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Didn't Kit say Jon was going to listen to Sansa a lot more this season? Well how is he supposed to do that when he's traveling so much. Maybe it's a red herring and they actually do spend some time together this season. Here's to hoping!

I’m fairly certain they will be spending time together. Even the leaks confirmed scenes with them until Jon leaves at the end of episode 2. If the leaks are indeed true, likely Sansa gives Jon advice for his time away. 

Perhaps she was the one who told him he should go in person anyway. Jon going to meet with a potential ally (who also wants to rule you) has obvious parallels to Cat going to meet with Renly in s2/ACOK. Renly said Robb could call himself King it would just be a title, he would have to be loyal to the Iron Throne/King Renly. Cat was somewhat willing to concede total independence in order to save the lives of her daughters, even though Robb and his bannermen said that they would never again be ruled by the south. Robb didn’t go himself, but Cat urged him to, thinking Renly would see it as a sign of disrespect. The main reason Robb sent Cat instead of someone else was basically to get his mother out of his hair.

Jon going to Dragonstone is the direct opposite. Jon trusts Sansa to stay and manage Winterfell. She will rule in his stead. It’s kind of funny, really, that it ended up this way because Sansa actually would objectively be the better diplomat. She knows Tyrion and is on good terms with Theon post-rescue (whereas Jon wants to kill him). She also knows the south and Cersei (the enemy) much better. But Jon is the one who has to ask for help with the WW (and has actually fought them) and I doubt Sansa will go south ever again. 

Anyway, all this to say… I genuinely think they do trust each other.

Possibly Jon leaves due to Tortured Incest Feels and wants some distance. We don’t know. That would make them most sense if Jonsa were to become A Thing. This would mean we would need some sort of Incident before he was to leave. Perhaps the Godswood scene? After all, Jon says you can’t lie in front of the Heart Tree.

There is also the possibility of letters. By possibility I mean almost certainly they will attempt to communicate in some way. This isn’t even shippy at all. She is ruling his kingdom, after all. 

Anyway, if Jonsa WERE to become a thing, in my opinion it would make a lot of sense to NOT hype it. It would certainly become an OMG moment if our innocent heroic Starks made out or something. There is enough foreshadowing in the cinematography last season, and D&D do love their ‘OMG’ moments. See: Sansa’s rape, making Talisa pregnant and making Robb watch her die, etc. for examples of shocking things that didn’t happen in the books.

Only 20 days left!!!

Five Minutes [Grace/Frankie] - Chapter 10

Thanks so much for reading and for all your lovely comments. Hope you enjoy! Full chapter here on A03. Here’s an excerpt:

Originally posted by gafgifs

“Coffee for the mother of the groom,” Grace finally reappeared, carefully balancing two mugs in her hands as she sank into her side of the mattress.

“You’re spoiling me,” Frankie grinned from beneath the blankets. “Better pace yourself. I’ll be fully rotten by the time you’re finished.”

She attempted to steal her share of sweet nectar from the java gods, but Grace swatted her hand away.

“Only if you sit up first,” she narrowed her eyes.

“That’s fair I guess,” Frankie sighed, throwing back the covers, adjusting her body until she was propped against the pillows, and Grace handed over the cup. “Thank you. You really didn’t have to…”

“I know I didn’t,” Grace smiled, taking a sip from her own mug before setting it on the nightstand, curling snugly against Frankie’s side. “I wanted to.”

“Mmm, you’re a keeper,” Frankie closed her eyes, leaning into Grace’s petite frame. “Do we really have to get out of bed so soon?”

“Soon?” Grace balked. “It’s almost nine-thirty. I have a hair appointment in a hour, and you promised Allison you’d be there to greet the minister, or love guru, or whatever the hell she calls herself.”

“I believe it’s high priestess,” Frankie corrected. “And you’re right. We do have to get a move on, I know it. I just like our mornings. Whenever they’re cut short, I feel cheated.”

“Well, hopefully I made up for it earlier,” Grace tickled her nails over Frankie’s stomach.

“You did,” Frankie blushed. “I can’t think of a better way to wake up.”

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Imagine being Carisi’s kid who found him after years of being apart after you ran away. 

Requested by Anon~

With people bustling around and shouting, the thought of leaving and coming back some other time crossed your mind. This wasn’t a good time. But a name on someone’s desk caught your eye; Dominick Carisi.

That was his desk. He was here.

You must have been staring at it for a while, because someone eventually walked up. A brunette with a kind smile. “Hi, sweetheart. Can I help you with something?” She asked.

It was now or never, you decided. “I’m looking for Detective Carisi.” You answered. “I’m- I’m his kid. And I’d like to talk to him.”

The woman blinked in surprise, eyebrows shooting up as she put a hand on your shoulder. “Sure. I’ll find him for you.”

“Two years gone/Came back as some bones and so cynical”

FIC ALERT: I decided to kill two birds with one stone here. Inspired by a prompt from this post [x] which really just sounds like lines from PLL taken out of context if you ask me lmao & also a lovely prompt of sorts given to me by @dubcliq <3

[For some brief context, this is set in an alternate 5 years forward time jump]

They look beautiful, is all Spencer can think as she downs her…fifth? Her fifth glass of champagne.

Coming back to Rosewood, after 5 years away, for Hanna and Caleb’s wedding would have been, under any other circumstance, a lovely experience. A weekend of catching up with her best friends all the while celebrating the happiest day of one the girls’s life? Spencer wouldn’t have come back for anything less.

But as it stands, this entire three day event has been nothing more than an exercise in insecurity and self-loathing. 

And it’s her own damn fault anyway.

Spencer sees Caleb twirl Hanna as the bride laughs loudly. She feels a smile threatening the corner of her lips, but it only takes one glance across the room to have it disappear again.

Emily and Alison stand talking to Grandma Marin, the older woman having grabbed Alison for a chat and Alison’s pleading eyes drawing Emily over to save her from what was probably the woman’s blunt and inappropriate questioning into her life.

A waiter walks by and Spencer snatches her sixth glass.

Go big or go home, she decides. Maybe if she’s plastered beyond recognition she won’t have to remember the ache in her heart tonight.

The ache that’s her own damn fault.

Because about two years ago, she decided to redefine what it meant to comfort someone grieving, redefine what it meant to help a college dropout get back on her feet, redefine what it meant to be a best friend, redefine who it meant her heart called home.

And yet, everyone in this room thinks they’re just roommates. Talk about not redefining the oldest excuse in the goddamn book.

And it’s all her own fucking fault.

Because she slept with Emily while she was mourning her father, because she brought Emily to D.C. after she flunked out of Pepperdine, because they fuck on a regular - exclusive! - basis, yet they haven’t told any of their friends about it because.


Alison DiLaurentis.

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To my surprise she agreed so I ran in and turned my music on.
I sat on the ground and she just stood there.
“There’s a perfectly good bed right-”
“Can you just?!” I grinned as I pulled her down.

Everything in my life was so wrong. Absolutely wrong, but looking into those clear grey eyes made everything wash away so quickly. I had no time for anything else. I let them take me. I let them take me without a fight.

We lay there and she was staring. I knew she wanted to ask again. Time to get this over with, I thought.
“I…I need you to get rid of Meredith.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Oh, what happened to-”
“Nia please, this is hard enough.”
Her face softened.
“I just want her far. Far away from here. So far she’ll never be able to come back, but don’t hurt her. Please Nia I just want her gone.”
“Why did you decide to change your mind?”
“Has she been bothering you again?”
“No! I..I don’t know Nia. I just don’t want to be looking over my shoulder, okay?”
I was such a bad liar.  
“Fine. Well I do hope you understand what you’re asking of me.”

I hesitated, did I? Did I really?
I didn’t think she was some kind of secret agent or assassin or anything, but her family was beyond loaded. They practically had an infinite amount of simoleons. She could make anyone disappear if she really wanted them gone.
I also knew Julius was a sketchy guy, if they needed to harm anyone or put a stop to someone permanently, well I’m sure he had connections.
I didn’t really like thinking about any of this. I always forgot just how powerful her family was.

“I-I do. I d-do Nia. This is what, what I want.”
My my breath was rapid now.  “Just, don’t, don’t hurt her okay? I only want her gone.”
“I can’t promise that, but it will not be my intention to cause harm.”
I felt panic course through me. Why did she have to act like this was nothing, like I wasn’t about to end someone’s life as they’ve known it?
I was about to force relocate Meredith to who knows where, and away from everyone she knows or loves, if she’s even capable of that.
I covered my eyes.
Was this worth it? Of course it was, anything was worth Kali’s happiness.

I felt her grab my arm.
“O-Okay Nia. Okay.”
I uncovered my eyes and noticed she was still staring right at me with her stupid eyes. I hated when she made that face, I clung to her so badly whenever she made that face.
“Are we finished with this business?”
“Yeah.” I exhaled. I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath.

Our eyes were still linked as she got on top of me.
I chuckled and held onto her shirt
She smiled at me. If she only knew how badly her smiled killed me.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” I said, with what I knew was a stupid smile on my face.
“Well then show me.”
She smirked just enough to show a bit of teeth, and that was it. She knew exactly how to work me. I gripped her shirt tightly and pulled her in.

'Star Trek: Discovery' storyline revealed

You’ve seen the trailer. You’ve read our teases. But what is Star Trek: Discovery really about? And why are there two starships in this show, the U.S.S. Discovery and the Shenzhou?

Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg don’t want to give away too much of the plot. The CBS All Access drama is heavily serialized with plenty of twists and turns — particularly in the first few episodes — which makes the storyline difficult to discuss.

But here’s some new intel the duo are ready to reveal about the series, which stars Sonequa Martin-Green as a Starfleet First Officer who was the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy.

“Burnham [has] spent a lot of time on Vulcan, but she’s human,” Harberts says. “Sarek [Spock’s father, played by James Frain] plays an important role in her life, which has been completely planned until she makes a very difficult choice that sends her life on a very different path. When we meet her, she’s the First Officer on the Starship Shenzhou [captained by Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh]. And Burnham’s choice that we’re alluding to is most difficult choice you can make — it affects her, affects Starfleet, affects the Federation, it affects the entire universe. That choice leads her to a different ship, the Discovery [helmed by Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs] and there we begin what Gretchen and I call our ‘second pilot.‘”

RELATED: Everything You Need to Know About Star Trek: Discovery

Burham is, of course, the first Trek lead who is not a captain,* so we asked the showrunners what that choice adds to the drama.

“The joy is in the journey,” Berg replied. “The advantage to her not being in charge of the bridge right now is we get to tell stories from a very different point of view. It’s a fresh feeling because we’re not on the bridge all the time. We get access to more parts of the ship.”

Also, the Klingons are heavily involved in the season … and they’re not very friendly.

In addition, we asked the producers which Trek series or film has the biggest influence on the new series.

“There’s a hint of all of them, but in the writers’ room people are so in love with The Original Series and Next Generation, and they talk about the family aspect of those cast members,” Berg said.

Added Harberts: “I think Nicholas Myers’ film are a touchstone, and not just because he’s been on staff with us. His storytelling is complex and intellectual and yet there’s a lot of room for character voices and character work, he’s done such an incredible job with the franchise. In terms of scope and scale, there’s something about Star Trek: The Motion Picture that really speaks to us as well. CBS has allowed us to find a cinematic language that’s wider in scope — our aspect ratio is 2:1 — and it just lends itself to a very lyrical way of telling the story. And just visually speaking, there’s also a little hint in terms of what J.J. Abrams did, a little bit, in terms of some of the visuals.”

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Star Trek: Discovery will debut Sunday, Sept. 24 (first on CBS, then shifting to CBS All Access streaming service; Netflix internationally). EW has more to come, follow @jameshibberd for the latest.

* Yes I know, Sisko in DS9 was also not technically a captain but that was only because the show was set on a space station and not on a ship; he was still the highest ranking officer, which amounted to the same thing.

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the grossest thing about GB is that so many young girls wanted to BE her. so many still do. she consistently encouraged running away, being with older men, violence, drugs & alcohol. she's STILL out on twitter & instagram pushing her bullshit. people are still buying it. she's profiting off a made up story. it makes my stomach turn every time i think about it. and that's not even mentioning her swastika tattoo and the way she profits from black and latinx culture. absolutely vile.

Here’s tha thing that makes all tha difference. U can write abt, u kno, bad things. Ur experiences. What they meant 2 u, how they created u. etc. Obviously.. but hers was like enterin a world where my lifestyle was made real. As a active dope fiend I wld read her stuff all hours of tha nite thinking “This is me This is me This is me” & in a way… her mantras.. became mine? I was a beautiful sacrifice 4 death. but I was OK wit being that bc I gorged on literature that reinforced it. now u cld say certainly that what a work is warped into doesn’t always cast fault on tha work itself.. but she did some of that work. I wanted 2 b her too, bc if I was, then I was just “beautiful n crazy” not a heroin addict that was dying. I can’t even tell u how disturbing it is to see these things aestheticized. A “boring” life is my IDEAL. I Want 2 hav a “boring” life bc it is a boring life that now masquerades as what was once justa peaceful wholesome life surrounded by Lov. I’ve had enough of sickness!!! Like I’m done! & any of us who hav this “image” on here (bc by writing abt my addiction Ik I’ve put myself in it) it’s our responsibility 2 b honest but also 2 push tha joy of recovery & that recovery is not only Possible it is Preferable. always. that’s something GB didn’t do. In addition 2, ya, profiting off lies & manipulation of young girls & stealing aspects of cultures she liked 2 build herself a brand she could get money & fame out of. Sad but 💅🏼 That’s How This World a Poetry Is Now. A whole lotta lies 👁⚡️


There’s a distinct feeling of sadness when he realizes that there’s no going back to his body. He’s stuck in the plane between the living and the dead, floating among the cosmos of the deities of Sornieth. They flicker in and out around him, taking their time to visit the lands below. Only three remain eyes, locked upon his tiny essence. He is a spec compared to them, at least here.

The Lightweaver -that was her name right?- coils around his flickering soul. There’s no pain, no fear. His body could no longer receive the same sensations his soul did.
“You linger -why?” She demands, kindness absent from Her echoing voice. He doesn’t draw away.
“Why does it matter to you?” He challenges, eyes cast down to the earth below him.
“You were not welcome here, neither are your kin. I would suggest you return to your home before casualties occur,” She hisses.

“They have already happened, dear Weaver,” another voice chimes. A twirling green figure spun around the Lightweaver, coaxing her to unravel and release the tiny speck of a God.
“Several of theirs have died from an accident you caused,” Windsinger added lightly.
“I had no such involvement!”
“Regardless-” he begins, tail curling around the tiny God.
“ -you instigated.”

She utters a haughty snort and raises her hand of swat her brother away, only for a third -the Arcanist- to intervene.
“This thing is no Shade, Sister.”
“He claims to be a God!”
“He is not the first and not the last. He is not a threat comparable to the Shade.”
“So you’re taking this things side?!”
“No… I do not trust him but I know that he is of no concern. You are the one harming a creature under the Windsingers domain.”
“Since when have you been one for rules and restraint, Arcanist?”
He fell silent and backed away, searching for the proper words to defend himself.

“Weaver, surely we can come to a pact. At least for the sake of our people.”
“I suppose it can be possible. But what could you possibly suggest that could work in any capacity,” Lightweaver sneered. The Windsinger hummed, circling around the tiny God in a pensive manner.
“That wholly depends on what you think will work, Weaver. I am not the one feeling threatened.”
They stood silent, minds whirling back-and-forth as they contemplated an agreement.
“I want him and his kin banned from my lands. I do not want their kind infecting what is mine.”
“And should they break the pact?”
“I will have his soul or those of his youngest children.”
“Then let it be done.”

He finally understood what regret and fear truly were.

Ok this is long so @diya2003d I’m gonna let u take your time because I’m going out to eat later today so this one is so long take the time that u need so here it is

I was about when springtrap and Freddy were helping Bonnie get ready for his date Chica and there is some one in the pizzeria that came to hurt turquoise and later on springtrap came to her and said “o my god stay away from me you freak” and ends up runaway and later on when she was sitting down crying he came to hug and comfort her

And I’ll send you the reference of my other oc who hurt her sry this is so long I’ll let u take your time no need to rush ;)

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About the possibility of Hope lying to Dobby: Do it! It definitely seems like something ST!Hope would do.

lol, someone bitched at me a lot last time because LB!Hope didn’t lie to Dobby, but now I’m trying to make LB and ST kind of canon adjacent with some parts of the major plot staying the same but apart from that being vastly different.

I’m probably going to end up doing the lying tbh, probably because Hope’s really tired and she wants to go to sleep and there’s this gremlin (house-elf) here with her mail, sure buddy I’ll keep away from Hogwarts, now gimme my mail so I can go to sleep


@danielhowell hallway of dans. 2017. watercolor on paper.

I may have just zoned out but can anyone riddle me this: the liars got their phone taken away for investigation. Spencer gives them all burner flip phones to use for the time being. While grilling Aria, Ali gets a call. She walks off then comes back to tell the girls it’s Detective Tanner wanting them down at the station………………….how did detective Tanner get Ali’s number to the secret burner phone if they had just got it that day?

Highlights from Talks Machina (Episode 99)
  • New set!
  • Jon Heder’s coming back next week!
  • Sam had no plan B if the Fate die hadn’t worked out.
  • Sam thinks of it as poor planning on his part that Taryon didn’t talk to Vex ahead of time about thinking of leaving.
  • Ashley thinks it’s funny that people consider Pike to be the mom friend of the group. She thinks of Pike as “the little weirdo of the group”, but watching back bits and pieces, she can sort of see where people are getting it. Laura points out that the party all winds up tattling on each other to her in the process of getting her caught up.
  • Everyone is Sam:

  • Sam was surprised by everyone’s reactions - everyone was super happy and excited during the break, and then things shifted once they got back into character.
  • Ashley was surprised at how mad Pike was. She found herself trying to be nice but couldn’t, and realized Grog was in the same boat. Laura, on the other hand, thought Vex was gonna be more angry. Vex is also in the mode of “be really pleasant and say all the right things so he doesn’t go away again”.
  • Vex’s check noticed that his shadow was smaller.
  • Sam didn’t know this was going to happen when it did; Matt managed the timing, although they’d worked out some possible details beforehand. Jon Heder was legitimately never supposed to say “The Meat Man”, which gave the game away too soon, but it worked out perfectly for his character.
  • Scanlan disguised himself as a defense mechanism.
  • If they hadn’t recognized Scanlan, he wouldn’t have come back after delivering that info—that was their one shot.
  • A theory is floated that this was all a way for Sam to get twice as much fanart as everyone else. “Yes. No, it’s super dickish, I’m sorry.” Sam resolves to stop being the surprise guy in the next campaign.
  • Everyone tries to get Laura to spill the beans on what Vex was being mysterious about, but she refuses.
  • Travis refused to come on the show to talk about it this week; he’ll talk about it later, but not yet.
  • Laura isn’t sure yet whether Vex is gonna pull out the hat again.
  • Laura is very amused that Vax didn’t catch on to Vex having a secret. Sam: “Do you think he was being deliberately obtuse?” Laura: “No, I think it’s like Larkin.” If he’d pushed, she probably would’ve explained.
  • Pike mostly punched Lionel because Grog wouldn’t walk away from a fight, and she could tell how hurt he was.
  • Re: episode 100: “be there on time.”

Talks Machina: Dark Edition (with more lights than before)

  • Sam wins the roll for hosting and has some trouble adjusting. “What am I looking at? There’s just a teleprompter with a light flashing next to the word ‘Brian’.” “Skipping all of the good questions and just going to the weird ones…” “To Liam… oh, he’s not here.”
  • Asked why he decided to bring Scanlan down a darker path: “Scanlan started dying and it started messing with his head.”
  • Vex currently has zero gold.
  • Everyone reminisces about how they met Taliesin and how nice he is.
  • Advice to give themselves if they could go back to episode one. Ashley: “I would tell myself to not get a job so I could keep playing the game.”
  • Sam has two apps on his phone that make t-shirts instantly. The last shirt was made while showing Matt how the app worked.

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there it goes, the end. :) thanks for reading!
(if you want to read it from the beginning [x])

Make up Marichat May, Day 12: Sleepover

Title: Good Morning
Word Count: 2,059

“Nope,” Chat Noir admits, trying to keep any disappointment from sneaking into his tone. He’d never slept over at someone’s house before. His father was far too protective to have him do something like that.  

“No? They’re fun,” Marinette says nonchalantly.

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Can you do more of that mafia au? Like, the team's reaction when they learn abt it through a mind meld thing and shiro is all like "You're a Salazar?!" And it causes shit. Also, can the dad be named Ernesto? Like, I was watching a Mexican telenovela in Spanish class and there was a mafia leader named Ernesto Salazar. It's called "La Tempestad" if you wanna watch it. I hope you do, it's really good.

I still don’t know how the MafiaAU gained a lot of attention (why did this gained a lot of attention? Can someone tell me the reason? I think we all just want to see Iverson to go down.) but here is Part 2. Oh, I like it. Okay, I’ll name the Dad as ‘Ernesto’. I’ll try to watch that show when I get the chance :) .

Warnings: OOCness, AU, some grammatical errors.

After five years of fighting against a war that was on going for the past ten thousand years, Allura finally got the chance to grant the wishes of her Paladins to temporarily go back home. Sure, there were still loose ends that were supposed to be taken care of but it wouldn’t hurt to let the other planetary leaders to handle it for a while. After all, everyone agreed that team Voltron needed some well-deserved vacation.

Throughout all those five years, Allura learned a lot of stuff from her Paladins and in return she watched them grew more as a human and as a soldier. They taught her how to have fun from time to time and cherish every minute of relaxation with her second family. They taught her that she should not devote her whole life fighting, that she had people watching her back and would never judge her if she would trip and fall. They taught her that it was fine to make mistakes as long as she would learn to reflect upon those said mistakes. And most of all, they taught her to trust them indefinitely.

If there was one Paladin that confused her the most then Allura would definitely chose Lance.

The Blue Paladin initially showed himself as this person that never took things seriously unless it was a life and death situation, flirty in a point that always leave Allura exasperated (but later on she accepted it as part of Lance’s nature and she would not change it in any other way), say things that sound idiotic some of the times but a good strategist especially in abrupt situations like being trapped or ambushed by the enemies. All in all, Lance was a human that always contradicted himself from the way he let others know him. At least that how Allura had perceived it.

Lance even became the face and voice of Voltron when it comes to diplomatic situations. Sure, Allura was the Princess and Shiro was the leader of the Paladins, but they could never mirror Lance’s charisma and the way he weaved his words to gain the favour of important individuals. From these situations, Allura eventually learned that some flirting of Lance was used to make the other person to let their guard down and gain their trust. It was as if Lance was trained ever since he could speak on how to have such silver tongue.

A bit of praise in here, a bit of touch there, a little bit of a dance, a little bit of sympathy, and Voltron already gained a new ally by the end of the night. All thanks to Lance.

Shiro once tried to open the discussion about family backgrounds. Pidge and Hunk ended up crying in that session because they suddenly realized how much they missed their blood relatives. Keith tried to play it down on how he didn’t have a family to miss on Earth but he still didn’t get away from the group hug. Lance simply smiled sadly and mumbled something along the lines of ‘at least I cut off some ties…still miss my Mom’s hugs though…’. Shiro attempted to make Lance to speak more about it but the Blue Paladin remained silent for the rest of the session.

They all changed a lot in the course of five years.

Lance’s changed though was like a flip of the switch.

After that hysteric laughter that one fateful breakfast and with an added disturbing explanation, Lance started acting as if the weight of the world was finally off his shoulders. His shooting skills improved in a speed level that Allura was inclined to think that Lance was born with a gun on his hands. His hand to hand combat didn’t rely on strength alone but more in flexibility. Allura never thought that dancing could also be used as a form of combat. As days passed, Lance gave a few opinions here and there on their battle strategies that ended up with them having low casualties compared to the initial plans.

What bothers Allura the most though…was the way Lance gathered his information. He was not like Pidge that hacks in the system. No, Lance liked to do his information gathering in person. Often times it was the Blue Paladin who corners commanders of the ships they were raiding. Lance would take a lot of time but eventually he would return with more information than they have gathered from the ship’s database. The specks of bloods on his body though didn’t escape Allura, Coran, and Shiro’s attention. All of them have the same assumption that Lance used torture to get what he wanted.

It was an assumption that was never proven but could not be denied also. Allura feared that it was her fault that Lance changed so drastically, that he showed more thirst for blood like a soldier excited for a new battle, all because she pushed her Paladins in a war that they were not aware that was happening in the first place.

But all of it was better left in the back of her mind for now. Today was a day for her Paladins, a few months on Earth would do them some good. They explained to her and Coran that it was much better if the Earth’s government would still remain unaware of the existence of other life forms outside of Earth. Hunk and Pidge told her that humans might be in par with the Galra when it comes to experimenting the unknown. Most humans would rather treat aliens like mindless animals than creatures with feelings. Shiro suggested to them that it was better to leave the Castle of Lions outside of Earth’s radar, meaning they needed to stop out of the Milky Way Galaxy, and just use the pods to get near to their home planet.

Surprisingly, it was Lance who suggested a safe place to land. They left the Castle in the hands of a few friends they managed to have through the years of fighting the Galra empire and set course for the coordinates that Lance gave to them.

Hunk was so excited to finally meet Lance’s family…wait, that could probably be said a bit better but that was what he still meant. Hunk never had the opportunity to visit Lance’s home and family even if they had been friends for years. It was always Lance who visited Hunk during vacations and holidays and never the other way around. So for Lance to suggest a place to land and when he realized that it was the beloved beach that the Blue Paladin always talked about with his best friend, Hunk could not contain his excitement. 

“We’re here!!!” Hunk heard the enthusiastic scream coming from Lance and chuckled himself when Shiro shouted words of caution to their Blue Paladin, which was went unheard due to the happy cheers.

One by one they all followed Lance and soon reached the only building found in the area, at least the area that could only be reached by their eyes.

Through all the years they had traveled in outer space, Hunk saw a lot of vacation houses. He saw a lot and it was enough to say that the one if front of them could be classified as one. The house itself might be 250 square meters, excluding the garden part, it has three floors with a rooftop and balcony. The color scheme was a mix between shades of blue and streaks of white, ocean waves and Earth sea creatures adorned the walls while tropical flowers was engraved in the pillars and glass windows.

Long story short, it was like a vacation house owned by a very rich family.

“¡Bienvenido a mi casa!” Lance said with outstretched arms to emphasize the house behind him, “Well…at least for now. This is not the main house after all. But make yourself at home to my vacation house! Tomorrow we will take a plane to Italy and meet my whole family!” he was about to run away again but Hunk held him firm this time before leaving them behind.

“Wait, Lance, buddy, my friend, what do you mean by ‘going to Italy and meet my whole family’ thing?”

“Also, did you just said that this is your vacation house?! Are you some kind of rich kid here on Earth?!” Pidge was clutching her hair, that has grown past her shoulders, as if it could help her making sense of the information she had just been given.


“Oops? Oops?! That’s all you can say?! Why you—!”

“Relax, Pidgeon!” Lance put his hands in surrender, “Let’s take a rest for now! I’ll answer your questions tomorrow once we got to that main house!”

Pidge was still steaming with mix emotions but decided to let it go with an angry huffed. Lance might be the most talkative human she had ever met but he rarely pull out personal information like family backgrounds.

“Okay now? Follow me!”

As they were walking towards the entrance, Keith asked an important question, “How are you so sure that this place still belongs to you? I mean, it’s been five years, right?”

Lance looked back at the group with a playful smile on his face.

“I just know it. Besides, this place was a gift for me by the Decimo himself.”


That was the question that revolved around everyone’s mind. Allura and Coran was just confused by the baffled expression of the rest of the Paladins towards Lance so they opted to stay quiet. This was not their planet after all. They still don’t know the majority of human customs due to its diversities.

Before Lance could knock, the door suddenly opened and they were greeted by a scene that they thought could only be found by exaggerated movies. For before them, four maids to the right and four butlers to the left were lined in a row. Judging from the posture of the man and woman who opened the door it was safe to assume that they were the heads.

What caught Shiro’s attention though was the banner that was proudly displayed on the wall directly on the path of the entrance. It had the symbol of a beautiful mermaid with her tail wrapped around a bullet and the sides were designed with twin towers. It was a very familiar insignia for Shiro and he was sure he had seen it during his years in Japan.

Everything clicked in though when the maids and butlers spoke simultaneously.

“Welcome back, Young Master Lance Salazar.”

Shiro looked at Lance like he had just seen him for the very first time. The others just felt their jaws dropped at the sudden revelation.

“You’re a Salazar?! As in that Salazar?! Salazar Familia?!”

This time, Lance gave them a mischievous smirk that was clearly up to no good.

“Oops.” There was no remorse or guilt laced tone when Lance said that.

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