Looking for penpals !

Hi ! 

I used to be into snailmail a lot but for some reasons I quite this world for a while… But now that I have time and motivation, I feel the need to write again ! 

So, I am Clara, a french psychology student of 22 years old. I live in a cozy village in the east of France. I am passionate about many things, including telling my life and uninteresting stories, stickers, calligraphy and random crafting with everything I have. I usually write quite a lot, which is weird since I am a pretty introverted person… I love to hear everyone’s life and little stories. Most importantly, I like the little thing of life.

I like reading philosophy, fantasy, novels and thrillers. I listen to pretty much every kind of music ( even if I listen to heavy metal most of the time ). I love wtaching Tv shows ( Game of Thrones, Sense8, OITNB, Sherlock, elementary and so on… ). I travel a lot too.

Random fact is that I am fond of the Tolkien universe and I have a Tattoo about it.

I don’t have any preferences and If you like to write, don’t hesitate to contact me !