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One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany,
Eight great football stalwarts conceded victory.

So everyone who donated to the IRC fundraiser was amazing, but I had one donor where I actually had to email them and be like “Did you…mean this amount?” and I thought I’d do a little something extra for them. So for @s2ma, a bit longer even than the “this is well over 100 words” fics I did: 

any Tony/Steve with Tony being a responsible human and taking care of Steve would be welcome

The moment it happened was straight out of the climax of an action flick. Not that Tony had never had “this is a bad buddy film from the eighties” moments before, but the craftsmanship of that spontaneous moment was truly admirable. 

In the wake of Hydra’s fall, a lot of technology had gone missing and a couple of splinter groups had gone rogue; there were the Sons of Schmidt, the Nine Heads, the Hydra Skulls. The FBI handled most of the in-country Hydra cells, and some shadowy agency or other, probably at the behest of Coulson from a shadowy bunker somewhere, handled the international ones. Most weren’t worth the Avengers rolling out of bed for. 

Spydra was different, aside from having a super dumb name, Tony thought. Spydra had been formed primarily out of one of Hydra’s more far-flung heads, the one that dealt with scrubbing their presence from records, repainting Hydra agents as eager soldiers and law officers, and gathering blackmail material. They’d spent most of their blackmail capital squeaking past Steve’s hurricane of fury in the wake of the battle over the Potomac. Now they were trying to bill themselves as a guerrilla band of freedom fighters, stomped down on by SHIELD and Captain America, victims of a new liberal form of fascism. 

But they were also really clever, and they knew how to strike.

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Why Alan & Gordon call you sometimes "big fella "? do you think it's something like they less respect you or something?

“…I’m pretty sure it’s obvious,” he responds, leaning back in his seat, making his broadness even more apparent.

No… Where did you get that idea? Coming from my brothers, it’s a term of endearment.”

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yo pls share ur journey au ideas! i always wanted to get into the lore of that game and just... Never Did??? which sucks b/c it looked so cool.

*breathe in* boi

I hope you’re ready for the feels, buckle up cuz this is gonna be intense

  • The paladins are red cloaked travelers, except for Shiro, who is a white cloaked traveler (more on that later).
  • Keith is the main character
  • He meets Hunk in the Bridge
  • Keith pretty much has a solid goal that is to reach the Mountain, though he doesn’t know why. He just feels like going there, like he’ll learn (or remember) something important if he does.
  • Hunk doesn’t have a clear goal like he does. Instead, Hunk spends most of his time in the Bridge. He is fascinated by the murals and the story of those who came before. He spends most of his time trying to decipher it and helping other travelers through the Bridge. He rarely crosses it himself though.
  • Keith meets Lance in the Descent.
  • Lance is very unique in that he manages to goad Keith into competing with him. Lance is the only one out of all of them who can manage to make Keith forget about the mountain, even if momentarily.
  • For most of the Descent, Keith and Lance have an amicable race to the bottom (the Tunnels).
  • It’s one of the few moments throughout the journey where Keith genuinely has fun.
  • Lance… never follows Keith after they reach the door to the Tunnels. He also never watches the memories of the those who came before. Keith never asks him why and Lance is glad that he doesn’t.
  • Lance is really scared of the those who came before, though he’ll never say it. He is also really scared of the Guardians roaming the Tunnels (he’s pretty much a case of “BEEN THERE DONE THAT”, LANCE WILL NOT RETURN THERE EVER. Scared is putting it mildly, Lance is heavily traumatized by them).
  • Much like Hunk, Lance is (seemingly) without a goal. There is more to it than that though (more on that later).
  • Keith meets Pidge at the Temple.
  • Pidge is… not okay. Pidge is visibly fidgety. Keith is concerned.
  • She carries a lantern with her and she’s very interested in the murals but Keith can notice right away the differences between her and Hunk.
  • Hunk was more into it casually. He loves studying the ruins. Pidge? It’s like she’s in the brink of finding out the whole truth to the universe and she’s so stressed out she’s like a college student during the last month of their last semester. Keith’s pretty sure he saw her running ahead at some point to puke.
  • Unlike Hunk, Lance and Keith, Pidge already knows the history of the civilization that came before them, though not much. She simply knows of their existence and she knows that shit happened. She’s desperately trying to find out what it was. You could say that is her goal.
  • Finally, the Mountain. Guess who’s there. Take a wild fucking guess who the final person Keith meets is.
  • Shiro is… tired.
  • You do not fuck around with him and you do not fuck around with the Guardians in this area.
  • But if a Guardian finds someone, Shiro will literally do anything in his power to protect himself and his companion. He willl damn well fight the damn Guardian if he has to.
  • Shiro doesn’t talk. At all. He doesn’t have any passions like Hunk, he doesn’t have fun like Lance and he does not care for the history of the ancient civilization like Pidge. He doesn’t have a goal like Keith. Shiro is just there and he will sit down and wait for his companion at the base of the mountain then guide them to the summit. That’s his whole purpose.

Bonus: Allura and Coran as the ancestors

Everything else is under a read more because spoilers and also feels

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MBTI Types as described by ESFP

DISCLAIMER: stereotypes enforced, caffeine levels high, spelling is at an alltimelow  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- doesn’t like to fight
- so smol
- low self esteem AF
- doesn’t want to inconvenient you
- friendship bubble max capacity is 3

- sinks to the ground to be closer to the floor where they sleep in a puddle of their life disappointments
- black belt in guilt tripping
- shy little relatable cinnamon roll
- is jesus sometimes
- “no no no nooooooooooooo”

- lots of ppl always have crushes on them
- flower crowns for all
- “can you give me some common words for my poem”
- ya’ll can party pretty hard tho
- may have accidentally snorted crack at a rave

- ball of sadness
- chocolate non-optional
- don’t say mean things to them unless you’re prepared for water works (re: Niagara Falls)
- likes smol animals
- emotional AF but never has any real drama

- expert on all things
- quiet AF bc their brain is already plotting your death
- planner of planners
- “why are you still here”
- *stares*

- can actually survive waiting for the next episode
- planner/calendar/watch fetish
- puntual ALWAYS
- judgmental AF
- productive member of society

- sexy car mechanic
- when they’re not working on that bod at the gym, they like to demolish your ass at every sport you can think of
- more lonely than you think
- alternates between tinder fkboi and warm cuddly bear, no in between
- likes to build things (and then DESTROY THEMMMMM)

- whenever they’re not talking, they’re fantasizing about an orgy beyween math & science
- bumps into things
- “Assignment is due next week.  Start as early as you can.  You won’t be able to finish it in one night …” “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”
- no sense of time, only knows day from night and that there is something called a Minute Hand???
- has emotions but has no idea what to do with them or what to do with other people’s emotions

- suburban soccer mom
- will remember every single time you did them wrong, watch out
- armed with sassy sarcastic insults usable at any time to defend anyone
- do not overfeed with alcohol
- your go-to source for all the gossip within a 25km radius

- your official psychiatrist
- secretly protective/jealous/stubborn AF … even when it’s not a secret, will continue to deny it
- gets a high whenever you share a personal secret with them
- more potato than cinnamon roll
- turned on by emotional vulnerability and cult leadership

- needs to be surrounded by at least 1 or more people during both waking and sleeping hours
- expert story teller regardless of alcohol lvl
- actually very insightful and observant regarding other people
- catastrophizes when under stress, preventable by not taking their spotlight
- can cry on cue, it’s a universally preprogrammed function

- will miss 4/10 hangouts you set up by accident
- likes to pet dogs (when no dogs around, they like to be pet)
- friends you on facebook after talking to you 0.8 times
- tunnel vision is 20/20 (obsessive AF and will not listen to anything contrary to what they already believe/see)
- sparkly

- disgusted by disorganization
- do not be late if you are meeting an ESTJ, you have been warned
- suit fetish
- sat in a tub filled with money at least one time
- gives unsolicited advice on how to do things but it works, trust meh

- if they could, they’d work while sleeping (scientists are working on it, dun worry)
- will give you criticism BUT it’s only to help you … because you clearly didn’t know what you were doing
- all about power and dominance
- quite sexually skilled, knows what they want, and knows how to please you
- does not understand the concept of tl;dr (skimming is for quitters)

- fkboy all day errday
- gets turned on by a few things but you will be constantly aroused while in their presence
- crafty and inventive AF (will re-purpose your kitchen island into a hidden stairway that goes to narnia)
- colourful vocabulary (when it comes to swear words)
- likes to dominate things and people (WARNING: you will find this to be VERY attractive)

- likes to yell and likes puns (sometimes may yell puns or make puns about yelling)
- will rebel against you just for the sake of rebelling
- flirting game ON POINT
- gets lost on (multiple) occasion(s)
- will play devil’s advocate for sexual foreplay

I’m just rewatching bits of Voltron ep 1 for a single reference pic (I ended up with another one as well, too) and I realised something-

When Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are talking about how to get in to get Shiro out, Lance is coming up with some… really viable ideas, if they had the time and equipment. Tunnelling. A distraction. He’s actually thinking about it properly. Pidge’s idea of dressing up as medtechs isn’t bad, but they’d be spotted almost immediately - Lance’s plans don’t rely on subterfuge, or trickery, but not being seen in the first place.

I say this, but the thing that really jumped out at me was the way that they frame Lance saying ‘No, what we need is a distraction’ along with the sudden explosions that Keith is setting off.

It’s very likely that, if Keith hadn’t done that, Lance would have figured some distraction out of his own, using what they had at hand. But here’s the thing - Keith had already got there first. 

A lot of people say that Lance and Keith can’t get along well at all, and sure, they’re always picking fights (normally started by Lance because of perceived rivalry) but this here, before we even see Keith at all, says right off the bat that Lance and Keith are thinking on the same wavelength.

Just like they do later on, in the Balmera, when Lance is trying to suggest ‘no, you do it that way’ with just hand gestures and looks. They can follow each other’s thought process quite well. 

And not to mention, right after that, despite Keith having been dropped from the Garrison due to a disciplinary issue - important to note that it’s discipline, not that he chose to drop out - Lance immediately trusts that Keith is trustworthy, and that he knows what he’s doing. 

Again, the two plans coincide. And this time, they end up joining into a cohesive, single entity, with Lance and the others joining Keith on his hoverbike.

Basically - I was just really struck by how they framed the scene, how Keith arriving and creating a distraction is essentially an extension of Lance’s thought processes, and how Lance and Keith were, regardless of any other differences, on the same page before they even knew the other was there.

The Flash’s Future Shock: ‘Barry Is in Shambles’ After Losing Iris 

“You see this older version of Barry Allen that hasn’t really ever gotten over the death of Iris West,” Candice Patton shared during our recent visit to the superhero series’ set. 

The Barry of the future “is a guy who has lost everything,” Grant Gustin told TVLine while standing adjacent to the Flash’s time tunnel set, which for this episode was made to look dusty, desolate and in disrepair. With a nod to that mess, “Barry looks pretty similar — he is in shambles,” Gustin said. “He does not look good.” 

And understandably, Barry’s was not the only life rattled by Iris’ murder. One need look no further than the stills of the intrepid reporter’s father Joe (Jesse L. Martin), at her future gravesite, to feel the weight of a father’s loss. Said Patton, “Everyone is changed because of it.”

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