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OMG I loved your post break up au post about the emergency contact and was wondering if you're willing to write another?? My favorites were the can't sleep alone so can I sleep with you one more time, the drinking game to decide who gets what or the one where one rushed to the airport but didn't get there in time and the other found out later :)) thanks!!

(this took agES i’m sorry anon but yES AGREE CAN DO i’m gonna pick the sleeping one bcs c’mon that just screams andreil)
(additional warning: this is Long AF sorry mobile users)

  • neil doesn’t know where his life went wrong. 
  • scratch that, he does. when the cousins’ graduation came and went, when the summer left him alone. andrew off to train with his new team, the two of them only having weekends in columbia or andrew’s new place. when the season started back up for neil, the constant thrumming at the back of his head reminding him that this was the season that really counted, the one that could make or break him. 
  • when he decided, alone and thoughts running through his head at breakneck speed, that concentrating on his team, letting andrew focus on his career, would be the best for both of them
  • (”Is that what you want?” - “Yes.” - “If that’s the case.”)
  • so it’s not that much of a surprise when he finds himself on andrew’s doorstep at 2am, stolen hotel duvet in his arms, with a disgruntled andrew looking at him 

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  1. Showing his love for Mark
  2. Cheerleading Taeil vs Jaehyun
  3. Sleeping Taeyomi…
  4. I got you…derpy Taeil!
  5. Taeil just being Taeil… 
  6. Moon Taeil funny naughty reaction
  7. Moon Taeil slapping you hard..to come to your senses 

Lee Taeyong

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Dong Si Cheng (Win Win)

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Jake 'The Snake' Roberts turns his baggage into healing performance art - Baltimore City Paper

So, I don’t share my writing on here super consistently, mostly because when I fire up this app it’s to look at memes and turn off my brain. But I did this feature for City Paper where I interviewed Jake “The Snake” Roberts about his spoken word tour.

It’s one of my favorite things I’ve gotten to do as an internet journalist. Talking with Jake was really cool and he said some super supportive things about my newfound sobriety.

Haven’t had a drink in almost four months and it’s kind of cool to have a wrestler you looked up to as a child tell you he’s proud of you for sticking with it.

What I’m saying is I have an .mp3 of Jake telling me I deserve happiness and I’m probably gonna play it every time I want a drink.

Looking through tumblr I realise I just don’t spend enough time drinking wine in a sunflower filled field with a puppy and the perfect handbag.

Quick feel-good story time

So I recently just got hired to teach at my local university. I’m covering a couple music theory courses. One for freshmen, one for sophomores, and one for seniors. On the first day, it’s pretty common to go over the syllabus and class policies and everything else. Well one thing I really wanted to share with the class was if anyone had pronoun preferences, that they please send me an email so I know to address them appropriately. I explained that it’s something very important to me and to those whom it affects as well as an important thing to consider in maintaining a positive classroom environment. (Not to mention it’s a huuuge respect thing for each other as friends and colleagues). 

So I made this announcement to all three of my classes along with all of the other typical “don’t use your phone in class, come to class on time, only drink water or coffee in class, be respectful, etc etc” 

I just woke up to an email from someone in my course:
“ Hello! I just wanted to email you regarding my pronoun preference. I’m transgender, so I use he/him; they/them pronouns are fine too! I’m not picky, but I don’t respond to she/her pronouns. I also wanted to say thank you for being the first prof I’ve had who actually encourages students to let the professor know about pronouns. I think I speak for plenty of others in the community when I say it really means a lot to be recognized and respected. Thank you so much! “

This literally made me a lil teary :3 I sooooo hope that more and more future teachers start acknowledging this to their students!! That way it reaches those who need it most as well as those who’ve never even experienced that appropriate pronoun use is even a thing!!

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Hux really loves tea. Like, he's a total slut for tea. However, due to supply and demand, The Order has cut tea from the budget, and Hux never has any time to go off the Finalizer to shop around. So he drinks the shitty synthetic kind with the most disgusted face Kylo has ever seen. So, when Kylo is away on a mission he makes sure to pick up different rare and expensive teas and leaves them on Hux's desk whenever he returns. Hux leaves all of the waived damage reports for Kylo as a 'thank you'.

One time Hux catches Kylo leaving the tea, and asks him to join him for a cup of two.

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Berena watching Bake Off and having friendly spats because they've got different favourites!

Now this is funny because my girlfriend and I were just talking about something similar to this the other day. So I shall share with you the Berena GBBO storyline we came up with:

Serena is very into gbbo, so much so that she’s generally on the edge of her seat, waiting for the inevitable soggy bottom or dropped cake tin.

Bernie isn’t that into it. She likes it but she’s not ready to drop everything and throw herself on the sofa like Serena is, however as her girlfriend loves she obviously watches it with her.

But she makes it interesting by playing the gbbo drinking game. Every time there’s a sexual innuendo - drink. Every time the word ‘moist’ is said - drink. Every time Paul Hollywood holds eye contact with a contestant for a little longer than necessary - drink. And so on and so forth.

Bernie gets very, very drunk. And it’s not until the show is nearly over that Serena notices and she just looks incredulously at Bernie.

'What in the name of - what happened to you? How - why are you so drunk?’

’S'not my bloody fault! You weren’t giving me any attention - nooooo you were more interested in Mary bloody Hollywood!’

'Mary Berry, Bernie’.

'That’s what I said!’

'Why don’t you give me the wine bottle?’ Serena says gently but Bernie snatches it back and cradles it to her chest.

'NO. It loves me but you - you love the buns on Sue Perky whatever’.

'Sue Perkins’.

'I DON’T CARE WHAT HER PERKY IS IN, Serena! God!’ And she gets up to leave but instead ends up falling over her own feet. She just lies on the floor for a minute and huffs.

'Are you alright or do you need a hand up, oh mighty drunk one?’

'I’m fine - just checking the floor for dust’. Bernie proceeds to hold up her hand in the shadow puppet way to make a rabbit. 'Loooooook, it’s a dust bunny’. And proceeds to hop it along the floor.

Serena just looks at her and wonders why it is that her partner is an actual five year old. She crouches down next to her.

'Come on-’

'I can understand you falling in love with me, Serena Campbell. I’m a hoot!’

Rolling her eyes and hauling Bernie off the floor, vowing to keep the wine bottles far out of reach for next weeks episode, Serena grins fondly as Bernie leans against her.

'Never a dull moment with you, is there love?’

Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs

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(Tea anon here!) Kylo /hates/ tea of any kind, but he totally sits through at least three cups just to spend time with his smol ginger crush and see him smile because tea just makes him so happy.

Hux doesn’t find out until later on, merely by accident. So next time he gets Kylo something else to drink so they can chat longer.

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Not to defend jenelle, but I found out I was having a girl at 13 weeks. You can find out by a simple blood test as early as 10 weeks.

Good point. I don’t think anyone’s saying otherwise. It’s just the fact that Jenelle is lying about how far along she is because she was caught drinking numerous times while pregnant (around May when The Ashley reported it, and Jenelle denied it.)

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What kind of drink do ya got there,Sugar? :3

“Iced Jasmine Green Tea. It can be really hard to predict the temperature down here since there’s no weather, but it seems the heatwave is back with a vengeance.”

“It’s not long ‘til the official end of summer, though! I’m actually looking forward to it by this point… ”

Let's Make a Deal - Chapter 5

Author’s Note:  Thanks to @awesomenell65 for patiently reading the first draft and letting me know where I needed to fix it.


Raven thought the journey to Tombom had been uncomfortable, but it was nothing compared to the ride back to Arcadia in the middle of the summer.  The jarring gait of the horses made her feel every bone in her body.  The sweltering heat made her wonder if she was melting at the same time.  She couldn’t drink enough water, couldn’t get comfortable enough at night to sleep soundly, couldn’t wash away the stink and sweat.  She was an aching pile of gross and it made her short-tempered.

On top of that was the stress of worrying about what his Royalship was up to.  From the moment she’d admitted out that there was someone named McIntyre back at Arkadia, she could tell he’d been plotting something.  And worse, she had no idea what it was, even though they spent the next four days together after she’d discovered the computer drives.  Roan had insisted on going through all the videos to see if there was any useful information.  To his disappointment, and hers, nothing on the drives indicated the location of any supplies.  Which wasn’t to say there wasn’t anything interesting on the drives.  There was - just nothing that was immediately useful.

Even so, Raven was certain he was up to something, having learned in the last four months, when this whole situation began, that Roan was rarely not up to something.  Her suspicions were confirmed when the very next day after the discovery of the drives she found new orders had been given that she was never to be alone.  She’d no opportunity to warn Arkadia about what they’d found.  So after that fourth day of watching the videos, she’d followed him into his rooms that night and tried to seduce the scheme out of him.

Roan had just laughed at her, supremely unimpressed with her efforts.

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Is it weird that you're drinking tea, while you have tea like, in your head?

“Not really. Is it weird for humans to drink water when they have water, like, in their bodies? I mean, I assume they do, from the way a certain human cried on me one time… heh…  ”

“But seriously, the tea isn’t a part of me. It’s just to smell nice, and on days like this, to try and cool down. I actually asked for an extra cup of ice at the cafe so I could put it in there.”

WOAH I found the airbrush! Geez, it took me long enough. well here’s Senti! Although this is really weird, giving the bio of a cross before my main cross. Oh well.

Age: 22

Height: 5′2″

Division: Interceptors

Class: Galactic Knight

Voice: Classic (I mean come on, it’s Fiora)

Loves puns, and blurts them out whenever she thinks of one

Has an obsession with toast with jelly on it

Really likes hugging nopon

Can almost always be found next to Penta, with some minor exceptions

Will tickle people whenever she feels like it

Doesn’t have a Skell because she prefers to be in the heat of battle

Likes: Penta, running around continents just for the views, non carbonated drinks, puns, nopon, sleeveless shirts, kids

Dislikes: Reviving Penta when he uses Offensive Stance at a bad time, carbonated drinks, sitting in a skell for an extended period of time, when Penta uses their pet names in front of people

Also, does anyone else have issues with fluid restriction? I think I am experiencing it. For the last I’d say year or so, my fluid intake has gone down a LOT. I literally drink NO water (the only things I do take in are pop and apple juice) and even though I have a drink on my desk at all times, I choose to not drink it. I take in 5-10 ounces of fluid a day and that is it. 

I’ve tried carrying bottles of water around, flavoring water, drinking juice. None of it helps. I’m starting to think my brain is doing it on purpose. I’ve read of up a bit on how fluid restriction is a type of ED, but I’m not certain. I see my doctor Tuesday and will most likely bring it up to him, since it’s starting to get out of hand now. 

frat boy! calum

while dating calum in college i feel like he’d drag you to parties at his frat house all the time, and you’d be underage drinking and getting high (i do not condone but it would happen) and you’d always skip morning classes with him the morning after so your professors wouldnt fuck you over for doing illegal activities the night prior. it probably would also consist of alot of sex in the closet during the parties because ‘7 minutes in heaven’ would probably turn into more than that. and during the summer or times you’d have breaks from classes, he’d take you home to his family, or the other way round and you’d both have to act so innocent and pure to the adults but at the dinner table his hand would obviously trail up your leg and tease you during dinner and you’d have to keep quite at night when you’d fuck because you’re in a house full of adults. but honestly frat boy! calum would be fun to be around