time zombie


“Where are we even going?”
“Omg Pidge would you just shut up for like, five seconds? We’re almost there.”
“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, Lance. Not everything is about you, you know. Maybe I’m just–”

“…This is what I wanted to show you.”
“Happy Birthday, Pidge.”

It’s Pidge’s birthday so obviously I had to draw SOMETHING.

It turned into Plance. Go figure.

I need more book suggestions. I saw beauty and the beast a few days ago and downloaded the sounds track the same day and I’m not ashamed



Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’m so worried about OUAT season 7 , no Emma but hook will still be there what’s gonna happen to my baby


kim namjoon :

-used to major in philosophy

-would rather be reading dostoievski than kicking zombies ass

-still manages to do it pretty well

kim seokjin :

-was a senior at university, majoring in acting

-got the left side of his face burnt because a microwave exploded at him

-carries his dad’s shotgun everywhere he goes

click on the pic for better quality + it’s transparent woop woop

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  • Someone: haha but aph poland is so smol and he couldn't protect himself if he was in some sort of survival game and he's a bit weak but i love my cute cross-dressing son
  • Me: *putting down a history book* w h a t

Now, that’s how you enter a stadium! 🏟 #SLAY Gaga 😍🙌💜 The #Gagabowl literally took me through time spanning across your legendary journey! 💥🎵🎤 Been there since Just Dance and I couldn’t be more proud of you & to be a #LittleMonster!⚡️🐾#Gaga4Life #PawsUp #SuperBowl #LadyGaga #BornThisWay #Joanne #ZombyGaga #MonsterHigh #PepsiHalfTime #SB51 🏈 💟 @MonsterHigh

Yes. You can romance the junkie zombie Hamilton cosplayer, but you cannot romance the robot detective. I take this as a grave personal insult.

You *can* romance the robot scientist, though. I haven’t met her yet, and I’m actually trying to decide whether or not to romance the zombie right now. I kind of feel like it’s the wrong time for that, ‘cause I traveled with the robot for most of the game and did a whole lot of quests to get him to consider me a friend, and it was good storytelling with legit emotional payoff. With the zombie, I’ve just run around naked and he loves me almost immediately. I haven’t done shit for him!

The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

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