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Summary: Bucky’s forgotten many facets of being human, from kindness to sharing a touch. There’s something about you, however, that’s been resurrecting a piece of his old self, a piece of a man that wasn’t afraid of the human touch, of a man that craved it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 3,621

A/N: This is for Carolina’s prompt game! Congrats on 7k, Caro! I also wanna thank Kumi’s bitch ass for helping me with some smol mistakes in this! Thanks friendo!


Bucky Barnes has difficulty in remembering the times when he knew that the human touch wasn’t so bad.

The quick pace of his new life as an Avenger distracts him from the fact that he doesn’t know himself too well, either. Bucky knows that his real name is James Buchanan Barnes, he knows his dead sister’s name was Rebecca, and he knows that Steve Rogers used to be a good friend of his, but he has no clue who he is, who he was.

It is a cruel fact of his life that is cruel that haunts him day in and day out.

He tries, though. He tires himself out trying to remember what it used to feel like to be human. No, not just human; he tries to remember what it used to feel like to be a human that could feel something other than cool grief, a human that could yearn the human touch, one that could feel something akin to warmth.

Warmth is such a foreign notion to Bucky.

Therefore, when he first meets you and he feels something tender and warm blossoming in the pit of his nervous belly, he can’t help but revere you indefinitely.

He does so with bashful glances when you’re not looking.

It’s odd, really. Steve always told you Bucky used to be quite the talker and quite the charming young man.

But, then again, that was back then, back in a time where humanity still couldn’t fathom the idea of greedy hands controlling a terrified young man’s mind.

So, you don’t think much of Steve’s friend’s serious demeanor. You reason that it isn’t so easy to be all that happy after being tortured and controlled by the likes of HYDRA.

You don’t take it so personally when Bucky gives you nothing more than one-word or two-word answers. It’s efficient enough that he gets his point across, but it leaves you wanting a little more.

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Watchful Shadow

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @too-good-to-be-tru 

Hi! Can you do a Harry Hook x daughter of Peter Pan?

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), daughter of Peter Pan goes to the Isle with Mal only to run into an old friend

Warning(s) - none

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Ahh help. I'm drowning in the piles of homework, assignments and tests. It feels like I don't have enough time to do everything and it's giving me anxiety. So much to do, so little time. But at the same time I still want to have time to relax and take care of myself. What do I do?

Hi! I think creating an optimal planning and organisation system is key you for. Preparing yourself and the things around you is going to give you that control that I think you need! Here are a few things you could try:

  • have a mass organise - this goes for your folders, desk, computer, etc! I love organising these things. It makes me feel productive, accomplished and at ease. Recycle old paper/notes, delete files/trash/duplicates, update your folders/file names/etc, throw out uncorking stationery, make sure things are in an order that is easy for you to remember and review.
  • make a suitable system for organisation - for instance, have a folder per subject with a distinct label. Use dividers inside to spilt up work/topics/assessments/etc. On your computer, use a simple folder hierarchy. My folders follow: 2017 > Semester > Class > Week or Assessment. Always name your files the right thing OR put them to your desktop. If they’re on your desktop, you’ll see them and be able to move them to the appropriate location.
  • learn to manage your time - we all work at different paces so figure out when you work best! If you are most awake to study in a morning, plan your routine around that. Setting yourself up with a routine to work is going to help keep you organised and not leaving things till the last minute. If you want to, you can print one of my weekly schedule printables. It is important to learn to discipline your time and not just leave things until the last minute. Set yourself up with plans in the evening so you are wanting to finish your work and reward your productivity.
  • set a review day - set yourself a day to review and plan out each week. I would recommend Sundays! On this day, look at the past week and see what you accomplished and what you didn’t. This can help see where your productivity lacks and what you can change. Then move on to planning out what is up coming during the week.
  • check your daily plan each morning - I always review what I need to do in a morning and make a plan. It gives me an indication of what I should do, things that are due, and where I should put my time.
  • set a time limit - usually I’d try to stop working by 6pm/7pm so I had the evening to relax and do something fun. Some times I wouldn’t adhere to this but for the most part, I was really great for keeping my stress levels down.
  • put things into perspective - you’re probably looking at your assignments and feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to fit them all in. The point is to make sure you’re being effective and productive. Things will take much more time if you pause every few minutes to do something else or continue to think about the time you’ve got left. Challenge yourself to work for 20-30 minute periods with 5-10 minute breaks. Get as much done as your can. Leave your fun until the break times. The stricter and more disciplined you are with yourself, the easier it will be for you to maintain perspective and get things done!
  • learn to remove distractions and procrastinations - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.

Hope this helps x

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a bullet point imagine for Tom dating an America girl?

here we goooo

  • first off, he’d definitely mimic your accent all the time
  • not everything, just little words that you say particularly differently 
  • like mirror, or water, or garage
  • so obviously you’d imitate his accent too and copy things he says

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polaroid || sehun

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looking back through the pictures, I realize you aren’t in a single one.

3382 words; college!au; sehun/reader scenario; angst, romance

“You almost ready?” Your brother yells from the front foyer of your family home. You stand in the doorway of your mostly empty bedroom, hand poised over the doorknob. Memories flash through your brain, glimpses of your childhood flickering just past your eyes as you grew into the sophisticated adult you are now today.

The mahogany shelf pressed against one side of your bedroom, once filled with numerous stuffed animals before being replaced with novels and more mature items, was bare for once; excluding the times you used to take everything off your shelf just to clean it (you just lazily went through with a feather duster nowadays). The closed windows by the shelf are bare of any curtains or blinds and your bedframe lay untouched on the floor. It was to be transported later, your father said, as well as your desk which was adjacent to your bedframe.

“At least say something,” you hear your brother grumble unhappily as he trudges through the corridors to reach where you’re standing. “Last minute stuff?”

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Notes for my fall semester class on the child/childhood in cinema:

Childhood isn’t simply a time or age. It is not about safety or innocence. Childhood is, at best, a radical epistemology/ontology. What Avital Ronell calls a “thwarted scene.” A time when curiosity and interest, as Adam Phillips writes in The Beast in the Nursery, reigns, burns, lives, thrives. Is everything. A time when we knew everything and then squandered what we knew, what we wanted to know, what we are willing to let ourselves and others know, in order to become sublimating, conforming adults.

I think many movies in the 1980s were about the power of the child/childhood. Parents were never home, never together; the family was broken, neglectful, corrupt, evil, sadistic, abusive, corporate because of a cynical Reaganite, post-war America that wanted to capitalize on everyone and everything. But also because unconsciously America knew only children were left. The unsupervised child/adolescent in the American 80s, was living in a post-adult apocalyptic world—where only children could survive. Adulthood was a lost phenomenology. A lost category of being. Adulthood was a corporate scrap yard of greed and exploitation. Of lost parts. Only children were Real.

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are there any episodes you think are both blessed and cursed at the same time? for me its def that one where the gang "forgets" charlies birthday. bc on the one hand the ending is really sweet and they brought all the weird shit in charlies dream journal to life because dee and mac and dennis love charlie but also that entire scene with duncan and his weird friends was Bad, and then frank in that episode was just, yknow. frank.

this is a great question tbh (and i agree with your blessed/cursed episode choice!). here are mine:

  • WHO POOPED THE BED? (blessed because of the iconic dee/waitress/artemis teamup and artemis’s detective monologue; cursed because of literally everything else)
  • the gang goes to the jersey shore (blessed because of the prime soft dennis content - the jersey shore is a magical place for first kisses! mac would love it there! - and charlie seeing the ocean for the first time; cursed because of everything that happens to dennis and dee)
  • charlie rules the world (something about this particular episode has really positive and really cursed energies emanating from it simultaneously… i’m not sure how else to describe it)
  • ptsdee (SO BLESSED because mac’s out!! and he’s cheering on male strippers and giving thumbs up to them and he’s just happy and gay and i love him; cursed because of dennis’ terrible terrible nightmare fueling body rolls)

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I'm new in this fandom and i was trying to learn about kaisoo but that nct night night stuff and japan interview make me feel weird? Why are you guys ship them? I know that jagi stuff but even if they had sth, it looks like it ended /:

If you’re new to this fandom you won’t get the whole picture, you won’t see what we see, unless you really take the time to reasearch on everything. 

Kd is a lot more than just “jagi”, sure that’s a big thing, but it’s not the only evidence we got here. And if you find the things that ji talked about today as smth that makes you believe that kd has “ended”, then maybe shipping kd isn’t for you. 

I’m sorry anon, I don’t mean to rude. But being a kd shipper is not always a walk in the park. I believe in them with my entire fucking heart, and have been doing so for the past 5 years. I have no insecurities, I’m not worried about anything that ji might’ve said today. So, you don’t have to either. 

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Wrightworth for either 8 or 9. You can pick :D

9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”


With everything that had happened in Khura’in, Phoenix was more than happy to finally be back home.  Sleeping in his bed, being safe, staying up late with Trucy watching terrible movies…returning to normalcy was something that was desperately needed, and it allowed him (and Trucy) to distract themselves from Apollo’s absence.  While Phoenix knew that Apollo had to go, and supported his decision, Trucy was taking his departure much harder.  While his daughter tried to keep a smile on her face at all times, he could tell there was a deep sadness within her that wouldn’t go away for some time. 

Yes, everything was back to normal. 

Well…except for Edgeworth. 

Everything had seemed fine; when they were in Khura’in, Edgeworth appeared to be his regular…Edgeworth-y self.  That was to say, reserved and sometimes snarky, but still comfortable enough with Phoenix to wander around the country and help him with the case.  Hell, they even shared a mat when they slept on the temple’s floor (though Edgeworth complained a decent amount about it, truthfully)!  

But it seemed that the moment they landed in the states, Edgeworth had gone cold - every time Phoenix tried to talk with him, Edgeworth’s replies were short and dismissive.  At first Phoenix chalked this grumpiness as jet-lag; Edgeworth hadn’t slept well in Khura’in and now was delaying with the time change…it was no wonder that maybe he would be a bit off-putting…more so than usual, anyway. 

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Does anyone else feel like theyre never in the moment? Like if someone gives me weird looks or says something not nice, i wont realise they did that like my brain wont process it in the moment but then ill go home and remember it and just get really upset. I dont react or respond to stuff in real time i feel like everything just happens really fast idk :(

Sometimes I definitely get that way. I think it’s part of having a slow processing speed. That means that we don’t totally absorb everything as it happens. It can definitely lead to missing out on things.

Followers, do you have this problem? Have you found a way to deal with it effectively?


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hance, trading family recipes/cooking for each other?

“Nope,” Lance sing-songed, pointing the wooden spoon at Hunk with an air of threat, “sit your butt back down.”

Hunk drooped dramatically onto the table, watching Lance move competently around the kitchen.  Technically he wasn’t doing anything wrong, but Hunk could still do it faster.  “If you just let me-”

“Hunk.”  Lance turned, arms crossed.  “You cook for us all the time, on top of everything else you do.  Today, I’m cooking for you.  You will sit down, and you will relax, and you will let me do this for my boyfriend.”

Pausing, Hunk stared, then finally gave a slow nod.  “Okay,” he replied, lips curling up.  “I can do that.”

But a few seconds later- “Okay, but can I at least give you some tips on how to cut those fruits, because-”


I’m just going to make this post now, so that it’s time stamped and everything. I know a lot of people hate it, but I’m only going to say it because it’s my gut feeling that Jon and Sansa are going to end up together. At the end of season six when Jon kissed Sansa on the forehead, I just knew. I totally could be wrong, *but if I’m right* I at least put it out there before hand.

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hi! i was wondering if you could help me, i was reading a fic a while ago where baek really liked grocery shopping and chanyeol lived on his own, and he got really mad at baek for buying him stuff and changing things in his apartment, do you know what it's called? i'm sorry if it's vague! thank you so much !!

hi anon! i’m not really sure but this pretty much sounded like Night stands which is one of my fave fics of all time 😍 i just love everything in this fic so much and would definitely read and recommend this a million times hehe 🤣

anyways, i hope this is really what you’re looking for! but if not, then pls let us know^^

- Admin Elle ♡

I look through the holes, and I saw nothing but the naked sky
The wind is blowing, the clouds are going their own way
The grass, coming up to the knees
as a breeze touches me

My heart was heavy, my eyes were tired and my soul, my soul was trapped in a cage 
in my bars of rage
longing to get off and fly
as I let out a sigh and looked up to the sky
It’s been a long time since then, since everything changed
And with time everything became strange 
I was chained, but also drained

Tiredness, my heart 
where should I start
Trails come, trials go 
At times it becomes suffocating and you
end up isolating yourself; from people, from this life, thinking you’re the only one 
Little did you know, that, across the world there was a soul, grasping for the last breath of air 
as she no longer can bear

So no, you are not the only one
breaking, aching and shaking

Take a breath, breathe and let your tears take place. Let your tears speak a thousand volumes
as the words never could 
And pray, pray to the One
who has no son
who is al-Khabīr and al-Raqib

You’ll find tranquility and peace
and within there will also be ease

Umm Barā al-Bosnīyyah | al-akhirattalab

get to know me tag

i’ve done this like countless times but hey everything’s always changing lol 

I was tagged by @glitchysims

Rules: Tag 9 people i can’t do that i’m sorry 

Relationship status: alone
Favorite color: uhh i like a good yellow but i look really good in red orange idk 
Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick gives me anxiety but chapstick is a scam, i heard 
Last song I listened to: wedensday campanella-ikkyu san
Last movie I watched: honestly idk but it was probably paprika, knowing me
Top 3 fictional characters: idk like everyone from atla???
Top 3 ships: i haven’t shipped anyone in my life ever and i’m not starting today, sorryy
Books I’m currently reading: this one book called your inner critic is a big jerk it has cool art in it (my mom made me read it because it talks about not going to school lol)

i’m not gonna tag anyone but if u wanna do this just say i tagged you it’s cool :^)

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Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

Oh no nonnie, I still ship them so hard In part to just piss off the cast some more But also because I’m not gonna let some mockery make me loose something I love Kara and Lena are in love, and endgame I don’t care what the writers and actors have to say, I’m not gonna let them tarnish this beautiful love story for me. I ship them so much, I think we all just needed a break. Separate actors from characters and realize that altho we might be angry/bitter at the actors, we still love the characters so much. I needed a little bit of time But now everything is back on track LONG LIVE SUPERCORP

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I guess I’ll do that Blindspot meet and greet thing now!

Name/Nickname: Brittany (Britt)

Age: 32, certified fandom mom

Where are you from: US

When did you jump aboard the Blindspot train: When I was too lazy to change the channel during the pilot episode so I thought ‘eh guess I’ll watch it.’ (I super dislike crime procedural shows!) 

Other fandoms you’re in/TV shows you watch: I mainly stay out of dedicated fandoms because when you’ve been around A While you get tired, but I do have a podcast dedicated to Once Upon a Time. I watch everything. Like…everything. And if I’ve never watched it I have a reason. If I’ve never heard of it it’s because my list of shows to watch is currently 8 pages long.

Favorite Blindspot characters: Jane. So, yeah. lmao.

Favorite ships: Jane/Happiness, Jeller. End of list.

Favorite episodes: It would be easier to just say my least favorite is when Nas and Kurt hook up and leave it at that.

Favorite whatever you want: Favorite Jane facial expression:

If you were a Blindspot character, who would you be: Someone with a tragic backstory that immediately endears me to Jane and we become bffs and then I’m her maid of honor in her wedding.

One dead character you would bring back: With 1005 certainty, Mayfair. Although if you don’t think she would have been the HARDEST on Jane and been so fucking angry and it would have made us cry, you have another thing comin’.

One guest star (who has appeared only once) you want to come back: No clue, I don’t keep up with names and such lol.

One recurring character you’d love to have promoted to regular: They’re already over-using Rich IMO so….idk????

Share a little bit about yourself (don’t be shy): As mentioned above, I have a podcast so I talk abut tv a lot, I like to read, I like to instagram, I like to livetweet tv shows, uh….I’m gay? idk what else to put here so, hi!

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Remember xD tha day Lucy liked IG comments of Lauren not supporting her when hate was thrown while "dating"- Camila then tweeted a lauren @ hours later xD @ laurenjfeels. Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.