted the heads that turned as he walked through the crowds, keeping his head down as he did. As far as fashion shows went, it was alright. He was never massively entertained but he always went to support Lacey. Finally seeing Lacey through the crowds pretending to have a good time, to tell tale signs that she really wasn’t blatantly obvious to him. Though his friends didn’t seem to notice. It had been a long couple of shows, lots of watching shows, followed by him filling in the chat when Lacey got tired of pretending to be ok. And avoiding all kinds of questions being thrown at them from all different directions and generally just not going on the internet. The rumours were going insane, they’d been on the front of several magazine in the last weeks. A tonne of different stories circulating about them being together, not together, that their whole breakup was a publicity stunt. And that was only the one’s that Nate had seen. Approaching Lacey he plastered a smile on his face slipping his hand easily around her waist. “Hey,” He said his eyes catching hers, “you did great.” He said softly to her before biting down on his bottom lip.


Consider it a Gift

Poe the Crow is greedy
for anything that shines
He hides his little treasures
in the trunk of an ancient pine

It was sometime in September
that he stole my watch from me
And I swear I can hear it ticking
from its place inside that tree

I wonder what Poe would do
if I raided his treasure trove
But I just don’t have it in me
to desecrate his one true love

So I leave his stash unsullied
in the trunk of the ancient pine
Consider it a gift, dear Poe
to your heart, from mine

Azuki Lynn

The Bustle of University Life

Professor Dean Masterlist

Word count: 4000+

Summary: You’re getting settled into your new job, trying to adjust to the influx of work. Charlie insists on a night out at the college bar with the intentions of seeing one of the female Professors that she has a crush on and guess who turns up?

Warnings: Accidental voyeurism (reader isn’t turned on by it, they go and hide), mentions of alcohol and its consumption, general fluff and some cheesiness a la semi-intoxicated reader and Dean.

A/N: The next part has smut ;)

Tagging: @yoursupernaturalsammygirl @abaddonwithyall @but-deans-back-tho @thinkwritexpress @mrswhozeewhatsis

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Because I’m hopeless shipper trash who’s in love with abutterflyobsession‘s art school AU.
It has 2 of my favourite things, strange magic and art! I was already weak! D’:

Anyway, yeah. Bog & Marianne being an adorable Not A Couple Definitely Not No Way from art school AU. In a scene that’s never been in the actual fic. Because I wanted to avoid doing this properly by hiding most things in the dark.
Crappy drabble thing under the cut~

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