New Battery Technology Cuts Charging Time Down in Half

As our dependency on our smartphones continues to grow, the harder it is for us to give up a few hours to recharge its battery. Nucleus Scientific is out to change that. Yesterday, they launched a series of battery technologies, called Energy System, which rapidly cuts down the charge time, as well as helps to extend the battery life of our devices. The 10,000 mAh power bank prototype fully charges in 15 minutes, as opposed to similar models, which typically take multiple hours. At their testing facilities, Nucleus Scientific was able to recharge the equivalent to 9 smartphones in 100 seconds. If the recharging time was increased to 3 minutes, the battery life of the smartphones would have doubled. Instead of applying constant current to the battery as most charging systems do, Nucleus Scientific employs real-time monitoring of the battery life to quicken and ease the process. Nucleus Scientific is talking to several existing companies about implementing their new hardware and software into future products. They hopes to expand this technology from smartphones to medical equipment to electric vehicles. To read more about this groundbreaking advancement, click on the link to the article :



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