old fanfiction things

  • first person narration
  • everyone is allergic to the verb “say”
  • epithets!! epithets everywhere!!! no need to ever call someone by name when u can call them “the hacker” or “the wicca” or something else entirely unrelated to the current scene
  • “warning: slash!!! don’t like don’t read!!!”
  • increasingly quirky disclaimers

The Corvus Blackstar is a type of gunship used by the Deathwatch Space Marines.

A sleek and deadly craft, it is designed to penetrate the outer defenses of alien hosts to strike directly at its heart. Though small enough to slip through sensor grids, its weapons systems are highly advanced, allowing the Blackstar to cause devastating impact for a craft its size. Primarily fulfilling the role of transport, its vectored engines are nimble enough to dart through winding terrain. Once in position it will switch from fighter craft to hovercraft, deploying the Deathwatch Space Marines held within. The pilot of each Blackstar is a veteran Techmarine who has earned the right to field it over long and arduous years of schooling. The pilot uses the same machine each time; so intense is this training that the Techmarines will link with the Machine Spirit of the aircraft.

The Blackstar has advanced systems to ensure its survival. Its robust construction can shrug off even a direct hit from enemy anti-aircraft fire, and it is also equipped with Infernum Halo Launcher decoy flares and Interceptors. For armament, the Blackstar is most commonly armed with four Stormstrike Missiles and twin-linked Assault Cannons, though some are equipped with prow-mounted Lascannons in order to penetrate armored targets. Many of these craft also carry Blackstar Rocket Launcher arrays under each wing which can fire incendiary Dracos Air-to-Ground Missiles or air-to-air Corvid Rockets. It is also equipped with a Blackstar Cluster Launcher, auxiliary Grenade Launchers mounted in the rear to strafe smaller targets.

Fake Chats (nsfw)
  • Hoseok: I'm going to black hole your ass, turning it into a worm hole where it sucks you, me and the entire planet into another dimension
  • Yoongi: Hobi...
  • Hoseok: Your ass is gonna end the solar system
  • Yoongi: Hoseok
  • Hoseok: I'm literally gonna fuck you into the future, your ass is a literal time machine
  • Yoongi: Jung Hoseok!!!!
  • Hoseok: what
  • Yoongi: it's 9 am. Chill

minnie-mcgoogles  asked:

Hi! Could you do a short muggle Jily au where they have neighboring apartments or something? I love your blog so much by the way :)

  • “GO TO HELL”
  • Lily can’t stop screaming at her new neighbors. Two STUPID boys who blast rock music at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. now it isn’t even good music mind you, it’s the kind that people listen to so they can say “I liked rock before you knew how to walk”. Really it just makes any sane person want to invent a time machine and murder the man who created rock music because it led to this exact moment.
  • She’s armed with a broom and is banging on her ceiling.
  • When her neighbors first moved in, she was excited. Most of the people in the complex either have kids or have grandkids and it has been difficult to make friends around. However, once she met them, everything changed.
  • First she tried to tell them, politely, that she works. All the time. When she isn’t working she’s at medical school, and she also happens to be a crazy light sleeper. Maybe she was more lonely before they moved in, but at least she was well-rested. 
  • Sirius. If only he lived up to his name. and his roommate James Potter. Little did she know they would be the bane of her existence.
  • So after a long night of studying at the library, she was a little bitter. First off, she started her day getting yelled at by her boss because her crummy coworker Peter took her shift, then bailed. However, she was running a study group and couldn’t get away, especially since she had technically worked way overtime this week. Then, the library was packed full of students and no one in the group was prepared for the discussion. It was exhausting and frustrating and when she walked up the 4 flights of stairs (the elevator was broken) to get to her door, the last thing she wanted to hear was Sirius Black screaming incoherent words to music with a cringe-worthy beat. 
  • Banging on the ceiling only seemed to aggravate him, because even though it seemed an impossible feat, the music only got louder. 
  • “fuck it” she muttered
  • she stormed up the stairs (quietly fuming because she was not going to disturb the other neighbors,) and didn’t even notice she was behind a messy haired boy.
  • “SOrry! sorry, bollocks! I didn’t see you there” James sputtered as she ran into him.
  • Lily probably should have said something but in all of her anger she was not expecting an apology, especially one from an awkward, nervous boy who was shoving his glasses up his nose. 
  • “Hey, I know we haven’t formally met, do you live here too?” he asked while leaning up against the hallway. 
  • “Yes, I’m Lily, also known as the girl with the broom who can’t stand your music” she said pointedly. Overall yes she should have been nicer, but it was a bad day. 
  • “Ha. Yeah I’ve been meaning to come down and apologize, I’ve told him to stop but Sirius has some anger issues, some pride issues, and overall just some issues. I promise we’ll try to keep it down.”
  • “oh. well. okay I guess. just you better keep it down.” She said and turned around in a bit of a daze. He walked into the room and yelled some profanity, and miraculously, the music went down. 
  • maybe this wasn’t so bad. one stupid boy with one, cute, messy haired boy? maybe she can handle this after all.
Unilock au character sheet for that fic I don't have the time to write

Sherlock: Chemistry major, with a minor in criminology, he’s the smart tortured violinist type that’s always ‘trying to find himself’, but can’t find a direction he wants to take for his future, he’s earned a reputation on campus for being a bit of an asshole so John Watson is his only friend, (Molly doesn’t count as friend because Sherlock has pictured her naked and that’s not friendly type of stuff, she’s more a friendly-girl-I’d-want-to-screw category). He’s Self destructive, misunderstood, a bit narcissistic. been caught getting high a few times before finals and has no idea how to work a washing machine. He’s a bit of a Victorian era fanboy, born being stylish, usually feels personally victimized by Molly’s sweaters. Tends to spout embarrassing deductions just to get a table in any restaurant.

Eurus: Sherlock’s Highschool aged younger sister, she’s a high functioning psycho with the social skills of a cult leader. Violin virtuoso, that could give seasoned musicians a run for their money, she’s goes to a private boarding school for the ‘social novelty’ and is the queen bee of all the place, her only friend is her brother Sherlock and she’s been known to hack into uni cameras to spy on him because her life is boring. Her long term goals include meeting a guy who enjoys murder and world domination after her fourth masters degree.

Mycroft: The big sibling who recently started a super stressful job and pretends to be too busy for his younger sibs drama, he was losing hair before turning twenty one, always looks 100% done with life, developed a recent addiction to brownies and has a surprisingly healthy sex life. Mycroft hates when Eurus and Sherlock hit him up for money, has a bunch of doctorates he never uses. His boss is scared of him so nobody ever tells him what to do and acts like an icicle but inside he’s a mess of self doubt and mommy issues. His friends include his fridge, the prime Minister and the queen.

Molly: Resident body finder in campus, She’s a med student with a minor in pharmacology hoping to go into pediatrics, even when her luck with dead bodies is worse than her luck with men. Cute and commitment phobic she’s always positive and may be a Disney princess in disguise, has a fabulous green thumb and may or may not want to be an artist as a side gig. Likes to write poetry to dead people and for some reason after she befriended campus current genius violinist, her teachers began suggesting med forensics as a better option for her. Molly goes crazy for anything adorable, which includes kittens, newborns, Mary and the face Sherlock makes when he’s puzzled

Mary: the chick with a thousand names who rides her own bike and happens to attract stalkers on daily basis, so she never gives out her real name, except to the few friends she has. Theater nerd, Ex ballerina majoring in law with a minor in philosophy, she’s been caught punching one too many dudebros and posting feminist articles on the university’s homepage. Too hot for her own good, she’s actually a nice person under all the bluster and will protect her friends with her life. Molly is the closest thing she has to a sister. Mary is always in a hurry, likes cosplay and has a Hobbit fetish nobody knows about. Which has nothing to with her attraction to John Watson

John: The only one who didn’t pick the wrong profession, med school student minoring in journalism who’s always being pulled into his best friend’s shenanigans. Has an award winning comedy blog where he posts about his campus adventures, is great at sports but sucks at anything artistic John is sharp with people but a bit clueless with logic, he has been the butt of one too many 'You know nothing Jon Snow’ jokes on Shezza’s part and despite being the hoe-friend of the group, he is very convinced that one day he’ll marry a certain blonde action girl with abandonment issues and have cute babies. Acts as everybody’s Jimminy Cricket and collects comic books since he was a kid.

Plot (maybe, I dunno, ITS UP FOR DEBATE OK) : Molly Hopper is a corpse magnet, she's​ been stumbling upon murdered bodies since highschool and it sucks for her social life. One night while helping Mary key the car of her latest stalking dudebro, they meet a very strange guy high as a kite playing Mozart in the middle of a bar fight and his friend, the womanizing idiot who started said bar fight in the first place. It would have been all good fun if Molly’s luck hadn’t led her to find a dead girl in the bathroom, leading that (cute) super smart violin player to take notice of her strange 'bit of luck’ which ends up with him appointing her his new 'corpse expert’ as soon as he gets sober. With a serial killer on the loose and finals coming up, things really couldn’t get more complicated.

Was tagged by @silverstagpotter to post the first 10 songs on shuffle on my music player of choice (android), thanks :)

1. Topless - Breaking Benjamin

2. Time: the Beginning - Megadeth

3. Feed the Machine - Red

4. Like You - Evanescence

5. Meltdown - Bruce Dickinson

6. Weekend Warrior - Iron Maiden

7. Goodbye My Friends - Sixx A.M.

8. Total Panik - Lillasyster

9. Aerials - System of a Down

10. Holy Smoke - Iron Maiden

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Ah, first time doing a match up /)///(\ but may i ask for one please? /)///(\ I'm 5'4, I have a somewhat of a fluffy pixie cut (I'm letting it grow out now), wear glasses, like drawing and horror games and movies, big hoodies (I'm chubby aah /)////(\) I could play piano and ukulele qvq I'm really easy to talk to but sometimes I end up being alone since I would feel insecure about things qoq

(Sorry for the wait!)

I ship you with Henry! He loves your musical side, and will often ask you to play a song for him, draw, or cuddle with him. He doesn’t like horror games/movies that much, but if you want him to play one with you, he will instantly agree. He just wants to see that cute smile of yours! And he has plenty of hoodies. Plenty. Also, if Henry ever thinks that you might be down, he will comfort you immediately.

shananue  asked:

Ahhh Excuse me, I just found your Tumblr and all I can say is: Bless your blog. (I'm saying this ironically, because I'm also an atheist.) Bless our fellow Egalitarian people. Praise the Lgbt+ community. And above all, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY FLORENCE WELCH. I'm so happy I found this blog, I was dying inside.

I’m happy you’re happy.

I’m also happy that you don’t think I’m a bitch. Too many LGBT people on here are asshole pussies or those LGBT people (some of my followers, no shade!) who try to overcompensate for being “normal.” I try to just be outwardly gay but mainly just to show that we aren’t all douches.

I accept my differences and embrace them. It’s a part of my life but it isn’t a part of my personality, I say.

Also if you don’t praise Florence and the Machine at least three times a day, in, #fakefan.

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What is it about going to other promotions that makes ROH guys seem better than they come off in ROH like Elgin and War Machine in NJPW or Taven in CMLL?

ROH’s core fan base is a peculiar bunch. They don’t pay that much attention but see ROH as The Alternative. They don’t respond particularly great to “big guys” a lot of the time, whereas Elgin and War Machine are treated great by NJPW crowds. As for Taven, I think that same ROH fan base sees him as a douche ahead of anything else.


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