It’s streams like tonight’s that I really appreciate how much of a way too much flirt Matt is. Like, he is such a shameless flirt it’s hilarious watching him whip out suggestive statements and compliments and little touches and loving expressions.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Stephanie attempts at some level of work place professionalism the streams would be nothing but flirting.

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Gam can i vent for a sec about drinking culture in new zealand? I work at a shop and we sell alcohol and the number of times ive said i don't drink only for coworkers and customers to tell me i *have* to and its only a matter of time is disgusting. But you know whats worse? I was seeing my gp and he asked me how much i drink so i told him and then he told me i should. I should just try it. No. Ive never drank and im terrified of doing it. Why do people want me to do it so badly?

Australia is the same. I RARELY drink and it is every single event I get pressured. I have had people literally try to slip alcohol in my drinks to “make me lighten up”.

People need to learn to mind their fucking own and stop pressuring people.


God is to be the only object of worship: the only resource of our soul in times of need. Leave broken cisterns to the godless, and let the godly drink from the Divine fountain alone.
—  Charles H. Spurgeon
The Treasury of David, Vol. I, 46
Starlight Grounds - Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: The reader is a barista at a coffee shop. There is a beautiful girl who comes in at the same time every day to get the same drink. She asks after the music. A mixtape happens. 

Warnings: None, except for MAJOR TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF. Honestly. 

Words: 2,424

A/N: Day 2 of the Write-A-Thon! Sorry for posting so late, I had a really big day. There are songs that go along with this fic, and I’ll add links in the paragraphs! Just click on the titles. Thank you to @protecting-my-legacy for proofreading this and letting me use your wonderful self as a side character. 

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Starlight Grounds was a little hole in the wall coffee shop, tucked neatly into the corner of West 46th Street in the busy crowd of New York City. It serviced the tired actors and crew who needed a morning pick-me-up before going to a day of rehearsals at the Richard Rodgers, which happened to be just down the street. Every day was a long one, even for such a small coffee shop, but the job was happy and provided good tips. It was perfect for you.

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My brain is doing that stupid thing where it won't shut up

The dude I saw on Saturday is my friend on fb. I’ve gotten 5 texts from him since I saw him Saturday. He had 2 bullshit excuses for not texting me, hello idiot, I saw what you were doing 🙄. I’m not psycho bugging out I haven’t heard from him….it just got me thinking. Dinner was good, we were laughing the entire time, the bar was fun drinking and singing karaoke…… it’s obviously me. If I was prettier, if I was skinny, if I was funny, if I was more interesting. I’m a single mom, I don’t have a lot of time to do “fun” things, go out on the spur of the moment, I can’t just jump in my car and take a roadtrip, I can’t just meet up for dinner if I don’t plan a babysitter. I work full time, I drive the kids to their activities, to school, pick them up from the bus stop, take care of a house. I get 1 hour and 15 min free every Wednesday while they are at CCD and normally that is spent grocery shopping and at home cleaning or at the library for some me time. It just makes me curious what about me was such a turn off I guess. You go from texting and calling nonstop to meeting and I thought had a good time to nothing. Ok, peace 👋🏼.I’m dumb and shouldn’t even care, but it was on my mind.

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A - Age

B - Biggest fear
i’ll never find a career or calling in life, i’ll never be able to form proper friendships or romantic relationships, i’ll never matter as much to people as they matter to me, i’ll never actually be able to care about anyone and no one will ever really care about me. Also spiders

C - Current time
10:02pm (GMT -5)

D - Drink you had last
water. trying to only drink water, no more sugary crap or dairy nonsense

E - Every day starts with…
staying in bed for at least an hour after i wake up and daydreaming

F - Favorite song
lately i’ve really been into the wanton song and that’s the way, both by led zeppelin. all-time favorite is probably dogs by pink floyd.

G - Ghosts - are they real?
yes. i say that half because i really want to believe they exist and half because i’m scared they’ll get angry if i don’t

H - Hometown
north wales, a town in pennsylvania (still live there)

I - In love with
jimmy page lol but irl i wouldn’t call it “in love with” but i guess this kid henry

J - Jealous of
henry’s girlfriend l o l

K - Killed someone?
no wtf i’m sure there are better k questions

L - Last time you cried
sad-cried last time i got upset at myself for being the source of all of my and my family’s problems lmao but happy-cried shit this is embarrassing but it was at the season 2 finale of this dumb british kids’ show called house of anubis. listen i was rewatching it w my younger sister shut up (btw don’t watch the 3rd season it’s shit, but the 1st is pretty lit and the 2nd is damn good)

M - Middle name
lucia, after my grandmother

N - Number of siblings
one, the aforementioned younger sister

O - One wish
infinite wishes. duh

P - Person you last called/texted
my mom lol although friends just commented on my latest finsta post which is relatively eventful in my social life so

Q - Questions you’re always asked
“how often do you get your hair cut?” “why weren’t you in class yesterday?” “are you taking any APs next year?” “why were you out all last week?” “have you looked at any colleges yet?” “why have you been absent from school for three months straight?” “hey can i borrow your eraser?”

R - Reasons to smile
this blog is doing pretty well so far. led zeppelin’s existence. pink floyd’s existence. i had a good time with friends today. henry told me he misses me and that music theory class is boring without me. while his girlfriend was standing right the fuck next to him but whatever

S - Song you last sang
a piece in choir called witness it’s pretty great

T - Time you woke up
probably like 9:40am but didn’t get up till 11am

U - Underwear color
alright tmi alert if you’re a wimp or a little bitch get out. really ugly pink and black flowers on a white background but i only chose this pair bc i’m on my period

V - there’s no v so i’m going to make one up. uhhhhh Vikings, are you a descendant of them
probably not

W - Worst habits
staying up too late and never doing anything i have to do ever

X - X-rays you’ve had
dental ones obvi, oh right and i sprained my foot earlier this school year and was on crutches for the first time in my life. it was an excruciating experience but it was worth it because i got an elevator key and with it an overwhelming sense of power. i could do anything. what’s that? an armed intruder is on the bottom floor? sucks for you losers im takin the elevator. bye bitches. i run this mf now. maybe they didn’t know it but i did. They’ll see one day. They’ll look back and remember Ava, the girl with the deadly crutches, with the sacred boot, with the all-powerful five-minute pass. The girl who was a god. The girl with the elevator key. the nurse made me give it back once i’d healed though

Y - Your favorite food
lame question, they didn’t even try

Z - Zodiac sign
leo, except i’m not at all confident or “fierce” and i’m an introvert and i don’t have a superiority complex. astrology experts please help

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A (age): 28

B (biggest fear):

C (current time): Night.

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A Witch and Her Black Cat

here’s a one-shot loosely based off of @stellabaeve‘s post. this was a lot gayer and longer than I had originally intended

The first time Marina hears the scratching, she is sitting on her couch, feet curled underneath sweatpants clad legs, a thick book in her hands and a steaming cup of coffee on the nightstand. The sound is so soft and quiet she thinks it’s her imagination, and simply shrugs it off, takes a sip of her drink and turns the page. The next time she hears it, Marina knows that it is not just in her head. She gives her apartment a once-over, making sure that no one had broken in because, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time considering she is on a lot of people’s shit lists.

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Get to Know Me Tag

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Nickname: Bea

Starsign: Scorpion

Height: 164 cm

Time right now: 11:58

Last thing i googled: Drinking Solo streaming

Song stuck in your head: SHINee - Feel Good

Last TV show watched:  Drinking Solo

What are you wearing right now: Pajama!

When did you create your blog: I think 2 or 3 weeks ago ?

What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly Onew and some SHINee stuff I also like

Do you have any other blogs: I have one personal blog here

Do you get asks regularly: No

Why did you choose your URL: A mix between Jinki’s name and macchalatte, may favorite hot drink

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

Pokemon team: Erm I got the Blue team on Pokemon Go ^^’

Favorite color: Black and pink

Average hours of sleep: Usually 8 hours, if I work 6 hours.

Lucky number: I really don’t have one

Favorite characters: I love Friends, but I can’t choose one - Probably Monica! Also, I love Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.

How many blankets do you sleep with: It’s still quite cold here in Italy, so I use 2 right now.

Dream job: 28 years old, and I still have no clue. Great.

Following: lots :P

I’ll tag @duevanhgogh @moonjjongie @acelululala @eyes0ny0u @tofnew @on-ho and everyone who wants to do this. I like your Tumblrs lots guys but I’m still quite new around here ( not Tumblr, just this kind of stuff in general :P ) so I’d love to get to know more of you :) <3

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Can u do I'm out of here as a prompt

Phil was never a pain in the ass. If anything you were the pain in the ass. The only time you could ever think about Phil being annoying would be when he is sick. He is the definition of Man Flu. He needs; soup, drinks, love and cuddles. One time you didn’t pet his head when he was trying to fall asleep and he had told you that if you weren’t there to pet him why were you even there? Today was another really sick annoying Phil. In his defence, he really was all stuffed up and icky but he was using your last nerve. And you have patience aplenty.

“y/n my love?” This is what Phil does when he really wants something. He calls for you and then pauses waiting for you to respond. Then he asks for a little favour.

“Yes, my love?” You couldn’t help but have the sarcasm drip in your tone. It was a long day at work and now you had to care for the queen.

“Could you do a little favour for me? I just really need you to come and fluff my pillow. I can do it but you seem to always do it better.” You didn’t know if it was the long day at work or the fact that he was asking to fluff his mother fluffing pillow but you couldn’t take it anymore.

“ No, I can’t. I’m not your mum and I am not fluffing your freaking pillow. I love you but you are a pain when you’re sick. You started to head to the door before Phil coughed and asked in a sad voice where you were going.

“ I’m out of here! I’m going to the office to sit on my phone and be away from you for a couple of minutes so I don’t put said pillow over your lovely cute face.”

Question tag thingy

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  • a / age: 28
  • b / biggest fear: Dying, heights, some dogs (I have a weird phobia around certain dogs relating to a traumatic childhood experience)
  • c / current time: 7:17 PM
  • d / drink you had last: Water
  • e / everyday starts with: Me waking up at ~7:30 AM to get ready for classes.
  • f / favourite song: My favourites change all the time, and I listen to so much music it would be hard to pick 1.
  • g / ghosts are real? I doubt it.
  • h / hometown: Denman Island, BC
  • i / in love with: Science
  • j / jealous of: People who don’t have social anxiety. Also I’m jealous of people who have a steady source of income.
  • k / killed someone: No.
  • l / last time you cried: Can’t remember. It must have been months ago.
  • n / number of siblings: 2
  • o / one wish: To be successful doing Science.
  • p / person you last called/texted: I phoned my parents on Friday. Last person I texted was a tumblr friend 3 weeks ago. No one really ever phones me or texts me.
  • q / questions you’re always asked: Not sure. My questions I’m curious about change a lot. And a lot of questions I had when I was a child have since been solved.
  • r / reasons to smile: Science, and cats are cute.
  • s / song last sang: I don’t sing.
  • t / time you woke up : 7:20 AM.
  • u / underwear colour: Usually grey, but this question is kind of weird.
  • v / vacation destination: Some sort of nature filled photography adventure would be nice. :)
  • w / worst habit: Procrastination/poor sleeping habits.
  • x / xrays you have had: Back (for my scoliosis), my teeth (for dental/orthodontic work). I might have had x-rays done on my left ear (I have moderate-severe hearing loss in that ear due to a cyst that basically ate my ear bones).
  • y / your favourite food: Probably Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream
  • z / zodiac sign: Cancer (but astrology is useless)

I’ll tag: @brynamon​, @radioactivepigeons​, @madlyherlove​, @cause-the-cat-is-dead, and @classicallyforbiddenregions.