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Jorah is a gorgeous gray tabby male, about two years old.  He is fully vetted (neutered, shots, and infectious disease testing) and has great “inside manners”.  Uses the litter box every time, no marking or excessive clawing.  He does well with dogs and kids, not sure about other cats since he is our only one.  As the pictures show, he has adorable mannerisms and hilarious expressions.

Jorah is the perfect “medium warm” cat: independent enough to not depend on you constantly for attention, but friendly enough to enjoy petting and snuggling whenever possible.  He “talks” to you whenever he wants something and loves to play when the mood strikes him.  He is curious, calm, and non-aggressive.  Oddly enough, he loves running water, and a shower or a leaky faucet can keep him entranced for hours.

Jorah is a cat that will cuddle with you as you read or watch a movie, chase a cat toy around the room, and respond when you call him.  He is looking for a forever home that will appreciate him as the perfect companion.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, feel free to message me here or email me at irisreneeyoon@gmail.com.

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The avengers go on a night mission and Peter can't come because it's a school night and his curfew is 9:30 pm

Oh my god. FRIDAY alerts him to some potential trouble somewhere in the city (somewhere Spidey can finally go because the others leave him out if it’s far away) and Peter stuffs his suit in his backpack and makes to leave but then Aunt May stops him.

She’s like, it’s nearly ten o’clock on a school night, where do you think you’re going???? And Peter blurts something about working on a project with Mr. Stark but May is having None Of That and tells him he’s staying in, Stark can have words with her if that’s a problem.

Peter goes back to his room and frantically group texts the Avengers like mayday mayday its past curfew what do i do????

And Tony sends back something like Oh right, I forgot. Sit this one out, kid.

Peter is just. So Betrayed. He pleads with the other Avengers to help him out here but they just text him about the importance of school and a good night’s sleep. 

Overwatch- Review!

Overwatch is finally here and it’s in full force! It is quickly taking over the multiplayer scene on all platforms, and rightfully so. If you happen to be new around here and haven’t caught wind of what makes Overwatch so riveting, it’d be my honor to break it down for you.

Gameplay in Overwatch puts two teams of six against each other in a few modes that are different enough to keep matches from feeling boring, but overall are pretty similar. One match type has players escorting or stopping moving objectives through checkpoints, depending on if your team is attacking or defending for the round. Others have you attacking/defending a selected point on the map to win. They all feel similar, and Overwatch unfortunately doesn’t have many modes for people who aren’t a fan or will quickly tire of that formula. When you’re not in the middle of a heated match, you can spend some time opening loot boxes which you receive every time you level up. Within these loot boxes are unlockables for each character, which range from different skins and emotes to player icons. These can all be found and equipped in the Hero Gallary. If you’re not interested in training, (which you most likely will not be for very long) the only other option would be “Play” which then leads to the menu that is pictured below.

They’re all pretty standard, self-explanatory modes for games of this nature, except for maybe Arcade. In this mode, you are thrown into a match similar to Quick Play- two teams of six, attack or defend- however they’re is a weekly set of altered rules. For example, this week has your skills recharging at a much faster rate which completely changes the dynamic of the match and forces you to think differently. While this does provide a refreshing break from the usual gameplay, at it’s core you are still playing the same match types, so it doesn’t truly offer that much variety. This doesn’t really hinder Overwatch too much though, because these few modes are extremely fun, and what Overwatch lacks in variety in the game modes, it hugely makes up for in its gameplay and its playable heroes. 

The characters in Overwatch are by far it’s strongest attribute- from the art style and design, to their personalities, which shine through in every step that they take. As someone who loves a good story mode, it came as a shock to me to see how connected I felt to the characters just by simple emotes and one-liners. You slowly learn about the characters themselves just by interacting with them, either when you play as them yourself or alongside them as teammates. The heroes also communicate with each other in-game from time to time, which creates simple, but unique interactions that all together bring a lot of charm to Overwatch. It’s worth mentioning that Blizzard has released some amazing animated shorts for Overwatch that give some more context to the characters and the story as a whole. They also have full bios for each character on their website, which are all awesome and should totally be accessible in the game itself. So if you would like some further context to add to the story, you should definitely check those out.

There are 21 heroes total, and they are all separated into four classes: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. A good team should try their best in having a good mix of classes so that it can deal and receive a lot of damage, while also completing the objective of the round. This is where Overwatch truly shines and makes up for its lack of game modes. Each match feels like a different experience depending on the heroes on your team and the ones on your opponent’s. There is a hero for every play style, and if you happen to not like the one you’ve selected, you can switch to a different one at any time when you are at your team’s base or before you respawn after dying. This keeps matches moving at a fast pace, and with rounds ending after an average of ten minutes each, it does a great job at keeping you from getting bored. The combat is extremely smooth and quick, and it definitely keeps you on your feet. There is sort of an urgency and adrenaline rush at the end of each round, when both teams are really pushing and giving their all and it creates some defining moments. Some characters may seem unbalanced (looking at you Bastion) but they all have their weaknesses and you might have to rethink your approach on certain heroes if you find yourself getting killed by them too often.

This game has the potential to be one of the biggest multiplayer games in this generation. It has charm like no other, and I highly recommend you give Overwatch a shot, even if competitive games aren’t your thing. I would definitely consider myself a hardcore gamer, but when it comes to multiplayer I am much more casual and am not a part of the competitive scene. This game however makes me consider delving more into that community, and with ranked matches coming in an update next month, I will surely be giving it a chance. 

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OKAY!But, like, Sid goes to Mr. Goss's class with Melody, and he notices that she starts acting weird and staying after class often. So Sid doesn't leave unless she leaves with him. Of course Mr. Goss get's annoyed by this and tried to force Sid to leave, but Sid refuses and the two get into a fight.

Hey there’s this fic where Phil owned a pet shop and dan had worked there for years and they fall in love and go to London for a week, can’t remember the name please help!


I’m Waiting For the Day - Dan has been working in the Lester’s pet store for two years now, but he has been pining after their youngest son, Phil, since possibly the beginning of time. Phil is somewhat of an enigma to everyone, and Dan wants nothing more than to get to know Phil a little better, but since Phil has never given Dan a second look, it seems impossible. That is until Phil asks Dan to accompany him to a pet expo to help expand their business. Then, a whole lot of things seem more possible.


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i just spent the last three days on your blog reading all the headcanons.... help

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it’s me trying to save you from drowning in tears headcanons