"The Golden Bird" in Henry's Book

okay so i have no idea if this is intentional or not, but it’s something I noticed regarding Henry’s book.

there’s a lot of strangeness regarding the pages that talk about the Grimm’s story The Golden Bird. for one, it uses two real illustrations by Arthur Rackham (The Paradise of Children & The Meeting of Oberon and Titania), which have nothing to do with this fairytale. The Text itself is also strange, as it repeats itself for at least three pages? and also has some strange differences than the actual text. it’s been there since at least 1x07 and has still been there since 4x07.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare. a 1908 publication.The Meeting of Oberon and Titania (Arthur Rackham 1905) [from what I understand, the illustration by Rackham is dated 1905, but it can be found along with other illustrations in a 1908 publication of the play. I may be misunderstanding some things tho, so if anyone can contradict me, go aread)

The Meeting of Oberon and Titania is miscaptioned with ‘The king became very angry at this, and ordered the gardener to keep watch all night under the tree

what the text on the next page should say [minus the last sentence]:

what it does say [minus the [did not]]:

the differences between the actual story text and the first page of text in Henry’s book:

-missing the first A peculiarly

-missing a space between ‘was’ and ‘gone’

-most peculiarly of all is that it’s first paragraph ends with part of a sentence that begins the third paragraph in the story [after looking at it again with different caps it looks like there’s a period after ‘son’]

Time passed on; and as the eldest son did not come back, and no tidings were heard of him, the second son set out, and the same thing happened to him.

technically, also, the paragraphs are broken differently. with this page, it all technically should be one paragraph. that’s the least of the peculiarities, but i’m mentioning it in case it’s important.

A Wonder Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1922). The Paradise of Children.

From the above website: “This charming watercolor drawing depicts life as it was before Pandora opened the ‘great ugly box’ , a wonderfully gentle pastoral scene, with a group of three naked children dancing merrily, without a care in the world, with “the expanding blossoms of that night’s supper” hanging heavily on the tree above their heads and “the tender bud of tomorrow’s breakfast” growing on the plants in the foreground.

what is should be:

what it is:

-there’s a repetition of the lack of space between ‘was’ and ‘gone’

-there isnt a repeat of the out of place sentence ‘Time passed on’

-there’s another lack of space between ‘the’ and ‘council’.

and technically the paragraphs are split differently. the second paragraph technically should have started with ‘Then the gardener’s eldest son set out…

what’s more, is that the page after this one continues to repeat the story, starting with “certain king…”, seemingly like the first text page, except  it has a different paragraph split - not beginning the second paragraph with ’ the gardener set his eldest son…’ so they all have different paragraph splits, but they all share the ‘wasgone' typo. 

was this intentional? was this all just a place filler and not important at all? is this supposed to be one of those hints the author left behind? who knows. I do find it strange that this strange text story involves the two real illustrations of Arthur Rackham while most of the other stories involve the EnchantedForest specific illustrations (you know, the ones that resemble the characters/actors).

originals caps used from here

except the last one in the link is from here

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Angela Martinelli x Sousa: I love you, but...

(I GOT A….crap, what’s the name….SOUSINELLI! I think that’s the name.)

"You have to leave now."

Daniel looked puzzled. “What’s wrong, Ang?”

"Because if Miriam catches us, I’ll lose my room here."

"You can always stay at my place."

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