time wastes those who waste time

A few consequences of sinning

Imām Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله listed a few consequences of sinning/disobeying Allāh:

• Lack of success
• Corrupt views
• Blindness from truth
• Corruption of the heart
• Failing to remember Allāh
• Wasting of time
• Avoidance and hate by the creation
• Separation between the servant and his Lord
• Supplication not being answered
• Hardness of the heart
• Decaying of blessing in provision and age
• Prevention from attaining knowledge
• Humiliation
• Insults from the enemies
• Constriction of the chest
• Affliction with evil friendship, those who corrupt the heart and make one waste the time
• Prolonging of sadness and grief
• Miserable life
• & Disappointment

All this results from sinning and and neglecting to remember Allāh, just as crops are grown by being watered and are consumed by fire.

● [كتاب الفوائد للإمام ابن القيم صفحة ٦٢]

Actual female power:

RESOURCES - having everything you need for survival and socializing without ever having to depend on men, having a secure place to live, source of nourishment and heat without ever having to consider marriage, sex work, or any kind of catering to men in order to establish mere survival on this planet. 

AUTONOMY - full control over your own body. Not ever having to be touched against your will, or have another person control any part of your body, especially your reproductive abilities, deciding on your own and for your own benefit what happens with your body, knowing what’s good for your body and exact risks you take if you’re willing to subject it to pregnancy, sex, or any other condition, not ever taking a bigger risk than you feel safe taking.

COMMUNITY - Bonding, sharing, belonging, participating, being protected by a community of women with the same interests, same experiences, and same goals as you have, knowing that all or most of your experiences are common and normal in society you live in, receiving support, validation and help in all of your issues, knowing that no matter what happens, women will have your back, as you have theirs, standing united against threats that hit us as a whole.

KNOWLEDGE - receiving the formidable knowledge women of history have created and achieved on this planet, knowing that women created everything and everyone, knowing the role your sex has played on this planet was vital and immeasurable, knowing your history, knowing what we had to fight for and what we still have to fight for, having a conscious mind about the endless achievements and labour women preformed, as well as the endless violence and crimes committed against our sex, and the danger we’re put in from day to day.

PHYSICAL STRENGTH - our bodies are created strong, and the stronger we get, the more chance we achieve for physical safety, having the ability to beat the crap out of anyone who tries to assault you is a real power, looking too physically intimidating to even be attacked is a real, big asset, not being threatened physically by men is a luxury most women don’t have due to social pressure to keep our bodies small and fragile, so aiming for body as strong as possible is a real power, and it’s a power men don’t want us to have.

AGENCY - acting in favour of your own interests, knowing what those interests are and knowing how to take action that will bring you to your goals, never wasting time on representing the interests of a group that works against you, never wasting your energy, labour or time on those who see you as less than a human, fighting for all that you know you deserve, and know you can get, never letting someone else speak for you or decide for you, never putting your human rights on hold for the sake of other’s goals.

SAFETY - this is a power we have to fight for the most. Safety from psychological and emotional terror society enforces onto us in order to change our bodies, to give up on our strength, looks, bodily autonomy, confidence, freedom. Safety from falling into traps men have created in order to exploit us, safety from our bodies being sold, safety from abusive marriage, safety from physical violence, sexual violence, safety from having our autonomy taken away from us, from the credit of our intelligence and our labour and our creations taken from us, safety from having to spend our entire lives catering to predators in mere hope they will spare us the pain they’re inflicting on any woman who isn’t doing what she’s being told. We deserve to be protected from all of it. We deserve to have full lives without the epidemic of psychological, physical and sexual violence ever touching our lives, much less dictating them.

Note that men already have all of these, it’s given to them by default, resources are available for them in much greater quantity, autonomy of their body is achieved, they receive plenty of validation and community from their male peers, male authority, and male directed media, their stories and achievements are over-represented in every single history course, their physical strength is celebrated and they’re encouraged to get as strong as possible, they wouldn’t dream of representing anyone’s interests but their own, and they’re safe from a big chunk of emotional, psychological and sexual terror women are going thru every single moment of their life, even if other men still from a physical threat to some of them.



General tips for studying and for during the exam

  • Timed practice exams - Practice exams are the absolute best way to prepare for the ACT. Since each section of the ACT is timed, you should take many practice tests and time yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses. There are many free ACT practice tests available online and there are also books available with practice tests in them. 
  • Answer EVERY question - There is no penalty for guessing, so definitely make sure you answer every question to get as many points as possible.
  • Learn the tricks - The ACT doesn’t test your intelligence as much as it tests your ability to take a test. I will give you some tips for each section of the ACT below. 
  • Use ALL the time given to you - I don’t care if you finished twenty minutes early and you already checked your answers. Check them again. While the ACT isn’t going to determine the rest of your life, it is very important for the next chapter of your life: college. Just buckle down and use all the time given to check and recheck your answers. Reread the excerpts given to you. The students who do best on the ACT aren’t the ones who finish early and take a nap. 


English is arguably one of the more difficult sections of the ACT because many people truly don’t know grammar very well. Here are some tips to help you improve your english score:

  • Revise grammar rules - This section is primarily going to be you identifying the sentence with correct grammar. This will be very difficult for you if you don’t know the difference between a comma and a semicolon. 
  • If you aren’t sure, the answer is probably the one with the least commas and changes - The writers of the ACT like to trick people by including sentences with entirely too many commas or additions. Usually, the correct sentence will be relatively simple. 
  • Vocabulary - Vocabulary isn’t a HUGE part of this section, but there will be a few questions that require you to know the difference between homonyms, so you should be aware of this and study accordingly. 


The challenge of the Reading section of the ACT is your time limit. If you aren’t a fast reader, you’re going to have trouble. 

  • Read the ENTIRE story/text - So many people will tell you it’s okay to just skim a story or only read the sections you’re directly being asked about. This will cause you to run into trouble. If you don’t read the entire thing, you’ll miss vital information that may cause you to miss a question. 
  • Practice tests are incredibly important! - Like I said before, one of the most challenging parts of the ACT is the fact that it’s timed. The reading section is a section you REALLY need to practice with a timer, because you will not be able to read this stuff at a leisurely pace. You need to be focused, alert, and able to comprehend what you’re reading. For science, you need to be able to read not only normal text, but graphs as well. Practice diligently so that you are able to easily recognize different kinds of graphs and determine what they mean. 
  • The answers are all there; you just need to find them - Reading and Science aren’t like the Math and English sections; their answers are all there for you. All you have to do is practice well enough to be able to find them all quickly. 


Many people don’t know how to approach the Math section of the ACT. They worry that they need to memorize a million equations or worry that they need to review the past 3 years of math. You don’t! They give you all the equations you’ll need so you just need to be able to apply them. Here are some other tips for this section!

  • If two answers are opposites, one of them is almost always the answer - This is true for the ACT in general, but primarily for math.
  • Don’t overthink it - Many of the questions you will face will not be as challenging as you think they are; you’re probably just overthinking it. Go with your gut and move on. 
  • Don’t memorize equations - all equations will be given to you, so you need to focus on knowing how to use the equations. 
  • Don’t waste time on questions you don’t understand - There comes a time when you need to just accept that you don’t know how to do a question. When this happens, just make an educated guess if you can, and move on. 
  • Don’t panic! - The Math section is going to be short. Much shorter than you want it to be. Don’t panic or let yourself spend too much time on any question or you’ll end up wasting time. 


Standardized testing is highly problematic. Those who do best on the ACT or SAT have been afforded good educations that have prepared them well for this exact kind of test. Not everyone has had the same opportunities and possesses the exact abilities to do well on a test like the ACT. While it would be great to get a 30 or higher on the ACT, this isn’t a realistic goal for everyone, and it isn’t even necessary to get into a good school. Unless you want to go to a highly selective school, you don’t need a 30 on the ACT. It doesn’t make you dumb or bad at studying if you don’t get a 30+; it just means that maybe you aren’t a fast reader or your school didn’t spend a lot of time on ACT prep. That’s okay! Getting a 30 or higher on the ACT places you in the top 5% of all test takers- so don’t think that you aren’t intelligent if you didn’t score that high, because it is quite difficult to score that high! 

Day 30 - What can you do after Ramadan?

Alhamdullilah, we have gotten to experience another month of Ramadan. This month went by so fast, it makes me so sad! But it doesn’t all just end here. Instead of going back to the life we lived before Ramadan, how about we make an effort to take all the values, knowledge, and great habits we’ve created this month and continue to use them every day. Let’s continue to strengthen our iman even after Ramadan ends. For me, starting this blog has allowed me to learn so much about Islam. I’ve learned so much about what’s right and wrong, but furthermore, I have finally understood exactly why Allah (swt) has guided us the way he has. While I researched topics every night, I was repeatedly left in awe, by the beauty and wisdom of Allah (swt). Thank you to everyone who has supported this page and I hope you have taken something from this blog that may have changed your life, because I definitely have. That being said, here are a couple of tips on continuing your habits after the month of Ramadan. And Eid Mubarak to you all! :)

  1. Make Dua to Stay Productive: We complete the month of Ramadan with remarkable levels of spirituality and positive energy. Shaytan, who has been held for the past 30 days, will intensify his efforts to take this spirituality away as soon as possible. The conflict between our ego, our spirituality and shaytan is not a battle that we can win easily. Making dua is essential to guarantee Allah’s support throughout our daily struggles. One of the most beautiful Prophetic duas for holding on to our spirituality and productivity is the following: ‘O You Who makes hearts steadfast make our hearts steadfast in adhering to Your religion.’ (‘Allahuma, ya Muthabbet al-qulub, thabbet qalbi ala deenek’) [Ibn Majah]
  2. Pay Attention to Your Environment: Many of us have normal routines such as having a morning coffee or breakfast at work. Unconsciously, we miss doing some mistakes we used to do as well. Returning to our daily routine will include returning to the same environments that bring up those unpleasant desires again (extra free time and energy to waste, friends you used to smoke or waste time with, gossip or even miss salah). Paying attention to your environment is essential to sustain your productivity. When shaytan tries to seduce us, he does not come with his red horns and stick, trying to convince us to return to our old destructive habits. He will take on many forms and shapes, and the old unpleasant company is one of the most efficient sneak-back strategies. Try to eliminate or avoid unproductive environments as much as you can. You can knock the door of your friends’ hearts with a word of caring advice – perhaps they need help and could change. But be cautious: destructive company will drag you over to their side if you cannot drag them to yours!
  3. Commit to Attending a Weekly Halaqa: Doing ibadah is easy in Ramadan because of the collective focus on it. It is a universal month when all Muslims around the world engage in more ibadah and ritual worship. The act of fasting itself is a good reminder about focusing on staying spiritually productive throughout the day. However, after Ramadan you need extra reminders to boost your motivation because you will not have the same communal support as before in performing ibadah. Moreover, with the busy pace of life, we gradually lose our spiritual energy. Attending halaqa (religious study group) once a week is a great way to bring us back to and stay on the right track. It keeps you aware of Allah and helps you keep your Afterlife in view always. Attending halaqa keeps you in good company: people whom you can discuss your religious feelings, reflections and experiences with.
  4. Set a New Schedule: Having a new schedule is absolutely essential. Your new plan should comprise at least 30% of what you achieved during Ramadan. You can review each activity you performed in Ramadan and include at least 1/3rd of it in your new schedule. Set monthly missions like: helping a friend, giving sadaqah (charity), doing dhikr, reading a specific amount of the Qur’an, voluntary fasting, etc. Always specify the quantity of your goals and stick to deadlines you can commit to. Do not exaggerate or try to replicate your Ramadan schedule. I know you will find the new schedule very minimal when you compare it with what you did during Ramadan, but consistency is what matters now. Our beloved prophet said: “The most beloved deed to Allah’s is the most regular and constant even though it were little.” [Bukhari]
  5. Don’t fall apart once you make one mistake: The beauty of Tawbah (repentance) in Islam, is that Allah blesses us with this opportunity to return back to Him after doing something wrong. We should remember that we are humans and that we will err. Only Allah is Perfect. This is why, for instance, if we were able to pray on time all through Ramadan, but become slack afterwards, we must realize it, seek Allah’s forgiveness sincerely, and try our best to get back on track, asking Allah to help us.
Only Us (Part Five)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1917

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

“Get the fuck out!” My Dad yelled as a glass shattered on the wall. I flinched in my room hating the sound. I swallowed turning my stereo up as I sat on the floor my homework expanding around me.

“Shut up!” My mother shouted back over the stereo.

“You slept with him didn’t you?” My father yelled as I glared at the door as sound escaped from it. School today had been a drag and I had worked for 5 hours after school and was almost done with my homework. I glanced at the clock. 8:21. And my parents were fighting—again. It was a daily thing for them.

“So what if I did?” My mother yelled. The carried on for a moment before silence I realized that they were probably on the floor. I shook my head my eyes squeezed shut. I looked up pushing my books off my lap walking toward my window to go to the roof. I stopped suddenly looking at the my window that was webbed…again. Sorry. Roof? It read. I rolled my eyes a smile on my face throwing the window up running up the stairs.

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#ChoicesCreates Carnival (Round 1)

Thank you to all those who shared their creative work for our very first #ChoicesCreates carnival! The response has been amazing. This goes to show how much creative energy there really is in this fandom. Round 1′s prompt was:

“My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time.”

Enjoy the carnival!

Fan Fic:

  1. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @laurentthings 
  2. Quatervois by @peace-coast-island
  3. Is it love? by @lauraotaku2234
  4. Aleister’s Thoughts Whilst Writing Grace’s Song by @hayleyrosetull
  5. Even If by @hollyashton
  6. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @addisonsinclairs
  7. waste by @bivalerie
  8. Patterns by @kittenmusicals
  9. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @cartoonfanforlife
  10. He Was The One by @choicesimaginesandmore
  11. A New Start by @choicesmyway
  12. Waiting by @chasing-bubbles
  13. Enough is Enough by @xo-endlessmayhem-xo
  14. Where I Would Rather Be by @pixelisperfect
  15. Confession by @texanhusker
  16. My heart finally told me I was wasting my time by @pb-boeboe
  17. To My Dearest Sister by @niasusanto
  18. My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time by @dovey-dove
  19. I Can’t Do This by @makitokito
  20. Lonely by @choicestrash
  21. My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time by @mrs-reyes
  22. The Letter by @choochoochoosy
  23. Revelations by @valiantlystrangecomputeruniverse
  24. Take My Hand by @graleister
  25. MC x Jake Drabble by @hwu-jaymin
  26. My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time by @highschoolathollywood

Fan Art:

  1. Grace x Aleister by @molliartsie
  2. Suitemates by @ivyschoice
  3. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @geckosophie
  4. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @airwreckyoface
  5. My Heart Finally Told Me To Stop Wasting My Time by @choicesmeetsworld
  6. Aleister x Grace by @kaitlyn-liao

Special thanks to:  @choicesimaginesandmore​ for this round’s wonderful #ChoicesCreates logo and heart clock image. 

We’ll announce the prompt AND the Carnival host for Round 2 in a separate post. Thanks for making our first #ChoicesCreates carnival a success, everyone!

(Want to learn more about #ChoicesCreates? Click here!)

Disclaimer: These are works of fan fiction/art using characters from the Choices world, owned by Pixelberry. We do not claim ownership over them or the world of Choices. The stories we tell through our writing and art are our own interpretation and invention. They are not purported to be part of Choices’ story canon. These creative works are for entertainment only and not part of Choices’ official storylines. No copyright infringement is intended.

Justin Huang || Falling in Love

Genre: Fluff

Song Theme: “Falling in Love” by UNIQ

Originally posted by produced101

Justin stood in front of the familiar locker, sighing hesitantly. He looked around the hallway, making sure no one sees him. Once the coast was clear and he knew no one was looking at him, he pulled out a folded up piece of paper from his pocket. ‘Here goes nothing.’ He thinks to himself before sliding the paper into the little edges of the locker door.

As the small paper made its way inside of the locker, Justin felt all of the weight on his shoulders, due to his constant nervousness, drop. ‘I hope she likes my note.’ Justin thinks, blushing at the thought of his crush, Y/N, opening and reading his note that he had written for her. He turned his head to see Y/N walking down the hallway. He widens his eyes and quickly runs to the end of the hallway, peeking his head out to see Y/N approaching her locker. ‘This is the moment of truth.’ Justin thinks as he watches her twist and turn her lock before it pops open. She takes the lock off before opening her locker. As she opens her locker, the note swiftly comes down, landing on the ground right in front of her. She raises an eyebrow in confusion as she bends down and picks up the note.

Justin bit his lip nervously, watching Y/N as she unfolds the note. Justin saw as she widens her eyes, blushing, before folding the piece of paper back up again and stuffing the note inside of her bag before closing her locker and walking away. ‘That was it?!’ Justin thought before coming out of his hiding spot and watching as she walked down the hallway before disappearing.

At first, Justin was a bit disappointed at Y/N suddenly walking away, but he thought back to her wide eyes and blushing face as she read his note. He blushed and couldn’t help but smile like a fool at how cute she looked reading the note he anonymously gave to her.

As Justin was busy celebrating to himself, the bell rang, signaling that it’s time to go to the next class. Justin quickly swung his bag over his shoulder and rushed to his next class.

Throughout the whole school day, all Justin could think about was Y/N. He was now sitting in his last class of the day, but he wasn’t able to focus on the teacher and his lesson that he was currently teaching. Justin looked up at the clock that was on the wall above the teacher’s desk and looked at the time. Only 50 seconds until the school day is over. Justin grew more and more excited as the seconds ticked by, until finally the school bell rang. As the bell rang, Justin jumped out of his seat, swung his backpack over his shoulder and quickly dashed out of the classroom before making his way out of the school.

Justin walked down the sidewalk on his way home, his hands stuffed in his pockets as he kicked a few pebbles that were on the ground. As he was walking, he looked up to find the same tall, bright pink house that he passes by everyday on his way to and from school. It was Y/N’s house.

Justin felt his heart racing as he stared at Y/N through her open window. She was wearing headphones and it looked like she was dancing. Justin laughed and smiled as she was, or it looked like she was, dancing to 24K’s “Superfly.” Justin didn’t think he was a stalker or anything for looking at Y/N through her window. He was just simply enjoying the sight of the love if his life having fun, which made him smile and love her even more as he saw her acting like herself.

As Y/N stopped dancing, taking off her headphones, Justin knew it was time to get out of stalker mode and run away at that instant before he gets caught. He quickly ran the direction that his house is at, which is only just down the street from Y/N’s house. He ran through his yard and up the porch, grabbing the hidden house keys from the plant by the door and opening the door. He took off his shoes before entering the house and quickly ran upstairs to his room, closing the door from behind. He plopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Y/N popped into his head, which made the biggest smile on his face appear. He grabbed his stuffed bear and clutched it tightly, squealing into the bear as he thought back to Y/N’s reaction to his note and her dancing cutely in her room. “She’s so cute! I’m so in love with her, ahh.” Justin squealed, his face turning a light shade of pink as he kicked his feet up in the air.

Justin quickly pulled out his phone, grabbing his earphones from his back pocket and putting the ear buds on. He scrolled through his “Love Songs” playlist, searching for a good song to listen to until his eyes landed on the perfect song that reminded him of Y/N. He clicked on “Falling in Love” by UNIQ and while it played, he smiled like a fool as he thought of Y/N. He thought back to the love note he gave to Y/N, or more like placed in her locker for her to grab and read. All he wrote on the note was telling her how beautiful she is and how much she makes his heart race just by thinking of her and hearing her name be said. It was cheesy but it was the truth.

“That’s it. I’m gonna confess to Y/N tomorrow.” Justin said to himself. He placed his hand over his heart, feeling its beats growing faster and faster by the second. “I can do this.”

The next day at school arrived. Justin stood in front of Y/N’s locker again. He was holding another note in his hand. This time, he’s planning to tell her to meet him behind the school after school today so he can finally confess his love to her. “What if she gets freaked out that the person behind all of these love notes is me?” “What if she doesn’t like me and laughs at me?” “What if she doesn’t even come to meet me?” All of these questions ran through Justin’s head as he thought about what might happen with Y/N after school as he confesses to her. He shakes those thoughts out of his head as he quickly stuffs the note inside of her locker before running down the hallway and peeking his head over the wall as he sees Y/N approaching her locker. She opens her locker and the note falls out and lands in front of her. Justin felt nervous and anxious as she bends down to pick the note up. She unfolds it and her reaction was the same as her last, except the widest smile appears on her face. “Her smile is so beautiful!” Justin whispers to himself as he watches Y/N close her locker before walking away, holding the note in her hand. He places his hand on his heart, feeling his heart pounding hard against his chest. “You got this, Justin.” He told himself before the bell rang and he quickly zoomed off into his next class for the day.

As the final bell of the school day rang, Justin stood up out of his chair and ran out of the classroom, shoving past the huge crowd of students before making his way to the back exit doors of the school. He stood near the flower garden as he fiddled with his fingers nervously, waiting for Y/N to come, if she was even going to come. As Justin stood still for a couple more minutes, he heard the door open. He bit his lip, hoping that it’s Y/N.

“J-Justin? Is that you?” He heard Y/N’s voice say. Justin widens his eyes and turns around to see Y/N standing by the door, wearing the cutest pink skirt and white sweater. Justin approaches Y/N, standing tall right in front of her before he clears his throat to speak. “Y-Y/N? I- uh.” Justin stammered out, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Y/N… Did you like the notes I wrote for you?”

Y/N seemed a bit confused at what Justin said before her mouth formed the shape of an ‘O’ and she blushed. “O-oh, were you the one that wrote those notes for me?” She asks in a quiet voice. Justin’s heart sank at how sad Y/N sounded. ‘I knew she would be disappointed in the fact that I’M the one who wrote those notes for her! Ugh, Justin, you’re such a loser!’ Justin mentally complained to himself.

“Yeah, I was…” Justin trailed off before sighing. “I knew I shouldn’t have written you those notes in the first place. I’m such an idiot. I-I’ll just go, sorry for wasting your time and making you come out here.” Justin apologizes before he’s about to make his way around the school

“Justin, wait!” He hears Y/N calling from behind him. Justin turns around to see Y/N running towards him. “Justin, you aren’t an idiot, and you aren’t wasting my time. To be honest, I was hoping you were the one writing me all those nice letters for me. I’ve actually liked you for a while now…” Y/N mutters out the last sentence, which was still audible for Justin to hear. She looks down at the ground, rubbing her arm up and down while anxiously waiting for Justin to say something.

Justin felt his heart beating 10 times faster now. He couldn’t believe that the love of his life actually likes him back?! He wanted to die happily now.

“Y/N, I like you too. A lot. And I mean, a lot! Ever since I first saw you, I fell in love with you. Now every time I see you, my heart just does so many crazy things and my face starts turning red and I keep smiling. I sound so cheesy right now, but it’s completely true.” Justin said before taking Y/N hand in his, squeezing it tightly. “Y-Y/N? Will you go out with me?”

A huge smile appeared on Y/N’s face, a smile that made Justin’s heart flutter and also made him smile as well. Y/N nodded her head frantically and screamed “Yes, I’ll go out with you!” and gave Justin a huge, tight hug. Justin was flustered and surprised at the sudden hug, but he wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist and enjoyed the hug nonetheless. Y/N gave Justin a quick peck on the cheek before continuing to hug him.

Like the Deserts Missed the Rain

This started out as an attempt to fulfil the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 3 prompt: “Taste”  but quickly spiraled into something else.  Thank you to @thebookjumper who encouraged me to go down my own rabbit hole and start writing; and thank you to  @nalla-madness  for reading, for the advise and because she taught me the meaning of “Saudade”

Felicity didn’t like to waste time.  She considered time very precious.  There was so much she wanted to do, so many books to read, so many programs to write, so much to decode, so many firewalls to hack into; she just didn’t have the time.

What little time she had beyond her work, she liked to spend it relaxing by taking care of herself, baths, mani/pedis, taming her curls, applying her makeup, and shopping, definitely shopping for shoes online!

Food did not factor in her time equation, she couldn’t be bothered to invest the time.  She usually either ordered takeout, stopped for Big Belly Burger or heated some canned soup or microwave-ready meals.  Skillets and pots sat in her kitchen as pieces of décor.  She couldn’t bare to waste the time on stocking a fridge, cooking, or dishwashing.  Her mind couldn’t reconcile the effort or time!

But, her taste buds suffered. She missed real food, she missed home cooked meals, she missed Olivers home cooked meals in particular..  how she regretted not thinking it through before breaking up with him two months ago, not because of Olivers exceptional cooking skills, but because she really loved him, and truly missed him, missed his warmth and his scent, and the little glance of domesticity their brief time together had offered; something she had never had before with anyone.

Although Felicity knew that she was right to have broken up with him, not a day went by that she wished that he hadn’t lied, that he had told her when everyone else found out, that he had trusted in their relationship, that he knew in his soul that he wasn’t going to lose her by sharing the truth!

She wished that this enforced separation was making a difference with Oliver, that it had shifted his perspective and allowed him to think about why he had chosen to alienate her instead of include her and share being a father with her? She had hoped that by now, he would have some sort of explanation for why he chose not to trust her. Felicity felt like the only thing she accomplished by walking out was a self-inflicted punishment; that she continues to pay a heavy price every night when she walks into that empty desolate loft space!

Sometimes Felicity would come home and imagine she saw his silhouette through the glazed balcony doors, but then whenever she would walk closer the silhouette would fade and disappear like a cold trick in the light.


Felicity touched her finger to the crease of her upper lip, recalling Olivers kiss, no other kiss had tasted like Olivers kiss!

She was starving, not just for real food or warmth, her soul was starving for Oliver.  Her palate was missing the salty taste of his sweat-slicked abs!  

As she walked into the loft after a long night at the comms, Felicity kicked off her heels and sank down on the couch. God she missed him. How was she going to ever be with Oliver again after her protestations of lies, islands, and trust? After all she had done to push him away after giving him so much time, and seeing no real change, how could she excuse giving him another chance in her own mind?

Felicity knew that when she walked out the night they found William, that she had done the right thing, her mind was at total peace with all her decisions concerning Oliver, but her heart was breaking. Two nights had passed since they got drunk and she had asked him for lessons on the salmon ladder, and even after that small reprieve, her heart was still breaking, every night she saw him in the bunker and held herself back from touching him, from tasting him, her heart shattered further!

99% of the time she just wanted to throw it all to the wind and call him to come over and as soon as he walked through that door she just wanted to throw herself in his arms and taste those lips she was starving for!

Felicity missed him so much, she missed him like a Sade song, she missed him like the deserts missed the rain, so for a person who didn’t like to waste time, why was she wasting precious time now?  Life was short, and she already had so much regret! She knew that Oliver had even more regrets!  

What if she came back to the loft and Oliver was real, what if they tried to work it out, what if they tried to find a way to heal? What if there was a little bit of hope for them yet?

“Fuck it!”

She yelled out loud.  

Felicity couldn’t walk away from Oliver a second time, she couldn’t continue to yearn for him and pretend that she didn’t leave a part of herself back in the bunker every time she left.  She couldn’t suppress her own pain anymore.

She picked up her cell phone and dialed his number, she didn’t have to wait too long, on the third ring, the phone picked up.

“Felicity.” His voice laden with sleep had that sexy gruff that sounded like his Arrow voice. How she missed hearing his voice whisper in the middle of the night! 

“Is everything alright?”

He sounded concerned because Felicity was not in the habit of calling him after hours!

Her decision was made, she didn’t want to go back. Her soul needed him more than her mind could justify the need to keep him away!

“Oliver, I miss you.”

She heard him inhale. 

“I miss you too, Felicity,” he whispered.

“I am ready for that talk now, could you please come back home?”

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Something about Rick and his version of comforting you? :D

yeah, thanks for the request! Is it okay if I make this angsty? Sorry if it’s really long by the way, still getting the hang of it. As well as not getting Rick’s personality well enough.

trigger warning: Swearing, Alcohol, mentioned sexual relationship

You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you got into this sort of “relationship” with the man probably more than double your age. If you could even call being dragged into a intergalactic adventure with Morty, listening to him talk along with complain about whatever pisses him off and the occasional hookup with the older man. You knew how he was a self-centered, inconsiderate, and an arrogant asshole who happened to have the smartest brain in the universe. He ruined ailen civilizations for his own selfish scientific experiments and from what you can see, he fucked up his own family. Hell, even knowing him was going to cause you unwanted, stressful trouble. 

Yet you somehow continued to stay.

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Nintendo co-op games threatens relationship. Don’t try to play with your s/o

Mahiru had never been as frustrated with Kuro as he was now. While he was stewing in his anger, Kuro nonchalantly moved forward in the level. From his blank expression, it didn’t seem like he noticed how angry he was either. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. “Kuro, we should go back. There was a star that we missed. We can still get it.”

“The boss is up ahead.” Kuro said in his usual deadpanned tone and entered the castle. Mahiru made an irritated mumble that couldn’t be repeated and Kuro raised a brow at him. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask him why he was angry but then the boss appeared and he decided to focus on it. He thought that Mahiru would become angrier if they lost to the boss.

In little time, a victorious tune hummed when they won. Unfortunately, Mahiru didn’t feel satisfied with their victory. When he asked Kuro if he could play Mario with him, he thought it would be a good way to bond. He was wrong. They were very different people with very different goals. Mahiru wanted to collect all the bonuses while Kuro blazed through the level without a second thought to them.

“You ready for the next level?” Kuro asked him. He saw the small pout Mahiru had and gently ruffled his hair. “Don’t worry about being a little slow. You’ll get better soon. Just follow me.”

“Follow you and miss all the stars?” Mahiru grumbled. He didn’t play as much as Kuro but he didn’t need his hand held. They were still in the first world and the levels were easy so he didn’t know why Kuro was ignoring the easily attainable star coins. “Kuro, don’t you want to collect all of the star coins? What about the bonus points?”

“Nah,” Kuro shrugged and Mahiru wanted to throw his controller at him. “We can get more bonus points if we complete the level quickly. Who cares about those items anyway? We don’t need them to defeat the boss and we’re just wasting time.”

“It’s not a waste of time. Look, the developers put those star coins in to be collected. What kind of player would we be if we ignored them and make all their hard work go to waste?” Mahiru stated. It irritated to him to see those empty coin slot at the end of the level when he knew that he could’ve collected them easily. But he knew that was only part of the reason.

“They have our money so I’m sure they’re happy enough.” Kuro tried to move forward in the screen but Mahiru veered his avatar to the far left side of the screen. They were trapped on the screen and it didn’t seem like Mahiru would move. “Mahiru, sweetie, you need to go right.”

“You need to go up to get that star coin, sweetie.” Mahiru repeated the endearment sarcastically. The star coin was easy enough to reach if he climbed the platforms. “We need to collect them, Kuro. This isn’t a speed run so you don’t need to worry about that timer. It’s not even going to take that long to jump up three little platforms.”

“You know what’s going to take less time?” Kuro moved his avatar next to Mahiru’s and picked his up. “Now let’s go.”

“Kuro, put me down!” Mahiru shook his controller and freed himself from Kuro. Still angry at him, he picked up Kuro’s avatar and ran back to the coin. “Two can play this game. How do you like it, Kuro?”

“Really, Mahiru?” Kuro raised a brow at him and shook his controller. His avatar jumped in the air. He jumped right off the cliff. Mahiru burst out into laughter but quickly stifled it. “Just get me out of the bubble.”

“After you promise that you’ll help me get the stars.” Mahiru expertly dodged Kuro’s bubble and climbed the platforms to reach the star. Kuro tried to maneuver his bubble but Mahiru continued to jump over him. Seeing Mahiru chuckle with a grin, Kuro frowned. He saw his expression and nudged his shoulder. “Ready to admit defeat and help me collect stars?”

“C’mon, Mahiru, we only have thirty seconds to reach the flag. Just free me already.” Kuro reached over and tried to steal his controller. Mahiru slapped his hand and tried to hold it out of his reach. But Kuro was taller than him and his weight made him fall backwards onto the couch. He blushed at how close they were but he still tried to keep his controller away from Kuro.

“Not until you agree to work together to get the stars!” Mahiru tried to slip under Kuro’s arm to escape but then his shoulder slid of the couch. The rest of his body followed and Mahiru tried to stop his fall by grabbing Kuro’s jacket. He ended up dragging Kuro with him and they fell to the ground in a heap. Mahiru yelped painfully when he hit the ground.

“Are you okay, Mahiru?” Kuro helped him sit up. He gently touched the side of his head and Mahiru winced slightly. Guilt paralyzed him for a moment but then he rushed to his feet. “Wait here. I’ll get you some ice.”

Kuro ran to their fridge and returned even quicker. Mahiru never thought he would see Kuro run so quickly outside of a fight. He knelt next to him and pressed the ice pack to his temple. They both knew that there would most likely be a bump there for the next few days and Kuro kissed the top of his head in apology. “Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. You weren’t hurt when we fell, were you?” Mahiru said. Away from the game, he could see how childish he acted and he knew that he was just as much to blame. “I was being stubborn. I should’ve just let you out of that stupid bubble.”

“I shouldn’t have tried to take your controller.” From the corner of his eyes, he saw that they lost the level but he couldn’t bring himself to care. “But what’s with you and those star coins.”

Mahiru leaned against his shoulder and sighed. “It felt like you didn’t want to play with me with the way you were rushing through the levels. We don’t have that many things in common so I just wanted to try to have something we can do together. You’re a gamer so shouldn’t you be more invested in collectibles?”

“Not after you already collected them all.” Kuro laughed lightly but stopped himself when Mahiru pouted at him. He playfully ruffled his hair but was careful not to touch his bump. “I thought those beginning levels were too boring for you and I wanted to play the more interesting levels with you. I was worried about you not having fun.”

“We really were reading too much into things, weren’t we?” Mahiru smiled weakly. “Wanna try again tomorrow when I don’t have to hold this ice bag against my head?”

Why Your Parent’s Advice Was Wrong

There’s a couple who live a few doors down with their young son.  On Monday he was off out with his mother and, as she strode purposefully to the car, he was haring up and down the road, skipping and jumping without a care in the world. “Come on, you’re wasting time” she called without looking back. Dutifully he calmed down and wandered behind her to the car.

Sometimes children need to be given clear guidelines. It’s important for them to know where the boundaries are, even if they don’t much like them, because it helps them to feel safe. A childhood without boundary is as destructive as one with too many. But the claim that he was “wasting time” jarred.

At dinner last night my son was telling me about the killjoy attitude of his head teacher who has, apparently, cut short the final day of school for those leaving this year, in order to limit the high jinks of the boys, excitable at their imminent release into an unsuspecting world. This will also prevent them from taping any more year 8 boys upside down to the rugby posts, or moving the entire contents of the library out into the court and turfing the library. Apparently he also delights in telling the boys how much he doesn’t like Christmas. “He’s so cynical” says Tom, my 18 year old son with everything in front of him, of his head teacher, the man we entrust to reconfirm our own teachings about how to keep an open mind and avoid cynicism.

In a session this week a young client struggling at school is talking about how he finds it almost impossible to control his anger when he is pushed and taunted, as he repeatedly is. Feeling he has a binary choice between the painful white of disconnection or the dangerous black of full on aggression I wonder what happened to the grey in between, the place where assertiveness and self esteem replaces his fists and his tears. He tells me that he isn’t allowed to be vulnerable because he learned from his father that this is weakness, and weakness is not tolerated.

Somewhere we learned to “just get on with it”, but it’s bullshit. There is a wisdom we hold in childhood which we surrender when presented with alternative opinion from the adults in our lives. This wisdom is the freedom to show how we feel, to run if we feel like running, to be excited without  needing justification, and to be OK with feeling sad and cry about it.

Many of us will have been encouraged to find a bit more strength as we grow up, to hide difficult emotions, to avoid talking about our feelings. Some of us will not have been given the truth about a death or allowed to go to the funeral. Others of us will have lived in the middle of a toxic relationship, constantly wondering when it’s all going to blow up in our faces but never being given anything to provide the clarity we crave, until our worst fears are realised and it blows up in our faces.

It is us, the adults, who have covered up and lost our strength, not our children. We have surrendered our resilience by claiming the opposite. We render ourselves far less able to cope by our desparate claims that we are coping. A willingness to be vulnerable is as strong as it gets, because it shows that we don’t need to be bullet proof in order to survive the bullets.

So, it isn’t strong to hide emotion, it isn’t powerful to pretend that we are not hurt, and it is not necessary to “get over” the death of someone we love within a specific timeframe, or indeed, ever. It is not manly to sort everything out with fists, and it is not impressive to be cynical and suggest to others that low expectation is the way to avoid disappointment. These are the tales we have been told as children by foolish adults and, if we absorb them, we repeat them to the detriment of our own children. So it goes.

The mother down the road was right to hurry her little boy along, because he needed to understand that when you have to be somewhere, you need to get there. But it wasn’t true to tell him that he was wasting time. In fact, he was living, being a child, standing in the moment. In this respect listening to his mother was the last thing he needed, because time spent doing what makes us happy, what makes us skip and jump and laugh, what reflects our true feelings, can never be a waste, and don’t let any misguided adult tell you otherwise.

Fic: Let Me See Those Baby Blues

Ack - I wrote a second fic for the “eye contact” prompt for the @olicityhiatusficathon organized by the wonderful @thebookjumper! I realized I hadn’t written a post 5x23 “how they got off the island” fic, so here is my attempt! Hope you enjoy! Read it on Ao3 or below. 

Let Me See Those Baby Blues

Regrets…she had told Oliver she had so many before she kissed him and said their goodbyes on the island. He said that they would talk about it when they got home. But now, laying dehydrated on a raft in the middle of the ocean staring up at the night sky – she had nothing but time to think about those regrets.

Everything that both he and she had done wrong. All the time they had wasted before they even got together, and their last year apart. So much time wasted when they may never see each other again. Felicity peeked over at Curtis, who on the other side of the raft was trying in vain to fix the communicator that shorted out when the she had been knocked into the water.

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I’m not interested in your past, I’m interested about what makes you tick, what makes you angry, what keeps you sane - tell me those things. You have my undivided attention. People waste so much time on reputation that they simply forget that you aren’t the same person who did those things back then, this is you. This is now… I want to watch you happen in this single moment now. Everything else is time wasted.
—  Unknown

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I respect that you still support ot12 and everything but... do you realize that tao said that all those years (he had spent with exo) were a waste of time for him? that yifan said some homophobic shit some time ago about marriage etc? i'm asking you this not because i want to convince you to not support them or whatever, but just to make sure that at least you are aware that they said and did stuff that wasn't right at all

1. I can’t seem to find anything on the Yifan homophobic thing could you send me a link? I’ve searched everywhere but can’t find it. I know Siwon from Super Junior said some homophobic stuff about gay marriage, you don’t happen to be mistaking them?

2. Tao didn’t directly say his time with EXO was a waste of time, he could’ve easily meant those years were wasted for his career (because of how limiting SM is) not for who he met. You can’t just say he regrets meeting the other members of exo for that, especially not when he still talks with Luhan and wants to reconcile with Kris. We don’t even know if he’s talking to the others because no doubt companies would refuse to disclose that information.

Imām Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله listed a few consequences of sinning/disobeying Allāh:

• Lack of success
• Corrupt views
• Blindness from truth
• Corruption of the heart
• Failing to remember Allāh
• Wasting of time
• Avoidance and hate by the creation
• Separation between the servant and his Lord
• Supplication not being answered
• Hardness of the heart
• Decaying of blessing in provision and age
• Prevention from attaining knowledge
• Humiliation
• Insults from the enemies
• Constriction of the chest
• Affliction with evil friendship, those who corrupt the heart and make one waste the time
• Prolonging of sadness and grief
• Miserable life
• & Disappointment

All this results from sinning and and neglecting to remember Allāh, just as crops are grown by being watered and are consumed by fire.

● [كتاب الفوائد للإمام ابن القيم صفحة ٦٢]

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Ciel and Lizzy for the headcanon compilation!


- a lesson they learned in their childhood

Ciel most definitely learned that not all people can be trusted. It was best to use others before they could use you.

- a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning

His reason now is simply revenge. It’s what’s driving him forward.

- a fear

I think Ciel fears not getting his revenge and simultaneously what will happen when he finally reaches his goal.

- a strength

He is intelligent and quite capable at creating complex plans.

- how they think others perceive them

He know different people see him in different ways, and he tries to use this to his advantage. He always wants to be seen as the Earl. To those who know him as the Watchdog, he wants to be seen as capable, cold, and brutal as necessary. He wants (hopes) people respect and fear him.

- how they perceive themselves

He sees himself in a very harsh light. He doesn’t want to care for anyone and tries to convince himself that he has no feelings. He wants to be more like Sebastian.

- whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person

He doesn’t see himself as decent nor does he want to be.

- a temptation / proclivity they have

He still loves his candies. He’s prone to spoil is appetite if Sebastian doesn’t intervene.

- an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable)

If he’s not the Watchdog, he’d prefer a job where he can use those skills. Of course, he doesn’t really need a job.

- how they waste time

He’s not one for wasting time honestly, although he does like to practice his chess game.


- a lesson they learned in their childhood

The unfortunate lesson that Lizzie learned is that not everyone is okay with who you truly are. They expect you to be someone else.

- a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning

Ciel is her reason for getting out of bed each morning - at least he was before the appearance of the Blue Sect.

- a fear

She fears that she’s simply not good enough for Ciel or anyone else. She doesn’t appreciate her own worth.

- a strength

Her strength is the physical strength that she has worked so hard to hide. She’s strong, yet graceful, and a genius with a blade.

- how they think others perceive them

She thinks that most people perceive as nothing but a cute, pretty girl - and she has worked hard to build up that image.

- how they perceive themselves

Lizzie sees herself as almost two people. There’s the real her that is strong and aware. Then, there’s the her she feels that she had to be in order to be seen as a good wife. The fake Lizzie who is weak, cute, and appears to be ignorant. She sometimes feels like she’s a liar, but she felt like she had to put on the mask of fake Lizzie.

- whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person

Lizzie knows she’s not a bad person, but she is also aware that she’s playing a part. Plus, she doesn’t think she’s good enough just being herself.

- a temptation / proclivity they have

She goes overboard with her attempts to do things at times.

- an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable)

She’s too young to need a career now, but I see Lizzie doing something to help other people. Perhaps a teacher would be suitable.

- how they waste time

Lizzie does love to shop and hunting for different items she finds cute.

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*tries to sneak in while requests are still open* could you do the Imperials at happy hour at the ship's bar? (I hope I'm remembering right that some/most of the star destroyers had a bar/cantina right on the ship.)

what kind of a ship doesn’t have a bar on it

tarkin: if these miserable cadets were worth anything, they would know to bring happy hour to HIM. tarkin has work to do, and wine is his fuel.

krennic: gets fucking hammered. likes to sing with some of the drunken stormtroopers about how fabulous he is a la “Gaston”.  

hux: screams at the stormtroopers to stop wasting their time and do something productive. they’re the goddamn first order, they shouldn’t get wasted on the job!!! sneaks himself a shot of tequila

phasma: has drinking contests with the other troopers. she always wins, of course. alcohol only makes her stronger…. and somewhat friendly? if you want to ask for a promotion, now’s your chance.

yularen: grabs a couple of glasses for himself and retreats to his quarters. he needs some quiet time from those rowdy kids. if it happens to be a more calm happy hour, he’ll stay and chat with the bartender (who is a droid, but he doesn’t judge)

thrawn: enjoys the pleasant drinks and is thoroughly entertained by the other’s antics. he would rather avoid getting drunk himself, thank you, but doesn’t mind being around noisy troopers every now and then. how fun this part of the galaxy can be!

kallus: is uncomfortable at first, since he’d rather sit with a nice glass of beer without the others shouting “CHUG, CHUG, CHUG” at each other. krennic convinces him to join in and kallus immediately regrets saying yes when he wakes up the next morning.

“Dancing’s easy! I’ll show you!”
“Uhh-uh…Sure! Okay??”

Berry teaches her uncle Bonnie how to dance!

Omg changing art style never felt so satisfying :’) I’ve been working on this little project for one or two weeks, but I never expected I could get so far o_o I’m evolving