abluestarinthenight asked:

Cartson- "I can't believe Howard never thought of inventing this 'internet' thing."

(Hee hee, I like the idea seeping into my brain with this one!)

"Well, he might have if he hadn’t…"

Jack and Peggy looked over at the redhead who was helping them find a power source. If they wanted to get back to 1946, then the machine that brought them here was going to need a lot of power.

Just then, a man who resembled Howard walked into the room, saw them, and gaped.

"Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jack?"

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speedpaint on my youtube channel hoping to do more in the future

carterstetson asked:

Team Coulson finds Bette Sans Souci in the sea and decides to inject her with GH.325.

(LOL I blanked on who this was, googled her, realized that she was on the Flash, and that I knew her. Oops! But I love the idea even more now. Urgh, five sentences isn’t enough to fit all this goodness in!!)

"So you’re telling me that I pretty much blew a hole in between dimensions?"

The man who appeared to be the leader of the group of people who had been watching her when she came to nodded, and turned to a young woman in a white lab coat, who stepped forward.

"Based on the readings we obtained, the explosion that occurred in the water was almost like a portal in a way, and it brought you to us. We revived you with a serum called GH-325, and now…well, that’s up to you, Bette."

"Is there a possibility that you can add a woman who can make things explode to your team, but also so I’m not a prisoner?"

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