The most accurate description of how eating disorder hospitalisation feels

“Here’s the thing, here’s what you don’t understand, here’s exactly how I feel. Let’s say you have claustrophobia. It’s so bad you don’t like to hang up your jacket in the closet, even though the door’s open. And now let’s say you go into treatment, and your treatment is getting locked inside a tiny box six times a day… It’s not like the staff won’t let you out, in fact they’re really sweet, they’ll even let you paint your box your favourite colour and then when they let you out they ask "how was that for everybody?”
But six times a day you have to fold up like a pretzel with your feet tucked up to your butt and when you’re wedged in as well as you can be they close the lid and turn the lock, and every few weeks they call you in and say “we need to move you to a tighter box.”
- Elena Vanishing


Doodles (old and new) I hadn’t posted yet. Featuring some cuddles, C’rizz still wondering why he’s drinking hot water with leaves in it, and a pile of cute sleepy travelers in the Divergent Universe.


Geek Studio is getting ready for FanExpo! We’ve got tons of new stuff we’re bringing this year so here’s a quick summary.

We’ve got new necklaces; the Kingsmen logo, Mad Max war boys brand, Tetris, and Pac-man.

Candles! This will be the first show we’re bringing candles to and we’ll have the whole set of Zelda Lon Lon Milk candles. We’ll also have a brand new Butterbeer candle! It smells like sweet caramel and is amazing!

We’ll also be bringing some Random Fandom boxes! We will have a few Hero of Time boxes from the extra merch we had and a few Super Effective! boxes. So stop by and pick one up if you missed out!

Like always there will also be wristbands and tons of pinback buttons including our new Mad Max buttons and a set of Kingsmen buttons that aren’t even up in our store yet :O But we won’t have any t-shirts this year. But if you want a t-shirt you can send me a message ahead of time and I’ll bring it for you. Same with any other necklaces or items that you don’t see in the pics above.

We’ll be right at the back of the sales floor, second last row of artist alley, at table A31. Stop by and say hi if you’re there!