time zone conversion

anonymous asked:

If I wanted to stream season 4 live from the U.S. would it be like in the middle of the night? How do the time zones work out? And is it easy to find a way to stream it live without complications? Sorry I'm just really anxious about this! :P

Hi Nonny!

I actually am ridiculously meticulous about information as the season draws closer! I’ll be releasing a post similar to this one as we draw closer to S4E1 and get confirmation on airdates and times. IF it is at 9PM UK time as it has been in the past, it will be a lot earlier for us in North America, anywhere between 11AM and 6PM depending on your time zone! You can get time zone conversions at this site here, if you want to prep early, but I can’t give you much information RIGHT NOW about sites and times. If you come back here closer to January, like in November after the time change, I’ll probably be starting my vigorous hunting for links at least. BBC probably won’t confirm airtimes until December though.

Don’t be anxious Nonny! Steph’s here to ease your worries and make you S4 experience as stress-free as possible (and in case anyone is worried about my own mental health, I actually LOVE doing this sort of thing -organizing things makes my brain so happy. My own stress comes from having too MUCH to do in too little time and imposing too many deadlines and self-deprecation on myself).