Well when you think about it Miles is nodding like an asshole about 40% of the time. Think of what else he has to devote his time to. Making girls sexually uncomfortable. That’s another 40% right there. Rambling in an accent no one understands leaving one with the distinct impression they’re being mocked - 8%. Talking about John Lennon - 5%. Another 5% for inadvertantly causing the Arctic Monkeys to feel territorial about Alex, but yet being so charming they don’t really mind it. And then the last 3% of his time he actually makes music. Which if you add it up is 101%, but…I mean he’s Miles Kane, so. Naturally he has an extra percent of time.
—  Me on how Miles Kane spends his time
A Year To Prove You Wrong CH9 Part 1

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A Year To Prove You Wrong

Chapter 9 – Part 1

Day One

Stefan was sat at his desk, checking his calendar for what meetings he had planned for the day when he noticed the note he’d put on for today that he’d almost completely forgot about.

9am: Your new executive assistant starts. Caroline Forbes.

Stefan pulled a face at the screen, annoyed at having to deal with yet another person from the graduate programme that wasn’t good enough for the job. He didn’t need her, and he despised having his own assistant picked for him. He’d been through three of them since he’d been given the job and not one of them was good enough.

The first two had spent more time flirting with his brother than working so he got rid of them. The last one survived the year, but they didn’t get on at all, and he’d rather not be forced to spent his working day surrounded by her so he didn’t offer her the job. He was convinced that he would never find anyone worthy enough of his high standards and work ethic.

He wasn’t expecting anything different than he’d already seen from the previous graduates but he could make this one the shortest yet. He would test her to see if she would fall under his brother’s charms or not. If she did he would get rid of her straight away. No question.

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Lucaya Headcanon

We’re all familiar with the headcanon with Lucas continually coming over and visiting Maya at her window. Well, normally just imagine their time is spent flirting/teasing each other and watching cheesy romance movies but to laugh at the inaccuracy and how stupidly cheesy they are. One night is spent watching the Longest Ride. 

When you finally meet a guy you like, you both get on and spent time together, flirt and be affectionate and he gives you all the attention without having to ask but there’s one major problem and you just have to accept it :) :) :) :) :) :)