honestly the shit mavin pulls doesn’t even sound real when you list a bunch???? like

  • met on valentines day
  • strangers to best friends in an absurdly short amount of time
  • (sidebar to say lindsay initially didn’t like gavin and michael defended him to her, and gavin was shocked when he found out michael stood up for him after a week of knowing each other)
  • Those Friends who spend as much time as possible together
  • matching necklaces 
  • matching shoes
  • michael being gavin’s exception (see: gavin saying he’d refuse to be in a wedding party for everyone, but for michael, “he’s my boi. gotta do it.”)
  • michael saying lindsay and gavin are the same person? michael continuing on to say him and meg are the same person?
  • sorry but it bears mentioning again that michael literally said that his wife and gavin have the exact same personalities and followed it up by saying himself and gavin’s girlfriend have the exact same personalities
  • their push and pull of a relationship (this is believable on its own but lumped in with everything else it’s the icing on the mavin cake)
  • aka michael makes gavin better and gavin makes michael worse (michael has a point where he’ll draw a line but gavin can convince him to participate in shit that comes pretty damn close to crossing it)
  • michael consistently says things he films with gavin are the most fun-ie enjoying chiller playpals, talking about how immersion is one of his favorite things to be involved with because of production and gavin, calling the fallout 4 immersion his favorite because the entire premise was just him and gavin fucking around
  • basically michael never shuts the fuck up about gavin and finds ways to bring him up even when gavin’s not there
  • michael picks a moment with gavin as the best part of his 2016

not to mention all of these things are cushioned by hundreds of small interactions between them that demonstrate how comfortable they are around each other

Note : this is my analysis so plz dont take seriously ..

Part 1:

I have notice that he keep looking at the necklace many time when the members talking about their gift

Now when jk said he bought the necklace jm look his

Then suddenly jm said this is a necklace

Then jk said im not gonna hang it on my neck

jm throw it to him and look kinda upset

Then the members notice and said oh it’s look similar !

Jk point at it and said something but I can’t hear it

Then jm give it to T he said he bought for him

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Can’t post more pic

In the Bones: Part One

Title: In the Bones

Rated: M (for violence and later chapters)

Words: 10K+

Summary:  Natsu and Lucy are from warring clans, each acting as a powerful warrior for their people. Natsu’s clan consists of skilled blacksmiths, crafting weapons from the earth and enchanting them with lost elemental magic. Lucy’s people are Spiritwalkers, powerful seers who can make contracts with ancient spirits from the bones they leave behind. (enemies to lovers AU)

AN: New AU for @constellunaa‘s birthday! Happy birthday Shana! Have a lovely day <3 This one is based on her warring clans AU which is AMAZING.

*also on FF, so please be sure to drop a review there and follow the story if you want to!

Lucy bends low over the bowl before her, cupping her hands to trap the gust from her lungs as she breathes life into the broken, forgotten splinters of bone. Cracked ribs lay before her, as well as the remains of a smashed skull, barely the size of her palm, small enough to cradle. They rattle when she blows warm air against them, shifting slightly, and she grins. Excitement sweeps through her, her hands trembling, and she has to steady herself before trying again.

She takes a deep breath, golden eyes slipping shut as she pushes passed her nerves, readying herself. Her eyes snap open once more, a faint shimmer of blue in her irises, and this time when she breathes into them, a pale, ghostly blue glow pulls from her lungs. It fans across the bones, and they quiver, clacking together wildly as she leans back, waiting for the creature to form, long forgotten pieces of itself finally becoming one.

Her eyes slam shut, her heart stuttering in her chest, and she bites her lip. Lucy’s lungs go still, the oxygen leaving her in a rush, and she reminds herself not to panic, her mind used to the loss of breath, though her body constantly rejects the feeling. Her lungs scream for air, her spirit flickering as she continues to breathe against the bones she found days earlier while out in the woods.

Eventually, she runs out of air, the blue glow leaving her and washing across the rattling bones, the sound growing so loud she can barely think. Lucy gasps for breath, coughing slightly, and winces as her chest aches, her life-force growing thin for a moment before coming back to her.

The consequences of walking with spirits were the first things Lucy was taught as a child, her mother making her promise never to spread herself too thin. There’s only so much a Spiritwalker can take, their lives much more fragile than others.

The bones fall silent a moment later. The rattling stops suddenly, and her eyes snap open, gold flickering in the early morning light spilling in through the open window. The wool rug beneath Lucy tickles at her skin, and the bones are quiet, as if nothing happened. For a moment, she frowns, eyes narrowing as she stares down at them, but then they shift again, though not because of her.

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Yuri on Ice/Avatar TLA AU

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I’ve been thinking in a Yuri on Ice/Avatar The Last Airbender AU and so far these are my ideas:

-Yuuri Katsuki: Just like in the anime, he’s very shy and unsure of himself. He’s an airbender, the first bender born in his family in over a century. He doesn’t feel comfortable being an airbender because everyone tells him that he should become a monk and only live a spiritual life. Because in his hometown there aren’t any airbenders, he doesn’t learn to bend properly; instead he just trains basic defense moves with Minako (nonbender, chi blocker). Later he meets Celestino (a nonbender rebel nomad monk) and Phichit (another air-bender) and even when he tried to train with them, he felt like he was just trying to please everyone  instead of just bending for the pleasure of it or for the connection with his element. He meets Viktor by accident and is very impressed by the perfection of Viktor’s bending. When Viktor tells him that he’s going to train him, at first Yuuri doesn’t believe him and thinks that Viktor is just making fun of him because how could a prodigy waterbender teach him to airbend? But what he learns is to be confident and to love his element as well as the people around him. That alone gives him the control of the air and even a little glimpse of the Spirit World. He meets Yuri when the younger bender goes to his house in search of Viktor. He likes Yuri, but he’s afraid of him… until he gets to know his softer side.

-Viktor Nikiforov: A waterbender prodigy, but not a fighter. He has the potential but he prefers to perform ice skating mixed with some form of mist-bending and ice sculpting to create dream-like scenarios. When he meets Yuuri he’s so excited because he never met an airbender before and wants to know everything about his bending type… until he discovers that Yuuri has very little knowledge of his own bending… And Viktor takes as his personal quest to train Yuuri. How? He doesn’t know. Maybe he can use some of the lessons his old master Yakov taught him. He’s very patient with Yuuri, trying to show him that his bending is a gift rather than a mistake. He wants to give Yuuri an engagement necklace, but he knows airbenders aren’t supposed to be attached to mundane items. So instead he gives him a coral mala (or prayer beads necklace).

-Makkachin: Viktor’s cute sea-otter-dog… or a goat dog… or something like that.

-Yuri Plisetsky: Another waterbender prodigy, but unlike Viktor, he’s very enthusiastic about fighting (pro-bending or something like that). He relies almost only in a very aggressive type of icebending, and he uses some moves and kicks from firebending (he learned from Lilia, who’s a firebender master. She also taught him the basic moves to deflect a lightening, but of course he’s never tried). He has problems trying to control water in liquid form because that needs him to be in total control of his emotions… and of course he is not. Viktor promised him to teach him waterbending but then Yuuri happened. At first he was jealous but while training with him and Viktor he learns to deal better with his emotions and feelings. He hasn’t told anybody but one time he accidentally bloodbent. His grandfather was having a heart attack and he tried to use waterbending to heal him, instead he stopped his heart for several seconds before making it beat again. His grandfather healed after that and hasn’t had another attack since then, but Yuri was so scared he has never tried to bloodbend again.

Otabek Altin: Born in a little town that used to be a colony under siege by the Fire Nation. He discovered he was an earthbender just after his 17th birthday, that’s why he’s still learning. He trains hard and even when he’s not really naturally talented, it’s his hard work that makes him an excellent bender in just a couple of years. He’s physically stronger than average and that helps him controlling large amounts of rocks, also he’s an adept in listening and waiting before making a move. Even with his strength and ability, he doesn’t like to fight, he prefers using his newfound bending working with blacksmiths and fixing satomobiles (?). He’s trying to learn metalbending but as this day he hasn’t been able to do it. Has a pet Komodo rhino that rides often. Yuri is an inspiration for him, because even when he has been a talented bender since he was a child, he still trains hard every day to improve his skills and does not rely only in his innate ability. Otabek carved a jade stone and gave it to him in a “friendship” necklace. He has the vague idea that Water Tribe people make and give necklaces as tokens of friendship or as good luck charms. Yuri won’t tell him its real meaning even when he likes the idea of being engaged to Otabek. Viktor is the one to tell the truth to Otabek… And he doesn’t mind. He makes another necklace for Yuri, this time a real engagement necklace. Yuri uses both.

Phichit Chulanont: He’s a carefree airbender who travels the world with Celestino as his trainer and teacher. His goal is to form a group of players and performers and that’s why he admires Viktor’s theatrical and dramatic dances on ice. Has several southern Water Tribe white hamsters as pets.  After training for some time with Yuuri and Celestino, they part ways and while visiting the Earth Kingdom he gets lost near the Si Wong Desert. Then he meets this handsome and mysterious sandbender who helps him to get to the nearest town. He doesn’t leave his side after that even when at first the sandbender doesn’t look very comfortable around him. He tries to convince the sandbender to join his group (What group?) and the sandbender hasn’t accepted yet. But hasn’t refused either.

Seung-Gil Lee: A sandbender of the Si Wong desert. Serious and quiet; he loves the desert because it’s a lonely place. One day, while hunting buzzard wasps he finds a lost airbender and walks him to the town. It’s weird because this boy is the complete opposite of him, not only in his element but in his personality. However, he doesn’t find the boy’s constant talk annoying and actually considers the idea of joining his future group of players.

Guang Hong Ji: He’s a nonbender, the only son of a famous weapon seller and swordsman in the Earth Kingdom. He had to learn to use swords and daggers, and actually he’s very skilled with a jian. He only trains because is a family tradition, but his dream is to become a player and perform in Ember Island theatre. Otabek has worked with his father and Guang Hong admires him because seems like he really enjoys what he does.

Leo de la Iglesia: He’s the eldest son of a Fire sage, and a firebender who doesn’t like fire. That’s because when he was practicing some time ago he accidentally burned his little sister in the leg. She isn’t afraid of him or the fire, but he still blames himself and tries to avoid bending at all. He’s expected to become a Fire sage, but all he wants is to be a musician. He meets Guang Ho when he went to his father’s armory to get a ritual dagger. Since then they spend a lot of time talking about joining the Ember Island players.

Those are the main ones. The other headcanons I have are:

Mila Babicheva: Firebender who trained with Yuri under Lilia’s guidance.  

Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino: From the Earth Kingdom. He’s an earthbender, she’s a nonbender.

Emil Nekola: Artistic (?) metalbender

Georgi Popovich: Nonbender. He’s the only one who actually works at the Ember Island theatre. Very dramatic actor. Has lots of fans.

JJ LeRoy: Waterbender. Comes from a family of well known Pro-Bending fighers. That’s why he’s so arrogant and he’s always challenging Yuri to fight with him.

Christophe Giacometti: Firebender HOT DAMN. Too hot to handle. He turns every single pool and bath into a sauna. Poledance with fireworks and sparks. Yeah.

Kenjiro Minami. Firebender chicken nugget. He’s from the same town as Yuuri and also finds him interesting just because he’s an airbender.

I was kinda hard for some character, since is easy to imagine them all as water/ice benders… duh…

my sneaking skills are, on a scale of 1 to 10,  a -13 b/c at all times i’m wearing 50+ necklaces so anyone/everyone can hear me coming from a mile away


Just finished watching Moana for the first time!!!! Ahhhh!!!! It was so great!!!! 

Okay to reblog~

[White agender autistic adult wearing an “I find people confusing” shirt with 3 different faces on it from the curious incident of the dog in the night time, two long necklaces and jelly bracelets with glasses]

Gif 1: Happy flaps with a big smile

Gif 2: Smaller hand flapping but bigger arm movements


Rhys is the owner and he’s pretty much the best boss anyone could ever have. Quality pay.  Good manners. Everything runs smoothly under him. 

Amren is the manager under him, but no one ever sees her do anything. She shows up to events and probably orders linen or something and she always has an opaque starbucks cup in hand that never has coffee in it. No one’s sure what she drinks but they just know that you don’t mess with Amren’s stuff. Always well dressed, usually black slacks and a pristine, pressed shirt with a statement necklace every time.  Never eats any of the food despite being around it 24/7.

Mor manages the staff and is ON HER GAME. She sends out a prompt, color coordinated schedule every week and everyone’s times are always perfect. She knows what she’s about. She’s pretty hands on with running everything, and always makes an effort to check in on every event and help run them. She’s also the only one to show up at a 6 am shift on a saturday morning still in her club dress from the night before with heels in hand (she always keeps a change of clothes in her office for nights like those). Always keeps things fun, especially on long days and always brings in snacks for everyone in the mornings and organizes a work party for every excuse she can. (They definitely have monthly parties to celebrate everyone’s birthday in that month)

Cassian, oh Cassian… is the chef. The kitchen is loud and he’s usually laughing and he always, always keeps his hair in a bun and fills out his jacket very nicely (Nesta approves). His food is to die for and he’s always throwing in a few extra things he whips up for the staff. He comes with them to events to help plate food and will check up on the crowd to make sure they like everything. Could probably take a rack out of an oven and not feel a thing. Fingertips are probably burned off at this point, it’s a running joke that if anything is too hot to carry, Cass can just handle it for you. (he always jokes that he can carry all the burning hot things because he’s equally as hot and Nesta is just -_- even though she’s basically in agreement)  

Azriel is the baker, and he makes all the breads and desserts they serve. He and Cass work hand in hand a lot to get everything done and they’re always asking each other to try their thing to make sure it tastes good. Az prefers being in the back of house because he doesn’t particularly enjoy the interacting part of the job and it’s usually chaotic in front of everyone. And every once in a while, when Mor is having a bad day, he makes sure there are “extra” slices of her favorite triple chocolate cake on her desk that he definitely didn’t make just for her, not at all. 

Nesta is a server who’s relatively new, but still gets it done. She sets tables like a beast and everything she does is precise, clean, and even if she’s just pushed that one disturbingly massive hotbox half a mile to a venue, she’s never sweaty or has a hair out of place, it’s truly astonishing. She also definitely doesn’t have a thing for the chef. Not at all. It’s not like she stares at his forearms when he rolls up the sleeves of his white uniform or always casually suggests that she can be the one to go pick up the food from the kitchen. 

Elain is another server who pretty much always ends up working the bars. She can be a little slow setting things up sometimes, but she’s still a hard worker and everyone loves her enough that she could take fifty years to set a beverage station and everyone would still smile at her. She enjoys the jobs that involve interacting with people and can somehow magically pour red wine over a white tablecloth and keep them absolutely pristine.

Feyre is a server too, so she does everything, but they usually leave the design elements up to her. She’ll help Cass plate the food sometimes, or arrange a board of fruit into cool shapes.  She and Rhys are shamelessly dating even though everyone is ??? “wait ur dating ur boss?” No one cares though, and its usually never a problem except that one time Mor walked into Rhys’s office without knocking and found them making out with her sitting in his lap. 

Lucien (you can thank @highfaelucien​ for this idea) runs the flower shop that supplies centerpieces/decorations, and he always hangs around after a delivery to talk with everyone… aka flirt with the pretty server who blushes when he hands her a flower. He has his usual beautifully long hair and will mostly keep it up for work so it doesn’t get in the way. He’s always casually, immaculately dressed and smells ridiculously good (not that Elain has noticed). He has his cartilage pierced too, and Elain definitely doesn’t drool over his earrings when he has his hair pulled back out of the way. Their interactions are mainly Lucien being >:) and ;) while Elain blushes beet red.

Other assorted pieces:  

Sometimes when they’re just finishing cleaning up, Mor and Cass will have a drink after (no one knows how they aren’t tired). Mor supplies the alcohol. Cassian supplies the dessert. They’ll sit in the empty kitchen and share a slice of cake and trade stories about all the weird stuff that happened that day. 

Nesta and Mor definitely make out at the Christmas party one year. Mor is in this little red dress with black tights and heels and they end up with red lipstick smeared all over their faces, stumbling out of the linen closet.

Cass tries to woo Nesta with food and it works better than he thought it might. At first he thinks he’ll make some big, fancy dessert, but then he’s like… nah STEAK.  Az walks by Cassian’s station and is confused at first because there’s nothing they need that for that night? But he turns it over in the pan and casually says that Nesta is hungry…. “You’re trying to romance her…. with meat???” “Steaks are sexy Azriel.” Luckily though, Cass is very :))) when he brings Nesta’s plate to her and her eyes go a little wide because he really didn’t have to do that, really he didn’t. But since its there…. She digs into it and probably lets out this moan that has Cass grinning wider and he goes down to brag to Az about her liking it. 

Az feeds the cats behind the building every night and Mor thinks its adorable. One is looking particularly worse for wear, though, and he ends up taking it home and basically adopting it. Mor proudly calls herself the kitty’s “co parent” and goes around bragging about their child to everyone while Az blushes in the background.

Nesta has been forever banned from driving the truck because her road rage + a giant truck is really not a good idea. She’s thiiiiis close to being banned from the truck whenever Cassian is in it too because they inevitably end up fucking in the back of it while he lifts her onto a cart. 

Smut bonus: 

when Nessian are finally together, he brings back homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce for them to use ~that night~ but it just devolves into Nesta laughing so hard she’s crying because she can’t take Cassian seriously when he’s spraying whipped cream onto her boobs. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluff headcanon for sabriel?

Sam gets moody sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. His life isn’t exactly a Hallmark card. He’s cranky and scared and angry and sad and every other emotion he can think of. And sometimes, those moods just take over.

It’s those nights that he finds candy around the bunker. A sucker next to his laptop. A chocolate bar on a bookshelf. A piece of taffy in his pocket when he digs for his cell phone. One night, when he takes off his shirt to get into bed, he finds himself wearing a candy necklace.

Every time he finds a piece of candy, his mood lightens a little.

“Thanks, Gabe,” he whispers to the air around him, knowing Gabriel hears him.

And on the days when it’s really bad, and Sam can’t seem to break out of his dark places, Gabriel waits for him on his bed. They eat the candy together until the sugar coma puts Sam to sleep, head in his angel’s lap.

Stranded {Part 2}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female Identifying)

Series: Stranded

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Merman Bucky AU: You find yourself stranded on a desert island no thanks to a stupid group of pirates…you happen to make a friend, however, who’s determined to show you how to survive.

Note: Photo is one of mine :)

Part 1 X

@inumorph @chameerah @shadyphangirl18 @mirkwoodshewolf @ria132love @thepoet1975 @shadow257 @iamthemaskhewears

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vashiane  asked:

I'm not even gonna go anon for this, because I'm feeling self-indulgent and brazen: I'm requesting the 411 on some good FFXV boys (whomstever you feel up to writing about) and their reactions to receiving their favorite flowers from their S/O.

YOU GOT IT, DUDE. Thanks to @sonsoflucis for help with the Gladio one <3!!!

Tagging: @vashiane @sailormars109 @noxfreyas @me-yasato @cupnoodle-queen @paopuicecream @decision-height @rhysspeaces @louisvuittontrashbags @misssarahdoll @wolfgoddess77 @elloquench @ffxvhoe @xnoctits @insomniascure @goodmorningawfulbye @cherryblossomcheesecake @kidolegend @ultimoogle @themissimmortal @zegnautuskeep

You can’t really find Noctis’s favorite flowers in bouquets; aside from the obvious and elusive sylleblossom, most of his favorites are wildflowers. It reminds him of his youth and the time he spent in Tenebrae, and the deep pinks and purples give him the peace of evening and nighttime. It takes a while for you to figure out what exactly to do, but eventually it hits you: if you can’t bring the flowers to him, then what else to do but take him to the flowers instead? And that’s how it’s settled; you set aside time on a Saturday together for a “surprise field trip,” and it’s entirely worth the way his eyes widen and light up when you reach the botanical gardens. There’s row after row of lupine and foxglove, his absolute favorite, and he barely speaks all throughout, admiring each blossom like every stroke of paint in a museum. You spend hours there together, walking side by side, and he doesn’t have to speak in order to thank you. All he has to do is slide his fingers between yours.

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Two Halves

Fourth of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list: @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter @meowmeowp

Warnings: .None

Summary: Everyone is given a necklace at birth that is half a unique shape, your soulmate has the other half. The necklaces get warmer the closer the two of you are. Yours had always been stone cold until the second batch of villain kids from the Isle arrived at Auradon.

Word Count: 2613


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Eyes x Hands x Voice

That eyes, that look from that person

Their first meeting was blindfolded from Nina’s side, but in that moment they felt each other. Ever since their first meet to the end to last scene. Charioce’s eyes was the tells everything about him and every thing about love for Nina. Not just with Charioce but Nina, even she always see this person all this time and tell her feelings in her chest everytime. But it is not only eyes or voice that were important. It was just about feeling. Thats why creators might have chosen the “Dance”. Dance is perfect for body language, specially for to feel something.

Touch and Look, all this time these things are show cased their love and feelings. All this time they only needed that. Even in that scene where Charioce touched her with “Right hand” when Nina was dragon. That right hand was the first arm that touched Nina and make her felt something.

The last dance scene was beautiful but heartbreaking,but what makes all of this heartbreaking? It is all thanks the moments that they felt, moments that saw each other, moments that hear each other. 

All this time Charioce pursued his goal, and in process he lost his eyesight and it was possible that he would lost his arm.  But thanks to Nina that he didnt lost his arm and why arm is significant?  Arms are made to do something, made to feel warmth, made to feel everything. 

Charioce’s left eye and left arm harmed first, but right hand remained. And that right hand is the very first arm that felt Nina in armwrestling. We can just look at it as a “Right hand” is perfect solution to live more like a choosing Nina, but other hand “Left hand” is his goal. But Nina protected him and his arm to feel everything. 

So Charioce left with his arms but lost his eyesight. Charioce fell in love with Nina through his eyes first. But Nina first felt something for Charioce through hands. It is like Charioce’s decision to pursue his goal, sacrificing himself made him lost  the Eyes that fall in love with Nina, eyes that see every character, eyes that see World, eyes that see everything, but he remained with his arms. The one who protected him, his arms and from himself is Nina. Nina protected that warmth, Nina protected the arms that made her felt something. But Nina lost her Voice. the very voice that tell about her honest feelings, she lost it. Now she cant tell about her feelings to her important people  through her voice.

That hand, that touch from that person

Even though Charioce lost his eye, thanks to that Nina that he still feels everything through his body. Maybe he lost his eye, that hand still remains the same just like their first met. Maybe he lost the eyes that saw Nina, he still with his arms that felt Nina. I totally loved the details in this scene. It is not like other scenes werent detailed. But how Nina touched Chris with her left hand that wearing the Ring that Chris give, and how Nina wearing the Chilipepper necklace that Chris gave to her. Last time that necklace was broken, because at that time everything was broken. But now it is not, still in her neck, just like she revived her love, she revived the Necklace “The Chilipepper”.  

 We cant forgot the “Colors” that make the scenes more beautiful. I love how it was starry night. In their this dance, there was no one, there was no voice, there was no noise. It is just them alone, it is just them alone to feel each other.

A tale of Love and Ruin

All this time they felt love with each other, but had to face all this ruined situations, but in the end their Love overcomed. Maybe it wasnt revolutionary Love, but it was just  people that met with each other and fall in love. And i think that is enough. 

Nina become Dragon because when she sees men, but it healed thanks to Chris. But Nina showed him whole new world through her eyes, to see World through with Warmth and Love not with only Ruin. They both healed each other, they both showed different things from World. 

Maybe Tale wasnt enough for some people, but if we look at just them each other alone. Tale should be enough for us. In the end they lost the senses that important to them. Charioce lost his beautiful eye. Nina lost her voice that tell every her feelings. But for them it is alright, since they remained with the warmth that they felt for each other. 

A Whole New World / You raise me up

anonymous asked:

can I get uhhhhhh avatar au klance ft. lance making keith a water tribe necklace 😭😭😭


A blast of fire momentarily consumed the table top. Then Keith took a deep breath and realized what he did, letting out another stream of curses as he patted down a few stray smoldering spots. Steaming in front of him on the table was a small circular pendent, once blue but now ashy black. Not that it mattered; an ill placed chisel notch had ruined the swirling pattern of waves he had been so, so close to perfecting.

“Everything okay in here?” Shiro’s head popped into the doorway, his brows raised, “You burn down my apartment yet?”

“Not yet,” Keith grumbled.

“Good, I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation with my landlady,” Shiro gave him a wink, that stupid chin up, little bro expression he always got. 

Keith just scowled, grabbing the pendent to wipe off the layer of char. 

“Hey-” Suddenly Shiro was behind him, laying a hand on his shoulder and smiling reassuringly. “He’ll love it no matter what. Don’t worry.”

Keith just sighed, looking down at the smooth disc that turned over in his fingers. He hoped Lance would love it. But first Keith had to love it. And how could he ever be satisfied with something that was supposed to be the physical representation of his love for the most perfect man on the planet? 

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Omg at first I was like ?? with the outfit on fallon but now all I can see is Niall on your wedding night when you've finally gotten home and are away from all the family and friends and chaos and it's just you two, and you surprise yourselves by not immediately tearing off each other's clothes, but slowly and sweetly helping each other out of one item at a time. He takes your necklace, you take his jacket, he takes your earrings, you take his tie... then finally you start undoing the buttons...

this is him. late at night when you’ve gotten back to the hotel after the reception, huge honeymoon suite that hes booked for the two of you, and you start complaining of how restricting your dress was all night, so uncomfortable and how you cant wait to get out of it and you’re huffing and puffing, stretching your arms behind your back trying to reach the zipper to pull it down and you dont really hear much movement from niall, not sure if he had even followed you into the suite and you finally spin around and thats when you see him. standing by the door, leaning his shoulder against the wall, his eyes bright and glued to you with that charming soft smile on his face and he doesnt say anything, just stares at you with his hands in his pockets and his tie having already been taken off and thrown in a nearby chair and you let your arms drop to your sides as a low sigh leaves your lips. your eyes lock on his, both of you just standing there in silence, letting the reality of what had just happened earlier that night finally sink in; you were married. really actually married. and in love, so very much in love. and you pull in a shaky little breath, knowing that this man that is so quietly and intently staring at you with a sparkle in his eye and a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, is most definitely the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. and niall cocks his head back a little when you smile at him before he bounces up from the wall, his hands slipping from his pockets and coming up to the buttons on his shirt. and you watch him, your heart beating a tiny bit faster, the butterflies swarming in your tummy as he starts to carefully undo each button while slowly walking towards you, that sparkle in his eye turning into a wicked little gleam, one that you knew all too well…..

Put A Ring On It

Originally posted by minspink

When two forgetful people get married.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: slight profanity, I guess

Pairing: Jungkook x Jimin

Genre: fluffier than bunkook

Author’s Note: dat gif tho, find someone who looks at you the way jungkook looks at jimin

Song: Bruno Mars’s Marry You

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Soulmates AU (13)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten, part eleven, part twelve

An Arrowhead in the Right Place (ao3) - Emejig16

Summary:  At birth everyone is given a half to a special necklace that your soulmate has the other half to. As you get closer to your soulmate the necklace gets warmer. Phil has yet to find his soulmate and is afraid he’s going to miss his chance, just like the first time the necklace got warm.

Colours To Black and White (ao3) - whatfandom

Summary:  Based Off This

Grey (ao3) - smokyphan

Summary:  “I feel bad for the soulmates separated by a war”

Hot or Cold? (ao3) - pastelpunkdan

Summary:  Where Dan wants to give up on finding his soulmate but he finds him when he least expects it.

Ink’D (ao3) - dillhowlter

Summary: There were words on everyone’s arms. And no one really knows, and almost everyone and their mother cares.Dan isn’t thrilled because his name isn’t the one he desperately hoped it would be. Because he already knows he’s just so madly in love with the name on his arm that they couldn’t possibly love him back.

Love Will Remember (ao3) - starsalign

Summary: “Let’s test ourselves - just once. If we really are each other’s 100% perfect lovers, then sometime, somewhere, we will meet again without fail. And when that happens, and we know that we are the 100% perfect ones, we’ll marry then and there. What do you think?” - Haruki Murakami.(Or, in which Dan and Phil are soulmates but sometimes the stars just don’t align the way you think they should).

Snokoplasm (ao3) - Meow_I_am_a_cat

Summary:  Soulmates AU where the first words you hear from your soulmate are somewhere on your body.

Stay By My Side - phan-fiction

Summary:  Hundreds of years ago, humans were split in half, creating the humans we now know today. This was done out of fear of humans becoming too powerful. When someone speaks of finding their other half, they mean it literally. This is why every human has a marking on their outer ankle; no one has a matching one except for your other half.

stitched together by scarred skin (ao3) - frostbitten_cheeks

Summary: No one ever said the idea of soulmates comes with guaranteed romantic love, and this is where it leaves them – swaying between two sides of the depth, unable to go back and unable to go forward.Because the bottom line is this: Dan and Phil have each other’s names written on their skin, but that doesn’t mean they’re dating.

The Blue Sky Is Just Like The Ocean (ao3) - XenoWolfe

Summary:  What happens when a creature of the sky cross paths with a creature of the deep?

The Colour (ao3) - ForeverAndAlways

Summary:  Soulmate au where you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. Phil feels alone and Dan feels unloved.

Vivid (ao3) - annieway_21

Summary:  Before you find your soul mate, half of your body is black and white. The moment you meet them, your body is filled in with color, making you complete.

with you, we could be the only ones here (ao3) - sylinshaw

Summary: “Imagine being one of thousands of people running around with “welcome to Starbucks may I take your order” tattooed from birth going into a Starbucks like “is it you?” “nah bro I’m waiting for someone to order a grande skinny latte extra cream” - (x)or, Phil’s been looking for his soulmate for ages and one day, he finally finds him.