Tell Me

Tell me the tale of the clan derived from the greatest warriors ever known
Who’s originators wore targets on their backs and slept with one eye open
Tell me the tale of the bravest lieutenant that ever lived
Who served the king and queen until his dying breath, his majesty’s right hand man
Tell me the tale of the girl named after the untamable black bird
Who’s bombs sent the earth into a quake
Tell me the tale of the girl who survived the thievery of her own bones
Who swore loyalty to her people until the end of time
Tell me the tale of the twisted killer
Who softened his heart for a twisted girl like he
Tell me the tale of the brilliant boy named mountain for he was unmovable
Who buried his own sadness so he could bore his friend’s
Tell me the tale of the friend who dropped to earth with sparkling innocence
Who tried to leave it while suffering through treacherous darkness
Tell me the tale of the reluctant killer
Who loved a fierce, naive space girl until his last day
Tell me the tale of the naive space girl
Who screamed at the earth for what she couldn’t understand
Tell me the tale of the destined queen and accidental king
Who forged a future built on hope
Found each other by chance but kept each other by choice
Paved the way for generations with their sacrifices and built a hopeful future
Free from the stringency of the dank outer space from which they are called Skaikru


I don’t really know what this is but I wanted to create something that talked about the delinquents without using their names. I thought of this when thinking about how all of their actions would go down in history and passed on to future generations.

i’m officially here and looking to get activity going again. i want to apologize for the wank fest that went down before i stopped logging in; i get very passionate about the issues i speak on, and i don’t mean to make people uncomfortable. i’m going to clean up my blog and pump out some well-overdo drafts, and maybe clean up my html a little bit. thank you to those of you who stuck it out.


It’s the final photoset for Trials and Tribulations! The end of this journey is an incredibly bittersweet one.

I can definitely see why people call this the best game in the series. It wraps up everything that came before it beautifully. At the same time, it tells a compelling tale all on its own. Recipe for Turnabout was a bit too silly sometimes, but that’s about it.

Next time, we leave the original trilogy and head into a new chapter in trials.