I’m not entirely happy with this, but I wanted to draw something today before I spend another weekend working on commissions. I attempted to ink this about a million times using my light box before giving in and just drawing over my original sketch. More practice needed, I think! Final touches done in PS. 

Copics used: E00, E93, E33, YR31, R83, B00, B02, B04, B23, B41, B95, B97, BV43, W6.


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Modern!au water balloon / squirt gun fight?

Something for Across the Hall. And yes, you can consider this canon for the AtH time line. :p

‘This box of balloons is your ammo. The battlefield is the garden. The loser does whatever the winner wants for a whole day.
I will show you no mercy.
Love you. N. xx’

Her note had given him no rules and no reason for the water fight. Only that if he won she would be at his mercy the whole day.

They had both started with twenty water balloons. He was now down to his final one and soaked through. His jeans heavy on his legs, his t-shirt clinging to his torso.  The natural curl of his hair was loose and littered his forehead while he crept through the bushes and hedges of Ineria’s garden listening for sounds of Nevena.

Occasionally he heard a soft giggle and the rustle of grass or of leaves. She moved too quickly and every time he turned a corner she was gone. He couldn’t lose. It was a matter of principle. He had to win. He had been in the military for God’s sake. He had that pride to cling on to.

His chance came when Maggie barked and he caught sight of Nevena racing around one the corner of the house towards the swimming pool. Giving up his sneaking, Cullen scrabbled to his feet to pursue her.

Nevena left a path of drips and wet foot prints on the warm patio stones which he followed. She had left herself open and vulnerable, armed with only one water balloon and her wits.

Her denim shorts hugged her thighs and her hips. Her tank top was form fitting and tight on her body, the water made it cling just that much more. Like him, she was drenched through.

“We appear to be at an impasse.” Cullen remarked, steadily walking towards her, balloon primed to throw. She stood ready too, armed and watching him with alert amber eyes. She turned on the spot, following the path of his walking. When he took a step towards her, she took a step back.

“Surrender.” Asked Cullen.

“You surrender to me?” Nevena queried, beaming, “very well, I accept!”

“You can’t win.” Sighed Cullen prowling towards her. She inched backwards. “You’re out of ammunition.”

“So are you.”

“Am I?” He bluffed, tossing his water balloon up and down like a ball, nonchalant and casual. “You don’t know that. I could have balloons waiting in the wings.”

“You’ll have to run and get them.” Nevena reasoned, narrowing her eyes. Cullen saw her tighten her fingers around her balloon. “And I’ll disappear when you have to go and reload.”

Pausing in his steps, Cullen chewed the inside of his cheek in thought for a moment. “You make a good point.” He turned his water balloon over, “but you’ll still be out of ammo and I’ll be the winner by default.”

“I never stipulated the conditions for winning.” She crowed, lifting her chin in triumph. “Maybe I’m the winner anyway because it was my game and this is my sister’s house!” She poked her tongue out, reveling in her plan.

Cullen shrugged. “Then I have nothing to lose.” He admitted before letting the balloon fly from his hand.

Nevena shrieked as it burst on impact with her head. She dropped her own balloon to the floor where it sprayed cold water over her bare feet. Cullen strode towards her purposefully and grabbed her around the waist while she shook her hair out of her eyes.

She yelped in surprise and grabbed his t-shirt. He lifted her from the ground, carried on walking without pause until the patio was no longer beneath his feet and they plummeted into the deep end of the pool.

He held Nevena’s body tight so she didn’t panic in the water and kicked his own feet until they broke the surface. His heavy jeans weighed him down, so Cullen swam them both to a shallower part of the pool where he could touch the bottom.

Spluttering and snorting, Nevena coughed water out of her mouth and nose. “That’s cheating!” She complained, glaring half-heartedly through her hair. “You cheated!”

Slipping one arm around her waist to keep her afloat, Cullen helped in clearing locks of soaking hair from her face, kissing the end of her nose and her cheeks when his fingers grazed her skin. Her glare quickly disappeared, replaced with a small grin and her arms found their way around his neck and shoulders.

“Do I win?” Asked Cullen, smirking to the flash of annoyance that marred her features. “You dropped your last balloon and I did hit you with mine.” He reasoned, “I think that means I win.”

Sighing dramatically, she huffed. “Fine. Fine.” She relinquished, “but next time, no cheating.”

“Alright.” Agreed Cullen, quickly capturing her lips to kiss her. Nevena hummed with approval, winding her fingers back through his hair at his nape. Cullen’s chest constricted, his stomach turned with a wave of nerves. “So, according to your note, as the loser you’ll do whatever I want?”

“Mhm-hm.” She nodded, eyes half-hooded. She bit her bottom lip, “anything.” She purred.

Swallowing hard, gulping down air and an uncomfortable tightness in his throat, Cullen took a deep breath, attempting to settle the swirl of his stomach, the rising panic tearing at his brain and his nerves. “Marry me.” He said, locking eyes with her and releasing a shaking breath. Her expression froze. “For real.” Cullen clarified. “Not for twenty-four hours, for good. I’m asking you to marry me.”

For a few seconds there was nothing but the sound of the filter system, of water lapping around their bodies, of birds singing and the wind making the leaves of the bushes rustle. The tightness in Cullen’s chest grew, the longer Nevena stayed silent. He watched her expression trying to read what she was thinking. He could feel her fingers in his hair, turning and twisting curled strands around her fingers like wheels or cogs as she thought over his request.

Moving against him, she trailed one hand across his face to cup his jaw. Her lips were shaking when she kissed him, and Cullen held his breath. When she pulled away, he met her gaze and gulped again, trying to deafen the sound of his heart thudding in his head. 

“Okay,” she smiled against his mouth, “yes.”

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*Spits in your coffee* Pay backs a bitch.

Ansgar frowned, his brow furrowed as he peered into his mug, placing the black-coffee contents under strict visual scrutiny. After a moment, he lifted his head, eyed Faye with the same spartan moue, staring at her with an unreadable, typically Ansgar expression… 

…only to shrug, roll his eyes, and, without further ado, tip the cup back, taking a long drink of its contents. 

“What does it matter,” he drolled, “I consume more of your bodily fluids than this every time we fuck, anyway.”

Okay, I’m going to hit the hay for now, but I should be able to post more in the morning. I just wanted to say something for real,

Thank you guys for being so patient. I know that I have a lot of requests I haven’t done, but please rest assured I’m trying really hard to get them all done. I want to be able to fulfill them to the best of my abilities and not half-ass them.

If you haven’t seen your request done, I’m working on them, I promise!

I think next time the ask box is open, I’m going to close it sooner so that there are less to work with and I can get them out in like a day or two. Do you guys think that’s a better idea, or do you like being able to send in a lot and see them eventually?

I just like to give everyone a chance to request if they haven’t, and it’s not fair if I close the ask box after and hour and they aren’t online to do so.

Let me know! 

Also, if I suck at writing these, I’m sorry.

me: [thinks about my gender or sexuality for more than 5 seconds] ooooooh nonononono lets not do this rn noooooo oononononononoo

me: [puts these thoughts in a sealed box along with all the other boxes of times ive begin thinking hard about my gender or sexuality]


Just sold my jeep :/ Lucy got me through some very hard times. She gave me my independence from an old abusive boyfriend, took me to my freedom when I moved out, and carried me back home when things didn’t work out as planned. I’ve laughed, cried, and fucked in this beauty. She has been hot boxed countless times, and her stains are without number. But she just wasn’t reliable enough to take to colorado when I move, so I had to sell her. I’m so fucking sad right now

We Found Love; [Taylex]

Alex felt his pocket one last time making sure the box was in place and pursed his lip together folding up the blanket, packing up the food and candles he locked up the basket and put it on his forearm as he exited from the kitchen he set the basket down on the couch and sprinted towards the stairs as he walked over to their bedroom door opening slightly peeking in at the girl he smiled and opened the door all the way. He walked over his arms wrapped around her waist and his lips found her neck. “Hello beautiful, you ready?” he whispered moving her hair to the side as his lips wondered up behind her ear a smile played on his lips as he held her for a moment. Pushing himself back he offered an arm out to her.

Once escorted out of the room the two made their way downstairs and he grabbed the basket from the couch and kissed her cheek as he continued to escort her from the living room to the driveway where he opened the door allowing her to get in and closed the door behind her. He smiled at her once buckling himself in. “Are you ready for the best night of your life?” he whispered putting his hand on her thigh as started up the car almost nervous for the night ahead of them.


Have Funko dolls, Will travel(s).

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Would you be able to translate RM's part in Yankie's new song?


SongHangul lyrics

나는 MONSTER but 지금은 nobody recognize it

Im MONSTER but right now nobody recognize it

허세뿐인 꼰대들 they tryna undersize it

These stereo typed people with an attitude they tryna undersize it

난 변태성향 나르시스트 날 찔러 자꾸 I kiss my own tightness

Im a freaky narcissist, I repeatedly stab myself, I kiss my own tightness

Who the damn mufucka do really wanna fight it

난 걍 예술이 좋아 그 어떤 술보다 더

I just like the arts, more than any alcohol 

임마 여긴 RM이 차린 칵테일 bar, 넌 주는 대로 쳐 마셔

Hey (man) this is RM prepared cocktail bar, take the hit as it was offered

넌 날 진화시켜줘 내 불만 빼고서

Please evolve me, without my dissatisfaction 

아 오빠 좋아 좀 더 때려줘

Ah oppa, I like it. Hit me a little more.

Show what that bitch about 함 지껄여봐

Show what that bitch about, try to chatter away

Show what that bitch about
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top, make yo bitch rock but you not
난 믿어 나의 팀, 나와 친구들 we makin’ dreams

Believe in me, my team, me and my friends we makin dreams

랩으론 반쯤 죽여놔 덤벼 call me 밥 싸먹는 김

Half-killing you with my rap, bring it on, call me, the Kim that eats rice wrapped in lettuce.

T/N: 꼰대 is a slang word for an old man who has an aggressive attitude.

The arts and the alcohol part is a word play.