Never Forget Zico’s Hair Choices


Over Processed

That 70’s Show rejected cast member

Banana Hair

Instant Ramen 2 Pack

I Had Purple Hair Once You Most Likely Didn’t Know That

Ima Highlighter phase

The Little Mermaid

Lost My Beanie

Nah I Found It We Straight Now

But I’m only 21 I Can’t Be Your Daddy

Nonbinary Sailor

The One Time Shayla Wanted To Break Me Off Badly So She Made Me Into A Poster

Okay okay okay, but hear me out
South Park moms………….
But youngs

Kinda a redraw of this old fuck but I did my research on the 70s fashion this time

new descriptions (cauz I was young the last time)
SHEILA : loud mouth, kinda sjw borderline, group mom. You can crash at her home whenever there is a problem
SHARON : kinda shy, calm, feminist af (fuck you Randy, they don’t really get along, oh the irony). The sporty one of the group too
CAROL : the youngest and the depraved. High all the time or drinking beer with her s/o. She doesn’t give a fuck bout anything and will be a teen mom. Her attitude drive Sheila crazy ?? Also really close to Liane
LIANE : SIN SIN SIN SIN. Looks like an angel that goes to churck every sunday BUT JUST TO BLOW THE PRIEST or watever. She is nymphomaniac

i dont tell a lot of stories on here but this one is special especially because its near halloween so

my dad went to a costume party when he was in college. it was a super ordinary run of the mill college halloween costume party except for this one guy they just called Bart.

They called him Bart because he was just a normal dude with this huge Bart Simpson mask on. he never talked. he just stared with his huge Bart Simpson eyes in no direction in particular. He held a drink in his hand the whole time, but he couldn’t even drink it because of the mask.

So he wandered around like this for the whole party and then left without saying a single word. he never took off the mask. no one saw his face.

About a week later, my dad was talking with the girl who held the party. Apparently her apartment was completely destroyed. everything was turned over, every drawer was raided, her tv was stolen, wallpaper was missing off the walls for some reason, etc.

My dad immediately brought up Bart. Everyone knew who he was talking about, and everyone was sure he was the one who had done it. But no one saw his face, and he didn’t say a word, so no one could do a thing about it. 

Bart had allegedly destroyed this girls house, took her tv and wallpaper (?), etc. and had completely gotten away with it. gone without a trace

so happy halloween and watch out for bart simpson

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jeffmads for the meme

  • proposes -Thomas
  • shops for groceries -They take turns
  • kills the spiders -James. It’s his thrill-seeking activity. Some people like roller coasters. He likes killing spiders.
  • comes home drunk at 3am - James doesn’t drink (except that one time), but I think if Thomas goes out and gets drunk, that’s gonna be on a night when he and James are at their own houses. If he’s spending the night with James, then he’d rather be with James.
  • remembers to feed the fish -Thomas. He likes routiney-things like that. Check the weather. Feed the fish. Water the house plants.
  • initiates duets -Thomas tries, but James rarely indulges.
  • falls asleep first -Thomas. He has much better sleeping habits, also James just plain has trouble sleeping even if he does go to bed at a decent time.
  • plans spontaneous trips -Thomas, but like one or two times before he realizes James isn’t warming up to it.
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - James because he’s been awake all night (not by choice but because of his sleep issues) and is therefore starving, and it’s close enough to when Thomas wakes up anyway.
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - Thomas, but like one or two times before he realizes James isn’t warming up to it. (Yes that was on purpose.)
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - Thomas. James wasn’t involved in any activities.
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - James. Eating crap is his one joy in life.
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - Thomas
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - I mean, who do you give the credit to? The one who set up the shot or the one who went in for the kill? It was a seamless assist.
  • wears the least clothing around the house - Thomas most of the time, though if James has a fever then it might be him
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason -Why is the word icky there lmao, did James write this question? Thomas is more sentimental in general. If James has one he’s like put that thing back where it came from or so help me
I use to ask immature questions like…

Is this base reality?

Is God real or maybe even a woman? Does god watch me masterbate and get turned on? Why is this a Man’s world and not a Woman’s World if a woman possesses the most powerful natural resource? Why does every couple I meet I instantly question if I would watch a sextape of them or not? Am I a sex addict? Is time real? Why is there fluoride in your drinking water? Did Jude ever take a sad song and make it better? What if all western mainstream music was in the frequency of 528Hz, how would that affect the world? Did I use the word “affect” right or was I supposed to use “effect”? Does being a realist make for bad relationships, for is not believing the lie that your relationships is going last forever to start to all good relationships? Is the Higgs boson and the god Participle the same thing? While Elon’s plan is to terraform mars is the government and the 1 percent planning to inhabit Kepler 62f? But all that doesn’t matter now, because… all I want to know is what her favorite flowers are.

—  Midnightview 

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Magic! Penny seems to be pretty good at portal magic, what else can she do? Could she handle herself in a dangerous situation through magical means, or are most of her magical talents more academic?

Ok so none of her skills are academic. I play that Penny has picked up things over the years having show some magic skill though very small when she was young. At her time with the Coles she learned how to light a fire, a useful skill for a kitchen maid.

As time progressed she found she could chill a desert or a drink. This she found to be far easier, so her school would be frost. OOC I play frost I love it as a mun.
I like to note when she is cast with the room getting a bit of a chill, though it’s just a fun bit of flavour.

She is good at invisibility. I mean it’s easy to think of Penny disappearing. Most of her magic is ether practical or for escape. She hardly dose any of it publicly though, other then to get around.

However at one point Moni ordered her to learn to use her skills, should a fight come up. She has worked on this off and on but never in a live combat situation.

You have to remember Penny only learned to read and write with in the last year. It’s something she still stuggle with. She has been working off screen via mail what ever the WoW RP world would count as her GED. Though I am betting it dose not include magic.

Her skill for it and her ability to pick up magic is in her blood from her mothers side. She wouldn’t know this though as she has very few memory’s of the woman.

Thank you for the ask I don’t think anyone has ever asked about Penny and her magic before.

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for the vignette prompts, James/Jeremy, sunshine?

There’s an inevitable force of nature that decrees that any time the boys are someplace very sunny, Jeremy ends up with an incredible sunburn. California in the late summer makes it doubly true, of course. Three incredibly complicated and busy days of filming and wrangling Amazon execs have left them all worn out and achy, and the setting desert sun does no favors to Jeremy’s flushed tone, but James truly can’t remember the last time he saw Jeremy so energized, so pleased. “Come get a drink with me,” Jeremy pleads at him, catching James by the elbow. “I’m too wound up, I won’t be able to sleep for hours.” Jeremy’s broad grin barely conceals his happy energy, and it strikes James that he would be completely unable to deny anything Jeremy were to ask of him right now.

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Little innocent Iceland coming home from school crying snd shaking like a leaf. Norway gets all concerned and motherly and picks him up, cooing and cuddling the small child. "What's wrong, baby?" Iceland chokes out, "Mama, one of the big boys told me today that coffee is poisonous and drinking too much of it kills people. A-and you drink coffee all the time," he sobs. "I-is it true? I don't want you to die!" he trails off and cries even harder. Norway's reaction?

Norway scowls and shakes his head, running a comforting hand through Iceland’s hair. “No, it’s not true at all. Coffee gives you energy for the day ahead, so what that child said is a complete lie.”
It takes a little while longer to calm Iceland down but eventually he does. Norway is very angry at that other child though.


Alexander Hamilton x Reader (this is sooooo bad I am sooooo sorry!)


“Peggy you need to be careful here. I can’t keep an eye on you at all times, so stop drinking!” you told your friend.

She rolled her eyes and continued dancing and drinking. You sat at the bar trying to keep an eye on her, not wanting her to get hurt.

“Hey pretty thing, how are you doing tonight?” a drunk guy came up to you and asked.

“I’m fine,” you replied stiffly, moving a few inches away from the man.

“Come on baby, don’t be like that! How about you take a chance with a real man?” he slurred.

“No I’m fine.” you responded, getting up from your seat and walking over to find Peggy.

“Hey don’t walk away from me,” the man said reaching for you.

“There you are darling, I’ve been looking all over for you!” a handsome young man swooped in and put his arm around your shoulder.

“Shh just go along with it. I’ll help get you out of here,” he whispered in your ear.

You nodded.

“Alright thank you for the lovely conversation sir but I need to go off now,” you said, turning away from the disgruntled man.

The two of you made your way outside.

“Thank you so much for helping me back there,” you told the man.

“Of course, it was nothing. I don’t like seeing people be creeps. Anyway my name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

The two of you stood there staring at each other for a minute, before you coughed and looked back inside the bar.

“Again thank you so much, but now I need to go find my friend. She’s probably getting into a lot of shit right now,” you told him.

“I understand. But do you think it’s possible for me to get your number first?”

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Do you write Rose/Donna? If yes, then maybe an online dating AU? Thank you <3

It was during a night of drinking that Donna decided to swear off men for a while. Every single one she’d dated in the past few years had turned out to be utter arseholes and she was done.

With men. Not with dating.

So, it was with her fourth drink close at hand that she sat down to her computer and started updating her online dating profile to reflect the fact that she was now looking for women to date instead.

It’d been years since she’d been on a date with a woman. It wasn’t like she was ashamed of that part of her sexuality, she’d just always found it easier to approach men. But with online dating available, maybe looking for a nice girl would be simpler than trying to figure out if the cute brunette girl across the bar was flirting or just looking for a friend so they weren’t drinking alone.

By the time Donna woke up the next morning she had a pounding headache and nary a memory of updating her profile. So when she checked it out of habit a week later, she was surprised to see messages from a few different women.

Curious, she clicked through them, deleting a few and answering a couple. She was about to log off when she got a message back from Rose, one of the women she’d answered.

Donna clicked on the message and laughed at the flirty repartee she’d gotten from the blonde. Apparently, the cheeky smile on display in her profile picture was an accurate representation of the girl.

They traded a few more messages, flirting and getting to know each other a bit more. When Donna suggested meeting up for a coffee or a drink, Rose was quick to agree.

(They hit it off in person too and when Donna was able to kiss that cheeky tongue-in-teeth smile right off of Rose’s face, she almost felt like thanking all the male arseholes that had led her to this single moment of perfection.)

(Then Rose slipped her tongue in her mouth and Donna forgot all about them.)

guys can i have some advice???

okay so i’ve had this chest infection for over 2 weeks and it’s just not getting better!!! i’ve spent almost all my time aside from lectures in bed, i’ve been getting loads of sleep, drinking a lot of water and eating as healthily as i can and nothing is helping. i’ve been to the doctor but i’m gonna try again asap, which will be tuesday i think.

anyway, because of this i haven’t been going out at all. all my flat mates go out almost every other night, and i haven’t been able to. i’ve missed like 5 nights out! and although some of them have missed the occasional one i want to go with them and i just feel like they’re all making memories together while i’m stuck in bed!

anyway, i thought a weekend at home would help and i’d feel much better, but so far i’m still ill. this is proper annoying because we’ve been planning a big night out tomorrow (monday) for aaaages and for once everyone is going out.

here are my reasons to go and reasons not to, please offer your advice!!!

reasons to go:
-haven’t been out for ages and i enjoy going out!
-my flat mates all discuss it during the day and after and i don’t want to be left out
-and i’m going to london next weekend so i don’t want to keep missing social events
-unlike other nights everyone is actually going tomorrow
-the club we’re going to is cheaper than other clubs in town
-it’s student night and drake night !!! so loads of people will be out and i like drake
-i could go and not drink which i might hate but i might enjoy!!
-i can always get a bus home if i’m not enjoying myself
-i have no lectures on tuesday, the only thing i have is a counselling appointment

reasons not to go:
-if i manage to get a doctors appointment i’ll either be on antibiotics (so can’t drink) or still ill with no cure
-i’ve gained loads of weight and a night of alcohol and then drunk binge eating (which i always do) and then hungover eating (which i always do) will make me feel even worse. however missing stuff in case i binge eat also sounds silly
-my counselling appointment is at 9.30 which won’t be fun hungover
-i don’t want to make myself more ill
-i never enjoy being the sober one on a night out so i probably won’t enjoy it unless i drink
-i know the sensible thing to do would be to not go

what do you guys think i should do????

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I think everybody around Robron is gonna plan this big, crowded day which they just go along with but don't really want and when it gets down to it they're like screw it and hide and the ceremony actually ends up just being them and a few people that mean the most(which lbr is how it should be) there's plenty of time for a Dingle party after with or without welly drinking, I mean Robert still has the nudity get out clause.

That is what I’m expecting, everyone butting in saying this and that and interfering. I could imagine them going along with it t make the fmaily happy but then getting to a point where they put their foot down. You know I’d love for them to do what Priya and Rakesh did and just fuck everyone else and go do it just themselves. They are the only two that matter here but I would love a little ceremony like what Vic and Adam had with very close family. And then the big knees up afterwards.