Aside from the fact that I think he’s kind of lost it, I do feel bad for Robert right now. He’s living this completely fake life (of his own making I know) but it’s even worse than when he was with Chrissie during the affair. There he was living like half a fake life because somewhere he still cared about her a little but then he’d get to escape and spend some time with Aaron, not pretending, being himself. Now, he’s just fake all the time or he’s yelling at people to play their own parts better to make his schemes successful. He hasn’t had a moment with Aaron for weeks. It’s no wonder he spends his spare time drinking alone at the pub, hoping for a little non manipulative conversation. It’s also no wonder that he just burst out with all of that stuff when talking to Liv.

I don’t know, even though it’s all his own fault that he’s in this current mess, pregnancy aside, I still just feel sad for him.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a drabble where D. Va meets the reader (her online friend/crush who also streams games, albeit without a face cam) for the first time?

She spun around the drink in her cup, the frothy milk moving around with the straw. She took a sip of it while peering around the room to see if she could see anyone looking around for someone.

She was so focused on everyone else she didn’t even realise that you were right in front of her. You gave a little wave right in front of her and she jumped, hands clasping the side of her cold drink.

“Excuse me?” you asked, “Hana?”

She gave a little chuckle, knowing that her face was plastered from one corner of the globe to the other. A symbol of hope in this trying times was what she appeared to the masses as. There was no way you didn’t know what she looked like.

You were an enigma to her, however, only ever having heard your voice and the vague design you used as an avatar. She adored your voice and sense of humour, reaching out to you. The two of you drew close and decided to meet.

“You’re a lot taller than I thought,” she said idly and you laughed, not expecting that.

Tastes Like Fairy Dust

A #microfiction from an old prompt ‘can shadows burn?’…

It had been months since Pan had last seen his shadow.

He was beginning to look pale, a grey-ish pallor sinking in around the eyes. It had never been this long before - not even in the old days, when it had had caves and lagoons to hide in.

Since Never Never-ville had come into being, he could usually find it fairly easily; it was usually in a bar. All he had to do was trawl the various watering holes of the city until he found the one his shadow was drinking in. It was easy enough - and an exploratory pub crawl wasn’t what Pete would call a hardship.

Then, once found, they’d do shots until they were friends again.

But, this time, no amount of binge drinking had revealed the shadow’s location.

One month in: Captain Hook called Pan into his office to call him a loose cannon. And he was no longer getting results.

Two months in: the fits started. Bone-grinding flashes of agony. When asked what it felt like, Peter said it was like burning.

Three months in: he could no longer remember a single happy thought. But he could remember the face of every Lost Boy who’d ever left.

Four months: the Captain made him give up his badge and gun.

Five months: …
…the lab was dark.

When Peter thought of labs, he always thought of them fluorescent bright. The stark glare reassuringly sterile.

But this place was full of flickers. Soft glows. Sputtering lamps. An artificial twilight.

Full of shadows.

Including his.

He would recognise it anywhere, with his impish manner and pointed cap (which it kept wearing long after Pan traded his for a cop’s hat). And it recognised him, for it surged upwards pressing its face up against the glass flask that restrained it.

To either side, dozens more glass flasks held more shadows.

A foot in front of and below each was a bunson burner.

It took Pan a moment to put it together. Then he realised: shadows. The shadow of the flames would be at just the right angle to meet the shadows in the flasks.

They were burning the shadows.

He stepped forwards, glass tinkling in his ears.

“Please don’t.”

The figure that stepped out of the darkness was gaunt, stooped beneath a pair of translucent, flickering wings. Barely there.

Pan reached for her, but she was faster and she quickly flicked on one of the burners. Suddenly everything was agony.

When he came to, Pan saw her stuffing something bright and shining into her mouth, grinding it into glitter with sharp teeth. Her wings began to glow a little brighter.


“No-one believes in me any more. I need this to keep going.”

“You need shadows?”

“No.” She grinned a strange, apologetic grin. She had something shining in her teeth. “What do you think you make when you burn shadows?”


“It almost tastes like fairy dust.” Tinkerbell giggled. “It’s okay. I have enough to give yours back now…”

“You have to let them go, Tink.”

“But … I’ll die.”

“No. You won’t.” Pan stood up. He was surprisingly tall. “You can keep feeding off mine.”

“But it hurts Peter.”

Pete thought of the faces of the Lost Boys. Faces he could remember for the first time in forever.

“I can take it.”

The memories almost felt like an adventure.

Alphabet Soup
I was tagged by @mycosmicbackyard so here are my answers,
Age 33
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Current time 11:45am
Drink preferred Strawberry Wine
Easiest person to talk to my brother
Favorite Song Gorilla by Bruno Mars
Greatest memory when my brother came home from the hospital
Hogwarts house Gryffindor
Innocent or guilty It depends on the question lol
Jealous of people not at all, I have no reason to be
Kissing first my first love in highschool a guy named Steven
Love at first sight I believe its really lust at first sight
Middle name Leigh
# of siblings 1 my younger brother
One wish to inspire others
Person you last called my friend Claudia
Quiet time activity listening to music
Reason to smile sweets, junk food, baby animals etc
Song you last sung Michael Jackson’s Thriller
Triggers lateness, impatiens, lack of understanding
Unique favorite color Onyx
Vacation destination I don’t know there are so many places I want to see
Worst habbit procrastination
Xavier or UC I’m a Muskies’ girl all the way
Your favorite food French fries 🍟
Zodiac Sign Aquarius ♒

I’m only tagging a few people here but everyone is welcome to answer these questions to, also I modified some of them to my liking 😊, enjoy.
@abillionlittlethoughts @deadsensescompany @fakesurprise @jasmine7031 @lionel-13 @mikefrawley @recognizingthevoiceless @smakka–bagms @the-modern-typewriter @x-changes @yokojima @zodiaccity

i was tagged by @bellamyblakesgun, thanks love:))

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

a - age: 15
b - birthplace: Spain
c - current time: 18:04
d - drink you last had: water lmao
e - easiest person to talk to: these sweeties: @clarkeywifey and @liviepacheco
f - favorite song: only one? HAHAHAHA I think the fuck not srry
g - grossest memory: um I don’t know tbh
h - horror yes or horror no: NO, just NO. I can stand it sometimes but… not my thing
i - in love?: of course…. not
j - jealous of people?: not really
k - well k
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: em walk by, 100 times
m - middle name: I don’t have one 
n - number of siblings: 1
o - one wish: being happy in life(? cliche? maybe
p - person you called last: honestly no idea, probably one of my parents
q - question you are always asked: why don’t you leave your hair curly? (true story)
r - reason to smile: family, friends and tv shows
s - song you last sang: game of thrones theme… more of a hum
t - time you woke up: 7am
u - underwear colour: ummm…. dark blue
v - vacation destination: London, I want to go so bad tbh
w - worst habit: procrastinating… a lot
x - x-rays: nope
y - your favorite food: pizza (and chocolate btw, but pizza is the best)
z - zodiac sign: Pisces

i tag: @clarkeywifey(you were already tagged so you are by two people now ha) @liviepacheco @okay-kitsune @mieczllydia @aryafacelesstark @radianceeternal @yasperjordan @hufflepuffkira @bellamyblake-kru @dylanobriyn and anyone who wants to do this (to the people tagged, do it only if you want)

Tagging Game

Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @givenchyswifts. Thanks, Frani!

A: Age: 18

B: Birthplace: Cavite, Philippines

C: Current time: 20:08

D: Drink you had last: H2O

E: Easiest person to talk to: My real life friends, Twitter mutuals especially the lovely, @exnchanted!

F: Favorite song: Every Taylor Swift song. But I’m currently in love with sleepingatlast’s Atlas: Body!

G: Grossest memory: During sixth grade, when my monthly period accidentally came, my skirt got stained and everyone in the classroom saw it!

H: Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

I: In love?: Nah

J: Jealous of people: Never. I’m contented with my life.

K: Killed someone: Well I have killed my old self a lot of times, is that counted?

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Walk by again and show me how interesting you are.

M: Middle name: Jen

N: Number of siblings: 1 younger brother

O: One wish: Fulfill my mission in life before passing away.

P: Person you called last: My aunt

Q: Question you are always asked: “Why are you always quiet and serious?”

R: Reason to smile: All the wonderful things in life!

S: Song you sang last: I Almost Do by Taylor

T: Time you woke up: 7AM ‘cos I have class!!!

U: Underwear color: Not wearing one while answering this, oops

V: Vacation destination: European countries!

W: Worst habit: Overthinking

X: X-rays: Doing only it if it’s needed

Y: Your favorite food: Pasta, ice cream and chicken!

Z: Zodiac sign: Scorpio

I’m tagging @exnchanted @bluelightsreflect @alittleofswift @theswiftreputation @writtenreputation @singinginthecar @taylurh @wearingmybestapology + anyone who wants to do this!

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okay, you've gotta join in, anons have been posting a lot. mod, name ten places you think Nikki has peed while standing!

good lord what is going on lmao

okay uhhh

- Off a ferris wheel 

- Forest (duh)

- On a person

- At a dog pound

- On a wolf that was challenging her

- On her tent

- The flowescout’s camp

- On a campfire

- Come on she legit said “time to drink my own pee!”

- A urinal

Ta-dah! A list i never in my right mind thought i’d be making. On a similar not, i’m gonna start tagging these as ‘urine mention’ because some people would be off-put

Tag Game

Thank you @capella-beta for tagging me! ❤️❤️

A - Age - 15.

B - Birthplace - Brisbane, QLD.

C - Current time - 10:40 AM

D - Drink you Last Had - Water.

E - Easiest Person/People to Talk to - I won’t tag them. But they’re awesome.

G - Grossest Memory - My infected burn all over my chest.

H - Horror Yes, Horror No - I’m a fan of learning about gruesome murders.

I - In Love - Yah!

J - Jealous of People - Nope.

L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again? I don’t really understand this.

M - Middle Name - It’s Ann, but in light of gender discovery, I’ve been thinking of changing it to Anthony, which is my dads middle name.

N - Number of Siblings - 1 older sister (8 years older than me), and 1 half brother (14 years older than me).

O - One Wish - Successful career! (AKA, my dream: catching a serial killer.)

P - Person you last called - My mum.

Q - Question you are always asked - “What are you?”

R - Reasons to smile- Brooklyn Nine Nine.

S - Song You last Sang - Joy Divison- Love Will Tear Us Apart.

T - Time you woke up - 5:00 AM.

U - Underwear colour - Black.

V - Vacation Destination - Argentina, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Korea, New York, Hawaii, Turkey, Perth and Greece.

X - X-ray - Chest (lung infections), arm (fractured wrist).

Y - Fave Food - Fried Rice.

Z - Zodiac Sign - Gemini.

I tag @robo-pusspuss @pyco-circus @driftingstarryskies @jaimevalentino2017 @mahouenbe @ichibandebu @tranformers-4-life @artemesia @minimyte @tolvosz @littlejotuncrybaby @cardinal419 @ltmte @tessaractgirrrl

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in an attempt to get to know you better...what are five facts about you?

I like that!! It’s a good starting line. I’m going to use that sometime. I hope you don’t mind.

My head is all over the place so I’ll tell you five facts that are relevant right now.

  1. 95% of the time, I take a drink of water and some of it spills on my shirt
  2. I can’t make it through “She Waits” without tearing up.
  3. I have to clap every single time the Friends theme comes on. 
  4. I am currently still getting over a cold I’ve had for a week.
  5. I should be outlining More Than a Fling


Alphabet Soup Tag

I was tagged by the amazing (no seriously) @fluffyyeollie . Thanks for tagging me~

Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A : Age | | I’m 14
B : Birthplace | | Singapore~
C : Current time | |
D : Drink you had last | | Hot Chocolate
E : Easiest person to talk to | | My sister. She gives good advice~
F : Favourite song | | Currently, it’s I don’t know/Well by Seventeen but it might change.
G : Grossest memory | | Ughhhh… I don’t really know??
H : Hogwarts house | | Ravenclaw
I : In love? | | Nope
J : Jealous of people | | Not easily, but I can be.
K : Killed someone | | I haven’t but say, those people who have, do you think they would tell the truth??
L : Love at first sight or do I walk again? | | Kinda both. I look at them and I’m like I love them, but I’ll check.
M : Middle name | | Charmaine (I know, it’s weird)
N : Number of siblings | | Two, One older brother and One older sister
O : One wish | | I dunno really, to pass my GCSEs without dying (I’ve already failed)
P : Person you called last | | My mom~
Q : Question you are always asked | | Where are you from.
R : Reason to smile | | Seventeen are happy so we should be.
S : Song you sang last | | Beside Me by Davichi but it changes daily cos I sing A LOT
T : Time you woke up | | 5:30 so I could finish my Maths HW.
U : Underwear colour | | Light Gray
V : Vacation destination | | Rome~
W : Worst habit | | Biting my nails, like I really need to stop
X : X-rays | | I’ve had two, but they weren’t that big of a deal.
Y : Your favourite food | | you cant just ask me that TTTT Currently, it’s rice mixed with tofu and soy sauce with chicken. (trust me it’s delicious)
Z : Zodiac sign | | Virgo~

Tagging: @lunarjihoon @kunpimookbambam @myungho @mjunhui @sassyseokmin and whoever else that wants to do it

a-z tag game!

i was tagged by @syubdaegu, thank you so much angel!! ♡

A: AGE - 20
B: BIRTHPLACE - texas, us
D: DRINK YOU HAD LAST - manzanita sol
E: EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO - my pals and my gf
F: FAVOURITE SONG - i know it’s not a single song, but right now i’m obsessed with the soundtrack for cuphead!! it’s so good and my inner band geek nuts every time jkfdgh
G: GROSSEST MEMORY - i don’t think i have one
H: HOGWARTS HOUSE - hufflepuff
I: IN LOVE - yes
K: KILLED SOMEONE - no jdsagjkl
M: MIDDLE NAME - diana
N: NUMBER OF SIBLINGS - 8, 5 on my dad’s side of the family and 3 on my mom’s
O: ONE WISH - to see bts in concert at least once
Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED - “why are you like this?”
R: REASON TO SMILE - my friends, yoongi, evil within 2
S: SONG YOU SANG LAST - adios amor by christian nodal dsfjkdjkl
T: TIME YOU WOKE UP -  today i woke up around 11 am bc i had a hard time sleeping klsjdhj but usually i wake up around 10ish
V: VACATION DESTINATION - anywhere with an ocean
W: WORST HABIT - i forget to make new layers when adding things in photoshop and then when i mess up i gotta start all over bc i’m too far ahead dsgjklv
X: X-RAYS - none
Y: YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD - enchiladas verdes
Z: ZODIAC SIGN - scorpio (with a sagi moon and cap rising if any of you are into astrology jhsgjkl) 

i’ll also be tagging some new mutuals like mel did ♡: @virjin, @yoongihugs, @hxitape, @vlives, @bwis, @cphyr

Tagged by @jjilljj Thanks Jill! ♥

A: AGE - 29 …..bleh
E: EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO - Kelly or Angel? I don’t really talk to anyone, and I don’t tell people much, lol.
F: FAVOURITE SONG - Would it surprise anyone if I said Serendipity? lol But listen…. I love all of Bangtan’s songs okay? All. Of. Them.
G: GROSSEST MEMORY - Uh… lets just say it involves camping, spaghetti, and apple juice when I was like 4 or something?… and it’s the reason I haven’t had apple juice since.
I: IN LOVE - Yes
J: JEALOUS OF PEOPLE - Eh… Kind of? Sometimes?
K: KILLED SOMEONE - ….what kind of question is this?? DO PEOPLE SAY “YES” TO THIS? …No, I have not killed someone.
O: ONE WISH - For my friends and family to always be happy and healthy. ♥
Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED - “Are you okay?” …Yes. It’s just my face. 
S: SONG YOU SANG LAST - Complicated by Avril Lavigne lmaoo
T: TIME YOU WOKE UP -  6:30am ish?
W: WORST HABIT - Procrastination.
X: X-RAYS - Teeth (yay braces), Left index finger (because I’m clumsy and smashed it in a door when I was 10, lol), Right leg (Intense leg pain in high school so my dad thought I might have had micro-fractures in my leg since I was on the bowling team, lol)
Z: ZODIAC SIGN - Aquarius.

Tagging: @jeonggukiest, @kellyzipcode, @emjaylily, @unofficialbokuto, @crackpairingprincess, @cosyjeon, @snowysatoru [as always, y’all don’t have to do this if y’all don’t want to :) ]

Alphabet Tag

Tagged by @scribble-dee-vee ~

I need a quick break from work so I’m doing this.

A. Age: 29

B. Birthplace: Oklahoma Cherokee reservation.

C. Current time: 2:13pm

D. Drink you last had: Water

E. Easiest person to talk to: For online friends, @emweaver. IRL, my fiancé.

F. Favourite songs: UM. Wow. Tons. I’ll try to just list a few….

Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons

Light Outside - Absofacto

Albatross - Foals

Burn it Down - Daughter

Tessellate - Alt J

Howl - Florence and the Machine

Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko

G. Grossest Memory: Once, in high school or middle school, can’t remember, a guy on the schoolbus spit out his window and it came back in mine and hit me in the face. Great times. Lots of witnesses.

H. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

I. In love: Of course!

J. Jealous of people: Yes, but I learned long ago that that is a bad quality that benefits no one and I try and avoid it / redirect it.

K. Killed anyone: Is this all a trick to get me to out myself to the FBI? (but no, not that I’m aware of…)

L. Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Infatuation at first sight, hell yeah. I think love takes a little time.

M. Middle name: Kaella

N. Number of siblings: 6, that I know of. 

O. One wish: I want to fly, somehow. Sky dive, hang glide, pixie dust, grow wings, whatever.

P. Person you last called: Uh. My doctor’s office.

Q. Question you are always asked: "What’s wrong?“

R. Reasons to smile: …. cute animals?

S. Song you last sang: If singing along to quietly and alone counts, New Ways, by Daughter.

T. Time you woke up: 7:30am

U. Underwear color: ???? Gray tho.

V. Vacation destination: Italy! Greece! I don’t know! Somewhere warm and pretty!

W. Worst habit: Skin picking (I'm a few years into recovery though and it’s waaaaaay better than it used to be)

X. X-rays: My teeth and my neck. I don’t have any of them though.

Y. Your favourite food: Italian / Mexican

Z. Zodiac sign: Cancer

(Sorry, no tags. Do it if you want to!)