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Rucas one shot: the moment they were having when Topanga saw them being all adorable I ski lodge

They’d been sitting down for over an hour, gazes glued to each other, constant giggles and grins lingered between them. Topanga poked her head around the corner every twenty minutes, each time more determined to split the pair up but each time she caught sight of her daughters gleaming expression she abandoned her mission. 

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to hike this weekend.” Lucas looks at Riley’s boot. 

“I had a really nice time regardless.” Riley tilts her head to the side. Her stomach grumbling loudly made them both laugh. 

“I can go get us some food?” Lucas offers. 

“Stay!” Riley holds onto his hand and stops him from leaving. 

Lucas notices the time on the wall clock. “We are supposed to leave in twenty minutes!” 

“We haven’t even packed our bags.” Riley laughs nervously standing up. 

“Go get food.” Topanga’s voice startles them both. She was on attempt 5 of rounding the pair up.

“Mom?” Riley laughs. “How long have you been standing there?” 

“Long enough.” Topanga waves her hand. “Go feed yourselves and meet for the bus. Your dad and I will get your bags.” 

“Thanks mommy!” Riley smiles sweetly and the pair walk off to get some sandwiches. 

a/n: sorry (again) these have been short ones! I’ll write some longer ones soon hopefully :) x