Beast King GoLion 12 - Evildoing of the Emperor

Even after hearing the warning about the dangers of traveling to Planet Jarre, Fala, along with Kurogane, Suzuishi and Seidou are determined to help liberate the planet from Galra reign. Though Kogane was against it at first, he realizes he cannot change the minds of his teammates and joins them on their mission.

thesoundofawesome  asked:

Serena Campbell

You all know me so well! :D

  • First impression: So, I have a character Type™ (seriously, ask @echoindarkness​; the struggle is real).  One day, after months of seeing gifs of these two pretty ladies wandering around my dash, I decided to click over to youtube and check it out, thinking it would just be a light distraction in my day.  Then Serena Campbell came on screen and I literally said “OH NO” out loud, all by myself in my living room.  And then my life as I knew it ended, lol.
  • Impression now: I just love her so, SO much, you guys. The Serena Campbell playlist has become my comfort TV.  Nothing else on?   Time for yet another rewatch!  I miss having that gal on my screen like crazy. :(
  • Favorite moment:  Good god, there are just too many perfect moments, but if I have to pick, the flustered GayPanic!Serena of Brave New World is fucking perfection.  I can’t watch “Take care of yourself- IT! Take care of IT yourself.  Sorry, I’m very, very busy.” without laughing every time.  (And yes, that quote was from memory. No, you have a problem!)
  • Idea for a story: I head the other day that Guy Self is coming back this summer, and I decided that here’s what I want: Guy schemes to take down Hanssen and become CEO again.  Hanssen goes back to Sweden (again) and Guy swaggers in to meet the board, sure of his new position. Only to find new CEO Serena Campbell sitting at the head of the table.
  • Unpopular opinion: Aside from the frankly mind-blowing possibility that some people aren’t that into Serena (and if you’re not, I encourage you to take a long look at your life choices), I think the closet thing I have to an unpopular opinion is that Serena wasn’t actually that terrible to everyone post Elinor.  Considering what she was going through, I think she spent every ounce of emotional energy she had trying to protect everyone from her grief (especially Bernie) and in fact the person she treated most horribly during it all was herself. *cries forever*
  • Favorite relationship: I feel like I should say something besides Bernie Wolfe, but that would be lying.  Although I am enormously fond of her and Sian Kors. ;)
  • Favorite headcanon: Serena x Buttons 4life, baby!