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med-x-manic asked:

1998 + 19 is 2017, but that's when albus severus was beginning hogwarts. his older brother, james sirius, starts this year. the potter fandom can add.

I am saying it again
I am aware that James started today

That post was made when that other post was going around about how the epilogue was in 2016 which as you know is wrong

Please spread the word that I do know what I’m talking about

anonymous asked:

Wait Finny, you can play guitar? Do you by any chance know how to play Ukulele? It's pretty much just a four string beginner guitar, but if you don't know the chords on it then it's a little tough.

Finnick: Pfft! I can play anything with strings! Have you seen what these fingers can do?

Melody: I have~!

Finnick: …

Melody: …

Finnick: I could have worded that better but I’m not necessarily complaining right n- MMPH!

i saw a baby squirrel fall out of a tree today, with no sign of mom. between my finding it and moving it to a place where it would not be stepped on and collecting my squirrel saving supplies, it died. :(

May 2015 // exploring our surroundings in Truckee, CA after our transmission blew up. We found a mountain that we spent most of our day on while waiting for our van to be fixed; passing time by drinking boxed wine and whiskey. Good times.


Hate me. Rejoice that I’m dead. After all I have done, the last thing I would wish to bring to you was more grief.