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Hi do you have the full text of bb member's message to top? and who wrote it for him? Thanks!

Seungri to T.O.P

I think you get drunk too easily these days. I’m really worried about your condition. I know you’re busy acting and doing BIGBANG at the same time, but please take care. Don’t drink too much and I wish I could see a stage full of your cool music this year. I’m actually a big fan of “DOOM DADA”. Get ready for Show Me The Money next year. I love you. That’s all.

Jiyong to T.O.P

I think you are really innocent and caring. I’m so proud that you are my big brother. I’m so thankful that you’re
trying to make more memories with us these days. Don’t forget we are always here for you.. I, and we will… be always beside you and protect you. I love you.

Daesung to T.O.P

My dear big brother, I really love you being innocent like a child. Please always remain beside us the way you are. Recently, you get drunk easily after only a little alcohol and pass out. We are all worried about you. It’s so sad to see you passing out. I want to stay with you forever. I pray for you every night. I love you

Taeyang to T.O.P

My brother, big brother, Choi, Seunghyun. I know you have a lot of worries these days. You are the most sensitive and thoughtful person. I have expectations for you but I’m worried at the same time. But as time passes, I see you are doing very well at your own pace which is amazing. And I’m proud of you and you are reliable. Don’t feel too much pressure. We have more days ahead than the time we have spent up to now. Don’t worry because we are here to trust you and support you. Everything is going to be alright. I love you, T.O.P.


noun. the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect


my headcanon: Riza instructs everyone in proper firearm usage and always reminds the guys to clean their guns regularly. Roy organizes a quarterly refresher course on marksmanship and gun maintenance. The team makes it a competition every time. Whoever loses has to buy drinks for the others afterwards. With all that training, everyone is fairly competent with firearms – including Roy since Riza insists he should know how to shoot accurately despite having his Flame Alchemy (so he isn’t so useless even when wet!).

basis: Everyone (with the exception of Falman, who - according to Havoc during the “fishing” mission with Barry - barely had experience on the field) was proficient with guns. In the 3rd Laboratory, Roy was able to target specific points on Lust in his attempt to disarm her, which shows that he has decent marksmanship skills.


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i feel so. freaking. worthless. i can't eat, or sleep, or anything, i just feel stuck. i can't fix what's happened as it's a two party issue and the other party doesn't seem interested in fixing things, although she claims she cares. i don't know what i can do but i don't have the energy or will to keep going.

Hey I’m sorry about this! I can think of some things to try. I might try sitting down with her and asking her if she will talk about it. Or you could ask someone else for help as a mediator to help you two communicate

In the mean time, please try to eat, drink and sleep. Even if it’s not quality, just try to take care of yourself because some food and sleep is better than none. Being cozy and not hungry will help you calm down and feel safer.

Please try to take care of yourself and good luck 💕


Why do I have such an affiliation with asshole characters.
Like they’re either abusive, are vanilla jackasses most of the time, have anger or drinking problems, inflated sense of self worth, or are just straight up psychopaths, and I feel drawn to them despite all that. I don’t really get it.

(Have fun guessing which adjective fits which character)


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a- age: 19
b - biggest fear: Failure and being abandoned.
c - current time: 11:54 PM
d - drink you last had: Orange juice (lol I love citrus)
e - every day starts with: Small bowl of cereal before going to work in the mornings. I used to not eat anything in the mornings, though.
f - favorite song: Its impossible for me to have one favorite song at one time haha. It’s always changing, and I love too many artists and music. Though right now I’ve been listening to a bunch of Amber Run songs.
g - ghosts, are they real: I don’t really think so…? Until I’ve witnessed ghost activity before me, I don’t really believe in it.
h - hometown: I was born in Indianapolis and lived there for a year? That’s sort of my home city, but I still live in the town I loved to since I was one away from the big city.
i - in love with: My dog, clementines, friends and family and…cartoons and space, and lots more lol
j - jealous of: I don’t really get jealous, but I wish I could live out in the western US or some place
scenic outside the US
k - killed someone: what the heck? no lol im too scared of people and even holding a weapon lol
l - last time you cried: 15 minutes ago lol
m - middle name: Lynn
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: To live a life where people could get along and not spread hate and kill each other, but that’s too unrealistic, sadly
p - person you last called/texted: My grandma/my mom
q - questions you’re always asked: How old are you? Are you sure you’re (this age)? You look like you’re 15?? What degree/mAJOR are you going for?
r - reasons to smile: seeing my dog every day, hanging out with friends and family, favorite fictional characters and shows, etc…
s - song last sang: An Imogen Heap song while driving to work.
t - time you woke up: around 9:30 AM
u - underwear color: navy blue
v - vacation destination: WDW, western US (or national parks), Japan, and places in Europe. Or SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA…
w - worst habit: I chew on my lips and gums until I get bad kanker sores (or however you spell it lol), procrastination in certain situations besides work, and others I can’t think of atm asdfasdf
x - x-rays you’ve had: Knees, arm/elbow, and stomach.
y - your favorite food: Clementines…or in real seriousness mac and cheese, and Italian and Japanese foods.
z - zodiac sign: scorpio!

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A- Age: 26. 
B- Birthplace: Long Island.
C- current time: 12:43 am. 
D- Drink you had: Coke Zero. 
E- Easiest Person to talk to: Heather, Jessica, Catie (one big unit). 
F- favourite Song: “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo. 
G- grossest memory: Want me to be honest? I once pooped in my bathing suit waiting on line to use the bathroom at the water park. The irony! 
H- horror yes or no? Yes. 
I- in love? Still have feelings for someone, but I’m working on that. 
J- jealous of people: Nope, life’s too short for that kind of nonsense. 
K- killed someone: No. 
L- love at the first sight or walk past again: Love at first sight. 
M- middle Name: I don’t have one. 
N- number of siblings: 1. 
O- one wish: That I’ll produce something that means something to someone. 
P- person I last called: My friend Heather. 
Q- questions you’re always asked: When are you getting married and having a baby? (Gross!) 
R- reason to smile: Wed Anderson is coming out with an animated movie. About DOGS!!! 
S- Song you last sang: “Intergalactic” by The Beastie Boys. 
T- time you woke up: 6:00 am. 
U- underwear colour: Black. Sexy! 
V- Vacation: Nothing planned at the moment. 
W- worst habit: Biting my cuticles. 
X-rays: None. 
Y- your favourite food: Breakfast sandwich. 
Z- zodiac sign: Aries.

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a - age: like 800 billion (no ok im 30)
b - biggest fear: suffering without purpose or gain; being stripped of agency; being unable to trust my own perception; failure
c - current time: 11:59
d - drink you last had: coffee
e - every day starts with: a dog face in my face going BREAKFAST???
f - favourite song: let down - radiohead
g - ghosts, are they real: i think u have to believe in souls or an afterlife to believe in ghosts, and i don’t, so no
h - hometown: all over: minnesota, alabama, mississippi, białystok, london
i - in love with: nnnnnnnn m-my dogs???
j - jealous of: nothing, really. jealousy is one of those emotions that’s really hard for me to understand, even intellectually. someone come pls explain jealousy to me bc i like it in s8 when cas was jealous of benny but i don’t understand how that works internally. i’d like to know
k - killed someone: came close
l - last time you cried: last week?? 
m - middle name: małgozata irena
n - number of siblings: five half sisters, two step sisters, and two step brothers (my oldest sister is 50 and my youngest sister is 10 so im bang right in the middle)
o - one wish: monies and mental health to buy a house, renovate a house, have babies, have surgery, travel, and take care of my mum. also that the people i like like me back
p - person you last called/texted: one of my hs friends bemoaning why android is better than apple if u want to do experimental coding (technically it’s our group chat but the other two tune us out when we start talking tech. it’s cool tho we’re coding his home to function on voice control like google home BUT FROM SCRATCH)
q - questions you’re always asked: “kat can u do something for me real quick?”
r - reasons to smile: DAY. OFF. WORK. 
s - song last sang: I’m a Long Way From Home - Waylon Jennings
t - time you woke up: 5:15ish?
u - underwear colour: black with white polka dots under red boxers
v - vacation destination: ANTARCTICA
w - worst habit: smoking
x - x-rays you’ve had: p much my entire body at this point (i’ve broken every type of bone in my body except my brow bone and a hip)
y - your favourite food: tea. or steak frites
z - zodiac sign: pisces sun sign, aquarius moon sign, aries rising

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A-Z! :DD

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a- age: 19

b - biggest fear: isolation. 

c - current time: 10:45 PM

d - drink you last had: water

e - every day starts with: the dread of having to leave my cozy blanket nest to enter The Real World again

f - favorite song: too many to count. i’m lazy. but i’m really diggin’ Mr. Blue Sky by ELO lately

g - ghosts, are they real: this world’s too big and strange for them NOT to exist in some form or fashion IMO

h - hometown: somewhere in Oregon

i - in love with: the concept and existence of Ford Pines, the sciences, space, my family

j - jealous of: people who get to wake up later than 8 am on a regular basis

k - killed someone: this is a dumbass question, (why would anyone answer this online???), but no.

l - last time you cried: guardians of the galaxy 2. you know the scene.

m - middle name: marie

n - number of siblings: 1 bro who is the coolest person i know *finger guns*

o - one wish: that i could maybe talk without constantly stuttering and confusing my words

p - person you last called/texted: my close college friendo:DD

q - questions you’re always asked: “what major are you?” “find any nice guys yet?” “where’d you get that dipper hat?” “how was your weekend?”

r - reasons to smile: my friends both long-distance (nods @ bottomless pit) and nearby, successful midterms, bad puns, sunshine, Gravity Falls, being included, frogs exist, the concept of humanity one day being a multi-planetary species, that feel when you improve in art ability, and good plain vanilla ice cream

s - song last sang: satisfied from Hamilton

t - time you woke up: ughhh. 6:30 AM.

u - underwear color: ….? Whatever color the cheapest underwear is. I literally couldn’t care less.

v - vacation destination: disney world!! :DD

w - worst habit: constantly scraping out dirt and shit from under my fingernails, or picking at my cuticles. I’ve also been caught rocking in my seat subconsciously a lot. in my experience people point this out to me, and this makes it embarrassing, unfortunately. 

x - x-rays you’ve had: foot, and I also had my brain scanned years ago because doctors once thought I had epilepsy. 

y - your favorite food: CHICKEN. Or maybe a good ol’ fashioned salad with some cucumbers and corn and cheese in it. I also love goldfish too much.

z - zodiac sign: aquarius 

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a- age: 24 (I keep forgetting that’s my actual age it is really distressing lol) 

b - biggest fear: talking in public and death… but really the more I think about it I think what scares me about death is actually dying and feeling like my one life was not worth living… deep thoughts with Vale haha 

c - current time: 12:01 am 

d - drink you last had: water 

e - every day starts with: me stirring in my bed for so long I’m now late to whatever I had to do that day 

f - favorite song: Here Comes The Sun and Blackbird by The Beatles is what came to mind first lol Then also probably Love is on the Radio by McFly I love that one <3 

g - ghosts, are they real: Yeah, sure 

h - hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica

i - in love with: my friends, my family, gravity falls lol 

j - jealous of: people who have their life together cause mine is a disaster 

k - killed someone: …why would you answer this? xD No, of course not 

l - last time you cried: I have nooo idea, I think I almost cried at my cousin’s wedding? But it wasn’t because of the wedding it was because I was really tired, I had a really bad headache and I wanted to go home lol (I am an actual child omg) 

m - middle name: Maria 

n - number of siblings: 1 sister, she’s the mabel to my dipper haha 

o - one wish: to get my fricking life together man, I wanna graduate and I wanna get a good job and just…have a stable enough life 

p - person you last called/texted: I think it was Taka actually :D 

q - questions you’re always asked: “how was your day?” “what’s going on in your life?” “what are your plans for the future?” boy, I wish I knew 

r - reasons to smile: talking/hanging out with friends and laughing at stupid shit, the moon and the stars, the universe and how amazing it is, random acts of kindness, good food, finding out cool places, planning out things with friends and being excited about those plans, traveling, the ocean, the holidays

s - song last sang: uh… Dare you to move by Switchfoot I think? 

t - time you woke up: around 10…cause I had a very long day yesterday lol 

u - underwear color: …?

v - vacation destination: The beach, please take me to the beach! (Hopefully Hawaii, I really wanna go there omg) 

w - worst habit: staying up till waaay too late 

x - x-rays you’ve had: I’ve never had an X-Ray… yay?? xD

y - your favorite food: PIZZA!!! :D

z - zodiac sign: pisces 

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a - age: i may look 9 sometimes, but i’m 19
b - biggest fear: losing my eyesight, losing all fam&friends
c - current time: 8:21pm
d - drink you last had: orange Hi-C
e - every day starts with: me saying “shhhh” to my alarm as if that will turn it off
f - favourite song: there’s too many so I’m gonna go with what I last listened to: Just Hold On by Louis Tomlinson
g - ghosts, are they real: heck yah
h - hometown: florida
i - in love with: my friends
j - jealous of: people who know what they want to do with their life
k - killed someone: what are you, a cop?
l - last time you cried: probs  a few weeks ago during finals
m - middle name: Joy
n - number of siblings: zeroooooooooooo
o - one wish: be able to make people happy
p - person you last called/texted: group chat of friends from hs trying to figure out where to go for lunch tmrw (we decided on Applebees)
q - questions you’re always asked: “did you just wake up?” “are you ever not studying?” “are you ever not on the internet?”
r - reasons to smile: new experiences, friends, good music 
s - song last sang: Happier- Ed Sheeran
t - time you woke up: um 11:45ish
u - underwear colour: white with purple flowers lmao
v - vacation destination: ANYWHERE LEMME SEE THE WORLD
w - worst habit: forgetting to eat bc distracted
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth
y - your favourite food: mac & cheese!!!
z - zodiac sign: taurus

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a - age: 17 years old
b - biggest fear: FUCKING SPIDERS 😭😭😭😭
c - current time: 4:27pm
d - drink you last had: Water
e - every day starts with: Crying
f - favourite song: fuckin You Ain’t the First - Guns N’ Roses
g - ghosts, are they real: Duh?
h - hometown: Athens, Ohio!! Google our block parties 🤙
i - in love with: Jared Padalecki & Sam Winchester
j - jealous of: Everything?
k - killed someone: Nahhhhh
l - last time you cried: Like a week ago!! Yay me!
m - middle name: Mae
n - number of siblings: One brother
o - one wish: Death or a Trip to the Void
p - person you last called/texted: i dont talk to people
q - questions you’re always asked: definition of pansexual
r - reasons to smile: imma die eventually!
s - song last sang: Sweet Child O’ Mine - GNR!
t - time you woke up: too damn early
u - underwear colour: Pink I think?
v - vacation destination: The Void
w - worst habit: Finger nail biting dear god
x - x-rays you’ve had: so many. i’ve broken so many bones
y - your favourite food: White Chocolate Reese’s Cups oh m y go d
z - zodiac sign: Taurus

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a - age: 19 (nearly 20)
b - biggest fear: wasps, being alone for the rest of my life
c - current time: 16:35
d - drink you last had: fanta fruit twist
e - every day starts with: a piss lol but also listening to music 
f - favourite song: can’t pick 1
g - ghosts, are they real: yes who you gonna call?? :P
h - hometown: somewhere in east london 
i - in love with: ginny weasley
j - jealous of: attractive people who have people that like them
l - last time you cried: yesterday because of the manchester attacks
m - middle name: asher
n - number of siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister
o - one wish: get laid *shrug*
p - person you last called/texted: my mum. well she called me
q - questions you’re always asked: idk 
r - reasons to smile: ant and dec, good food, cute girls, good music, writing good shit, reading good shit, fanficiton in general, my friends here, vulpix, being complimented
s - song last sang: currently listening to back in time - back to the future
t - time you woke up: 7:00am
u - underwear colour: red
v - vacation destination: ireland hopefully might go for my birthday weekend dunno
w - worst habit: laziness i guess
x - x-rays you’ve had: don’t think i’ve had one
y - your favourite food: biscuits
z - zodiac sign: cancer

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