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Yuuri at the ice rink in russia

victor: yuuri is going to be skating with us from now on make him feel welcomed!

mila, georgi and yuri: *looks at each other then back at yuuri*

mila, georgi and yuri: *fists raised chanting*

Victor: oh boy

mila, georgi and yuri: ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!


a Portuguese and Galician word for a feeling of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which has been lost. It often carries a fatalist tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never really return. It was once described as “the love that remains” or “the love that stays” after someone is gone.

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rogue M!Hawke is asked about why he's pro mage by Fenris, and in the middle of his rant to the elf about it, Anders overhears him admit he loves Anders. Anders listens in and tries to figure out a way to show he loves Hawke back?(set before they got together in act 2?)

(Well this took entirely too long haha. Apologies for that, holiday stuff got in the way. But here you go! Prepare for awkwardness. Also there’s an extremely mild sexual mention, and mention of alcohol, in case those bother anyone)

[Now on AO3]

“You really want to do this now?”

That was Hawke’s voice. Anders paused, trying to pretend his heart hadn’t fluttered at the sound. He’d been heading out to buy some more parchment while the clinic was quiet, the last of his having been used up on drafts of his manifesto, but now he found himself frozen at the door.

“I do. Now that your ‘friends’ aren’t around to interrupt.” That was Fenris.

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Take your time, im excitedly wating!

I’m glad you’re excited. Honestly I’m super excited to be at the stage were I can almost have this out. I started writing this last year but due to other things going on and feeling a little unmotivated I had to leave it for a while, but now I’ve been working on it a lot and I’m happy with the direction it’s going. I’m a little nervous due to it being so long but I’m so glad I didn’t completely give up on it. 


Hiccup was too tired to care any more. too heartbroken… too close to passing out. He let them fall in rivers, so upset that he would die without ever getting his own Jack back…. that he would die without ever seeing his love as himself again. Hiccup would do anything to free Jack from his curse and he mumbled out a soft, “I’m sorry Jack….” before finally passing into the darkness of unconsciousness. 

Jack wated no time. He broke the chain with all the strength his curse would allow and pulled the merman close, his heart filling with sadness as he collected the tears. 

But perhaps, just perhaps….. his curse had not the strong hold on him that it once had. For Jack did not just let him go. He scooped water and poured it all over the other, dunking him twice before sitting in the water and holding him close. Soothingly whispering soft things to him. “Shhh, I know, it’s ok….” He tried to reassure him, even as the tears stopped. 

Pitch came forward and took the vial that held the tears in triumph, cackling darkly as he ordered Jack to come with him. 

“Captain, please don’t just leave him like this!” Jack urged, afraid the other really was meant to die here. “He’ll die if we don’t do something!” A sparkle of…. something… poked through the spell. Even cursed he could not allow Hiccup to die. A few simple tortures like not being fed for a couple days and insistent, but tame harassment from the Captain could not break it, but seeing Hiccup in life threatening peril? You bet it was braking through the curse! 

“I got what I came for. Leave him with his kin to die…” Pitch ordered. “He is of no use to me any more." 

Jack looked shocked and drew the feverish merman closer. "I can’t leave him!” He proclaimed. “I love him! I can;t just let you leave him to die!" 

Pitch rolled his eyes. "fine. then you can die with him.” He snapped. “I have no use for mutineers! I am on a deadline anyways….” And without another word, the cursed Captain turned to leave with his crew, abandoning Hiccup and Jack there in the Grave to die together. 

But Jack would not die…. not like this. He tended to Hiccup with care and kept him hydrated. “I won’t let you die….."