Creed Full Movie (2015)
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Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) never knew his famous father, boxing champion Apollo Creed, who died before Adonis was born. However, boxing is in his blood, so he seeks out Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and asks the retired champ to be his trainer. Rocky sees much of Apollo in Adonis, and agrees to mentor him, even as he battles an opponent deadlier than any in the ring. With Rocky’s help, Adonis soon gets a title shot, but whether he has the true heart of a fighter remains to be seen.

  • Initial release: November 19, 2015 
  • Director: Ryan Coogler
  • Running time: 2h 13m
  • Box office: 160.6 million USD
  • Film series: Rocky

Pardon the extremely long graphic, but here we are my friends!!

First of all, wow! I’ve only really been around since December???? Thank you all for following me!!! I appreciate every single one of you and I’ve had so much fun interacting and reading about your lovely ocs!

So to celebrate as you can see, I’ve got a giveaway! Originally it was  going to be more OC aesthetics edits since you all seemed to love that, but more prizes have been added! Yaayyy!

Without further ado:

First first prize winner will win: Either a graphic OR a doodle of their oc of choice! They will also receive an aesthetics edit if they choose, and a set of up to 10 icons in their choice of dimensions! 

Second prize winners will win: Two people will receive an oc aesthetics edit and a set of up to 6 icons of their ocs! 

Third prize winners will win: Three people will receive a set of up to 6 icons of their ocs! 

Okay, cool. 

So we got a total of six possible winners!!

Now for the rules!

  • You must have a Dragon Age OC! 
  • It’s not required that they be game protagonists!  So long as they’re in Thedas, we’re chills ♥ .
  • You must be following me this time around.
  • But new followers are super welcome! 
  • Reblogs and likes count!
  • Reblog up to five times! Just be courteous to your own followers!.
  • Once winners are picked, you’ll have 48 hours to reply to me! Otherwise, new winners will be picked! So please keep your inboxes open when the time comes.
  • Have fun my friends! If you don’t win, there’s always next time!! 

Giveaway ends FEBRUARY 29TH at 10:00pm PST! 

Sicario Full Movie (2015)
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After rising through the ranks of her male-dominated profession, idealistic FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) receives a top assignment. Recruited by mysterious government official Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), Kate joins a task force for the escalating war against drugs. Led by the intense and shadowy Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro), the team travels back-and-forth across the U.S.-Mexican border, using one cartel boss (Bernardo Saracino) to flush out a bigger one (Julio Cesar Cedillo).

  • Release date: October 2, 2015 
  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Running time: 2h 1m
  • Box office: 80.6 million USD
  • Nominations: Academy Award for Best Cinematography,

anonymous asked:

What would your ocs do with their free/down time

Snake: cooking, boxing
Bull: he loves movies
Dog: gym, PornHub, sleep, or spent quality time with his son whenever he can
Rat: gambling, or just solving Rubik’s cubes
Crow: get high, eat ass
Vulture:  married, has 2 kids. What is this ‘free time’ you speak of?


NINE BOXES: Who owns the majority of these boxes?

Alright, time to bring back one of the most annoying but also fun segments on the blog. Are you ready for nine boxes?

There are nine boxes of EXO’s pictures above! Your task is to tell us WHICH EXO MEMBER owns the majority of these boxes!

For example:

In this example, the member who owns most of the boxes is KAI! There will be two or more trick boxes owned by other members so don’t be tricked!

  • No anonymous, inbox, multiple, or reblog/caption votes.

After this segment, we will reveal the EXO MEMBER who owns the majority of these boxes + reveal the original pictures!

Pretty straightforward right? So let’s see how you go. I made it a little harder than usually, but I feel like you can still see if you look closely enough hehe ;)


- Admin Jinny

So, who’s the owner?


I tried something new today - writing out sparring targets for myself in advance of WSG and trying to achieve them. Like “4+ cut combination in exchange - 2 times” etc. With little boxes to cross off for each success, because that’s the way I roll.

I didn’t achieve any 4 cut combinations - either we left distance or it just made sense to thrust or someone landed a hit earlier. I did make combinations of three cutting attacks/beats several times though.

I also didn’t quite achieve my target of five entries to successfully controlling their arm/weapon while retaining my sword to fight (rather than my normal durchlauffen to leibringen). I did make the 8 thrusts with control/cover and 4 successful unterhau beats though.

It needs adjustment as a model to encourage the “new”/”target” techniques in rounds with better fencers, since it was obviously easier to try to tick off uses against the newer folks, but as a way to force myself to broaden my tactics and technical repertoire it’s helpful.

The Danish Girl Full Movie (2015)
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With support from his loving wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander), artist Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) prepares to undergo one of the first sex-change operations.

  • Initial release: November 27, 2015 (USA)
  • Director: Tom Hooper
  • Running time: 2 hours
  • Box office: 34.7 million USD
  • Nominations: Academy Award for Best Actor
Shit balls I need to give my stalkers material now

Tagged by GF @blufuri

Drink: Water

Phone call: Maimunahhhh

Text: to Savannah. Sent her a terrifying pic

Song you listened to: How far we’ve come: Match Box 20

Time you cried: I never stop crying


Dated someone twice: No

Been cheated on: No, but I don’t really give a fuck about ‘cheating’ either way…

Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes

Lost someone special: Yes.

Been depressed: Been?! Ahahaha

Been drunk and thrown up: no

List 3 favorite colors:
Navy Blue
Red in general
Sunset orange

Made a new friend: Yes~ All those fancy internet friends~ also Natalia, who I’m friends with cause I cheered her up when she cried at school.

Fallen out of love: Nu

Laughed until you cried: Twice

Met someone who changed you: Everyone impacts me. One way or another.

Found out who your true friends are: I don’t have friends.

Found out someone was talking about you: Sure, why wouldn’t people talk about me? Have you seen me? lol

Kissed anyone on your fb list: no

How many ppl from your fb list do you know irl: None

Do you have any pets: Three annoying dogs

Do you want to change your name: Fun Fact: my name was supposed to be Lily. So I would change my name to that.

What did you do for your last birthday: Shopped with my mum all day

What time did you wake up today: 6:48

What were you doing last night at midnight: Sleeping I think…

Name something you can’t wait for: mY FUCKING SHIPS TO BECOME CANON

Last time you saw your mom: A couple hours ago

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I lived in England…

What are you listening to rn: the sounds of the people in my basement screaming

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: NEIN

What’s getting on your nerves: SKOOLWERK

Blood type: A positive

Nickname: Ash, TonTon, Trashton (personally favorite) and annoying child.

Relationship status: In a relationship with sexy GF, not married.

Zodiac sign: Pisces. Was an Aries.

Pronouns: She/her

Favorite tv shows: Gravity falls, Sherlock, and……That’s about it.
High school: Stupid

College: NO. But I plan on getting a doctoral degree at Harvard University.

Long or short hair: LONG AF

Height: exactly 5 feet tall. IM A SHORTY
Do you have a crush on someone: no

What do you like about yourself: I always, genuinely, care about how people are and what they feel. I really like that. Also I like my bum and my titties. They’re pretty nice. Also I think I’m good at finding compromises and I don’t like conflicts but I can discuss anyway. I like that. And I was able to find a fuckin fab girlfriend, I have nice eyes, and I accomplished not eating for a whole week once. I also wrote a story so sad in kindergarten that I made my teacher cry.

Right or left handed: Was once ambidextrous but now it’s hard to use my left hand because I broke that wrist so damn bad

First surgery: I once broke my left wrist so bad that they had to put me under to reset my bone and put it in a cast. FUCK YOU KYLIE!

First best friend: A girl named Paige who looked like a drug addict. Was a total bitch.

First sport you joined: None yet lmao I’m a fatty

First vacation: Disney world. Almost died twice.


Eating: The flesh of my enemies

Drinking: …..*whispers* Dick bloof @blufuri

I’m about to: Die

Listening to: Ever after, Marinas trench.


Kids: NEIN

Get married: Mai pls

Career: Architect and Author AT THE SAME TIME. YES


Lips or eyes: Both would be preferable in a partner, but I don’t discriminate.

Hugs or kisses: Hugs. Kissing is weird, though I don’t mind it. Just the thought of how kissing works mildly disturbs me if I think about it too much.

Taller or shorter: I’d like to be taller. I’m a fuckin shorty

Older or younger: Older, then I don’t feel like as much of a creep x___x

Romantic or spontaneous: I don’t discriminate.

Nose, stomach, or nice arms: Again, each would be nice in a person to have, but isn’t a must. A stomach is the most important tho I think, otherwise my partner might not have such a good time after all. Though, on a side note, I don’t want to feel like I’m cuddling a corpse.


Hookup or relationship: Relationship, I don’t wanna fuck a stranger I know nothing about.

Troublemaker or hesitant: TROUBLEMAKER AF, I WANT SOMEONE WHO WILL COMMIT CRIMES WITH ME WHO YOULL SEE ME IN JAIL ONE DAY. I act super innocent but in reality I am a little shit. @blufuri


Kissed a stranger: NoPE

Drank liquor: Yeah… ACCIDENTS HAPPEN

Lost glasses/contacts: I once lost my glasses for 3 months. I found them in my back pack wrapped up in a scarf. I almost stabbed myself.

Had sex on the first date: I HAVENT EVEN BEEN ON A DATE

Broke someone’s heart: No, why? That’s mean!

Turned someone down: No, I’m a bitch so no one has asked me out expect my girlfriend lmao. Only she’s able to tolerate my bullshit.

Cried when someone died: Only fictional characters. SHIRO WTF WHYYYY! YOU LEFT MY SON ALL ALONNNNE!

Fallen for a friend: @blufuri
Only explanation needed.


Yourself: I have evidence that I can do stuff since Shia LaBeouf, my mum, homestuck, a fuck ton of fan fictions, some friends, and multiple cats (I was tripping balls, shush) say I can do it. So, I’d say yes. I believe in myself.

Miracles: Regularly not. When I get my ass saved, yes, lmao. Happens more than I’d like to admit

Love at first sight: Why the heck not!?

Heaven: Hmm I personally don’t really, but I still kinda pretend to, cause I feel more at ease to have an outlook on what’s coming after death. Tbh I think hell seems more fun. Apparently it’s filled with gay people and I want in on that.

Kissing on a first date: Not yet.

Tagging: @thedeceptivebutterfly @littlemisshamish @miraculoustang @missyplatina @sixpenceee @shubbabang @badly-drawn-anime @egberts

TOMORROW! Tomorrow we make Answer Time history. Astronaut Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly​), Station Commander, ISS Expedition 26, who has been circling the Earth every 90 minutes for the last 11 months* will be answering Asks. From space!

It’ll be the…

  • Highest altitude Answer Time
  • Highest velocity Answer Time 
  • Only weightless Answer Time
  • Answer Time most likely to make contact with aliens

Get your Asks in now. Ask about the S5 Truss Segment. Ask about gravity waves. Ask if he still has that dream where he’s falling.

Cdr. Kelly logs on tomorrow, Saturday February 13 at 1:45 pm Eastern time, but the Ask box is open now.

* That’s more than 5,000 times!

Artwork by 30000fps

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Movie (2015)
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Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy faces a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. When a defector named Finn crash-lands on a desert planet, he meets Rey (Daisy Ridley), a tough scavenger whose droid contains a top-secret map. Together, the young duo joins forces with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to make sure the Resistance receives the intelligence concerning the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the last of the Jedi Knights.

Release date: December 16, 2015 (Indonesia)
Director: J.J. Abrams
Running time: 2h 16m
Box office: 1.961 billion USD
Film series: Star Wars

Freeheld Full Movie (2015)
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Diagnosed with terminal cancer, decorated New Jersey detective Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) wishes to leave her pension benefits to domestic partner Stacie Andree (Ellen Page). Denied by local county officials, Laurel receives help from hard-nosed colleague Dane Wells (Michael Shannon) and activist Steven Goldstein (Steve Carell), who unite to rally fellow police officers and ordinary citizens to support the couple’s fight for equality.

  • Initial release: October 16, 2015 (USA)
  • Director: Peter Sollett
  • Running time: 1h 43m
  • Box office: 573,335 USD
  • Producers: Cynthia Wade, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher,

Legend Full Movie (2015)
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Suave, charming and volatile, Reggie Kray (Tom Hardy) and his unstable twin brother Ronnie start to leave their mark on the London underworld in the 1960s. Using violence to get what they want, the siblings orchestrate robberies and murders while running nightclubs and protection rackets. With police Detective Leonard “Nipper” Read hot on their heels, the brothers continue their rapid rise to power and achieve tabloid notoriety.

Initial release: September 9, 2015 (United Kingdom)
Director: Brian Helgeland
Running time: 2h 11m
Box office: 41.6 million USD
Music composed by: Carter Burwell


Shameless patreon plug, ahoy! Please be mindful of the last minute. The video speeds up even more due to an editing mistake and it’s when I start zooming in and out pretty often. I added an annotation to warn you a few seconds before it starts.

Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop for color tweaks.
Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 small
Canvas: 1950x1950 px at 300 dpi
Time taken: 2 hours to sketch and 4 hours to color.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Full Movie (2016)
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Living large and loving life, Po (Jack Black) realizes that he has a lot to learn if he’s going to fulfill the next challenge from his beloved instructor (Dustin Hoffman). After reuniting with his long-lost father (Bryan Cranston), Po must transition from student to teacher and train a group of fun-loving, clumsy pandas to become martial-arts fighters. Together, the kung-fu brethren unite to take on the evil Kai (J.K. Simmons), a supernatural warrior who becomes stronger with each battle.

Initial release: January 29, 2016 (USA)
Directors: Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Alessandro Carloni
Running time: 1h 35m
Box office: 127.5 million USD
Production companies: DreamWorks Animation, Oriental DreamWorks

The Martian Full Movie (2015)
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When astronauts blast off from the planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meager amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must utilize his wits and spirit to find a way to survive on the hostile planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue mission.

  • Release date: September 30, 2015 
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Running time: 2h 24m
  • Box office: 598.9 million USD
  • Nominations: Academy Award for Best Picture,

Krampus Full Movie (2015)
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While the holiday season represents the most magical time of year, ancient European folklore warns of Krampus, a horned beast who punishes naughty children at Christmastime. When dysfunctional family squabbling causes young Max (Emjay Anthony) to lose his festive spirit, it unleashes the wrath of the fearsome demon. As Krampus lays siege to the Engel home, mom (Toni Collette), pop (Adam Scott), sister (Stefania LaVie Owen) and brother must band together to save one another from a monstrous fate.

Initial release: December 4, 2015 (USA)
Director: Michael Dougherty
Running time: 1h 38m
Box office: 61.7 million USD
Genres: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy

The Forest Full Movie (2016)

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When her twin sister disappears in Japan, a young American named Sara (Natalie Dormer) becomes determined to find out what happened to her. Sara’s investigation leads her to the legendary Aokigahara Forest, located at the base of Mount Fuji. Accompanied by expatriate Aiden, she enters the mysterious wilderness after being warned to “stay on the path.” Her investigation plunges her into a dark world where the angry and tormented souls of the dead prey on those who dare to explore the forest.

  • Initial release: January 7, 2016 (Singapore)
  • Director: Jason Zada
  • Running time: 1h 35m
  • Box office: 27.6 million USD
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller