time and reliative dimension in space

2/2016 - Anawangin, Zambales

We swam and playfully wrestled each other amidst the murmurs of the shallow sea, feeling the subtle waves getting higher and stronger after every crash and going back to shore to sip on our beers from time to time. We were gliding; gliding above the sea like an eagle, gliding through dreams, gliding through sky and space and time and gliding through every other dimension known to man. When we got tired of swimming, we decided to attempt the performance of a specific technique she would run towards me from a distance and jump on me, letting go of her entire weight as she thrusts herself into the sky. On the other end, I would grab her by her armpits with both of my hands as she jumps on me and hoist her up like a small little baby with only my arms and core strength to rely on. I was stoned beyond my imagination, but there was so much space and it was too impossible not to make a fool out of it. We failed miserably and made fun of ourselves. We observed people on the other side eyeing us and probably making fun of us as well, but Marty’s babyish laughs were all I could hear, and the sound of it blended well with the monotone of the waves, which were getting higher by the minute. We were happy and we didn’t care about the world anymore. We were in the middle of nowhere, in the centre of everywhere.

Lucky Number Five

“Come have your fortune told.”
It’s hard to refuse
An offer of something so important.
I’ve always been a fan
Of fate and serendipity;
The comfort of some
Greater destiny,
Some higher purpose
Somehow reserved for me.
I don’t trust it, though, it’s just
Like a fallback, something to
Rely on when
The world is far too gray.
Maybe this really is my future, though.
“Let me see into your future
And your past:
How you arrived here
And why.”
I would like someone to tell me
I look into her
Crystal ball, some other dimension
Swirling in its glass
And reaching, lonely tendrils
Stretching out in want.
Reality and possibility
Intersect; I wait and dread and dream.
Maybe I have no future.
Maybe her crystal ball will
Engulf me, shepherding me
To a shadowy realm
Outside of my understanding,
Outside of time and space and love,
Away from simple
Stupid pleasure and into
Harsh unpleasantness.
But as the dizziness fads
And I come back into myself,
She just sends me on my way,
Telling me my lucky numbers:
Five, sixteen, twenty-two, thirty-four.
I wonder what that means.

Borderlands Theory – Siren Powers Developing as a Response to Trauma


One of my favourite concepts in the Borderlands universe is the sirens; a race of magical woman with reality breaking powers and sweet tattoos.

Now that I’ve had the chance to complete borderlands1&2 as both playable sirens I’ve started to suspect that their abilities might have more to do with the environments they grew up in than I first assumed. 

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