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You get to write 3x08 of Supergirl. You can do whatever you want with it and the writers have to make 3x01-3x07 lead up to it. What's your pitch?


ok so 3.08 starts off w maggie and alex and lena and kara having dinner together at a nice fancy restaurant. there’s laughter and banter and maggie’s giving lena this look w a smirk. lena stands to pay the bill, kara goes to the bathroom and maggie just turns to alex and is like ‘so, lena is gay and in love with your sister’ and alex just laughs and then is like ‘what?’ lena and kara come back, lena says something flirty to kara and maggie just smirks at alex. alex is shook.

NEXT SCENE the four of them are walking in the dark, the night is dark and brisk. maggie and alex walk with their arms linked, kara and lena hang back and stroll together. soft flirting is exchanged. they are soft gays. alex gets a call, her and kara go to the deo. maggie convinces lena to get a lift home on her motorbike.

j’onn gives them the details of their case - some alien perps using space technology. winn says is using the computer to track the heat signatures or some shit. he makes a comment about their double date. kara is blushed and flustered, alex is like ‘omg kara likes her too’. shook af. winn finds the alien perps.

kara is standing by alex’s locker as she gets into tactical gear, she’s saying how much she liked dinner and she’s glad maggie and alex get along w lena. alex puts an arm on kara’s shoulder and asks her if she has feeling for lena and that she can tell alex anything. kara gets angry, says she’s still mourning monel - she storms off

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE LESBIANS: maggie and lena are at lena’s office. lena apologises, saying she had to pick up something from work and that maggie can go, she’ll get her driver to pick her up. maggie says not to worry. lena offers maggie a drink. maggie accepts, but just a small one. the bitch is a responsible driver. lena pours a huge drink and sits down at her desk, looking at the file. maggie asks if everythings ok. lena opens up about her father’s estate, she has paperwork to go through about it. she talks about her shitty mom. maggie hesitates before telling her simply about her parents. lena nods in solidarity and pours her a bigger drink.

alex and kara do their mission, there’s a sick action scene, and at the end, alex - ever the big sister - questions kara about lena. kara gets super angry and flies off in a huff. j’onn raises his eyebrows, says something dadlike, like give her time and space to figure stuff out. alex sighs and says she knows, she’s just worried she’s rushing into things w a lena.

kara is at the place where monel got yeeted, the open field. she sits in the middle of it. she doesn’t cry though, she just sits hugging her knees staring at the stars. alex finds her there, and sits beside her, grumbling about being too old for sitting on the ground. ‘you don’t need to tell me anything’ alex says ‘but i want you to know that whenever youre ready to talk about anything, monel or lena or whatever it is, i’ll be here because i love you’ (kara hasnt spoken at all about monel up until this point, refusing to whenever someone tries to engage her in that conversation). kara turns to alex and she says ‘i thought i love him, but i…. i don’t miss him like i’m supposed to. i regret that i had to send him away, i regret that we didn’t get the time we were supposed to have together, but….. i don’t miss him’ and alex knows that kara doesnt need her to say anything to make it better. she just needs a hug. alex throws her arm around kara’s shoulder. kara sighs and leans into it. alex’s phone beeps and she opens a message and laughs. ‘let’s go get maggie from lena’s, those idiots’

CUTSMASH TO THE LESBIANS AGAIN. lena and maggie are having a dance party in lena’s office. grunge music is playing and theyre both super drunk. we’ve never seen lena like this. neither has maggie. lena trips over her own feet and lands on the floor, laughing. maggie drops down next to her, clutching a bottle of scotch, also laughing. she turns off the music. ‘so what’s the deal with you and little danvers’ maggie asks and lena’s like ‘is it that obvious’ and maggie’s all ‘lmao im a professional lesbian’ lena’s all soft and talks about how much she likes kara and how she’s an idiot for falling for a straight girl, even more so a fuckin super. maggie says dont count her out just yet, maggie’s seen the way kara looks at lena and it’s decidedly unstraight, and the fact that lena’s a luthor means shit all to kara. lena cries. maggie gives her the bottle.

nek minit, alex and kara turn up. ‘let’s go, drunky’ alex says, picking maggie up and leading her from the room. maggie hugs lena before she goes and is like ‘ur my best friend now im love u no homo’ alex offers to give lena a lift home too, but kara says she’ll sort it out.

after alex and maggie leave, kara picks up lena and puts her on the couch. she can see lena’s been crying and she asks what’s wrong. lena looks into kara’s eyes. her hair’s a mess and her eyes are bloodshot and she looks terrified.

‘i think im falling for you kara’. kara’s breath hitches and very very very slowly, lena leans in. kara is still. she doesn’t stop her. they kiss. it’s soft and tender with an air of passion that kara hasn’t felt in a long time. they pull apart. 

‘i’m sorry lena, i cant do this now. not yet’ she flies away, knowing she has to figure out her shit first.

back at alex’s alex is getting maggie into bed which is proving difficult. suddenly, kara’s in their living room and she’s teetering on the edge of breaking down and then alex catches her and she’s crying in her arms. maggie’s still drunk as a skunk but she grabs her phone and she texts lena and just goes ‘kara’s here. r u ok?’

and then cut to lena and she’s still alone in her office and drinking. she takes a deep breath and says ‘i will be’

end of episode.

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EEE! || Pairing: Darcy/Peter Quill || Prompt is: "Lucky Underwear" || (And thank you so much, doll! <3 <3 <3)

okay, Dres, I am finally done with this thing—sorry for the wait! also, thanks to @amidtheflowers for name inspiration. :) 

without further ado:

lucky underwear, darcy/peter quill

NSFW under the cut, lovelies

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The next time they sent a mouse through the wormhole, it came back. In fact, it came back wearing a hand-knit sweater—an ugly monstrosity with swirling greens and blues and oranges that looked like it came straight out of the 80’s—and a note taped to its back.

Darcy and Jane looked at it each other in consternation. Shrugging, Darcy snagged the note and unfolded it. It was torn at the corner, as if ripped in a struggle, and was covered in three different lines of text.

The first—scrawled prominently across the page—was a frustrated line of chicken scratch.

For God’s sake, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MORE MICE. There is no room on the ship for any more vermin. We literally already have a TALKING RACCOON.

“Well,” Darcy mused, “at least the aliens are pretty polite, all things considered. I mean, we have been dumping mice in their laps for the past week. Also, they can write in English?”

Jane nodded distractedly, already re-calculating her equations. “Apparently we’ve been sending the mice to the same place. A ship? Which means the wormhole has locked onto an object and moves with it through space. And the writing could be a written form of All-Speak? Hmm, interesting…”

She wandered away, leaving Darcy to read the rest of the note by herself. The last two lines appeared to have been written by different hands, scribbled in a hurry.


Well, okay then. Darcy was glad somebody enjoyed the mice, at least.

do u have music that doesn’t suck? the idiot insists on putting the same songs on repeat. over and over and over and over. and over.

over and over was written repeatedly across the rest of the page, right up to the torn edge. Darcy rolled her eyes and sighed. How someone could manage to troll her from thousands of light-years away, she had no idea.

Figuring that she and Jane were practically experts by now in getting to know alien species, Darcy decided to consider herself a diplomatic representative of Earth. So, the next time they were ready to send something through the wormhole (Jane was determined to discover why it always connected to the mysterious being’s ship, despite variations in date and time), Darcy sent her iPod.

Not her new iPhone, mind you. But the old iPod, the one SHIELD had stolen and then returned years later. It was old and battered and missing half her playlists—and she was sad to see it go. Still, diplomatic relations sometimes required personal sacrifice.

The next time the wormhole opened, a crown of beautiful flowers plopped through, held up by what looked like a prosthetic hand. Darcy stared at it for a long minute, perplexed, then shrugged. It might be the strangest ‘thank you’ she’d ever gotten, but at least the flowers smelled good. The hand, officially dubbed ‘Flower Power,’ became the official mascot of the lab and oversaw all of their experiments.

The following week, Darcy sent a bulk-sized package of strawberry poptarts through the portal. Jane laughed at her, but Darcy defended her decision passionately. “What? We have a good track record with aliens and these things!”

The poptarts were a hit, as expected. Along with a demand for more came a little crystal frog.

And so the weeks passed, marked by increasingly-strange gift exchanges. Eventually, Jane put her foot down and declared, “Alright, that’s it. We’re running out of places to put all this weird space stuff. Time to take the next step.”

Darcy looked up from where she was munching on her space snack. It was weird—tasted a little bit like pickles, but not. Glancing up, she asked, “What’s the next step?”

“We’re going to send you through the wormhole, obviously. So you can meet your new friends in person.”

After one last loud crunch, Darcy swallowed and replied nonchalantly, “Alright, boss lady. Just don’t send me somewhere weird on accident, alright?”


The good news was that Jane didn’t dump Darcy into the vast emptiness of space to suffocate and die. The bad news was that she got dropped into a ship during what appeared to be the middle of some kind of space battle. As she wandered down the narrow corridor, there was a lot of yelling. Explosions rocked the ship, and Darcy stumbled to one side. She reached a hand out to steady herself against the wall,only to be bowled over by someone barreling down the hallway.

They fell in a tangle of limbs and leather, hitting the unyielding floor with a resounding smack. Darcy looked up, straight into—the barrel of a space gun? Well, she assumed it was a gun. It looked gun-like, something between a Star Wars blaster and a Star Trek phaser. A nerd’s wet dream, basically. She looked past the blaster to the face of the guy straddling her, and—oh. That was another wet dream entirely.

Still, he was pointing a weapon at her face. Her hands came up in the universal sign for surrender. Her knuckles pressed against the hard floor painfully and Darcy tried not to wince. Carefully, she said, “Woah, dude. I’m sorry to drop in at such a bad time. But, uhh, I think we’re kind of friends? I mean, pen pals at least. I send you things through that nifty little wormhole that shows up every now and then.” With a strained grin, she clarified, “I—I don’t know how many pen pals you’ve got from Earth, but I’m the one who sends poptarts and iPods? So, yeah.”

The unknown guy chuckled and put his gun away. Still straddling her, he gave her an appreciative once-over and teased, “Well if I knew you looked like this I would’ve suggested a meet-up a lot sooner,—” He stopped and quirked an eyebrow at her, waiting expectantly.

“Darcy. Science minion and newly-minted space traveler, at your service.” He leered at that, but before he could offer a cheesy pick-up line—Darcy’s been on the receiving end of a lot of those, she could see it coming—another explosion rocked the ship. She gestured to where he was still pinning her to the floor and asked, “Uhh, shouldn’t you be doing something about that instead of flirting with me, space boy?”

He winked and clambered to his feet. Reaching down to help her up, he corrected, “It’s Star-Lord, and don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’ve got it all under control.”

Darcy snorted. “Yeah, no, I’m not calling you that. You got a normal-person name, Star-Lord?”

He huffed in mock-exasperation, grumbling, “No one takes me seriously around here.” Dropping his chin and looking up at her through his lashes, he brushed a thumb across her cheek and offered, “I can make an exception for you, though. You can call me Peter.”

Darcy would like to say that it was a surprise that she ended up in bed with him, but that would be a bald-faced lie. There was something about the sass and the smirk that did it for her. The red leather jacket didn’t hurt, either.

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Just some new thoughts about Sonic Forces (Theory)

Everyone here is making theories about why Shadow becomes evil in Forces and most involve either mind control or something about Maria. Both are wrong since, one, Shadow has resisted Black Doom’s mind control which is important due to how he managed to speak with the world using telepathy (and to top it off they share the same blood, linking them) and if he was under that influence, it would have been more obvious like him having an aura or glowing eyes, and he was confirmed to be fighting for his own reasons. Second, Shadow left the past behind him and in ‘06 when Mephiles tried to manipulate him, he refused his offers, giving him the middle finger every time.
Other theories involve either some time and space stuff or a double agent thingie, but then after noticing Rouge and Omega’s absence in the gameplay and the trailers this suddenly hitted me.
What if something happened to Omega and Rouge and that has something to do with Shadow’s current alligment? They are his best friends so what if Shadow is forced to work with the villains because his companions are in danger and he clearly is powerless to do something about it?
I think this would make the most sense due to Shadow’s anti-villain nature when he is not on the heroes side. Let me guys know what you think.

DeanCas Coda to 11x16: Safe House

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Castiel is hearing me blah blah blah more rhyming. Cas, you there?

From deep inside his own chest, tucked away in a corner of his heart, a smile steals across Cas’s lips.

Anyway, I don’t know if you’re hearing me… I don’t know if you ever hear me, but we haven’t stopped looking. We’re not giving up on you. We did take a breather today, though. Worked one of Bobby’s old cases in Grand Rapids; a soul eater terrorizing the people in this one house—it was fuckin’ creepy, man. I was inside its nest and I think I saw Bobby. Not sure if Sam believes me, but I’m pretty sure the space-time stuff works out. Wish you were here so you could tell me.

Cheeks aching from his grin, Castiel hesitantly uncurls from his balled up position, closing his eyes. At this point, these prayers are the only things that are exclusively his; even his thoughts are shared with Lucifer, now.

I really miss you, Cas.

“I really miss you, too.”

The angel’s voice echoes in the cavernous space of his body, reverberating back with peels of Lucifer’s laughter. Cas squeezes his eyes shut to block him out and focuses on his hunter’s voice:

There was this family living in the house; really nice lesbian couple with this adorable little rugrat named Kat. I think you woulda liked her. I mean, I think you woulda liked all of them, but—yeah. Hey, do you want kids? I do, or I did, but I dunno. Maybe once this is all over you could start a family.

Not that what we have right now isn’t a family. And like, I’m not asking you to have kids with me, or anything; I mean, unless you want to. I mean, I don’t even know if you have feelings for me, so I don’t know why I’m automatically assuming you’d pick me. We’d have to adopt, anyway. I don’t know why I’m even talking about this. Ignore me.

Castiel bites his lip. “I’d love to start a family, Dean,” he breathes. “In whatever capacity you’ll have me.”

Man, I’m beat. And sore. Sam threw me around a whole helluva lot when I was possessed or whatever today. It sucked. Anyway, Cas, I’m gonna call it a night. Like I said, I miss you. I’m not giving up. I’m gonna find a way to get that fucker out of you if it’s the last thing I do, I swear.

And hey, after you’re back and Amara’s gone, maybe we can finally take a vacation, huh? We could sit around the Bunker eating crap and watching Netflix, what d’you say?

“I’d like that very much.”

I wish I knew if you could hear me.

“I can.”

I care about you, and, uh, miss you a whole lot.

“As do I.”

Night, Cas.

“I love you.”

Lucifer laughs hysterically as Castiel feels Dean’s prayer fading away, the blue-eyed angel immediately reaching out for as much of it as he can grab. He takes the warm, trembling thing in his hands and brings it as close to his heart as possible, keeping it there with all the others.

You weaken yourself, brother, Lucifer cackles.

Cas smiles in response.

“No,” he whispers, cradling Dean’s prayers to his chest. A smile.

“He makes me strong.”

You were my stars and my moon, 
guiding me out of the darkness. 
I fought to keep you at my side, 
the both of us together. 
Through time and space,
the stuff of legends. 
We may have lost each other on the way, 
but just follow the path in the sky. 
We’ll find each other again.
—  in the end you weren’t the stars but the gravity holding me together || e.q.

Woah, okay, sudden thought about the battle system in Undertale. Unless monsters choose to stop their attacks (Like Toriel once you’ve hit a threshold of HP), they go on for a certain period of time before stopping. Once they hit their particular time limit, the attack automatically ends, which can be seen in the Undyne/Undying fight by some of the attacks where you block the spears ending before you’ve blocked them all. Now, most monsters seem to have similar time limits for all their attacks depending on how strong they are (Boss monsters have longer attacks than normal enemies, but it’s still only by a few seconds.)

Except for Sans and Papyrus.

Papyrus’ “special attack” and Sans’ first and last attacks go on for far longer than any any other monsters’. It’s obvious as to how Sans can do this since he can mess with time and space, but Papyrus can also do it. This would support that one theory that Papyrus has the same powers as Sans, he just doesn’t utilize them. It would also explain how he literally walks over you after you spare him and how nonchalant he is about Sans always pranking him across time and space.

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I feel like Sans behaves the way he does because of the timelines. He tries to keep his promise to Toriel until the end because he thinks you might reset and fix your mistakes. Or, beat you enough in genocide until you give up (like omega Flowey tries to do). He wants you to choose the right choice, but you have to choose it yourself or it doesn't make a difference. I can imagine knowledge of multiple timelines/time repeating itself can be very taxing on a person Maybe the "threat" is that pain.

(Finally starting to answer some of these! Sorry for the wait!)

Yeah, I definitely agree that the promise is why Sans waits so long to do anything. It really is just about the last possible moment for him to act, and he’d rather not do anything at all if he doesn’t have to. I always imagined that Sans’ “readings” were something like a roadmap that gave away all the possible endings. But Sans never knows which track he’s on until he’s experiencing it firsthand. So up until the moment he fights you, there’s still the potential for the track to be something happier than literally everyone dying and the end of all times being nigh.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to link to an awesome discussion thread on Reddit about Sans and the timelines, which made me rethink a lot of stuff. In particular, AlternateMew’s comment a little ways down the page.

So my guess is, when Sans tells you to keep an eye out for the suspicious flower, he’s currently suspecting that Flowey is the anomaly. And he’s right; prior to Frisk arriving, Flowey was the anomaly.

But by the time he gives you “the talk”, he’s figured out that you are the anomaly. So when he says “you’d be dead where you stand”, he means it. At that point, he had recently confirmed to himself that you really are the anomaly, and he’d have killed you right there - right at MTT Resort… had he not made a promise to Toriel not to.

I had been thinking up until reading that that Sans made the “dead where you stand” comment because of his sentry job, or because of some previous deal with Asgore, or he was just being a creep, or because of some other need for a human soul. I think most people assume he meant the human would’ve died at the Ruins exit.

But THIS makes a lot more sense. He isn’t hunting humans and probably would’ve been just as lazy at his sentry job and friendly towards you with or without Toriel’s promise. He’s not invested in the surface, and he’s not a child murderer. But what he IS hunting down and will murder on sight is the time anomaly to prevent the end from coming. …Except that his promise to Toriel accidentally included that anomaly. Now he’s stuck paling around with a kid who, by all accounts, should be his sworn nemesis. (I think he genuinely likes you in most timelines though. Maybe has some conflicting feelings that keep him distant, but against his better judgment wants to be your friend, even after he knows what you are.)

My follow up question is then: how long has Sans known about the anomaly? When did he get those readings about the timelines? Because if he’s had that information since before Frisk fell, that would explain a lot of his behavior, and Flowey’s attitude towards him. “Never ever let him find out about you.” etc. Maybe it also explains why he has so many jobs across the region, if he’s keeping an eye out for something in particular.

And how did he come about those readings? Was he just studying time and space stuff because he’s a nerd, or was he looking for something (or someone) else first when he came across you and Flowey?

Of course there’s still a lot of unanswered questions about Sans’ relationship to other characters before Flowey’s creation. Although this makes me wonder, if Sans knows about the experiments in the True Lab (and the updated patch makes this almost explicitly confirmed), how much he knew about Flowey’s origins.

Interstellar Rant -ANNOYED SPOILERS

I saw Interstellar yesterday and I couldn’t sleep last night. I mean, there were some great tings, but there were also a bunch of weird things in this movie where you’re like “Huh?” (Like how there’s no ARMY anymore when there’s a world FOOD SHORTAGE, and their robots are tricked out smart-ass GUMBIES) but the one thing I simply can’t stop ranting about that is silly but I simply can’t let it go is: